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14:55 Ticket #2985 (TreeSimplifier simplifies non-constant subtrees to constant) created by lkammere
In the tree below, the exponentiation factor becomes very large (about …
09:37 Ticket #2984 (Exception in StringValueMatrix when trying to mark all columns in a ...) created by gkronber
Reproduce: 1. Open estimated values view for a regression solution 1. …
08:49 Changeset [16533] by hmaislin

#2929: Added Powershell testscript to compare results


22:47 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by swagner
22:47 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by swagner
22:33 Changeset [16532] by abeham

#2521: reverted r14429

16:41 Changeset [16531] by msemenki

#2866: Add support of new symbol to the BatchedInterpreter and TreeToAutoDiffTermConverter.

11:51 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by gkronber
09:01 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by jkarder
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22:02 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by abeham
20:59 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by abeham
20:57 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by abeham
20:04 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by abeham


23:18 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by swagner
23:06 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks edited by swagner
01:01 HEALInfrastructureDevelopmentTasks created by swagner


15:45 Changeset [16530] by gkronber

#2520: made the necessary changes for the new Persistence for types which have been added in the trunk

15:40 Changeset [16529] by gkronber

#2520: merged r16491:16528 from trunk to persistence branch

15:32 Ticket #2983 (Rational Polynomial Regression) created by gkronber
With rational polynomials we have some control over the extrapolation …
14:16 Changeset [16528] by jkarder

#2967: fixed ctrl+z removing all code and improved code handling in programmable operators

13:29 Changeset [16527] by pfleck

#2947 merged branch to trunk

11:59 Changeset [16526] by jkarder

#2982: registered and deregistered item_ToStringChanged accordingly

11:56 Ticket #2982 (VariableStoreView does not update variable values correctly) created by jkarder
When e.g. deserializing a script, the required event handler is not …
11:53 Changeset [16525] by bburlacu

#2974: Add benchmarks solution for testing constant optimization performance.

10:16 Ticket #2957 (Implement symbolic regression problem instances from "A multilevel ...) closed by gkronber
10:15 Ticket #2964 ('Mathematical representation' does not work) closed by gkronber


12:47 Changeset [16524] by pfleck


  • Added backwards compatibility for IndexedDataTable.VisualProperties.Title
  • Removed syncing of ItemName and VisualProperties.Title when (Indexed)DataTable is active.
11:01 Changeset [16523] by ddorfmei

#2981: created plugin


17:54 Changeset [16522] by mkommend

#2974: Fixed bug in constants extraction when adding linear scaling coefficients.

15:59 Changeset [16521] by ddorfmei

#2981: created branch

15:47 Ticket #2981 (Implement Multi-mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem ...) created by ddorfmei
Implement MRCPSP, scatter search as shown by …
15:39 Changeset [16520] by pfleck

#2947 merged trunk into branch

15:29 Changeset [16519] by pfleck

#2972 merged to trunk

14:59 Changeset [16518] by pfleck

#2972 merged trunk into branch

14:40 Changeset [16517] by pfleck

#2972 Improved initialization and added a tooltip.

14:13 Ticket #2980 (Controls in the right panel of a SplitControl are excessively ...) created by gkronber
Reproduce: 1. Create an ItemCollection<IItem> and add an …
14:11 Ticket #2979 (Controls beneath a TabPage are excessively repainted when the ...) created by gkronber
Reproduce: 1. Open HL in non-maximized window 1. Open GA - TSP sample …
12:06 Changeset [16516] by pfleck

#2972 Updated UI for PDP variable values selection.

12:04 Changeset [16515] by gkronber

#2929 changed code to update best solutions to work with empty results.


18:16 Changeset [16514] by mkommend

#2974: Updated CoOp to handle negative R² values approprietly.

18:14 Changeset [16513] by jkarder

#2839: worked on hive project management

  • fixed ArgumentNullException
14:55 Changeset [16512] by pfleck


  • Re-enabled null-check and added exception when showing Progress on control with no parent (Forms and Dialogs).
  • Adapted Progress in HiveResourceSelectorDialog to show the dialog on the selector-View and not on the dialog itself.
13:21 Changeset [16511] by pfleck

#2845 Temporarily removed null check to avoid the permanently disabled project selector in Hive.

06:59 Changeset [16510] by hmaislin

#2929: Updated DLL, result error seems to be fixed, more testing is necessary


23:34 Changeset [16509] by mkommend

#2974: Added new evaluator with constants optimization.

18:03 Changeset [16508] by mkommend

#2974: Reverted changes in TreeToAutoDiffTermConverter.

18:03 Changeset [16507] by mkommend

#2974: First stable version of new CoOp.

16:50 Changeset [16506] by gkronber

#2978: set BackColor of almost all TabPages in HL


16:28 Changeset [16505] by gkronber

#2978 set background color of tabPages to reduce excessive redraws for AlgorithmOperatorView and EngineAlgorithmView (missed operatorGraphTabPage)

16:12 Changeset [16504] by gkronber

#2978 set background color of tabPages to reduce excessive redraws for RunCollectionView, SingleObjectiveTestFunctionSolutionView, PathTSPTourView and TravelingSalesmanProblemView

14:48 Changeset [16503] by gkronber

#2978: removed embedded resource references from project (introduced in r16502)

14:42 Changeset [16502] by gkronber

#2978: prevent excessive OnPaint calls by setting the BackColor in AlgorithmView tabPages.

10:07 Changeset [16501] by gkronber

#2978: added SuspendRepaint and ResumeRepaint calls in ProgressView before and after Control.Enabled = ...
and removed unused code.


20:23 Ticket #2978 (Enabling & disabling of controls in HL is slow) created by gkronber
There is a noticeable delay when controls in HL are enabled / disabled …
17:37 Changeset [16500] by mkommend

#2974: Added intermediate version of new constants optimization for profiling.

15:04 Changeset [16499] by bburlacu

#2977: Implement Pearson R2 & Tree Similarity Evaluator.

14:49 Ticket #2977 (Pearson R2 & Tree Similarity Multiobjective Evaluator) created by bburlacu
The idea behind this multi-objective evaluator is to try to maintain …
13:03 Changeset [16498] by jzenisek

#2288: adapted online calculation of variable impacts within VIN-view according to new interface of RegressionSolutionVariableImpactsCalculator.CalculateImpacts(..)

12:43 Changeset [16497] by jzenisek


  • added possibility to create simple networks (only one input var set per target var, i.e. without junction nodes)
  • fixed minor enumeration bug
  • enabled network view updates
11:41 Changeset [16496] by bburlacu

#2976: Add null check to avoid NullReferenceException.

11:31 Ticket #2976 (SampleProportionalWithoutRepetition with Windowing may cause a ...) created by bburlacu
In some cases trying to sample proportionally from a sequence with …


19:05 Changeset [16495] by gkronber

#2957: merged r16264, r16394, r16431 from trunk to stable

18:53 Changeset [16494] by gkronber

#2948: added a unit test to show that the partial derivative of a function over a parameter which is not used is zero

18:20 Changeset [16493] by gkronber

#2942: deleted branch after changes have been merged to trunk

18:16 Changeset [16492] by gkronber

#2964: merged r16309, r16341, r16342, r16343 from trunk to stable

18:11 Changeset [16491] by gkronber

#2942: merged changes from r16408, r16488, r16490 from branch to trunk (manually)

18:00 Changeset [16490] by gkronber

#2942: added a comment on the handling of weights in the self-matching case

15:06 Changeset [16489] by gkronber

#2942: merged changes from trunk to support testing with trunk

15:03 Changeset [16488] by gkronber

#2942: added SelfMatch parameters in the AfterDeserialization hook (for loading files stored with the old version)

12:17 Changeset [16487] by gkronber

#2520 merged r16478 (HEAD) from trunk to branch

12:00 Changeset [16486] by gkronber

#2520: added license headers

11:59 Changeset [16485] by gkronber

#2520 replaced static type registration in HL.Persistence plugin with the KnownStorableTypesMap which is discovered and used by HEAL.Fossil.
As a consequence we do not need to explicitly call type registration for unit tests.
This change has been necessary because on the first access of StaticCache all StoraleTypes are registered. However, when the HL.Persistence plugin is loaded we have not yet loaded all plugins and as a consequence we would miss StorableTypes.


20:19 Changeset [16484] by gkronber

#2520: minor cleanup in PersistenceContentManager

20:18 Changeset [16483] by gkronber

#2520: added unit test for IndexedDataTable and Point2D and made necessary fixes

20:17 Changeset [16482] by gkronber

#2520: added two custom transformers (for Fonts and Bitmaps) and registered types that are available in .NET Framework but not in .NET Standard 2.0 and added.

19:38 Changeset [16481] by gkronber

#2520: fixed StorableSerializer of old persistence to make the old persistence unit test succeed

16:07 Changeset [16480] by gkronber

#2520: use new persistence in ContentManager (with fallback), ClipBoard (with fallback), as well as for deep-cloning in Scripting and for Hive Persistence (without fallback & incomplete)

15:03 Changeset [16479] by gkronber

#2520: checked and added StorableType attribute projects included in HeuristicLab 3.3.sln

14:09 Changeset [16478] by bburlacu

#2950: Reorganize code in SymbolicExpressionTreeHash.cs`.

10:02 Changeset [16477] by gkronber

#2520: checked and added StorableType attribute in projects up to HeuristicLab.Problems.VRP.Views

09:22 Changeset [16476] by gkronber

#2520: checked and added StorableType attribute in projects up to HeuristicLab.Problems.GraphColoring

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