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HeuristicLab supports tree-based (Koza-style) genetic programming. This classical form of genetic programming uses a tree-based representation of solution candidates. The data types and operators to work with tree-bsaed solution candidates are implemented in the plugin HeuristicLab.Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTree.

Supported operators (in 3.3.6):

  • Full tree creator
  • Grow tree creator
  • Ramped-half-half tree creator
  • Probabilistic tree creator (PTC)
  • Subtree crossover
  • Change node type manipulator (single point mutation, symbols)
  • Replace branch manipulator (removes a branch and replaces it with a randomly initialized branch)
  • One-point shaker (single point mutation, only parameters)
  • Full-tree shaker (uniform mutation, only parameters)

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