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22:04 Changeset [15190] by abeham

#2258: fixed starting of cloned algs

21:36 Changeset [15189] by pkimmesw

#2665 Fixed small issues, testet benchmark suite, added INX Expressions

19:19 Changeset [15188] by gkronber

#2782: merged r14899,r14918,r15160,r15163,r15165,r15187 from trunk to stable

19:16 Changeset [15187] by gkronber

#2782: renamed remaining fields and properties referring to 'PredictiveProbability'

19:04 Changeset [15186] by gkronber

#2688: merged r14343 from trunk to stable

19:02 Ticket #2661 (Remove bugs in TableFileParser) closed by gkronber
19:02 Ticket #2723 (Providing variable values as double[] to Dataset fails at runtime) closed by gkronber
18:59 Changeset [15185] by gkronber

#2801: renamed classes for import dialogs

18:54 Changeset [15184] by gkronber

#2801: fixed two typos in the DataAnalysisImportDialog

18:53 Ticket #2801 (Typos in csv importer dialog) created by gkronber
18:01 Changeset [15183] by abeham


  • Changed ItemName of ExtremePointAlgorithm
  • Added project references
17:41 Changeset [15182] by abeham

#2762: Merged trunk into branch

17:26 Changeset [15181] by abeham


  • Added IStochasticOperator interface to MultiPSOTopologyUpdater
  • Changed parameter defaults to those described in the paper
  • Added analyzer placeholder for the last iteration (has not been previously analyzed)
  • Changed random topology initializer to include itself (to be able to use it with SPSOSwarmUpdater -> this should not change the old RealVectorSwarmUpdater)
  • Changed ring topology initializer to include itself (same as above)
  • Changed von neumann topology initializer to include itself (same as above)
  • Added SPSO compatible random topology initializer (as described in the paper by Clerc)
  • Changed sampling of the random directional vector to be uniformly random on the surface of a hypersphere to avoid a slight bias in diagonal direction
  • Updating SwarmBestQuality and BestRealVector parameters in SPSOSwarmUpdater (an oversight)
  • Added a faster method to create a copy of a RealVector (based on Array.Copy)
  • Updated the sample
  • Updated the sample's test results (due to changed sampling in SPSO2011ParticleUpdater)
17:05 Changeset [15180] by pfleck

#2592: Added another missing reference.

16:42 Changeset [15179] by pfleck

#2592: Added missing reference

16:25 Changeset [15178] by pfleck

#2592: Merged from branch to trunk

15:39 Changeset [15177] by bwerth

#2592 removed GUID from MOCMAEvolutionStrategy

15:31 Changeset [15176] by bwerth

#2592 formatting & removed unreferenced enum

14:32 Changeset [15175] by bwerth

#2592 fixed .csproj and typo in IIndicator

13:59 Changeset [15174] by abeham


  • Added ExtremePointAlgorithm in form of a BasicAlgorithm
  • Removed implementation in view and put sorting/fit into the algorithm
12:35 Changeset [15173] by jkarder

Looks good, thanks!

#2736: minor formatting


13:59 Changeset [15172] by abeham


  • Implemented review comments
  • I had to restructure the parser to a greater extent because I found out that some instances defined nodes without edges (which I decided to filter)
  • I added a unit test that loads all instances
  • I also added export of instances


12:31 Changeset [15171] by jkarder

#1853: worked on ParameterConfigurationEncoding

  • updated to .NET 4.5
  • replaced CreateExperimentDialogV2 with CreateExperimentView
  • improved experiment generation
  • fixed plugin dependencies and cleaned project references


17:48 Ticket #2716 (Exception in RemoveOperationProgressFromContent) closed by gkronber
worksforme: No.
16:44 Changeset [15170] by gkronber

#2661: merged r14284:14286,r14288,r14296,r14298,r14408 from trunk to stable

14:12 Changeset [15169] by bwerth

#2699 made KernelParameter a ConstrainedValueParameter; added some description to BetaParameter

12:51 Changeset [15168] by abeham


  • Added additional event handlers to detect change of problem instance data
  • Cleared best known solution if it cannot be evaluated anymore due to an exception, e.g. structural change
  • Cleared distance matrix in case coordinates change
10:07 Changeset [15167] by jkarder

#2739: improved 3d visualization

  • in UpdateVisualization, no materials are available after Clear, therefore TryGetValue is unnecessary
  • removed unnecessary ctrlDown field and OnKeyDown event handler
09:50 Changeset [15166] by jkarder

#2706: QAPSimilarityCalculator now throws an exception if both permutations are of length 0

09:42 Ticket #2650 (Support for categorical variables (R factors) for symbolic regression ...) closed by gkronber
09:41 Ticket #2779 (For model validation and inspection an analysis of residuals over ...) closed by gkronber
09:40 Ticket #2670 (Target Response Gradient charts should be renamed) closed by gkronber
09:40 Ticket #2686 (Support for time lags in constant optimizer) closed by gkronber
09:39 Ticket #2697 (Refactor certain parts for data-based modeling) closed by gkronber
09:39 Ticket #2690 (Implement views for decision tree models (random forest and gradient ...) closed by gkronber
09:39 Ticket #2760 (Shuffle samples in the cross-validation wrapper for data analysis ...) closed by gkronber
09:38 Ticket #2756 (GBT with logistic regression loss function cannot be used in ...) closed by gkronber


17:58 Changeset [15165] by gkronber

#2782: fixed calculation of log pseudo-likelihood by adding the noise term to the covariance function

15:56 Changeset [15164] by bwerth

#2699 KRRModel: made helper functions static; made contets of "allowedInputVariables" immutable; made constructor private and added public "Create"-method that does most of the learning now;

Kernels: fixed inconsitency in error messages

15:03 Changeset [15163] by gkronber

#2782: changed calculation of LOO log pseudo likelihood (evaluation order)

14:42 Changeset [15162] by jkarder

#2730: improved equality comparers

  • got rid of one extra comparison
  • fixed RealVectorEqualityComparer
14:31 Changeset [15161] by gkronber

#2779: merged r14889,r14890,r14943,r15024,r15088,r15094 from trunk to stable

14:07 Changeset [15160] by gkronber

#2782 renamed LOO log predictive probability to LooCvNegativeLogPseudoLikelihood

13:56 Changeset [15159] by gkronber

#2723: merged r15013 and r15015 from trunk to stable

13:35 Changeset [15158] by bwerth

#2699 added checks for Beta == null and according exceptions

13:21 Changeset [15157] by gkronber

#2699: added events for BetaChanged and DistanceChanged

13:07 Changeset [15156] by gkronber

#2699: removed superfluous region names and empty AfterDeserialization hooks

12:57 Changeset [15155] by gkronber

#2699: deleted branch

12:55 Ticket #2800 (Hiding lots of runs in the BubbleChart should be faster) closed by gkronber
12:55 Changeset [15154] by gkronber

#2800: merged r15122 from trunk to stable

12:02 Changeset [15153] by gkronber

#745: temporarily removed glmnet project because of compilation fail of stable branch (#2634 needs to be merged to stable, then the glmnet project can be included again)

11:57 Changeset [15152] by gkronber

#2723: merged r14857 from trunk to stable

11:48 Changeset [15151] by gkronber

#745: merged r15139 from trunk to stable

11:39 Changeset [15150] by gkronber

#2760: merged r14864, r14865, r14904, r15002, r15026, r15077, r15111 from trunk to stable

11:37 Changeset [15149] by gkronber

#2756: merged r14781 from trunk to stable

11:31 Changeset [15148] by gkronber

#2650: merged r15053,r15054 from trunk to stable

11:26 Changeset [15147] by gkronber

#745: merged r15023,r15046 from trunk to stable

11:25 Changeset [15146] by gkronber

#745: merged r14846,14847,r14871 from trunk to stable

11:19 Changeset [15145] by gkronber

#2697: merged r14938,r14949,r14950 from trunk to stable

11:16 Changeset [15144] by gkronber

#2697: merged r14944, r14945, r14948

11:13 Changeset [15143] by gkronber

#2697: merged r14845, r14851, r14854

11:12 Changeset [15142] by gkronber

#2697: merged r14843 (resolving conflicts in csproj file for HL.Algorithms.DataAnalysis because MCTS has been removed)

11:08 Changeset [15141] by gkronber

#2697: merged r14840 from trunk to stable

11:06 Changeset [15140] by gkronber

#2697: merged r14507 from trunk to stable

11:01 Changeset [15139] by gkronber

#745 renamed project file for glmnet

10:51 Changeset [15138] by gkronber

#745 deleted branch

10:49 Changeset [15137] by gkronber

#2670: merged r14852 from trunk to stable

10:47 Changeset [15136] by gkronber

#2686: merged r14946 and r14951 from trunk to stable

10:44 Ticket #2581 (Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) for symbolic regression models) closed by gkronber
10:43 Changeset [15135] by jkarder

#2664: excluded HeuristicLab.Problems.BinPacking.Views-3.3 from mono builds

10:31 Changeset [15134] by gkronber

#2690: merged r14839,r15103:15106,r15123,r15124 from trunk to stable

10:26 Changeset [15133] by gkronber

#2651: merged r15085,r15112,r15113,r15129 from trunk to stable

10:22 Changeset [15132] by gkronber

#2650: merged r14827, r14829:14832 from trunk to stable

10:19 Changeset [15131] by gkronber

#2650: merged r14826 from trunk to stable. The only remaining conflict is DataTableControl and ScatterPlotControl which have been renamed within r14982 (-> tree conflict).

10:09 Changeset [15130] by gkronber

#2651: merged r14234,r14244:14247,r14250,r14256,r14257,r14272 from trunk to stable

10:07 Changeset [15129] by gkronber

#2651: renamed version file for igraph, copy version file to HeuristicLab application folder, include version file in plugin

09:51 Ticket #2787 (Opening a C# script on Windows10 causes a change of DPI settings ...) closed by gkronber
09:51 Changeset [15128] by gkronber

#2787: merged r15052 from trunk to stable

09:22 Changeset [15127] by gkronber

#2690: merged r14345, r14346, r14368 from trunk to stable

01:37 Changeset [15126] by abeham

#2634: fixed build

01:30 Changeset [15125] by abeham


  • Improved performance slightly by using binary instead of linear search
  • Fixed target value ECDFs by removing aggregate option (only drawn for each budget separately)
  • Added utility class for calculating ECDFs in HeuristicLab.Common
  • Added option to hide labels
  • Improved add result methods


19:31 Changeset [15124] by gkronber

#2690: removed solution views for RFRegression and RFClassification. Added model view for IRandomForestModels

19:16 Changeset [15123] by gkronber

#2690 renamed RandomForestModelView -> RandomForestModelEvaluationView

16:27 Changeset [15122] by mkommend

#2800: Used updateOfRunsInProgress to speed up hiding of runs from the bubble chart.

16:26 Ticket #2800 (Hiding lots of runs in the BubbleChart should be faster) created by mkommend
14:41 DataPreprocessingIdeas edited by pfleck
14:03 Changeset [15121] by jkarder

#2784: fixed pausing of waiting hive tasks


11:37 Ticket #2765 (ScatterPlot should support tag objects) closed by pfleck
11:37 Ticket #2715 (Multiple Histogram DataRows in DataTableView) closed by pfleck
11:37 Ticket #2713 (Configuration Context Menu for DataTableView and ScatterPlotView) closed by pfleck
09:48 Changeset [15120] by jkarder

#2553: added properties to access compiled instances of scripts

09:46 Changeset [15119] by pfleck


  • fixed combobox behavior in single scatterplot view
  • made PreprocessingCheckedVariablesView abstract to fix unit test


23:06 Ticket #2794 (Pad and center tree chart & layout) closed by mkommend
done: r15118: Merged r15029, r15040, r15044 into stable.
23:06 Changeset [15118] by mkommend

#2794: Merged r15029, r15040, r15044 into stable.

23:04 Ticket #2724 (EnumValueView should consider the FlagsAttribute) closed by mkommend
done: r15117: Merged r14597, r15009, r15010 into stable.
23:04 Changeset [15117] by mkommend

#2724: Merged r14597, r15009, r15010 into stable.

23:00 Ticket #2774 (Individuals should be able to store additional data) closed by mkommend
done: r15116: Merged r14877 into stable.
22:59 Changeset [15116] by mkommend

#2774: Merged r14877 into stable.

22:56 Ticket #2758 (RunCollectionView is too slow) closed by mkommend
done: r15115: Merged r14793 into stable.
22:55 Changeset [15115] by mkommend

#2758: Merged r14793 into stable.

16:34 Ticket #2751 (Upgrade build process for HL) closed by gkronber
15:54 Changeset [15114] by abeham


  • Removed Add and Subtract methods from RealVector... our persistence thinks it can use "Add" to add elements to the vector
15:16 Changeset [15113] by abeham

#2651: Added version.txt file and removed useless method from Graph wrapper

14:24 Changeset [15112] by mkommend

#2651: Updated license file of igraph.

13:30 Changeset [15111] by bburlacu

#2760: Set check state of the shuffle samples checkbox inside the OnContentChanged method. Enable shuffle samples only when the CrossValidation is prepared.

10:57 Changeset [15110] by pfleck

#2709: merged branch to trunk

09:40 Ticket #2783 (Provide useful helper methods in BasicProblem) closed by abeham
done: r15109: merged r15051,r15080,r15086,r15087 to stable
09:40 Changeset [15109] by abeham

#2783: merged r15051,r15080,r15086,r15087 to stable

09:36 Ticket #2775 (MultiRealVectorCrossover throws exception when applied during ...) closed by abeham
done: r15108: merged r15084 to stable
09:35 Changeset [15108] by abeham

#2775: merged 15084 to stable


22:36 Changeset [15107] by abeham

#2792: also adapted NSGA-II

11:19 Changeset [15106] by gkronber

#2690 added missing files (related to r15105)

10:41 Changeset [15105] by gkronber

#2690 added a model view for GBT models and renamed the existing evaluation view accordingly. Deleted GBT solution view because it is not necessary anymore.

08:48 Changeset [15104] by gkronber

#2690 changed Excel-formatter for VariableCondition symbols to produce a correct output also for GBT and RF models

08:23 Changeset [15103] by gkronber

#2690 added event-handler for double click events to open the clicked model in a new view


22:01 Ticket #2748 (PSO doesn't update the PersonalBest) closed by abeham
obsolete: The change (and many more) are covered in #2797 in a manner that …
21:57 Changeset [15102] by abeham


  • Recreated backwards compatibility by readding old operators and renaming new operators to SPSO*
    • If a previously configured algorithm is run again, the same results should be obtained
  • Set all old operators to internal, NonDiscoverableType, and Obsolete (they are also not fixed, e.g. PersonalBest update remains flawed)
  • Added SPSO 2007 velocity initializer and let users choose in SPSOParticleCreator
  • Changed description of PSO
  • Updated sample
17:26 Changeset [15101] by pfleck

#2709 Merged recent trunk changes

17:02 Changeset [15100] by pfleck

#1696 adapted to changes of #2715

16:51 Changeset [15099] by pfleck

#2799: Added missing base-calls for DataTableView.

16:46 Changeset [15098] by pfleck

#2799: Added missing base-calls.

16:43 Ticket #2799 (DataTable and ScatterPlotView (De)RegisterEvents base-calls missing) created by pfleck
DataTable/ScatterPlotView does not react to name and description …
16:41 Changeset [15097] by pfleck

#2713 #2715 #2765
Merged to stable

  • 14435-14439,14493,14516,14519,14982,14987,14992,15042 (from #2713)
  • 14457-14458,14508,14582,14740,14984,15068,15095 (from #2715)
  • 14860-14861 (from #2765)
01:00 EvoSoft edited by swagner


23:04 Changeset [15096] by abeham


  • Added SPSO 2007 and SPSO 2011 particle updaters
  • Unhide particle updater parameter
  • Changed default parameters of sample
  • Changed max velocity to very high value by default (no speed limit)
  • Adapted unit test
16:23 Changeset [15095] by pfleck

#2715 fixed the overlapping issue

16:07 Changeset [15094] by mkommend

#2779: Implemented necessary methods in the Dataset and ResidualAnalysisView to handle dates correctly.

15:44 Changeset [15093] by abeham

#2797: updated sample

15:39 Changeset [15092] by abeham

#2797: fixed unit test

15:26 Changeset [15091] by abeham


  • Updated PSO to make it more compatible with SPSO 2011
  • Removed truncation of velocity vector and instead rescaled it given the maximum velocity
  • Added non-zero initial velocity according to SPSO 2011
  • Removed complicated bouncing code due to box constraints and instead implemented as described in SPSO 2011
  • Calculating neighbor best has been changed to use personal best
  • Avoiding local and global particle update and instead relying on neighborbest
  • More randomization during velocity update by using a separate random numbers per dimension
  • Reusing problem specific solution creator in RealVectorParticleCreator instead of always using UniformRandomRealVectorCreator
15:18 Changeset [15090] by pfleck

#2709 Adapted to recent trunk changes (r15068)

15:18 DataPreprocessingIdeas edited by mkommend
Added new idea (diff)
14:53 Blog: External Evaluation with Programmable Problems created by abeham
14:11 Changeset [15089] by bwerth

#2592 removed effectively unused field "rank" from Individual, removed non-dominated sorting

14:02 Ticket #2798 (Unify Important Multi-objective Calculations) created by bwerth
Important concepts in multiobjective optimization: Non-dominated …
14:00 Changeset [15088] by mkommend

#2779: Added target as calculated feature to ResidualAnalysisView.

11:47 Changeset [15087] by mkommend

#2783: Reverse merge of unrelated changes r15086 in CheckedItemListView.

11:39 Changeset [15086] by mkommend

#2783: Renamed individuals to solutions in DominationCalculator to be consistent with other methods.

10:46 Ticket #2560 (Enable uploading and downloading of characteristic values in okb) closed by gkronber
10:46 Ticket #2588 (Enable uploading and downloading of solutions in okb) closed by gkronber
09:20 Changeset [15085] by abeham

#2651: readded igraph tests


22:55 Changeset [15084] by abeham


  • All single-objective operators inside IMultiOperators are now removed by the multi-objective problem
  • All multi-objective operators inside IMultiOperators are now removed by the single-objective problem
22:22 Changeset [15083] by abeham


  • Fixed small bug in JSSP where solution creator changed was not fired
  • Added IStochasticOperator to SchedulingEvaluator and added backwards compatibility code
22:14 Changeset [15082] by gkronber

#2588 merged r13682, r13683, r13684, r13690:13693, r13709, r13746 from trunk to stable

22:10 Changeset [15081] by gkronber

#2560 merged r13501, r13503, r13511, r13513, r13534, r13535, r13540, r13550, r13552, r13593, r13666 from trunk to stable

22:05 Changeset [15080] by abeham

#2783: Moved pareto front calculation from MultiObjectiveBasicProblem to a new class DominationCalculator<T>. Changed FastNonDominatedSort to use the new class.

16:49 Changeset [15079] by abeham

#2666: Added move generators for extract, merge, shift, and split moves and renamed those to EMSS moves, some code cleanup

16:13 Ticket #2761 (DataPreprocessing should show the TypeSelectorDialog for creating filters) closed by pfleck
done: r15078: merged r14817, r14819, r15073 to stable
16:12 Changeset [15078] by pfleck

#2761: merged r14817, r14819, r15073 to stable

15:58 Changeset [15077] by mkommend

#2760: Reordered backwards compatiblity and event registration in after deserialization hook of CrossValidation.

15:15 Changeset [15076] by abeham

#2748: fixed unit test

14:28 Ticket #2797 (Improve PSO implementation) created by abeham
There are a number of issues in the current PSO implementation: * …
13:49 Ticket #2693 (Allow multi-selection for columns in the datagrid in the ...) closed by pfleck
obsolete: This was already implemented in #2714 (r14548).
11:29 Changeset [15075] by jkarder


  • fixed sorting in current jobs table
  • enabled sorting according to job progress


17:39 Changeset [15074] by mkommend

#2540: Changed StringConvertibleMatrixView to avoid CellValidating events of not existing cells.

17:38 Ticket #2547 (Method ConvertToOptimizationRun should be moved from QueryView to ...) closed by gkronber
17:33 Ticket #2524 (It should be possible to pause BasicAlgorithms) closed by gkronber
15:17 Changeset [15073] by lkammere

#2761 initially deactivate filters when they are added

14:34 Changeset [15072] by abeham

#2790: added decoder to operators

14:23 Changeset [15071] by abeham

#2748: fixed personal best tracking in RealVectorSwarmUpdater

13:54 Changeset [15070] by abeham

#2792: adapted ALPS and ALPS-OS

13:45 Changeset [15069] by abeham


  • Added or updated similarity calculators and population similarity analysis for several problems (BinPacking, LAP, Orienteering, Parameter optimization, PTSP, QAP, TF, TSP, VRP)
  • Made TSPSimilarityCalculator obsolete since it's essentially the same as the one in the permutation plugin
  • Made QAPPopulationDiversityAnalyzer obsolete as it is replaced by the newer PopulationSimilarityAnalyzer
  • Removed genotype specific similarity code in QAPPermutationProximityCalculator (again identical to the permutation plugin)
  • Changed QAPSimilarityCalculator to perform phenotype similarity instead of genotype similarity (has not been previously used)
10:06 Changeset [15068] by pfleck

#2715 Moved the histogram properties (nr of bins, exact/approximate bins, aggregation) from DataRowVisualProperties to DataTableVisualProperties

  • Adapted DataRow/TableVisualPropertiesControl
  • Backwards compatability is handled in the DataTable (DataTableVisualProperties has no access to the DataRowVisualProperties)


23:13 Changeset [15067] by abeham


  • Unified implementation of all equality comparers and similarity calculators in BinaryVector, IntegerVector, RealVector, Permutation, and LinearLinkage encodings
  • Added Euclidean distance-based similarity calculators for real and integer vectors using a transformation function with scaling parameter
15:19 Ticket #2705 (Best-known quality only VRP solutions) closed by pfleck
done: r15066 merged r14478, r14481, r14482, r14504 to stable
15:19 Changeset [15066] by pfleck

#2705 merged r14478, r14481, r14482, r14504 to stable

09:45 Changeset [15065] by jkarder

#2258: refactored async methods

  • synchronously called IExecutables are now executed in the caller's thread
  • removed old synchronization code from unit tests
09:10 Changeset [15064] by bwerth

#2745 implemented EGO as EngineAlgorithm + some simplifications in the IInfillCriterion interface

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.