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Math notation for symbolic models

In February I have a little more time available that I can spend on HeuristicLab development. So I implemented a new view that shows genetic programming solutions for symbolic data analysis problems in conventional math notation. This has been on our wishlist for a long time, however, up to now we didn't see a good way of implementing this. The implementation is not ideal because it relies on the MathJax library (Javascript) to display the models in a webbrowser control. Using the daily build of the trunk version you can try this new feature. I hope you find it useful.

HeuristicLab and Linux

Daniel Knittl-Frank is currently working on porting HeuristicLab to Linux/Mono and sent us screenshots of his progress which I wanted to share with you. Daniel has already got a modified version of HeuristicLab running on Ubuntu 11.10 with the git master of Mono. The last addition to his HL version is that charting now also works with Mono. So here is some eyecandy for the Linux users out there showing 3 views for analyzing runs:

Here is the bubble chart view on Linux:

The tabular view:

And the box-plot diagram:

Of course this is work in progress and hasn't yet landed in our subversion repository but will be integrated when we feel it is stable enough.