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21:01 Changeset [13074] by gkronber

#2499: added license header and removed unused usings

20:57 Changeset [13073] by gkronber

#2499: svn:ignore

20:56 Changeset [13072] by gkronber

#2499: added code from HeuristicLab.BioBoost.Views (from private repository) nothing much has been changed

20:43 Changeset [13071] by gkronber

#2499: added license headers and removed unused usings

20:27 Changeset [13070] by gkronber

#2499: svn:ignore

20:26 Changeset [13069] by gkronber

#2499: imported source code for HeuristicLab.BioBoost from private repository with some changes

19:41 Changeset [13068] by gkronber

#2499 empty folder structure

19:35 Changeset [13067] by gkronber

#2499 created folder for BioBoost source code

19:33 Ticket #2499 (BioBoost (logistic network planning) trunk integration) created by gkronber
Relevant code developed by HEAL members within the BioBoost project …
08:49 Changeset [13066] by gkronber

#2450: adapted unit test


20:44 Changeset [13065] by gkronber

#2450: marked constructor of GBTModel obsolete and wrapped GBTModels in GBTModelSurrogates where necessary in the API. Removed an internal unused method from the API.

19:09 Ticket #2498 (Improve Gaussian process training and inference to support larger datasets) created by gkronber
The most recent and most relevant seems to be KISS-GP which promises …
18:49 Changeset [13064] by gkronber

#2488: in r13025 I seemed to erroneously remove some files from the test project

18:31 Ticket #2473 (Automatically hide all columns containing only a single value in the ...) closed by gkronber
done: r13063: merged r13036 and r13054 from trunk to stable.
18:31 Changeset [13063] by gkronber

#2473: merged r13036 and r13054 from trunk to stable

18:27 Ticket #2452 (Support drag&drop of new solutions in the ...) closed by gkronber
18:26 Changeset [13062] by gkronber

#2452: merged r13002:13004 from trunk to stable


16:22 Changeset [13061] by bburlacu

#1772: Adapted visualization code according to the changes in the HeuristicLab.Visualization branch.

14:14 Ticket #2497 (Improve scaling of inputs and optionally target values for the ...) created by gkronber
There are some issues related to scaling of data in the Gaussian …
11:53 Changeset [13060] by ascheibe

#2496 improved information shown in error dialog

11:27 Changeset [13059] by mkommend

#2418: corrected spelling mistake in median implementation.

11:05 Ticket #2496 (Provide more detailed information when no connection can be ...) created by ascheibe
10:17 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
09:09 Changeset [13058] by gkronber

#2472: fixed lawn mower sample


20:57 Changeset [13057] by gkronber

#2472 changed lawn mower sample to use the new implementation and added assertions for the results of the unit test

20:20 Changeset [13056] by gkronber

#2472: changed GP artificial ant sample to use new implementation

20:18 Changeset [13055] by gkronber

#2472: changed ordering of symbols in the grammar for the artificial ant problem to make sure the new problem produces the same results as the old implementation

19:49 Changeset [13054] by gkronber

#2473: improvements as suggested by abeham

19:28 Ticket #2439 (Remove bugs in LM-BFGS) closed by gkronber
done: r13053: merged r12794:12795 and r12797 from trunk to stable
19:28 Changeset [13053] by gkronber

#2439 merged r12794:12795 and r12797 from trunk to stable

19:15 Ticket #2449 (Persistence of Gaussian process models is inefficient) closed by gkronber
done: r13052: merged r12819 from trunk to stable
19:15 Changeset [13052] by gkronber

#2449: merged r12819 from trunk to stable

19:12 Changeset [13051] by gkronber

#2491: removed usage of Percentile extension method

19:05 Ticket #2061 (Synchronization in Experiment class causes contention problems for ...) closed by gkronber
19:03 Changeset [13050] by gkronber

#2061: merged r13000 from trunk to stable

19:01 Ticket #2448 (Ensemble solutions do not store individual solutions) closed by gkronber
19:01 Changeset [13049] by gkronber

#2448: merged r12816 from trunk to stable

19:00 Ticket #1736 (View for the ConstantRegressionModel) closed by gkronber
done: r13048: merged r13001 from trunk to stable
19:00 Changeset [13048] by gkronber

#1736: merged r13001 from trunk to stable

18:58 Ticket #2484 (Mathematica formatter for symbolic data analysis models) closed by gkronber
done: r13047: merged r12982 from trunk to stable
18:58 Changeset [13047] by gkronber

#2484: merged r12982 from trunk to stable

14:50 Ticket #2495 (Allow configuring of migration direction in UnidirectionalRingMigrator) created by pfleck
Currently, the UnidirectionalRingMigrator migrates individuals by …
14:38 Ticket #2494 (NewItem-Dialog should consider Categories in search results) created by pfleck
Currently, the NewItemDialog only displays items that matches …


17:42 Changeset [13046] by pfleck


  • Changed the age type from int to double.
  • Changed EldersSelector to make use of a ScopeTreeLookupParameter.
  • Removed unused operators in LayerUpdator.
15:51 Ticket #2493 (Editing labels in the experiment (tree) view don't update the ...) created by abeham
To reproduce: 1. Create a new experiment 2. Add a new genetic …
14:18 Changeset [13045] by jkarder

#1265: merged changes from abeham

12:08 Changeset [13044] by bwerth

#2217 Updated project references

12:06 Changeset [13043] by mkommend

#2217: Added test problem for CMA-ES.

10:55 Changeset [13042] by bwerth

#2217: Branched CMA-ES.

10:50 Changeset [13041] by bwerth

#2217: Added folder for MultiObj_CMAES.


16:20 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
16:19 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
16:17 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
16:03 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
15:40 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
15:40 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
15:32 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
15:30 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/Develop Services edited by ascheibe
15:26 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/Develop Services edited by ascheibe
15:23 Documentation/Howto/ImplementAHLWebAppPlugin edited by ascheibe
15:16 Documentation/Howto/ImplementAHLWebAppPlugin edited by ascheibe
15:15 Documentation/Howto/ImplementAHLWebAppPlugin edited by ascheibe
15:08 Documentation edited by ascheibe
15:06 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
15:01 Documentation edited by ascheibe
14:59 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveStatistics edited by ascheibe
14:57 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveStatistics edited by ascheibe
14:34 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveStatistics edited by ascheibe
14:33 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveStatistics edited by ascheibe
14:15 folderstructure.png attached to Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveStatistics by ascheibe
14:15 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveStatistics edited by ascheibe
14:11 status.png attached to Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveStatistics by ascheibe
14:11 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveStatistics created by ascheibe
13:47 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveSlave edited by ascheibe
13:42 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
13:41 starter.png attached to Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveSlave by ascheibe
13:39 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveSlave edited by ascheibe
13:18 service.png attached to Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveSlave by ascheibe
13:16 installer.png attached to Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveSlave by ascheibe
13:16 trayicon.png attached to Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveSlave by ascheibe
11:23 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
09:51 Changeset [13040] by bburlacu

#2489: Added cloning of string values and exception when an unknown variable type is encountered.


23:57 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/DownloadAndBuildSource edited by abeham
23:54 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewPluginUsingSD edited by abeham
23:53 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewPluginUsingVS edited by abeham
23:50 Documentation edited by abeham
18:17 Changeset [13039] by bburlacu

#2442: Very minor changes in the naming of things. Removed readonly attributes for the min and max arity variables.

18:04 Changeset [13038] by bburlacu

#2492: Make sure the returned value is inside the [-1, +1] interval.

17:59 Ticket #2492 (Bound the return value of the OnlinePearsonsRCalculator to [-1,+1]) created by bburlacu
Because of numerical instabilities sometimes the returned value can be …
17:51 Ticket #2480 (Add optional flag to the evaluator to save the estimated values in the ...) closed by bburlacu
17:33 Changeset [13037] by pfleck

#2269 When creating a new layer, reset the old results (e.g. quality chart) to NaN to symbolize that the layer did not exist during that time.

17:24 Changeset [13036] by gkronber

#2473: hiding of columns that have only one single value for all runs in the RunCollectionTableView

16:27 Changeset [13035] by pfleck

#2269 Fixed removing unnecessary operators.

16:17 Changeset [13034] by gkronber

#2491: removed separate (incorrect) implementation of percentile function

16:13 Changeset [13033] by gkronber

#2418: implemented O(n) algorithm for median (and general quantiles) determination.

15:41 Ticket #2491 (Implementation of Percentile function is incorrect as it assumes that ...) created by gkronber
14:30 Changeset [13032] by gkronber


  • removed unused using
  • added/updated license headers
14:26 Changeset [13031] by pfleck

#2269 Removed obsolete MatingPoolPreprocessor.

13:54 Changeset [13030] by gkronber

#2490: fixed problem with thread-safety in RegressionTreeModel using a different (local) caching tactic.

13:40 Ticket #2490 (Evaluation of GBT models is not thread-safe) created by gkronber
This occurs because of caching problems if GetEstimatedValues(IDataset …
10:23 Changeset [13029] by gkronber

#1966: svn:ignore

10:20 Changeset [13028] by gkronber


  • added PackingPlanVisualizations plugin received from jhelm.
  • this project also contains necessary binaries of SharpDX
  • visualization in HL works now


22:41 Documentation/Howto/OptimizeExternalApplications edited by abeham
22:34 Documentation/Outdated edited by abeham
22:30 Documentation/Outdated edited by abeham
22:28 GA solves custom Knapsack.hl attached to Documentation/Howto/DefineCustomProblems by abeham
22:28 5-Optimize-It.png attached to Documentation/Howto/DefineCustomProblems by abeham
22:28 4-Programmable-Problem-Definition.png attached to Documentation/Howto/DefineCustomProblems by abeham
22:28 3-Knapsack-Problem-Instance.png attached to Documentation/Howto/DefineCustomProblems by abeham
22:28 2-Add-Variables.png attached to Documentation/Howto/DefineCustomProblems by abeham
22:28 1-Create-Programmable-Problem.png attached to Documentation/Howto/DefineCustomProblems by abeham
22:26 Documentation/Howto/DefineCustomProblems edited by abeham
21:38 Documentation edited by abeham
21:34 Documentation edited by abeham


11:08 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter edited by abeham


17:01 Changeset [13027] by bburlacu

#2489: Clone values in the ModifiableDataset.

15:34 Ticket #2489 (Cloning of the ModifiableDataset does not clone the values) created by bburlacu
Since the original dataset was designed to be a readonly object with …
14:54 Changeset [13026] by gkronber

#2488 added quantile regression loss function

14:37 Changeset [13025] by gkronber

#2488 implemented quantile extension method in HeuristicLab.Common

14:36 Ticket #2488 (Quantile regression loss for gradient boosted trees) created by gkronber
13:31 Changeset [13024] by jkarder

#2298: added execution time to CSharpScript

12:03 Changeset [13023] by gkronber

#1966: fixed build configuration

12:01 Changeset [13022] by gkronber

#1966: deleted files that were not referenced by the project

11:51 Changeset [13021] by gkronber

#1966: deleted old files that were not referenced by the project, set svn:ignore properties and temporarily excluded the BPPInstanceProvider as it does not work currently (the used resources are not available in the repository, instead a .rar file can be found in the data folder)

11:47 Changeset [13020] by gkronber

#1966 increased framework version to 4.5, deleted files that should not be committed to the repository and set svn:ignore properties

11:08 Changeset [13019] by gkronber

#2069: added necessary robocode files to project to make sure that the robocode problem is self-contained (only a java installation is necessary)

10:46 Changeset [13018] by gkronber

#2069: cleaned code and renamed files

10:36 Changeset [13017] by gkronber

#2069 refactored grammar, symbols, and interpreter

10:02 Changeset [13016] by ascheibe

#2475 made prepare script work on OS X


17:31 Changeset [13015] by gkronber

#2069: refactored Robocode problem and derived from SymbolicExpressionTreeProblem

16:41 Changeset [13014] by jkarder

#2116: added new breadcrumb navigation prototype

16:39 Changeset [13013] by gkronber

#2069: reviewing and minor changes

16:30 Changeset [13012] by jkarder

#2116: deleted Breadcrumbs branch

15:59 Changeset [13011] by gkronber

#2069 changed namespaces for trunk integration

15:51 Changeset [13010] by gkronber

#2069 fixed license headers

15:10 Changeset [13009] by gkronber

#2069: fixed compilation error with current trunk version & recompiled java class files to work with robocode version ( Class files must be recompiled for new robocode versions.

12:46 Changeset [13008] by ascheibe

#2475 updated project files

12:27 Ticket #2479 (Deleting groups in the Hive Administrator does not work anymore) closed by ascheibe
done: r13007 merged r12972 into stable
12:27 Changeset [13007] by ascheibe

#2479 merged r12972 into stable

12:22 Ticket #2430 (Some project files don't adhere to the naming rules) closed by ascheibe
done: r13006 merged r12846 into stable
12:22 Changeset [13006] by ascheibe

#2430 merged r12846 into stable

12:18 Changeset [13005] by ascheibe

#2377 applied and improved bburlacus patch

09:53 Changeset [13004] by gkronber

#2452: changed plugin dependencies


21:47 Changeset [13003] by gkronber

#2452 refactored RegressionSolutionErrorCharacteristicsCurveView to better support comparison of a set of solutions in one chart (via drag&drop)

19:51 Changeset [13002] by gkronber

#2452: applied Bogdan's patch to the trunk.

17:50 Ticket #2391 (Error characteristics curve should support showing multiple regression ...) closed by gkronber
17:46 Changeset [13001] by gkronber

#1736: implemented IStringConvertibleValue interface for ConstantRegressionModel (so a view is automatically available)

10:57 Changeset [13000] by gkronber

#2061: merged r12948:12950 from branch to trunk


11:18 Changeset [12999] by pfleck

#2269 Removed MatingPoolSelectionPercentageParameter.

09:57 Changeset [12998] by pfleck


  • Removed unused operators in modified GA mainloop.
  • Unhide PlusSelection parameter.
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