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HeuristicLab 3.3.16 - Pending

Changes to the previous release that are available in the daily build of our stable branch and will become part of the next release: Download HeuristicLab daily build binaries.

Features and Enhancements:

Ticket Modified Component Summary
#2902 14 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis Performance improvement of NaN/Inf-check on a double-matrix
#2904 3 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis Create new CalculateImpacts method for a set of variables
#2942 3 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis KNN-Regression/Classification should allow "self" points
#2874 11 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis.Views Widgets for workers and folds are not aligned correctly in the CrossValidationView
#2890 9 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis.Views Overhaul of GradientBoostedTreesModelView
#2916 6 months Analysis Improve serialization of IndexedDataTable
#2930 9 months Clients.OKB Prevent UI-Freeze in case of Endpoint-Failure
#2960 4 months Data Row and Column query methods for StringMatrix
#2926 6 months ExtLibs Update Sim# version
#2951 3 weeks General Update Build.cmd and Test.cmd to use newer versions of MSBuild
#2876 9 months Optimization.Views Open BubbleChart from Boxplot View
#2885 15 months Optimization.Views Select all with Ctrl+A in RunCollectionView
#2884 3 months Problems.DataAnalysis Implement variable impacts for classification solutions
#2935 8 months Problems.DataAnalysis It should be possible to insert a variable at a specific position in the ModifiableDataset
#1299 4 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Static analysis of symbolic regression models via interval arithmetic
#2911 7 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Add TSQL Formatter for ISymbolicExpressionTreeStringFormatter
#2937 4 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Support for "analytical quotient" function in symbolic regression
#2954 6 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic CubeRoot symbol
#2871 3 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Views The Order of VariableImpacts should be changeable
#2888 7 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Disallow zoom in Partial Dependence Plots
#2972 2 days Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Select Row for Partial Dependence Plot
#2533 4 months Problems.GeneticProgramming Support Push as GP language
#2923 7 months Problems.Instances Penn ML Benchmark Problem Instances
#2932 7 months Problems.Instances CSV import dialog should choose system values as default
#2957 3 months Problems.Instances Implement symbolic regression problem instances from "A multilevel block building algorithm for fast modeling generalized separable systems"


Ticket Modified Component Summary
#1973 7 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis Linear regression models with more than 256 variables are not supported
#2891 4 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis Neural network evaluation is not thread-safe
#2905 7 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis Partial dependence plots throws exception for support vector regression solutions
#2909 10 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis NCAModelCreator throws exception
#2940 7 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis Linear regression drops the constant offset if only string variables are used for modeling
#2941 7 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis Allow zero-variance features in k-nearest Neighbours
#2928 8 months Algorithms.NSGA2 NSGA-II is created with 0% mutation probability by default
#2992 7 weeks Common External Evaluation leads to Exceptions during Object Graph Traversal
#2986 3 weeks Encodings.IntegerVectorEncoding RoundedNormalAllPositionsManipulator applies bounds incorrectly
#2962 3 months Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Subtree crossover distribution test displays incorrect statistics
#2900 2 weeks General Upgrade .NET framework
#2894 4 months Optimization Snapshots not initialized in TimeLimitRun
#2933 2 days Optimization Parallel experiment execution can lead to identical seeds
#2880 9 months Optimization.Views RunCollectionBoxPlotView axis-selection bug with DropDown
#2995 2 days Optimization.Views Support DateTimeValues in the RunCollectionBubbleChartView
#3000 2 days Optimization.Views RunLengthDistributionView shows incorrect values for runs in which the target is reached in the last generation
#2897 8 months Problems.DataAnalysis Dataset (and ModifiableDataset) constructor accepts unsupported values
#2910 3 months Problems.DataAnalysis ImpactCalculation for IDiscriminantClassificationSolutions is wrong
#2934 7 months Problems.DataAnalysis InputVariables of ProblemData can be renamed in the GUI
#2939 6 months Problems.DataAnalysis Variables cannot be added to an empty ModifiableDataset
#2912 9 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification PositiveClass value not preserved in the SolutionComparisonView
#2878 15 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Error in Deserialization of ConstantOptimizationEvaluator
#2964 3 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views 'Mathematical representation' does not work
#2383 14 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Some charts for regression solutions throw an exception if the target variable contains missing values
#2856 4 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Views In the partial dependence plots the histograms are not updated when the axis range of the corresponding line chart is changed.
#2914 9 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Views ResidualAnalysisView hides double columns containing NaN
#2908 7 months Problems.Instances Make ResourceRegressionInstanceProvider csv functionality useable from another assembly
#2976 3 months Random SampleProportionalWithoutRepetition with Windowing may cause a NullReferenceException
#2967 2 days Scripting Ctrl+Z removes all code in C# scripts
#2982 4 weeks Scripting.Views VariableStoreView does not update variable values correctly
#2999 4 weeks Tests Skip ContentViewAttributeTest for views that use System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser


Ticket Modified Component Summary
#2887 15 months General Restructure HL SVN repository