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21:29 Changeset [7234] by gkronber

#1685: changed simplification view for symbolic classification solutions to use the Gini index to determine the impact of a node it describes the degree of separation of the classes and we do not have to search for the optimal threshold value each time we calculate the impact of one node. Also fixed a problem with the Gini index result of classification solutions using a discriminating function as for these solutions the Gini index is calculated twice (once for the class values and once for the output values of the discriminating function.)

20:52 Changeset [7233] by gkronber


  • fixed bug in simplification view for discriminating function classification solutions (incorrect threshold calculation was used)
  • fixed bug in linear discriminant analysis algorithm (an additional constant term was added to the model incorrectly)


14:34 Features/Genetic Programming edited by gkronber
13:26 Features/Genetic Programming edited by gkronber
13:10 Features/Genetic Programming created by gkronber
Created page for GP
12:57 Documentation/FirstSteps edited by gkronber


19:17 Ticket #1721 (Persistence of random forest solutions takes a long time and creates ...) created by gkronber
19:07 Ticket #1720 (Estimated value caching for ensemble solutions) created by gkronber
See #1604. For ensemble solutions caching estimated values is even …


16:23 Changeset [7232] by epitzer

#1696: Updated build configuration and simplified thread handling and removed hard coded paths

15:59 Changeset [7231] by svonolfe

Added VRP problem analyzer (#1696)

13:05 Changeset [7230] by ascheibe

#1661 fixed compiler warnings and removed duplicated interface

11:06 Ticket #1719 (Change the ListView in the RunCollectionView to VirtualMode) created by abeham
The run collection is among those collections that can contain a very …
09:55 Changeset [7229] by abeham

#1611: fixed a backwards compatibility issue

09:13 Changeset [7228] by epitzer

#1622: Move run collection modifiers into a separate folder

00:12 Changeset [7227] by mkommend

#1661: Corrected AfterDeserialization in SymbolicExpressionTreeLengthAnalyzer.


23:26 Changeset [7226] by mkommend

#1715: Corrected display of type names in OperatorShapes.

19:03 Changeset [7225] by ascheibe


  • incremented assembly file versions
  • incremented plugin versions
  • corrected AssemblyVersion of slave projects
  • fixed assembly file versions of services projects
17:15 Changeset [7224] by ascheibe

#1611 readded code which got lost in commit r7223

17:01 Changeset [7223] by bburlacu

#1661: Fixed bug in the CalculateHistogram method inside the DataTableView, adjusted the way vertical scaling is performed in the SymbolicExpressionTreeLengthAnalyzer.

16:57 Changeset [7222] by ascheibe

#1672 don't crash if there are no child hive tasks

16:20 Changeset [7221] by ascheibe


  • switched VisualPropertiesDialog to non-resizeable
  • corrected space between textboxes and made them also anchor to the right
  • the name of the chart can now be changed
11:04 Changeset [7220] by ascheibe

#1718 deleted outdated plugins

10:46 Ticket #1718 (Delete outdated plugins) created by ascheibe
Because we don't intend to ship the outdated plugins with 3.3.6 we …
10:43 Changeset [7219] by ascheibe

#1672 renamed wrongly named folder

10:34 Changeset [7218] by ascheibe

#1672 renamed some jobs to tasks


21:28 EvoSoft/2012 edited by swagner
21:03 Changeset [7217] by ascheibe

#1672 fixed compiler warning

17:07 Changeset [7216] by abeham


  • Made display name change transparent
  • Changed ok button


  • added warning and added label to show image size
  • fixed controls resizing
13:54 Changeset [7215] by spimming


  • merged changes from trunk into branch

' removed pre-build event for multiple app.configs

12:37 Changeset [7214] by ascheibe

#1706 adapted outdated plugins to changes in IAnalyzer

12:24 Ticket #1717 (Execution times are wrong when the slave and the server are in ...) created by ascheibe
If the Hive server is in a different time zone than the slaves, the …
11:45 Changeset [7213] by gkronber

#1081 merged r7103:7209 from trunk into time series branch

11:25 Changeset [7212] by epitzer

#1696 Add RunCollectionDiscretizer for discretization of many values at the same time

11:23 Changeset [7211] by epitzer

#1696: Make ResultNamesCollector return a CheckedItemCollection instead of individual results

11:22 Changeset [7210] by epitzer

#1696: Improve usability of BoxChart creator: add automatic positioning of new chart elements

09:15 Changeset [7209] by abeham

#1541, #1579

  • fixed prepare in RTS
  • fixed prepare in NSGA-II
00:12 Ticket #1716 (Release HeuristicLab 3.3.6) created by swagner
Release steps: Trunk: 1. Update samples 1. Increment plugin …


14:31 Changeset [7208] by epitzer

#1696: Add ResultNamesCollector for easier configuration of BoxCharts

11:12 Changeset [7207] by svonolfe

Refactored solution (#1542)

11:09 Changeset [7206] by svonolfe

Refactored solution (#1542)

11:08 Changeset [7205] by svonolfe

Refactored solution (#1542)

11:01 Documentation/FirstSteps edited by ascheibe
10:48 Changeset [7204] by svonolfe

Refactored solution (#1610)

10:13 Changeset [7203] by svonolfe

Added static item image according to #1651

09:41 Changeset [7202] by epitzer

#1696: Add static item image according to #1651

03:17 Changeset [7201] by swagner

Implemented static item image properties to avoid instance creation in TypeSelector and NewItemDialog (#1651)

03:14 Ticket #1704 (Clicking the 'New' button in the optimizer takes an unusually long ...) closed by swagner
duplicate: Duplicate of #1651.


20:00 Documentation/FirstSteps edited by ascheibe
17:15 Documentation/FirstSteps edited by ascheibe
added missing algs and problems (diff)
16:57 Changeset [7200] by ascheibe

#1672 don't allow deleting jobs while they are uploading/downloading


18:25 Changeset [7199] by mkommend

#1715: Added type name to operator shapes.

17:22 Changeset [7198] by mkommend

#1713: reverted drag & drop functionality in CheckedItemCollectionView.

16:43 Ticket #1715 (Type names of operators are not shown in the OperatorGraphView) created by swagner
The type names of operators are not shown in the OperatorGraphView. …
16:32 Changeset [7197] by ascheibe

#1714 also take paused optimizers into account when an optimizer is stopped

16:07 Changeset [7196] by ascheibe

#1714 stopping an optimizer or a batch run inside an experiment now enables the prepare button in the parent if there are no other running optimizers or batch runs in the experiment

15:58 Ticket #1714 (Stopping optimizers in experiments enables the wrong buttons on the ...) created by ascheibe
15:00 Changeset [7195] by mkommend

#1713: Implemented drag & drop operations for the checked state.

14:57 Ticket #1713 (Allow dragging of the checked state in the checked item collection views) created by mkommend
Currently it is only possible to drag items of the collections from …
14:48 Changeset [7194] by gkronber

#1081 small changes in calculation of time series solution results

09:43 Changeset [7193] by bburlacu

#1682: Overhauled the crossover operators, fixed bug in the DeterministicBestCrossover.


16:39 Changeset [7192] by ascheibe

#1672 some small job manager ui fixes

16:01 Changeset [7191] by ascheibe


  • tooltip now shows the name and the id of a task
  • the date is now shown on the x-axis for runs spanning multiple days
15:58 Ticket #1712 (Implement Round Robin Scheduling for Hive) created by ascheibe
To guarantee more fairness between users a round robin scheduling …
12:37 Ticket #1711 (Show all available resources for computation in the Hive Job Manager) created by ascheibe
Use comboboxes for selecting users and resources in the Hive Job …
09:58 Ticket #1710 (Coloring of the BubbleChart should exclude filtered runs) created by mkommend
The automatic coloring of the RunCollectionBubbleChart takes …
09:48 Ticket #1709 (Improve ExecutionHistory in the Hive JobManager) created by mkommend
The following functionality would be nice to have: * Filtering …


17:17 Changeset [7190] by ascheibe


  • fixed a typo
  • increased transferring timeout
16:42 Changeset [7189] by ascheibe


  • increased timeout for slaves/tasks to 3 minutes
  • moved the cleanup functionality to an own windows service. This will hopefully increase performance because it was done within the heartbeat calls up until now.
11:04 AdditionalMaterial edited by abeham
11:02 AdditionalMaterial edited by abeham
10:38 AdditionalMaterial edited by abeham
09:36 Changeset [7188] by abeham

Added folder for additional materials for the IEEE_TII paper

01:09 Changeset [7187] by ascheibe


  • increased times between life cycles on the server
  • some smaller performance improvements on the server


17:40 Changeset [7186] by sforsten

-added first version of the RegressionSolutionResidualHistogram
the residuals are already displayed, but with absolute frequency and only for all samples (not for training and test partition)
furthermore the number of columns is fixed and the GUI has to be adjusted

17:01 Changeset [7185] by ascheibe


  • possible fix for the slave hang problem: don't host the service on the thread it was created on
  • added a trigger for deleting slavestatistics when statistics are deleted
14:01 Changeset [7184] by gkronber

#1081 removed resx files

13:53 Ticket #1708 (Implement a residuals histogram for regression solutions) created by sforsten
A new view which shows the residual frequency in a histogram for the …
13:52 Changeset [7183] by gkronber

#1081 implemented remaining metrics for time series prognosis solutions, added estimation limits fixed training and validation best solution analyzers, implemented overfitting analyzer.

13:13 Changeset [7182] by ascheibe

#1672 switched to HeuristicLab Log and LogView for the Slave UI

10:44 Changeset [7181] by epitzer

#1696 Remove readonly restriction from storable fields to allow sandboxed operation


23:05 Changeset [7180] by gkronber

#1604 removed caching code for SVM models as caching of estimated values is done in the solutions now.

22:03 Changeset [7179] by gkronber

#1635: fixed the problems highlighted by the review of mkommend.

  • cleaned up code
  • added a check if there is a mix of normal and CV runs
  • added a check if all runs contain a variable impact result
  • added a check if all runs contain variable impacts for the same input variables
  • added code to hide and show the folds combobox and its label
  • changed the column names to show the same names when all folds are selected and when only specific folds are selected.
19:19 Changeset [7178] by ascheibe

#1672 disabled checking if there are parent tasks which should to be calculated because this case doesn't exist at the moment

16:25 Changeset [7177] by ascheibe

#1672 fixed setting of priorities in the Job Manager

15:02 AddonsDailyBuilds edited by epitzer
add description of FLA plug-ins (diff)
12:54 AddonsDailyBuilds edited by gkronber
added link to artifact for daily build of fitness analysis plugins (diff)
12:48 Changeset [7176] by gkronber

#1696 adapted analyzers to compile with changes of r7172 (#1584)

12:38 Changeset [7175] by svonolfe

Adapted VRP analyzers to the new IAnalyzer interface (#1584)

10:02 Changeset [7174] by mkommend

#1584: Adapted SchedulingAnalyzer to new IAnalyzer interface.

09:31 Changeset [7173] by ascheibe

#1215 enabled analyzers for MetaOpt per default

03:39 Changeset [7172] by swagner

Disabled run-time intensive analyzers by default (#1584)


16:37 Changeset [7171] by ascheibe

#1672 communication with ui should be more stable now

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.