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18:51 AdditionalMaterial edited by mkommend
Added GPEM results (diff)
18:50 Changeset [16541] by mkommend

Removed whitespaces in folder for GPEM results.

18:47 Changeset [16540] by mkommend

Added results for GPEM publication.


18:52 Changeset [16539] by gkronber

#2520: use nuget package System.Drawing.Common to allow cross-platform persistence for types from System.Drawing.

14:39 Changeset [16538] by bwerth

#2847 renamed branch to include ticket number; merged current trunk version into branch; updated Build.cmd and Build.ps1

13:41 Changeset [16537] by jkarder

#2745: updated build script


14:36 Changeset [16536] by chaider

#2971 merged DataAnalysis.Views from trunk to branch

13:57 Changeset [16535] by chaider

#2971 Added Problems.DataAnalysis.Views

13:38 Changeset [16534] by chaider

#2971 Changed structure for NamedIntervals


14:55 Ticket #2985 (TreeSimplifier simplifies non-constant subtrees to constant) created by lkammere
In the tree below, the exponentiation factor becomes very large (about …
09:37 Ticket #2984 (Exception in StringValueMatrix when trying to mark all columns in a ...) created by gkronber
Reproduce: 1. Open estimated values view for a regression solution 1. …
08:49 Changeset [16533] by hmaislin

#2929: Added Powershell testscript to compare results


22:47 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by swagner
22:47 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by swagner
22:33 Changeset [16532] by abeham

#2521: reverted r14429

16:41 Changeset [16531] by msemenki

#2866: Add support of new symbol to the BatchedInterpreter and TreeToAutoDiffTermConverter.

11:51 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by gkronber
09:01 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by jkarder
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22:02 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by abeham
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23:18 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by swagner
23:06 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by swagner
01:01 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks created by swagner


15:45 Changeset [16530] by gkronber

#2520: made the necessary changes for the new Persistence for types which have been added in the trunk

15:40 Changeset [16529] by gkronber

#2520: merged r16491:16528 from trunk to persistence branch

15:32 Ticket #2983 (Rational Polynomial Regression) created by gkronber
With rational polynomials we have some control over the extrapolation …
14:16 Changeset [16528] by jkarder

#2967: fixed ctrl+z removing all code and improved code handling in programmable operators

13:29 Changeset [16527] by pfleck

#2947 merged branch to trunk

11:59 Changeset [16526] by jkarder

#2982: registered and deregistered item_ToStringChanged accordingly

11:56 Ticket #2982 (VariableStoreView does not update variable values correctly) created by jkarder
When e.g. deserializing a script, the required event handler is not …
11:53 Changeset [16525] by bburlacu

#2974: Add benchmarks solution for testing constant optimization performance.

10:16 Ticket #2957 (Implement symbolic regression problem instances from "A multilevel ...) closed by gkronber
10:15 Ticket #2964 ('Mathematical representation' does not work) closed by gkronber


12:47 Changeset [16524] by pfleck


  • Added backwards compatibility for IndexedDataTable.VisualProperties.Title
  • Removed syncing of ItemName and VisualProperties.Title when (Indexed)DataTable is active.
11:01 Changeset [16523] by ddorfmei

#2981: created plugin


17:54 Changeset [16522] by mkommend

#2974: Fixed bug in constants extraction when adding linear scaling coefficients.

15:59 Changeset [16521] by ddorfmei

#2981: created branch

15:47 Ticket #2981 (Implement Multi-mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem ...) created by ddorfmei
Implement MRCPSP, scatter search as shown by …
15:39 Changeset [16520] by pfleck

#2947 merged trunk into branch

15:29 Changeset [16519] by pfleck

#2972 merged to trunk

14:59 Changeset [16518] by pfleck

#2972 merged trunk into branch

14:40 Changeset [16517] by pfleck

#2972 Improved initialization and added a tooltip.

14:13 Ticket #2980 (Controls in the right panel of a SplitControl are excessively ...) created by gkronber
Reproduce: 1. Create an ItemCollection<IItem> and add an …
14:11 Ticket #2979 (Controls beneath a TabPage are excessively repainted when the ...) created by gkronber
Reproduce: 1. Open HL in non-maximized window 1. Open GA - TSP sample …
12:06 Changeset [16516] by pfleck

#2972 Updated UI for PDP variable values selection.

12:04 Changeset [16515] by gkronber

#2929 changed code to update best solutions to work with empty results.


18:16 Changeset [16514] by mkommend

#2974: Updated CoOp to handle negative R² values approprietly.

18:14 Changeset [16513] by jkarder

#2839: worked on hive project management

  • fixed ArgumentNullException
14:55 Changeset [16512] by pfleck


  • Re-enabled null-check and added exception when showing Progress on control with no parent (Forms and Dialogs).
  • Adapted Progress in HiveResourceSelectorDialog to show the dialog on the selector-View and not on the dialog itself.
13:21 Changeset [16511] by pfleck

#2845 Temporarily removed null check to avoid the permanently disabled project selector in Hive.

06:59 Changeset [16510] by hmaislin

#2929: Updated DLL, result error seems to be fixed, more testing is necessary


23:34 Changeset [16509] by mkommend

#2974: Added new evaluator with constants optimization.

18:03 Changeset [16508] by mkommend

#2974: Reverted changes in TreeToAutoDiffTermConverter.

18:03 Changeset [16507] by mkommend

#2974: First stable version of new CoOp.

16:50 Changeset [16506] by gkronber

#2978: set BackColor of almost all TabPages in HL

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