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Posts for the month of August 2011

HeuristicLab Google Group

Recently we created a Google Group for HeuristicLab. This group provides a platform for all HeuristicLab users and developers to ask questions, share comments, post feature requests, or discuss new ideas. The group is open for everyone. Feel free to join!

More details about the group are available at To join the group, visit the page and click on "Join this group" (requires a Google account). If you do not have a Google account, please write an e-mail to and we will send you an invitation to the group. After you have joined you can contact the whole group by writing e-mails to

New Feature for System Identification: Model Response View

Last week I implemented a new view for symbolic regression models that makes it possible to analyse the impact of a given input variable on the output of the model in more detail. I'm already looking forward to apply it to real world scenarios.

Screenshot of initial implementation idea

The development efforts for this feature are tracked in ticket #1621

Chart export dialog for publication ready images

I'm working on a new export dialog for making publication-ready images of every EnhancedChart in HeuristicLab 3.3. Right-click inside a chart and select "Export Chart...". You'll get a dialog with a preview option where you can adjust the font sizes, specify the width and height in cm or inch, resolution in dpi or dpcm and even change or add axes descriptions and/or the title. Be aware that some charts have multiple chart areas and the correct one needs to be selected at the top.

The feature is still under development, see ticket #1611 for details. It's contained in the latest trunk build.

Tips to enhance it are welcomed.