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Future Ideas

  • Make Preprocessing Storable (store a "session")
  • Regression line should start at the charts edges (not min/max point)
  • Couple DataPreprocessing with DataImporter (export/import)
  • More responsiveness (multiscatterplot)
  • Export regression models
  • Enhance value-pasting in DataGrid (automatic rename of Variables, ...)
  • Double clicking of Views should not clone the data
  • Create the DataCompletenessChart on pixel-basis instead of the slow chart
  • Add highlighting of selected data in the charts
  • Create better remove missing values manipulator (with a preview that looks like the data completeness chart)
  • Legend title for groupings in histogram and scatter plot (needs support in the export/configure chart dialog)
  • BubbleChart as another possibility for visualizing data (similar to residual analysis)
  • Estimated Cummulative Density Function (ECDF) visualization

Code Issues

  • Create UserControls for setting the Regression, Grouping, (Point-)Sizing
  • Remove the "Logics"

Known Bugs

  • Wrong Color-Gradient when changing group-order