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Posts for the month of March 2012

New Feature: Embedded Benchmark Problem Instances

I wanted to share a feature that we have included into our trunk yesterday and which will be part of the next release. It was our intention to aid people in benchmarking their algorithms. Usually in the literature a number of benchmark problem instances are known and shared. These instances allow to directly compare the performance of two algorithms. We have now included some of these benchmark libraries as plugins and make them directly available with HeuristicLab. Currently we have included TSPLIB, QAPLIB, and several others. Each library is a separate plugin that stores the files inside the assembly. It is very easy to add new benchmark libraries, as well as to adapt the problems to use them. A problem can make use of multiple, even different libraries.

We plan to expand this to include even more libraries so that you don't have to search the web for the files, but just load them in HeuristicLab. You can try the feature for yourself if you grab the latest daily build.