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HEAL Infrastructure Development Tasks

This page contains a list of several tasks which aim at improving HEAL's software and hardware infrastructure. Especially those tasks are managed in this list, which can hardly be done within the scope of regular research projects.

Every HEAL member is invited to add additional tasks under "New" and to contribute to these tasks.

Currently in Progress

Task Team Description Started Progress
New Persistence gkronber, jkarder Implement a new persistence layer based on Google ProtoBuf. #2520 2017 90%
Hive Project Management jzenisek, jkarder Hive jobs should be assigned to projects. #2839 2017 90%
oVirt Migration swagner, jkarder Change virtualization layer on HPC hosts to oVirt. 2018 80%


Task Reporter Priority Description


Task Reporter Priority Description
.NET Standard Migration swagner ? If possible, migrate HL plugins to .NET Standard.
HL & Chocolatey swagner ? Provide Chocolatey packages for HL and HiveDrone.
Explore GUI Alternatives swagner ? Explore alternatives for platform-independent GUIs.
Hive Budgets swagner ? ?
Deploy HiveDrones with Terraform swagner ? ?
Hive & Docker swagner ? ?
Source Code Migration to Git swagner ? ?
Update builder swagner ? ?
Restructure Plugins swagner ? ?
New Algorithm Model swagner ? ?
GUI Updates pull instead of push swagner ? ?


Task Team Description Finished