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Posts in category SystemIdentification

Math notation for symbolic models

In February I have a little more time available that I can spend on HeuristicLab development. So I implemented a new view that shows genetic programming solutions for symbolic data analysis problems in conventional math notation. This has been on our wishlist for a long time, however, up to now we didn't see a good way of implementing this. The implementation is not ideal because it relies on the MathJax library (Javascript) to display the models in a webbrowser control. Using the daily build of the trunk version you can try this new feature. I hope you find it useful.

New Feature for System Identification: Model Response View

Last week I implemented a new view for symbolic regression models that makes it possible to analyse the impact of a given input variable on the output of the model in more detail. I'm already looking forward to apply it to real world scenarios.

Screenshot of initial implementation idea

The development efforts for this feature are tracked in ticket #1621