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Packed storage matrix type

Reported by: bburlacu Owned by: swagner
Priority: medium Milestone: HeuristicLab 3.3.x Backlog
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Dense, fixed-size, symmetric matrices are pretty common. In HeuristicLab they are used for for storing similarities where for example we have code like this:

if (IsCommutative) {
  Parallel.For(0, individuals.Count, parallelOptions, i => {
    for (int j = i; j < individuals.Count; j++) {
      similarityMatrix[i][j] = similarityMatrix[j][i] = CalculateSolutionSimilarity(individuals[i], individuals[j]);

This data could be more compactly stored by using a packed storage scheme ( leading to significant savings when storing experiments where each run contains similarity matrices (genotype, phenotype).


  • compact storage
  • more efficient parallelization along the length of the storage array (as opposed to the snipped above where each thread does a different amount of work)


  • packed storage prevents vectorization in case of indexed access, which might lead to worse performance (compared to a regular matrix)
  • would require refactoring of the SolutionSimilarityCalculator & friends

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r15931: Implement TriangularMatrix deriving from ValueTypeMatrix. This choice was made to support multiple data types without having separate TriangularIntMatrix, TriangularDoubleMatrix, etc. Validation becomes more difficult but it is a compromise for a more generic matrix type.

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r15932: Decide to enforce symmetry by returning values mirrored across the main diagonal.

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r15934: Update project (include TriangularMatrix.cs)

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