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Version 21 (modified by abeham, 9 years ago) (diff)


The following pages may need an update:

Page Task / Problem Owner
Documentation/Howto/DefineCustomProblems done abeham
Documentation/Howto/OptimizeAnyLogicModels done abeham
Documentation/Howto/OptimizeExternalApplications reflect changes to ExternalEvaluationProblem, also cut down in length, maybe merge with above abeham
Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization mentions HL 3.3.6 - any updates? ascheibe
Documentation/Howto/Implement Custom Problems? deleted abeham
Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveSlave Should include a download link. Describe new installer ascheibe
Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/ExternalLibraries mentions 3.3.10, updates? jkarder
Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/VSCodeSnippets update to current vs version ascheibe
Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/ImplementAnEvaluator no changes required ascheibe


  • Documentation should be less of a loose collection of individual articles with an example here and an example there
    • Concrete examples are great though, definitely keep them
  • We should add some structure, by defining use cases and supporting those with specific documentation
    • Like "This is how you do XYZ", for all the XYZ that we can think of and then have concrete examples for XYZ
  • We need short(!) reference documentation on common topics like parameters and parameter lookup, backwards compatibility, cloning, operator instrumentation, etc.