Milestone HeuristicLab.DataImporter 1.0.1


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#1820 DataImporter Create Regression and Classificaton problems from the DataImporter 9 years 10 years

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Ticket Component Summary Owner Modified
#1119 DataImporter Box-Cox transformation for data-analysis gkronber 8 years
#1632 DataImporter Extend Savitzky-Golay filter command to support calculation of smoothed derivatives gkronber 4 years
#1804 DataImporter Datagrid update of cells is slow on scrolling gkronber 4 years
#1908 DataImporter Enhance "split dictionary style data" command to take more than one column into account gkronber 4 years
#1956 DataImporter All AddColumn commands should take into account if any columns are selected gkronber 4 years
#1867 DataImporter Add Command which deletes Rows or Columns with insufficient data mkommend 9 years

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#1734 DataImporter Integrate the DataImporter in the trunk mkommend branch 2 years

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