HeuristicLab 3.3.16 - Pending

Changes to the previous release that are available in the daily build of our stable branch and will become part of the next release: Download HeuristicLab daily build binaries.

Features and Enhancements:

Ticket Modified Component Summary
#2902 4 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis Performance improvement of NaN/Inf-check on a double-matrix
#2874 2 months Algorithms.DataAnalysis.Views Widgets for workers and folds are not aligned correctly in the CrossValidationView
#2885 5 months Optimization.Views Select all with Ctrl+A in RunCollectionView


Ticket Modified Component Summary
#2909 11 days Algorithms.DataAnalysis NCAModelCreator throws exception
#2878 5 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Error in Deserialization of ConstantOptimizationEvaluator
#2383 4 months Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Some charts for regression solutions throw an exception if the target variable contains missing values


Ticket Modified Component Summary
#2887 5 months General Restructure HL SVN repository

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