Release Queue

Ticket Component Summary Owner
#3024 Hive.General Hive project owner unintentionally changes to first valid option jkarder
#3054 Problems.DataAnalysis Calculation of Variable Impacts with LDA does not work pfleck
#2985 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic TreeSimplifier simplifies non-constant subtrees to constant gkronber
#3079 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic C# code generator for symbolic expressions produces incorrect output for AQ() gkronber
#3083 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic LaTeX output for symbolic regression models is incorrect for target variables which contain special symbols gkronber
#3027 Random Provide a simple, efficient, and correct implementation to sample Gaussian random variables gkronber
#3089 Tests Explicitly fail tests on ReflectionTypeLoadExceptions and BadImageFormatExceptions jkarder

Review Queue

Ticket Component Summary Owner Version Modified
#2898 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Generalized additive models (GAM) mkommend trunk 4 weeks
#3099 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Crossvalidation meta-alg ignores estimation limits from embedded symbolic regression problem mkommend trunk 5 days
#3071 Core.Views NestedErrorControl does not forward ReadOnly and Locked state jkarder 3.3.16 8 months
#3067 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Crossover probability for SubtreeCrossover mkommend trunk 7 months
#3065 ExtLibs Upgrade Sim# to 3.3.1 jkarder 10 months
#3018 Hive.Client Interdependence between mutliple HiveJobManagerViews jkarder trunk 16 months
#3021 Persistence Update templates to work with new persistence architects 14 months
#2936 Problems Generalized QAP Trunk Integration jkarder branch 19 months
#2968 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Add a new formatter for symbolic expressions, which produces an infix expression as well as a list of all coefficient values gkronber trunk 4 weeks
#3095 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Non-linear regression does not support power function mkommend trunk 3 weeks
#3053 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification.Views PositiveClass value cannot bet set in the SolutionComparisonView if classes have been names bburlacu trunk 10 months
#3075 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Implement symbolic regression problem instances from "AI Feynman" paper. mkommend trunk 4 weeks
#3094 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Exception in CrossValidationView mkommend trunk 3 weeks
#3037 Scripting Exclude assemblies from scripting jkarder trunk 16 months

Develop Queue

Ticket Component Summary Owner Version Modified
#2679 ### Undefined ### Trunk integration of GoalSeekingProblem bburlacu branch 21 months
#2825 Algorithms Implement NSGA-III gkronber 3 months
#2990 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Variable-Impact-based Feature Selection pfleck branch 21 months
#2635 Algorithms.OffspringSelectionGeneticAlgorithm Predict if a child should be rejected during OSGA offspring selection bburlacu branch 21 months
#2719 Analysis Datastream Analysis jzenisek branch 19 months
#2907 DataPreprocessing Refactoring of Datapreprocessing-Manipulations fholzing 22 months
#2922 DataPreprocessing.Views DataCompletenessChart is still slow gkronber branch 22 months
#3039 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding BTC (Balanced Tree Creator) for HeuristicLab bburlacu trunk 11 months
#3026 General Integration into SymSpace dpiringe branch 6 months
#3059 Hive.Client Disallow upload of Hive jobs with unprepared algorithms jkarder 11 months
#3062 Hive.General Hive janitor does not properly clean up / generate statistics jkarder trunk 8 months
#3063 Hive.General Remove dead / useless code in Hive jkarder trunk 8 months
#3072 Hive.Server Hive tasks receive statelog updates from unauthorized slaves jkarder trunk 8 months
#2989 Problems Moving Peaks Benchmark swagner branch 19 months
#2817 Problems.BinPacking Improve speed of bin packing rhanghof branch 22 months
#2906 Problems.DataAnalysis Variable-Transformations for Data Analysis pfleck branch 21 months
#3044 Problems.DataAnalysis Add scaling of input features djoedick branch 13 months
#3073 Problems.DataAnalysis Constraints and Splitting for Interval Arithmetic chaider branch 6 days
#2389 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Implement lexicase selection for GP gkronber branch 22 months
#2704 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Generate random regression benchmark instances gkronber branch 22 months
#2938 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic The parser for symbolic expressions in infix form parses negative numbers and fractions strangly gkronber trunk 19 months
#3076 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Interval Arithmetic Evaluators and Analyzers chaider branch 7 days
#3078 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views HL might crash after data import from CSV file for data-analysis problems gkronber trunk 7 months
#3043 Problems.Instances Addition of new problem instances for scaling gkronber branch 13 months

Backlog for 3.3.17

Ticket Component Summary Owner Version
#2872 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic New Variable symbol for Symbolic Regression that can handle missing values mkommend
#3007 Problems.Instances TableFileParser should be able to read multi-line strings
#3011 Optimizer Unhandled Exceptions on the Optimizer's ui-thread causes HL to crash
#3028 General Add missing StorableType attributes jkarder trunk
#1776 Problems.DataAnalysis Improve Ensemble Classification with new Voting mkommend branch
#2213 ### Undefined ### Integrate irace for automatic algorithm configuration abeham branch
#2431 Analysis Create algorithm iterator optimizer abeham branch
#2573 Analysis.Views Chart aggregation view for indexed data tables abeham
#2613 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Improve missing values handing in GBT fholzing 3.3.13
#2701 Algorithms Implementation of MemPR abeham branch
#2707 Problems.VehicleRouting New VRP Operators jzenisek branch
#2726 Optimization.Views RunCollectionView for Parameter Analysis swagner branch
#2747 Problems.Scheduling Implement the cyclic flow shop problem with bi-machine nests (CFSAP) abeham branch
#2798 Optimization Unify Important Multi-objective Calculations bwerth
#2806 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Positive class value setting from classification problems is not set correctly in classification ensemble solutions
#2808 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification.Views Exception when changing the threshold in a classification threshold view
#2811 Algorithms Implement LAHS (Late acceptance hill climbing) abeham
#2812 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Use ConstrainedValueParameters in GaussianProcessRegression fholzing
#2834 Hive.Client GUI might freeze when downloading multiple Hive jobs concurrently
#2851 Data IStringConvertibleMatrix should derive from IItem
#2858 Optimization.Views UI updates related to results take significant time even when results tab is not shown
#2863 Optimization SingleObjectiveBasicProblem causes a virtual method call in the constructor
#2869 Optimization Change measurement of execution time branch
#2873 Algorithms.DataAnalysis.Views Cannot open the algorithm embedded in a CrossValidation in a new view
#2882 Problems.DataAnalysis Deserialization of RegressionModels triggers a recalcuatlion of estimated values mkommend
#2918 Scripting Export C# Scripts to an Executable
#2943 Algorithms.MOCMAEvolutionStrategy Allow all multiobjective BasicProblems for MO-CMAES bwerth branch
#2944 Optimization.Operators Add generic multi-objective analyzers bwerth
#2945 DataPreprocessing HeuristicLab.DataPreprocessing references Views projects
#2970 DataPreprocessing.Views Redrawing of DataGrid in Data Preprocessing is horribly slow
#2974 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Refactor Constants Optimization mkommend branch
#2983 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Rational Polynomial Regression
#2988 ### Undefined ### Models of Models msemenki branch
#2996 Optimization Exception when cloning IndexedDataRow gkronber
#2997 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding When using multi encoding in combination with several symbolic expression trees, only the grammar of the first used symbolic expression tree is used to generate syntax trees. rhanghof
#3003 Problems.ExternalEvaluation Upgrade external evaluation message to proto3
#3009 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Node impacts are wrong when estimation limits are hit
#3012 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views ROC view shows 'transposed' curve for discriminant functions which produce high values for class 0 and low values for class 1
#3017 General Release HeuristicLab 3.3.17
#3035 PluginInfrastructure ReflectionTypeLoadException does not tell about reasons why a plugin might not be loaded
#3036 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Add help for the formula structure input for non-linear regression
#3050 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic DiversitySelector from Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic is discovered as a general selector
#3066 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Stackoverflow Exception in SymbolicExpressionGrammarBase when using large MaxTreeDepth gkronber
#3077 Optimizer Improve message box if unknown type GUIDs are encountered by Attic jkarder
#3084 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views PDP not updated when changing variable values gkronber trunk
#3085 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Partial dependence plot throws an exception when a variable is included in the model which is constant over the training or test set (e.g. = zero)
#3086 General Update BioBoost persistence code to use HEAL.Attic
#2727 ### Undefined ### Use persistent data structures to facilitate tracking epitzer branch
#2864 Problems Implementation of PFSP and LOP fholzing branch
#2969 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views RunCollection view for runs with regression solutions that extracts all solutions and opens a partial dependence plot in which all solutions are overlayed msemenki

Under Development

There are 29 tickets under development:

Ticket Component Summary Owner Version Modified
#1980 ### Undefined ### Implementing Learning Classifier Systems mkommend branch 8 years
#2083 ### Undefined ### HeuristicLab Benchmark Problem Generator bburlacu branch 2 years
#2161 ### Undefined ### Implement the Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem rlongodo branch 5 years
#2438 ### Undefined ### Remove outdated branches architects branch 21 months
#2665 ### Undefined ### Implement PushGP mkommend branch 22 months
#2684 ### Undefined ### Implement TreeView for nested Parameters jkarder branch 22 months
#1614 Algorithms Additional Algorithms for the Generalized Quadratic Assignment Problem (GQAP) abeham branch 21 months
#2217 Algorithms.CMAEvolutionStrategy Improve handling of box constraints in CMA-ES implementation bwerth branch 5 years
#2987 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Implement MOEA/D algorithm in HeuristicLab bburlacu branch 13 months
#3022 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Implement FFX (Fast Function Extraction) in HeuristicLab gkronber 3 months
#1772 Algorithms.GeneticAlgorithm Evolutionary tracking of solutions within GP bburlacu 3.3.6 10 months
#1997 Algorithms.GeneticAlgorithm IslandGA for Data Analysis Problems mkommend branch 2 years
#1836 Algorithms.SimulatedAnnealing Add reheating to simulated annealing abeham branch 2 years
#1703 Analysis.FitnessLandscape Implement fitness landscape analysis for the VRP epitzer branch 3 years
#1835 Operators.Programmable ProgrammableOperator can be edited while algorithm is executing abeham 3.3.6 9 years
#2457 Optimization Create an expert system optimizer abeham branch 18 months
#1530 Persistence Persistence Speed-Up epitzer branch 8 years
#1548 Persistence XMLGenerator closes the given stream after serializing the data epitzer 3.3.4 9 years
#1278 Problems.DataAnalysis Implement population diversity analysis for symbolic regression swinkler branch 2 years
#3090 Problems.DataAnalysis Modern implementation for Pearson R correlation and covariance bburlacu trunk 8 weeks
#1837 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Sliding Window GP mkommend branch 6 months
#2994 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic AutoDiff support for interval calculation gkronber branch 19 months
#1255 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression OffspringSelection criterion for symbolic regression with size constraints cfischer branch 5 years
#2857 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Support integration over values of input variables in the partial dependency plots gkronber 2 years
#2738 Problems.Instances Add problem instance generators for QAP abeham branch 2 years
#2913 Problems.Instances Implement MATLAB script problem instance provider rhanghof branch 3 years
#2981 Problems.Scheduling Implement Multi-mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem (MRCPSP) ddorfmei 2 years
#2829 Tools Revive HiveDrain mkommend tools 18 months
#2583 Visualization HeuristicLab graph layout and visualization bburlacu 3.3.13 5 years


There are 128 tickets on the backlog, 0 of them are highest priority, 2 are high priority tickets:

Ticket Component Summary Owner Modified Created
#2041 Hive.Client Add cancel button to the download bar in Hive Job Manager jkarder 5 years 8 years
#2260 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views For datasets with many variables (>200) the view for variable selection is very slow gkronber 5 years 6 years
#514 Operators.Programmable Generic arithmetic operator swagner 7 years 12 years
#851 ### Undefined ### Implement Ant Colony Optimization swagner 8 years 11 years
#1066 Optimization Store Batchrun name and Experiment name in a Run object swagner 8 years 11 years
#1075 Problems.TestFunctions Analyzers disappear when changing the evaluation function for real-valued test-functions swagner 8 years 11 years
#1181 General Problems should have a solution creator that constructs its best known solution swagner 8 years 10 years
#1205 Collections Collections should cache the according ReadOnlyCollection swagner 10 years 10 years
#1317 Data.Views Misleading tooltip if data values are too large swagner 8 years 10 years
#1328 Algorithms.GeneticAlgorithm Implement SSGA swagner 8 years 10 years
#1458 Core Provide a mechanism in algorithms to call problem-specific initialization operators swagner 10 years 10 years
#1484 General Crossover probability for evolutionary algorithms swagner 8 years 10 years
#1495 General Add references to algorithms, problems, and operators swagner 9 years 10 years
#1565 General Parameter properties in algorithms should be public swagner 8 years 10 years
#1566 General ValueParameters in algorithms should be changed to FixedValueParameters swagner 10 years 10 years
#1577 Algorithms.DataAnalysis.Views Scroll bar of DataGridView throws exception on updates gkronber 6 years 10 years
#1625 Optimization.Views The experiment tree view allows to overwrite optimizers and the plus button's functionality is inconsistent swagner 8 years 9 years
#1658 Analysis The BestAverageQualityAnalyzer should not output a quality chart in every case swagner 9 years 9 years
#1696 Analysis.FitnessLandscape Integrate Fitness Landscape Analysis abeham 19 months 9 years
#1697 Hive.Client Show state in the icon of a HiveJob jkarder 5 years 9 years
#1699 Hive.Client Partial Job Downloading jkarder 5 years 9 years
#1757 Hive.Slave Hive slave tray icon loses connection after recovering from sleep jkarder 5 years 9 years
#1785 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic The VariableFrequencies DataTable is slow when displaying more than 100 variables mkommend 9 years 9 years
#1786 General Revise parameter and result tooltips and descriptions swagner 9 years 9 years
#1842 Core Changing engine on unsupported algorithm/problem configuration crashes HL swagner 9 years 9 years
#1849 Operators.Programmable The CancellationToken should be passed to the programmable method in the ProgrammableOperator swagner 9 years 9 years
#1883 General The visibility and naming-convention of IParameterizedItems should be unified swagner 8 years 9 years
#1888 General Optimization-as-a-Service swagner 21 months 9 years
#1894 Algorithms Exact Route Planning Algorithms (Dijkstra, A*) swagner 5 years 9 years
#1955 ### Undefined ### Create addon for dynamic vehicle routing abeham 2 years 8 years
#1966 Problems.BinPacking Implement BinPacking problem dsouravl 2 years 8 years
#1974 Optimization.Views The RunCollectionDataTable view should not pick a table initially swagner 8 years 8 years
#2074 DataImporter Exception when trying to import a CSV file with many columns into the DataImporter (Fillweight must not exceed 65535) mkommend 8 years 8 years
#2080 MainForm Hidden events are not forwarded to nested Views mkommend 8 years 8 years
#2103 Optimizer Several view specific menu items are not enabled/disabled correctly when views are locked mkommend 7 years 7 years
#2105 Data Item collections cannot be saved swagner 7 years 7 years
#2114 Hive.Client Hive Slave crashes if a thread in an AppDomain throws an exception jkarder 5 years 7 years
#2128 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views In the grammar editor it should not be possible to deactivate the start symbol. mkommend 7 years 7 years
#2151 Analysis.Views Scatter plot view for visualizing n-dimensional data points swagner 7 years 7 years
#2162 ### Undefined ### Implement the Linear Ordering Problem swagner 7 years 7 years
#2163 ### Undefined ### Implement Artificial Permutation Instances (API) swagner 7 years 7 years
#2168 ExtLibs Integration of metaheuristic frameworks in HeuristicLab abeham 2 years 7 years
#2188 Algorithms.VariableNeighborhoodSearch Analyzers in generic local improvement operators abeham 7 years 7 years
#2231 Problems.Knapsack.Views Add BestKnownSolution visualization to the Knapsack problem view 6 years 6 years
#2235 Optimizer Simplify creation of combinations in CreateExperimentDialog 6 years 6 years
#2289 Operators Add around advice functionality to InstrumentedOperator swagner 5 years 6 years
#2291 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Grammar for Boolean GP problems 6 years 6 years
#2370 Problems.DataAnalysis Overhaul data analysis ensembles to allow specifying training and test paritions as sets of rows 6 years 6 years
#2382 General Improve regex in String2XMLSerializer epitzer 6 years 6 years
#2384 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.Views Zooming-support for symbolic expression tree charts 6 years 6 years
#2410 Core Create common base class for programmable items 6 years 6 years
#2558 Algorithms.ALPS Implement Island-Alps pfleck 3 years 5 years
#2564 Problems.ExternalEvaluation Set reasonable SolutionId in SolutionMessage pfleck 3 years 5 years
#2582 Hive.Client Implement Hive Web Job Manager jkarder 21 months 5 years
#2605 ### Undefined ### Implement stacking problems 2 years 5 years
#2607 MainForm.WindowsForms TabControl slows other controls and causes flickering gkronber 2 years 5 years
#2621 ### Undefined ### ClearState is not called when a window is closed gkronber 5 years 5 years
#2623 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views Exception when dropping a new problem data onto the simplifier view for regression solutions gkronber 4 years 5 years
#2624 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Improve symbolic simplifier for expressions 4 years 5 years
#2625 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Improve symbolic simplifier to allow simplification using approximations 5 years 5 years
#2630 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Partial dependence plots for gradient boosted trees pfleck 4 years 5 years
#2654 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Neural network model does not scale input variables 4 years 4 years
#2656 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression.Views Terms should be ordered by impact after simplification of symbolic regression models 4 years 4 years
#2659 Problems.DataAnalysis Improve serialization and deserialization of Dataset 4 years 4 years
#2671 Problems.DataAnalysis It should be possible to view / change random seeds for the problem instance providers for data analysis 4 years 4 years
#2676 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views Automatic line breaks for long formulas in the 'mathematical representation view' for symbolic regression models 4 years 4 years
#2680 Problems.DataAnalysis Calculator for AUC for the ROC curve for classification solutions based on discriminant functions 4 years 4 years
#2754 Problems.DataAnalysis Variable impact results for each row in a dataset 4 years 4 years
#2766 DataPreprocessing Support string variables in data preprocessing view 4 years 4 years
#2767 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Allow factor variables in decision tree algorithms especially GBT 4 years 4 years
#2769 Problems.DataAnalysis Allow string variables as target variables in classification algorithms 4 years 4 years
#2770 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Extend optimized interpreters for symbolic models to support factor variables 4 years 4 years
#2772 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Provide full functionality of glmnet package 4 years 4 years
#2773 Algorithms.DataAnalysis It should be possible to pause / stop the NLR algorithm 4 years 4 years
#2795 Clients.OKB Unify implementation patterns in OKB service clients abeham 4 years 4 years
#2804 Encodings Redesign solution types 4 years 4 years
#2813 Problems.DataAnalysis Error characteristics curve throws exception in crossvalidation 4 years 4 years
#2840 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Avoid side-effects in constructors of data analysis solutions 3 years 3 years
#2868 Problems.DataAnalysis Support for binary variables in GBT gkronber 3 years 3 years
#2881 Hive.General Future of HeuristicLab Hive swagner 21 months 3 years
#2895 ### Undefined ### PushGP Genealogy Analysis kzwicklb 3 years 3 years
#2917 PluginInfrastructure Run Console apps in HeuristicLab 3 years 3 years
#2963 Tools HeuristicLab.Benchmarks 22 months 2 years
#2979 MainForm.WindowsForms Controls beneath a TabPage are excessively repainted when the TabControl is resized. 2 years 2 years
#2980 MainForm.WindowsForms Controls in the right panel of a SplitControl are excessively repainted when the splitter is moved. 2 years 2 years
#2993 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic User-defined Evaluators for Symbolic Data Analysis Problems bburlacu 23 months 23 months
#3016 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Functionality to export a symbolic regression model as an R expression gkronber 4 weeks 19 months
#3034 General Mutable implementation of solution encodings 16 months 16 months
#3046 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression.Views Changing a symbolic regression problem instance takes a long time when the grammar view is shown. 13 months 13 months
#3047 Optimization.Views Entry of valid values into parameters causes a bell-sound when pressing the enter key 13 months 13 months
#3080 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Wrapper for native XGBoost 6 months 6 months
#3087 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Integrate Ceres with the native interpreter and extend features bburlacu 3 months 3 months
#404 Selection Selectors crash if selected items are moved, not copied and #selected > #subScopes swagner 8 years 12 years
#449 Operators SubScopesSorter should sort on IntValues too swagner 8 years 12 years
#567 Tools.Wizards VS 2010 project template and wizard for creating new plugins abeham 3 years 12 years
#862 PluginInfrastructure Changes of user settings in one HL application are not reflected in another HL application gkronber 5 years 11 years
#1057 MainForm State of views should be indicated in the UI (loading/running/paused) mkommend 8 years 11 years
#1197 Services.Authentication Implement client management service swagner 8 years 10 years
#1208 Clients.OKB.JavaConnector Implement OKB Java connector swagner 8 years 10 years
#1223 General The Plugin Manager shows no description for any of the installed plugins swinkler 10 years 10 years
#1276 Operators.Views.OperatorGraphVisualization Anchors in the operator graph view should be created automatically mkommend 8 years 10 years
#1279 Optimization.Operators ResultCollector should always clone the collected values mkommend 8 years 10 years
#1295 Core Engines should be changable during an algorithm run swagner 8 years 10 years
#1300 Problems.DataAnalysis Implement specialized view for SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeInterpreter gkronber 8 years 10 years
#1304 Problems.DataAnalysis Implement spots view for regression and classification results mkommend 8 years 10 years
#1468 Analysis ResultsParameter of the QualityAnalyzer has a wrong generic datatype swagner 8 years 10 years
#1518 Optimization.Views Make run collection sortable by name swagner 8 years 10 years
#1578 General Algorithms cannot handle null as problem swagner 8 years 10 years
#1680 Hive.General Add Azure integration for Hive swagner 2 years 9 years
#1739 Algorithms.DataAnalysis It should be possible to stop or interrupt fixed data analysis algorithms (wrappers) gkronber 8 years 9 years
#1749 Problems.DataAnalysis Wrong time lag settings cause exception mkommend 9 years 9 years
#1814 Analysis ValueAnalyzer cannot be used to analyze values inside global scope swagner 8 years 9 years
#1824 Optimization.Views Allow to select multiple criteria for the x-axis in the RunCollectionBoxPlotsView swagner 8 years 9 years
#1930 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification.Views Classification threshold view does not work correctly when there are no observations of a class in training or test partition mkommend 8 years 8 years
#1931 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Covariant parsimony pressure operator from feature branch #1142 mkommend 8 years 8 years
#1932 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Pruning operator for symbolic data analysis trees from feature branch #1142 gkronber 7 years 8 years
#1934 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Operator equalisation operator from feature branch #1142 mkommend 8 years 8 years
#1938 Optimizer Global setting for the number of displayed digits of real values gkronber 22 months 8 years
#1989 Problems.DataAnalysis NormalDistributedCutPointsThresholdCalculator ignores misclassification penalties gkronber 8 years 8 years
#2014 Problems.DataAnalysis Parameter BestKnownQuality is not used in Regression and Classification problems gkronber 8 years 8 years
#2033 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Additive covariance function gkronber 8 years 8 years
#2901 Selection Static methods for selection operators gkronber 22 months 3 years
#3029 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Tree complexity calculation does not support all currenlty available functions 16 months 16 months
#1068 Encodings.PermutationEncoding Add a new 3-opt move generator: StochasticInsertionMultiMoveGenerator abeham 8 years 11 years
#1210 General Rename algorithm namespaces swagner 8 years 10 years
#1349 PluginInfrastructure PluginManager is unaware of application crashes gkronber 5 years 10 years
#2148 Core Hibernating a running algorithm results in lengthened execution times swagner 3 years 7 years
#2691 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views The view for misclassification penatlies should not allow changing the number of rows and columns 4 years 4 years

Please refer to the ChangeLog to see the list of already finished changes since 3.3.13/14.

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Waiting for Completion

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Ticket Component Summary Owner Version Modified
#3082 ### Undefined ### Add Offset + Scaling Symbols for RegressionProblemData chaider branch 4 months
#1386 Problems.DataAnalysis Mutation of constant factors should not simply add a normally distributed value but a value sampled from a mixture of Gaussians gkronber 3.3.2 3 years
#1755 PluginInfrastructure Plugin manager may describe a missing dependency as a dependency cycle gkronber 3.3.6 3 years
#2118 PluginInfrastructure Plugins referencing missing assemblies are not shown in the PluginManager gkronber 3.3.9 3 years
#2292 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Boolean operators (symb-reg) produce output values -1 (false) and 1 (true). gkronber 3.3.10 3 years
#2406 PluginInfrastructure Code name for the HeuristicLab version should be visible in the splash screen gkronber 3.3.11 3 years
#2522 PluginInfrastructure Refactor PluginInfrastructure gkronber branch 2 years
#2655 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Symbolic regression variable coefficients are never mutated using an additive random constant gkronber 3.3.14 3 years
#2776 Problems.DataAnalysis Switch off overfitting analyzer by default in symbolic regression problem gkronber 3.3.14 3 years
#2793 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Plugin Problems.DataAnalysis.Views depends on Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression gkronber 3.3.14 3 years
#2836 Common IsAlmost() uses a fixed epsilon for comparison gkronber 3 years
#2842 Algorithms.DataAnalysis DataAnalysisAlgorithms should all produce a result with the same name (Solution) gkronber 3 years
#2946 PluginInfrastructure HeuristicLab (Auto-)Updater gkronber 2 years
#2476 Hive.Server Hive Service should offer a faster UpdateTaskData method jkarder 3.3.12 5 years
#2508 General Check Mono/.NET HL File Compatibility jkarder 3.3.12 5 years
#2523 General Remove code for persistence backwards compatibility to prepare for new major release jkarder 3.3.13 13 months
#2437 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Possibility to extend the SymbolicDataAnalysisInterpreters mkommend 3.3.12 5 years
#2509 Algorithms PopulationSimilarityAnalyzer doesn't work with some algorithms mkommend 3.3.12 5 years
#2521 General Refactor Problem/Encoding mkommend branch 3 months
#2681 General Fix spelling of class names mkommend 4 years
#2531 Optimizer Simplify the CreateExperimentDialog pfleck 3 years
#2606 Problems.VehicleRouting.Views Detailed View for VRP Solution pfleck 3 years
#2629 Problems.VehicleRouting VRP solution candidates (using AlbaEncoding) contain a reference to the problem data pfleck 3.3.13 5 years
#1038 General Exception handling should be improved, no exception should crash the optimizer swagner 4.0 3 years
#1335 Optimization Review and refactor optimizer base classes swagner 3.3.2 8 years
#1361 Parameters Missing event deregistration for parameter values swagner 3.3.2 8 years
#1380 Optimization Add projects to structure multiple HeuristicLab files swagner 3.3.2 8 years
#1407 Core.Views Unify item collection views swagner 3.3.2 8 years
#1502 General Operator parameters wired by the algorithm should be hidden per default swagner 3.3.4 8 years
#1556 General Provide autosaving for long running optimizers swagner 3.3.4 8 years
#1719 Optimization.Views Change the ListView in the RunCollectionView to VirtualMode swagner 3.3.5 5 years
#1872 Optimization Exception handling in large experiments should be improved swagner 3.3.6 8 years
#2011 Algorithms.GeneticAlgorithm GeneticAlgorithm's way of wiring the population size is not optimal for creating UserDefinedAlgorithms swagner 3.3.7 8 years
#2200 Optimization ClearState of IStatefulItems is not always executed swagner 3.3.9 5 years
#2205 Networks Implement basic infrastructure for optimization networks swagner branch 3 years
#2519 General Release HeuristicLab 4.0 swagner 3.3.13 5 years
#2682 General Pivot table to analyze run collections and data analysis problem data 3.3.14 4 years
#2777 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Power and root symbols should be renamed to avoid confusion 3.3.14 4 years
#2828 Core IExecutable Methods should be thread-safe 3 years
#2889 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Remove functionality for automatically generated functions (ADF) 3.3.15 3 years
#2896 Optimization Remove the Result wrapper type 3 years
#2899 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Description of GBM algorithm is wrong 3 years
#2903 General Modern Look & Feel 3 years
#2240 Collections Events for adding items to ObservableDictionary are not consistent 3.3.10 5 years
#2405 Optimization.Views Views which are not visible should not be updated 3.3.11 6 years
#2498 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Improve Gaussian process training and inference to support larger datasets 3.3.12 5 years
#2511 Optimization Results for problems with stochastic objective function are not reproduceable when using parallel engine (random parameter in Evaluate()) 3.3.12 5 years
#2528 Algorithms Adapt algorithms to use the generic termination criteria 3.3.13 5 years
#2554 Problems.Programmable Allow to extend programmable problem with encoding specific operations 3.3.13 5 years
#2555 Problems.ExternalEvaluation Derive external evaluation problem from programmable problem 3.3.13 5 years
#2638 MainForm.WindowsForms Redraws slow down UI in Windows 10 3.3.13 3 years

Under Development

There are 10 tickets under development:

Ticket Component Summary Owner Version Modified
#1853 ### Undefined ### Move ParameterConfigrationTree encoding from MetaOpt branch into own plugin jkarder branch 2 years
#2708 Algorithms Explore Scope-based BasicAlgorithms abeham branch 2 years
#2434 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Cross-validation should allow specification of folds using a variable of the dataset gkronber 3.3.12 3 years
#2026 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Functionality to dynamically define symbols and semantics for GP problems gkronber branch 5 years
#2870 ExtLibs Update AutoDiff to newest version gkronber branch 7 months
#2924 General Provide .NET core version of HeuristicLab framework libraries dpiringe 19 months
#2695 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Line charts for regression should show an ID column along the x-axis gkronber branch 3 years
#1791 Problems.ExternalEvaluation Create parameter optimization problem for simulation models jkarder 3.3.6 4 years
#1954 Problems.MetaOptimization MetaOptimization trunk integration jkarder branch 19 months
#2165 Scripting Add python as scripting language abeham branch 2 years


There are 44 tickets on the backlog, 0 of them are highest priority, 2 are high priority tickets:

Ticket Component Summary Owner Modified Created
#1665 Algorithms.DataAnalysis If the random seed is specified for a cross-validation then the same seed is used for each fold gkronber 3 years 9 years
#2300 Algorithms.ScatterSearch The behavior of scatter search for real-valued test functions should be improved jkarder 3 years 6 years
#1636 Problems.DataAnalysis Weighted evaluation of data analysis models gkronber 3 years 9 years
#2057 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Parameter-tuning for support vector machine gkronber 3 years 8 years
#2073 Algorithms.DataAnalysis One-vs-one approach for multi-class classification gkronber 3 years 8 years
#2219 Encodings.IntegerVectorEncoding Move generators for integer vector encoding 5 years 7 years
#2288 ### Undefined ### Variable Interaction Networks bburlacu 21 months 6 years
#2297 Collections ItemsRemoved event should use OldItems 5 years 6 years
#2304 Optimization.Operators Overhaul parameters of ISingleObjectiveImprovementOperator implementations jkarder 3 years 6 years
#2336 DataPreprocessing.Views Improve handling of multi-selections for updates of view in line-charts in data preprocessing 5 years 6 years
#2349 Optimization.Views ISolutionSimilarityCalculatorView does not update correctly jkarder 3 years 6 years
#2407 ### Undefined ### Analyzers reset when changing the ProblemInstance 5 years 6 years
#2414 Optimization.Views RunCollection should not implement IStringConvertibleMatrix 5 years 6 years
#2460 Optimization Algorithm instance is not read-only when stored in a run object 5 years 5 years
#2462 Core Engine log can grow to extreme sizes 5 years 5 years
#2463 Optimization.Views Icons in RunView become misplaced 5 years 5 years
#2464 Problems.DataAnalysis Implement new ensembling methods 5 years 5 years
#2514 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Boolean expressions are not translated correctly by the C# formatter and the Mathematica formatter gkronber 5 years 5 years
#2515 Problems.GeneticProgramming Ephemeral random constants are randomly initialized for problem instances of BasicSymbolicRegression gkronber 5 years 5 years
#2516 Problems.GeneticProgramming Support transformation of trees evolved for BasicSymbolicRegression problems to SymbolicRegressionModels so that the existing features of Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic can be reused 5 years 5 years
#2537 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Support ISymbolicRegressionSolutions as mean function for Gaussian Processes 5 years 5 years
#2550 Optimizer Ordering of types in TypeSelector and NewItemDialog does not match 5 years 5 years
#2552 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Initialization of Gaussian process hyper-parameters should be implemented specifically in the mean and covariance functions 5 years 5 years
#2615 Algorithms.GeneticAlgorithm Implemented distributed course grained GA 2 years 5 years
#2633 Optimization Solution caching to avoid costly re-evaluations 5 years 5 years
#2645 Optimization Analysis of BasicAlgorithms abeham 3 years 5 years
#2725 General CPLEX Integration in HeuristicLab abeham 3 years 4 years
#2920 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Visualize pairwise correlations as a radial graph 3 years 3 years
#2925 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Support for AutoDiff-based optimization of coefficients for symbolic regression models with auto-regressive variables gkronber 12 months 3 years
#2929 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Prioritized Grammar Enumeration for HeuristicLab 23 months 3 years
#1060 Operators.Views.OperatorGraphVisualization Improve OperatorGraphVisualizationView mkommend 3 years 11 years
#1420 Data.Views Renaming of column names (and row names) of a DoubleMatrix is reset after some time gkronber 3 years 10 years
#1707 Operators.Views.OperatorGraphVisualization Visualize the scope level to which an operator is applied on abeham 3 years 9 years
#2380 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.Views Tree layout algorithms and general tree drawing control should be moved out of Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTree gkronber 3 years 6 years
#2513 Persistence Persistence should check whether it is possible to write to the selected location before the content is actually serialized 5 years 5 years
#2517 Problems.GeneticProgramming The number of input digits is arbitrarily limited for problems in Problems.GeneticProgramming.Boolean gkronber 5 years 5 years
#2722 Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Evaluator for symbolic regression models for learning a variance model gkronber 3 years 4 years
#2838 Algorithms.DataAnalysis NLR algorithm should support stopping and maybe even pausing gkronber 3 years 3 years
#2867 Problems.DataAnalysis Support for binary variables in dataset gkronber 3 years 3 years
#2893 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Bayesian Nonlinear Regression gkronber 4 weeks 3 years
#1477 Problems.GeneticProgramming Additional problem instances for artificial ant problem gkronber 3 years 10 years
#2185 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views View to calculate mutual information matrix for classification problems gkronber 3 years 7 years
#2474 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Correctly support parameters for all kernels for libsvm gkronber 7 months 5 years
#2678 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Simplify specification of kernels for Gaussian processes 3 years 4 years

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