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New Video Tutorials

Dear HeuristicLab Users!

We have spent two days of intensive work in the solitude of northern Mühlviertel and prepared several new video tutorials for HeuristicLab. The videos are already available in our youtube channel.

Additionally, we prepared a major overhaul of the HeuristicLab website to improve the user experience and access to the documentation. The new website will go online in the next few days.

The new tutorials:

HeuristicLab YouTube Channel

Because of multiple user requests and our continuous quest to improve documentation we have sat together last week and recorded some video tutorials which cover various parts of HeuristicLab.

So far we have created 4 video tutorials:

How to Execute Algorithms in HeuristicLab

The video shows how you can parameterize and execute algorithms in HeuristicLab:

HeuristicLab Usability and Views

This video demonstrates the basic user interface concepts of HeuristicLab and how to effectively use them:

Experiment Design and Analysis in HeuristicLab

This video shows how to create experiments and batch-runs in HeuristicLab as well as how to analyze the generated results:

How to create Custom Algorithms in HeuristicLab

This video shows how algorithms in HeuristicLab can be adapted in the GUI by extending a Genetic Algorithm to incorporate a crossover probability:

Additionally we have also created a video which gives a quick overview of HeuristicLab's most important features:

You can watch the videos here or head over to our new HeuristicLab YouTube channel. Let us know what you think and don't forget to Like our videos!