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Ordering of types in TypeSelector and NewItemDialog does not match

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Priority: medium Milestone: HeuristicLab 4.x Backlog
Component: Optimizer Version: 3.3.13
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Because the NewItemDialog orders items according to the CreatableAttribute, items are differently ordered than in the "similar" TypeSelector.

This leads to odd behavior when entering common abbrevations in those two similar dialogs . The same inputs create different items in some cases.

For instance, when creating a Traveling Salesman Problem with the NewItemDialog, one can simply enter "TSP" and hit enter. When setting the problem of an existing algorithm, the TypeSelector preselects the Analytical Probabilistic Traveling Salesman Problem on the same input.

Do we want to change this behavior? Assigning a ordering to all items, like in the CreatableAttribute would be an overkill. Maybe the TypeSelector should take the ordering from the CreatableAttribute? However, then the results of the TypeSelector would not be ordered by name any more.

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comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by abeham

I think this is a valid, but minor problem.

However, the problem is only apparent for the new problem button in the algorithm view. The reason is that you want to create a subset of the types available in the NewItemDialog there. In other views that use the TypeSelector the set of types are more diverse. Thus I would not advise to change the TypeSelector in general.

My suggestion would be to reuse the NewItemDialog when clicking on the new problem button and extend it to include the necessary filtering options that are required.

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