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Information on the team of developers, contributors, and awards that HeuristicLab has received.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials show how to use the HeuristicLab environment to complete tasks such as experiment analysis, algorithm prototyping or solving regression problems.

Basic Tutorials

Advanced Tutorials

Application-specific Tutorials


Howtos are detailed instructions that show how to work with HeuristicLab such as designing new problems in the GUI and how to extend HeuristicLab with new features that can be added in new plugins.

Working with HeuristicLab

Extending HeuristicLab

Please also visit the Development Center for quick guides and background on the HeuristicLab architecture if you want to explore these Howtos in more depth.

Additional Infrastructure

Developer Resources

HeuristicLab is continuously improved and extended. Here you will find helpful resources in setting up your development environment, read articles on the architecture of HeuristicLab and keep in touch with the official development roadmap.


HeuristicLab includes many algorithms, problems, and operators. Here several of these are explained in more detail.

Algorithms, Problems, Operators

Special Topics