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18:58 Changeset [8660] by gkronber

#1847 merged r8205:8635 from trunk into branch

18:48 Changeset [8659] by gkronber

#1890 set svn:ignore properties

18:48 Changeset [8658] by gkronber

#1925 fixed some bugs in NormalDistributionCutPointsThresholdCalculator (probably more remaining)

15:24 Changeset [8657] by jkarder

#1853: fixed unintended correction of valid values

12:53 Changeset [8656] by ascheibe

#1950 removed redundant event handler additions and removals

11:40 Changeset [8655] by jkarder


  • fixed possible deselection of all value configurations
  • set AutoScaleMode to Inherit in OptimizableView
11:12 Blog: New Vehicle Routing Implementation in HeuristicLab edited by svonolfe
11:08 Blog: New Vehicle Routing Implementation in HeuristicLab edited by svonolfe
11:06 Blog: New Vehicle Routing Implementation in HeuristicLab edited by svonolfe
11:06 Blog: New Vehicle Routing Implementation in HeuristicLab edited by svonolfe
11:04 Blog: New Vehicle Routing Implementation in HeuristicLab edited by svonolfe
11:03 pdptw.png attached to Blog: New Vehicle Routing Implementation in HeuristicLab by svonolfe
11:03 mdcvrp.png attached to Blog: New Vehicle Routing Implementation in HeuristicLab by svonolfe
11:02 cvrp.png attached to Blog: New Vehicle Routing Implementation in HeuristicLab by svonolfe
11:00 Blog: New Vehicle Routing Implementation in HeuristicLab edited by svonolfe
added pictures
10:46 Samples.png attached to Blog: New Vehicle Routing Implementation in HeuristicLab by svonolfe
10:45 Instances.png attached to Blog: New Vehicle Routing Implementation in HeuristicLab by svonolfe
10:45 Blog: New Vehicle Routing Implementation in HeuristicLab created by svonolfe
Initial version
10:21 Changeset [8654] by ascheibe

#1937 switch mainform type to Multiple Document as Docking doesn't work
on Linux at the moment

10:09 Changeset [8653] by svonolfe

vehicles were not assigned correctly when a solution includes empty trips (#1953)

10:07 Changeset [8652] by svonolfe

The distance matrix was reset when starting an algorithm the first time (#1953)

10:05 Changeset [8651] by svonolfe

Imrpoved VRP problem instance view (#1953)

10:04 Changeset [8650] by svonolfe

Fixed naming of the LiLim instances (#1953)

10:03 Changeset [8649] by svonolfe

Improved the design of the interpreters so code duplication is avoided (#1953)

10:01 Changeset [8648] by jkarder

#1853: fixed loss of valid values caused by setting optimize to true

10:01 Ticket #1953 (Improve the Vehicle Routing implementation) created by svonolfe
Some issues and feature requests have been discovered in the VRP 3.4 …
09:28 Changeset [8647] by ascheibe

#1952 removed mono compatibility code that doesn't seem to be necessary and caused the GA performance unit test to fail


17:38 Changeset [8646] by mkommend

#1924: Corrected Pearson's R² evaluator for classification (estimated values were not limited in quality calculation)

15:05 Changeset [8645] by ascheibe

#1937 added HeuristicLab key to projects that weren't signed

14:06 Changeset [8644] by jkarder


  • removed multi-crossovers for integer and double values
  • restructured crossovers and manipulators for integer and double values
13:18 Changeset [8643] by jkarder

#1247: removed branch RAPGA

13:13 Changeset [8642] by jkarder

#1247: integrated branch into trunk

11:49 Changeset [8641] by ascheibe

#1952 (#1937) added Mono support to persistence

11:43 Ticket #1952 (Mono support for Persistence) created by ascheibe
This ticket records the changes that have to be made to the …
10:34 Changeset [8640] by spimming


  • Included costCalculator in a star search
  • restructured and renamed Dijkstra algorithm
  • Added code comments to FibonacciHeap
09:48 Changeset [8639] by mkommend

#1951: Changed symbolic regression evaluator and scale method in the symbolic regression model to ignore invalid (NaN & infinite) values during calculation of the scaling parameters.


17:28 Changeset [8638] by gkronber

#1925 implemented improvements for the NormalDistributionCutPointsThresholdCalculator

17:08 Changeset [8637] by mkommend

#1924: Added comment that explains the usage of the cloner in the classification simplifier view.

16:20 Changeset [8636] by mkommend


  • Changed the accuracy threshold calculator to eliminate the necessity the the class values are ordered.
  • Adapted the symbolic classification simplifier to work with all ISymbolicClassificationModels.
  • Corrected ROCCurvesView to also work if the class values are not sorted.
12:24 Changeset [8635] by mkommend

#1951: Corrected handling of invalid values in the symbolic regression evaluators.

12:23 Ticket #1951 (SymbolicRegressionEvaluators handle invalid values differently than ...) created by mkommend
If scaling is used the symbolic regression evaluators ignore invalid …
10:27 Changeset [8634] by mkommend

#1890: Corrected copy & paste error in MeanAbsoluteErrorEvaluator.


21:13 Ticket #1950 (Improve Hive UI stability) created by abeham
The job manager in hive should be made more stable.
15:53 Changeset [8633] by ascheibe

#1937 added a script that adds a HintPath for the DataVisualization assembly and removes projects that do not build

14:39 Changeset [8632] by ascheibe

#1937 added check for correct mono version

12:12 Changeset [8631] by jkarder

#1247: removed similarity calculators

12:08 Changeset [8630] by jkarder

#1331: added missing similarity calculators

11:51 Ticket #1949 (The classification threshold view should display for which class the ...) created by mkommend
Currently the thresholds are only displayed as red lines and its one …
11:44 Changeset [8629] by jkarder

#1247: added reference to algorithm description

11:41 Changeset [8628] by jkarder

#1331: adjusted event handling

10:28 Changeset [8627] by mkommend

#1948: Updated FLA to use ALGLIB 3.6.

10:20 Changeset [8626] by mkommend

#1948: Adapated DataImporter to use ALGLIB 3.6.0.


22:14 Changeset [8625] by ascheibe

#1937 fixed missing mono prebuild event

22:02 Changeset [8624] by ascheibe

#1937 added hint path for SharpZipLib in project files

17:13 Changeset [8623] by gkronber

#1902 implemented LS Gaussian Process classification

17:10 Changeset [8622] by jkarder


  • fixed some bugs
  • minor code improvements
15:23 Changeset [8621] by mkommend

#1948: Removed outdated external libraries ALGLIB 3.4, ALGLIB 3.5, WinFormsUI-2.3.1, LibSVM-1.6.3.

15:16 Ticket #1948 (Remove outdated projects from the external librariers) created by mkommend
There are several projects, which are not used anymore by HeuristicLab …
15:09 Changeset [8620] by gkronber

#1902 renamed more files. implemented scale covariance function.

15:03 Changeset [8619] by mkommend

#1939: Renamed licenses for DockPanelSuite to contain the version information.

14:52 Changeset [8618] by mkommend

#1939: Forgot to set reference to DockPanelSuite in HL.MainForm.WindowsForms to CopyLocal = false.

14:50 Changeset [8617] by mkommend

#1939: Adapted trunk to use new DockPanelSuite.

14:48 Changeset [8616] by mkommend

#1939: Added DockPanelSuite 2.7.0 to ExtLibs.

13:42 Changeset [8615] by gkronber

#1902 renamed covariance functions

13:34 Changeset [8614] by gkronber

#1902 removed unused file

13:31 Changeset [8613] by gkronber

#1947: added degree parameter for the polynomial kernel of the SVM

13:30 Ticket #1947 (Allow setting the degree for the polynomial kernel function for ...) created by gkronber
13:28 Changeset [8612] by gkronber

#1902 implemented all mean and covariance functions with parameters as ParameterizedNamedItems

13:18 Changeset [8611] by mkommend

#1946: Added unit test for ObservableKeyedList.

13:17 Changeset [8610] by mkommend


  • Added 'ObservableKeyedList` and related classes
  • Reordered firing events in ObservableList
  • Adapted cloning ctor of ReadOnlyItemList
13:11 Ticket #1946 (Implement ObservableKeyedList) created by mkommend
It would be beneficial to have an ObservableKeyedList that provides …
12:31 Ticket #1945 (Topmost point cannot be selected in the run collection bubble chart view) created by abeham
I tested this with a run collection of 10 entries. The y axis is set …
11:02 Changeset [8609] by gkronber

#1944 changed SVR and SVC algorithms in HeuristicLab to use most recent LibSVM version.

11:00 Changeset [8608] by gkronber

#1944: set svn:ignore properties

10:59 Changeset [8607] by gkronber

#1944 added new C# port of libSVM 3.12 and the HL wrapper plugin

09:44 Ticket #1944 (Update libSVM source code to most recent version) created by gkronber


23:41 Changeset [8606] by abeham

#1943: Added nearest neighbor model (+creator) for symbolic classification

23:35 Ticket #1943 (Add nearest neighbour model for symbolic classification) created by abeham
Instead of using thresholds to discretize the estimated values into …
20:48 Changeset [8605] by gkronber

#1890: fixed a bug in the IEnumerable<double>.Range() extension.

20:44 Changeset [8604] by gkronber

#1890: set svn:ignore properties

20:38 Changeset [8603] by gkronber


  • updated copy-right year
  • trimmed assembly and plugin references
  • removed x86 and x64 build configurations
20:36 Blog: Job Shop Scheduling Add-on for HeuristicLab edited by gkronber
20:35 Blog: Job Shop Scheduling Add-on for HeuristicLab edited by gkronber
20:32 Blog: Job Shop Scheduling Add-on for HeuristicLab edited by gkronber
20:32 JSSP-HeuristicLab.png attached to Blog: Job Shop Scheduling Add-on for HeuristicLab by gkronber
20:32 Blog: Job Shop Scheduling Add-on for HeuristicLab created by gkronber
17:36 Changeset [8602] by sforsten

#1942: removed .resx file in project files

16:30 Changeset [8601] by sforsten

#1942: training has now at least one sample

16:26 Changeset [8600] by ascheibe

#1937 added pre- and postbuild events for mono

16:01 Changeset [8599] by sforsten

#1942: Training and test partition can be defined (with a TrackBar in percent), when importing a csv file for data analysis problems.

14:53 Changeset [8598] by sforsten

#1942: csv files for data analysis problems can be shuffled when imported

11:57 Changeset [8597] by mkommend

#1940: Added forgotten plugin dependency.

11:46 Changeset [8596] by sforsten

#1941: adjusted unit tests

11:44 Ticket #1583 (Implement analysis operator to export GP trees for analysis with Galapagos) closed by gkronber
11:29 Changeset [8595] by sforsten


  • renamed real world classification to UCI
  • added wine classification problem
  • deleted Iris class, which has been forgotten in r8254
11:27 Changeset [8594] by mkommend

#1940: Added support in symbolic classification for different methods to create the classification ModelCreator.

  • Added ModelCreators
  • Refactored SymbolicClassificationModel and SymbolicDiscriminantFunctionClassificationModel
  • Added ModelCreatorParameter to Analyzers and Evaluators if needed
  • Corrected wiring in symbolic classification problems (single- and multiobjective
  • Adapted simplifier
11:01 Changeset [8593] by sforsten

#1681: Input variables can now be drag & dropped between ProblemData. The input variables don't have to be in the exact same order.

10:36 Ticket #1942 (Improve CSV import for data analysis problems) created by sforsten
When importing a data analysis problem from a csv file, it should be …
10:30 Ticket #1941 (Additional classification problem instances) created by sforsten
Adding additional classification problems to problem instances from …


16:54 Ticket #1728 (Huge number of exceptions thrown when loading meta-optimization problems) closed by jkarder
obsolete: I have tested the deserialization and noticed that some exceptions …
16:43 Ticket #1940 (Unify model creation in SymbolicClassificationDataAnalysis) created by abeham
Currently the model creation and threshold calculation is spread over …
16:15 Changeset [8592] by gkronber

#1902 added default ctor for HyperParameter

15:37 Changeset [8591] by sforsten

#1758: merged r8510:8590 from trunk to branch

14:45 Changeset [8590] by jkarder


  • added MultiDoubleValueCrossover
  • fixed bug in AverageDoubleValueCrossover
  • minor code improvements
14:15 Ticket #1727 (Meta-optimization does not work correctly for algorithms that do not ...) closed by jkarder
worksforme: With r8589 I changed the assigned value to zero so it does not affect …
14:13 Changeset [8589] by jkarder


  • set the number of evaluated solutions to zero if the result is missing in the run
  • improved result lookup
13:52 Ticket #1939 (Update docking library Winforms UI 2.3.1 to DockPanel Suite v2.7) created by mkommend
Winforms UI is further developed at and a …
11:47 Changeset [8588] by ascheibe

#1937 fixed more cases of file names

11:35 Changeset [8587] by ascheibe


  • fixed wrong assembly references in project files
  • fixed cases of file names
  • removed an InvokeRequired check that Mono couldn't handle
  • changed visibility of inherited setters so that the Mono compiler doesn't crash
  • specified the namespace of the Random class so that Mono doesn't confuses it with our Random class
11:03 Ticket #1646 (Implement new Crossover for GP) closed by mkommend
worksforme: Yes you are right, this is not really an issue anymore.
10:27 Ticket #1365 (Analyzer to calculate the distribution of fitness values in GP) closed by mkommend
10:22 Changeset [8586] by sforsten

#1867: renamed view DeleteWithThreshold to DeleteWithThresholdView

10:05 Ticket #1938 (Global setting for the number of displayed digits of real values) created by gkronber
09:52 Changeset [8585] by ascheibe

#1861 merged changes from trunk into branch

09:43 Ticket #1937 (Trunk integration of Mono patches) created by ascheibe
This ticket is for tracking the trunk integration of the changes that …
09:21 Ticket #1933 (Random-forest inspired variable impact view for symbolic data analysis ...) closed by gkronber
duplicate: Duplicate of #1358.
09:03 Ticket #1630 (Weighted voting and confidence measure for ensembles of discriminating ...) closed by gkronber
duplicate: Yes, this is the original feature request ticket. Since the …
08:36 Ticket #1142 (Exploration of new data-analysis features) closed by gkronber
08:26 Ticket #1936 (Kernelized kNN algorithm) created by gkronber
In #1902 a number of covariance functions has been implemented that …
08:24 Ticket #1935 (Support available covariance functions also as kernels in the SVM) created by gkronber
In ticket #1902 a number of covariance functions for Gaussian …
08:20 Ticket #1934 (Operator equalisation operator from feature branch #1142) created by gkronber
08:19 Ticket #1933 (Random-forest inspired variable impact view for symbolic data analysis ...) created by gkronber
08:16 Ticket #1932 (Pruning operator for symbolic data analysis trees from feature branch #1142) created by gkronber
08:12 Ticket #1931 (Covariant parsimony pressure operator from feature branch #1142) created by gkronber
08:04 Ticket #489 (Fix FxCop warnings in SymbolicExpressionTree encoding) closed by gkronber
obsolete: Not going to happen.
08:03 Ticket #490 (Fix FxCop warnings in PluginInfrastructure) closed by gkronber
obsolete: Not going to happen.
07:58 Changeset [8584] by gkronber

#1805: added getters for estimation limits to the ISymbolicRegressionModel interface


23:06 Changeset [8583] by gkronber

#1902 fixed build fail.

17:04 Changeset [8582] by gkronber

#1902 implemented a few covariance functions as parameterized named items. Implemented rudimentary view for Gaussian process models.

16:27 Changeset [8581] by sforsten

#1292: removed unnecessary reference

16:22 Changeset [8580] by gkronber

#1902: fixed coloring in line chart for GPR

16:11 Changeset [8579] by sforsten

#1292: deleted obsolete branch

16:10 Ticket #1930 (Classification threshold view does not work correctly when there are ...) created by abeham
If a class has only datapoints in training, but not in test …
16:07 Changeset [8578] by sforsten


  • added ProblemDataView which has a button to open the feature correlation
  • added abstract base class for feature correlations
  • added caches for the feature correlation
  • created own class for calculation of feature correlation
  • changed SelectedItemChanged to SelectionChangeCommitted events, so the correlation is only calculated if the user changes the selection
14:24 Changeset [8577] by mkommend

#1923: Changed type discovery to return only generic types with exactly the same type parameter and adapted the unit test accordingly.

12:57 Ticket #1929 (Variablecondition symbol should use relative thresholds) created by mkommend
The variable condition symbols currently uses a slope and an absolute …
11:34 Changeset [8576] by jkarder

#1853: created branch for MetaOptimization (trunk integration)

11:31 Changeset [8575] by abeham

#1890: Corrected estimation limits of simplified model

11:11 Changeset [8574] by jkarder


  • extracted experiment generation from encoding
  • added creators
  • added crossovers
  • added manipulators
  • added support for parameters of type IFixedValueParameter
  • minor code improvements
10:26 Changeset [8573] by mkommend

#1928: Corrected bug in AccuracyMaximizationThresholdCalculator regarding multi-class classification.

10:14 Ticket #1928 (The accuracy maximizing threshold calculator returns sub-optimal ...) created by mkommend
10:00 Ticket #45 (Commandline options for the HL Starter) closed by gkronber
duplicate: This issue has been picked up again by jkarder in #1926.


18:26 Changeset [8572] by spimming

#1894: FibonacciHeap implementation added

16:34 Changeset [8571] by mkommend


  • Rewrote type checks for type discovery of plugin infrastructure
  • Extracted common functionality of ApplicationManagers in another class.
  • Added unit tests for the newly implemented methods*
  • Updated test lists to include the new unit tests
16:16 Changeset [8570] by ascheibe

#1886 fixed a small bug

13:10 Changeset [8569] by ascheibe

#1886 added functionality so that calculated values can be stored in the results of the runs

11:53 Changeset [8568] by gkronber

#1927 removed plugin reference to HeuristicLab.Collections as it is only required by the compiler

11:47 Changeset [8567] by gkronber

#1927 added plugin references to HeuristicLab.Common and HeuristicLab.Collections

11:32 Changeset [8566] by gkronber

#1927 implemented check to deactivate input variables that are constant in the training partition in the CSV problem instance providers for regression, classification and clustering.

11:29 Ticket #1927 (The CSV problem instance provider should automatically disable input ...) created by gkronber
11:25 Changeset [8565] by gkronber

#1902 implemented RQard covariance function.

11:24 Changeset [8564] by gkronber


  • added an extension to calculate the range of IEnumerable<double>
  • increased the buffer size for the heuristic determination of separator characters in the table file parser (to make it work with files that have more than 1024 bytes in the second line).
10:34 Changeset [8563] by jkarder


  • created argument handling infrastructure
  • added StartArgument
10:15 Ticket #1926 (Add support for command line arguments) created by jkarder
There should be a way to pass and handle command line arguments in …
09:50 Changeset [8562] by gkronber

#1902 implemented LinearARD and MaternIso covariance functions.


16:33 Changeset [8561] by bburlacu

#1661: Fixed bug in storable constructor call in the SymbolicExpressionTreeLengthAnalyzer.

16:18 Changeset [8560] by gkronber

#1890: fixed a bug in the InstantiateAllCreatables unit test. Only a part of all assemblies has been by the unit test up to now as the assembly loading statement has been missing.

(also updated the project reference for alglib to version 3.6.0)

16:16 Changeset [8559] by gkronber

#1292: removed the default constructor for FeatureCorrelation as it simply runs into a NullReferenceException (the default ctor is not used anywhere and is senseless).

This fixes the unit test fail for the meta-optimization branch on the builder.

16:04 Changeset [8558] by ascheibe

#1886 runs can now be opened in the statistical tabular view

15:26 Changeset [8557] by bburlacu

#1772: Introduced base class and interface for tracing operators. Introduced SymbolicExpressionTreeNodeComparer interface to be implemented by node matching operators. Fixed bug in the TracingSymbolicExpressionTreeManipulator where nodes modified by the Full- and OnePoint tree shakers were not correctly detected. The SymbolicExpressionTreeNodeSimilarityComparer is now injected in the tracing genetic operators as a parameter.

15:09 Changeset [8556] by bburlacu

#1772: Modified genealogy graph chart and view to reflect changes in the class hierarchy.

14:58 Changeset [8555] by bburlacu

#1772: Introduced more specific graph class for symbolic expression problems.

13:27 Changeset [8554] by mkommend


  • Corrected class names and class values caching in ClassificationProblemData
  • Removed caching of classification penalties
  • Corrected AccuracyMaximizationThresholdCalculator (retrieving of penalties was switched)
  • Added asserts for the achieved accuracy to the classification sample unit test


22:32 Changeset [8553] by abeham

#1890: Updated best known qualities of missing QAPLIB solutions


14:15 Changeset [8552] by mkommend

#1919: Corrected event handling regarding changing of thresholds in DiscriminantClassificationSolutions.

14:02 Changeset [8551] by mkommend

#1919: Adapted forgotten evaluator to r8550.

13:52 Changeset [8550] by mkommend

#1919: Changed threshold calculation methods to instance instead of static methods.

13:47 Changeset [8549] by abeham

#1924: Divided penalty by the number of evaluated fitness cases

12:18 Ticket #1925 (IndexOutOfRangeException in SetClassDistributionCutPointThresholds) created by abeham
Probably a corner case that doesn't occur to often, but can lead to an …
12:13 Changeset [8548] by abeham

#1924: Added evaluator that calculates the penalty-weighted accuracy score

10:40 Changeset [8547] by mkommend

#1890: Added more meaningful assert message in 'InstatiateAllCreateables' unit test.

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