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Review Guidelines

Reviewers should use the following questions as guidelines for their review. Generally a review covers four areas: user interface, functionality, code, and documentation. It depends on the ticket which areas are affected.

A full review covers all of the questions.

A minimal review covers at least the first two questions of each area.

User Interface

  • Does it have the look and feel of HeuristicLab?
  • Is it understandable, does the user know what to do?

  • Are appropriate controls used?
  • Are controls correctly locked/set readonly?
  • Is it responsive?


  • Are important features missing?
  • Are there additional interesting features (maybe for later)?

  • If it is a storable item, can it be correctly saved and loaded?
  • Are/should unit tests be included?
  • Is the impact of the change appropriate?
  • Is the feature implemented in the right plugin?
  • Is it fast enough?


  • Does the code follow the DevelopersGuidelines (style, naming conventions, etc.) and the DevelopersBestPractices?
  • Are suitable class, property and parameter names used?

  • Is the code understandable or is there an appropriate comment?
  • Is backwards compatibility maintained?
  • Is the code written according to already used concepts?
  • Are existing components reused and/or is the code written in a way that it can be easily reused by other components?
  • Were common pitfalls avoided (missing event handler registration in AfterDeserializationHook, missing members in cloning constructor)?
  • Do the common unit tests pass?
  • Are the classes well designed?
  • Are the code files well structured?


  • Is it correct and up to date?
  • Is important information missing?

  • Is the style consistent with the rest of the documentation?
  • Is it short enough?
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