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19:36 Changeset [12795] by gkronber

#2439: added wiring code to make BFGS work with programmable problem

16:46 Changeset [12794] by gkronber

#2439: handle maximization problems correctly in BFGS

16:03 Changeset [12793] by gkronber

#2428: set svn:ignore

16:00 Changeset [12792] by gkronber

#2435: updated some of the alglib calls (we should only use the external API whenever possible)

14:50 Ticket #2440 (KeyNotFoundException when opening StatisticalTestsView) created by pfleck
When opening the StatisticalTestsView, a KeyNotFoundException
13:34 Ticket #2439 (Remove bugs in LM-BFGS) created by mkommend
The following bugs were encountered in the LM-BFGS algorithm: * …
13:12 Changeset [12791] by gkronber

#2435: updated alglib reference in test project

12:52 Changeset [12790] by gkronber

#2435: updated alglib to version 3.9.0

11:48 Changeset [12789] by dglaser



  • Added a new method to the TaskDao


  • Added NewEventManager.cs
  • Updated HiveJanitor.cs
  • Updated ServiceLocator.cs
11:23 Changeset [12788] by mkommend

#2438: Deleted branch for changing of the dataset of regression models that was already integrated into stable.

11:22 Ticket #2438 (Remove outdated branches) created by mkommend
This ticket could be used to delete outdated branches.
11:00 Ticket #2437 (Possibility to extend the SymbolicDataAnalysisInterpreters) created by mkommend
Currently there is no possibility to define a new symbol for symbolic …
10:49 Changeset [12787] by mkommend

#2436: Fixed exception in BoxplotView when color is selected as category.

10:49 Ticket #2436 (BoxplotView throws an exception when color is selected) created by mkommend
During testing for the HL tutorial, I encountered the described bug. I …


21:10 Ticket #2435 (Update AlgLib to most recent version) created by gkronber
21:06 Changeset [12786] by gkronber

General: updated property for track ticket URL

21:01 Changeset [12785] by gkronber

General: updated property for track ticket URL

20:59 Changeset [12784] by gkronber

#2109 deleted obsolete branch (GE has been integrated into the trunk)

20:58 Changeset [12783] by gkronber

#1142 deleted branch from obsolete ticket

20:53 Changeset [12782] by gkronber

#1847 closed as obsolete -> deleted branch

20:53 Ticket #1847 (Operators for tabu search for symbolic expression tree encoding) closed by gkronber
obsolete: This line of research won't be followed up
16:45 Changeset [12781] by aballeit

#2283 stable GUI; ThreadPool for runs; improved TreeAnalysis

16:29 Changeset [12780] by dglaser



  • Added 'Last 6 Months' and 'Last Year' to the QuickSelection


  • Added Group Name to expired clients
14:39 Changeset [12779] by gkronber

#2434 created branch for cross-validation improvement

14:37 Ticket #2434 (Cross-validation should allow specification of folds using a variable ...) created by gkronber
13:49 Changeset [12778] by dglaser



  • Added QuickSelection button to the client and group pag


  • Changed 'User Name' to 'Username' to be consistent throughout the whole WebApp
13:47 Changeset [12777] by dglaser

#2429: Start and end dates are now considered when aggregating FactClientInfo


16:57 Changeset [12776] by dglaser



  • HiveStatisticsGenerator.cs: Jobs that are deleted are now automatically marked as completed in the hive statistics tables. This was added because when a job got paused and deleted afterwards, it would still show up as ongoing job in the hive statistics.
  • Minor changes in NewHiveService.cs


  • Expired slaves are now shown as offline (previously the last known state was shown)
  • Adjusted dialog height


  • Changed string.Format to Path.Combine to concate directory paths
16:41 Changeset [12775] by dglaser


  • Removed auto refresh on FactTask and FactClientInfo page
  • Added AssemblyInfo.cs.frame
  • Added x64 and x86 project configuration settings
12:34 Changeset [12774] by abeham

#2431: minor improvements

10:11 Changeset [12773] by dglaser



  • The font is now loaded properly even when accessing the page over https
  • Added no-cache to the index page
  • Added no-cache to the views in addition to the existing (datetime) cache buster
    • Caching can be enabled when required


  • Improved performance of NewHeartbeatManager by adding an additional check if the collection is empty


  • Removed invalid link from the exception page


  • Added the '-3.3' affix to the assembly names
09:44 Changeset [12772] by jkarder

#2433: fixed AfterDeserialization hook

09:42 Ticket #2433 (ScatterSearch cannot be restored from file) created by jkarder
09:25 Changeset [12771] by abeham


  • Added run collection view
  • Changed name of analyzers
  • Modified algorithms to include Execution Time as a result
09:08 Changeset [12770] by abeham

#2432: Fixed AfterDeserialization hook

09:08 Ticket #2432 (RAPGA cannot be restored from file) created by abeham


16:55 Changeset [12769] by dglaser


  • Unused plugins are now sorted by date and name
  • Fixed a small bug in the FactClientInfo aggregation
15:09 Changeset [12768] by dglaser



  • Removed old statistics tables
  • Updated SQL Scripts


  • Minor changes
12:31 Changeset [12767] by dglaser


  • Improved FactClientInfo aggregation
  • Added input field to specify how many entries should be aggregated
11:50 Changeset [12766] by abeham

#2431: forgot to commit

11:50 Changeset [12765] by dglaser



  • Fixed a bug which caused the PluginManager to not reload an existing plugin
  • Changed Path.PathSeparator to Path.DirectorySeparatorChar


  • HiveStatisticsGenerator.cs: When moving a client to another group is now recognized properly
  • Fixed the 'unknown user' problem


  • Added HeuristicLab.Services.Access.DataAccess.dll
11:48 Changeset [12764] by abeham


  • branched relevant plugins
  • added analyzer to calculate quality vs evaluation first-hit graph
  • (also added results parameter)
11:47 Ticket #2431 (Create algorithm iterator optimizer) created by abeham
The algorithm iterator should execute an algorithm instance over and …


14:21 Ticket #2425 (StorableHooks are not called for structs) closed by epitzer
rejected: In my opinion a struct is primarily intended to be "stupid" value …
10:34 Changeset [12763] by gkronber

optimal artificial ant solutions

09:14 Ticket #1610 (Implement a prototype how a simulation environment could be integrated ...) closed by abeham
obsolete: With the inclusion of Sim# as an external library to HeuristicLab …
09:09 Ticket #1983 (Simulated Annealing in combination with the test functions can lead to ...) closed by abeham
duplicate: will be fixed with #1836


20:42 Changeset [12762] by aballeit

#2283 GUI updates, Tree-chart, MCTS Version 2 (prune leaves)

15:56 Changeset [12761] by dglaser

#2429: Worked on the maintenance WebApp plugin:

  • Space Usage Page: Displays the number of rows and allocated disk space for every database table
  • Plugin Page: Shows unused plugins and provides functionality to delete all and specific plugins
  • FactTask Page: Allows to aggregate all Job Tasks to a single task for a given job or jobs within an selected time period
  • FactClientInfo Page: Allows to aggregate consecutive FactClientInfo entries with the same state and isallowedtocalculate flag
11:38 Changeset [12760] by ascheibe

added new problems to tutorial slides


18:39 Blog: HeuristicLab 3.3.12 "Madrid" Release edited by ascheibe
18:37 Blog: HeuristicLab 3.3.12 "Madrid" Release created by ascheibe
17:41 Changeset [12759] by ascheibe

updated tutorial slides

17:30 Features edited by ascheibe
17:25 Milestone HeuristicLab 3.3.12 completed
== HeuristicLab 3.3.12 "Madrid" - July 13th, 2015 == * …
17:25 Ticket #2317 (Release HeuristicLab 3.3.12) closed by ascheibe
17:14 ChangeLogPending edited by ascheibe
17:13 ChangeLog edited by ascheibe
17:11 WikiStart edited by ascheibe
17:09 Download edited by ascheibe
17:07 HL Download 3.3.12.png attached to Pictures by ascheibe
14:41 HeuristicLab attached to Download by ascheibe
13:52 Changeset [12758] by ascheibe

#2317 created tag for HL 3.3.12 (second try)

13:22 Ticket #2430 (Some project files don't adhere to the naming rules) created by ascheibe
The "-3.3/4" is missing for projects * NK * LawnMower * …
13:13 Changeset [12757] by ascheibe

#2317 deleted 3.3.12 tag

13:10 Changeset [12756] by ascheibe

#2317 merged r12755 into stable

13:06 Changeset [12755] by ascheibe

#2317 fixed folder structure and output path of nk landscapes (missed that on trunk integration...)

10:57 Ticket #2429 (Implement a maintenance WebApp plugin) created by dglaser
* Show space usage of the Hive (statistics) database tables * Provide …


17:52 Changeset [12754] by ascheibe

#2317 created tag for HL 3.3.12

17:29 Ticket #2428 (Release HeuristicLab 3.3.13) created by ascheibe
Codename: * Windischgarsten New Features: * Hive …
17:26 Changeset [12753] by ascheibe

#2317 merged stable commits (r12751,r12752: updated version and samples) back into trunk

17:20 Changeset [12752] by ascheibe

#2317 updated start page samples

17:10 Changeset [12751] by ascheibe

#2317 updated version in

  • assembly info
  • plugin file
  • installer files
16:30 Changeset [12750] by ascheibe


  • merged missing commit r12675 from #2420
  • hopefully fixed conflict with SymbolicDataAnalysisPopulationDiversityAnalyzer and SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeSimilarityCalculator. This is probably also a missing commit.
  • merged r12015-r12744 to update merge info
16:06 Changeset [12749] by ascheibe

#2317 merged forgotten commit r12602 from #2306 into stable

16:02 Changeset [12748] by ascheibe

#2317 merged r12497 into stable

16:00 Ticket #2427 (Add sample that uses linear linkage encoding) closed by ascheibe
done: r12747 merged r12743 into stable
16:00 Changeset [12747] by ascheibe

#2427 merged r12743 into stable

11:34 Ticket #2426 (Update Programmable Problem template code) closed by ascheibe
done: r12746 merged r12724 and r12731 into stable
11:34 Changeset [12746] by ascheibe

#2426 merged r12724 and r12731 into stable

11:27 Ticket #2359 (Improve the SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionPruningOperator) closed by gkronber
11:26 Ticket #2398 (Pruning operators mistakenly try to calculate impacts for the program ...) closed by gkronber
11:23 Changeset [12745] by gkronber

#2359, #2398: merged r12189,r12358,r12359,r12361,r12461,r12674,r12720,r12744 from trunk to stable

11:01 Changeset [12744] by gkronber

#2359: added after-deserialization code for backwards-compatibility


20:27 Changeset [12743] by abeham


  • Added grouping problem sample as Test
  • Added .hl file to Optimizers
  • Adapated StartPage
  • Changed MultiLLEManipulator to enable all manipulators by default
19:50 Ticket #2427 (Add sample that uses linear linkage encoding) created by abeham
The sample from #2319 should be integrated.
19:49 Ticket #2208 (Implement Orienteering Problem) closed by abeham
done: r12742: merged 12722 to stable
19:49 Changeset [12742] by abeham

#2208: merged 12722 to stable

19:46 Ticket #2366 (Utilize EnumValue-Parameters in the "Create Experiment"-Dialog.) closed by abeham
done: r12741: merged 12680 to stable
19:45 Changeset [12741] by abeham

#2366: merged 12680 to stable

19:44 Ticket #2301 (Improve numeric accuracy in create experiment dialog) closed by abeham
done: r12740: merged 12292,12293 to stable
19:44 Changeset [12740] by abeham

#2301: merged 12292,12293 to stable

19:42 Ticket #1985 (Create optimizer that limits runtime of an optimizer) closed by abeham
done: r12739: merged 12626,12627 to stable
19:42 Changeset [12739] by abeham

#1985: merged 12626,12627 to stable

19:39 Ticket #2400 (Setting new penalty values in VRP instances are not respected) closed by abeham
done: r12738: merged 12488 to stable
19:39 Changeset [12738] by abeham

#2400: merged 12488 to stable

19:38 Ticket #2319 (Add LinearLinkageEncoding (LLE)) closed by abeham
done: r12737: merged 12650,12701 to stable
19:38 Changeset [12737] by abeham

#2319: merged 12650,12701 to stable

19:36 Ticket #2274 (Cluster Visualization View cannot handle one dimensional data points) closed by abeham
done: r12736: merged 12614,12670,12679 to stable
19:36 Changeset [12736] by abeham

#2274: merged 12614,12670,12679 to stable

19:34 Ticket #2364 (The BasicProblem's Evaluator should be InstrumentedOperators) closed by abeham
done: r12735: merged 12617 to stable
19:33 Changeset [12735] by abeham

#2364: merged 12617 to stable

19:32 Ticket #2338 (Missing default view for read-only collections) closed by abeham
19:32 Changeset [12734] by abeham

#2338: merged 12618 to stable

19:31 Ticket #2367 (Eigendecomposition fails on some computers in release builds) closed by abeham
done: r12733: merged 12629-12630 to stable
19:31 Changeset [12733] by abeham

#2367: merged 12629-12630 to stable

19:29 Ticket #2420 (Add Sim# as simulation framework to ExtLibs) closed by abeham
done: r12732: merged 12657,12671 to stable
19:29 Changeset [12732] by abeham

#2420: merged 12657,12671 to stable

18:41 Changeset [12731] by abeham


  • fixed template for multi-encoding
17:36 Ticket #2306 (Integrate NK landscapes) closed by ascheibe
done: r12730 merged r12604, r12606, r12640 into stable
17:36 Changeset [12730] by ascheibe

#2306 merged r12604, r12606, r12640 into stable

17:31 Ticket #2399 (Fix new problems with HL on Linux) closed by ascheibe
done: r12729 merged r12463, r12464, r12465, r12470, r12471, r12472, r12474, …
17:31 Changeset [12729] by ascheibe

#2399 r12463, r12464, r12465, r12470, r12471, r12472, r12474, r12728

17:22 Changeset [12728] by ascheibe

#2399 fixed epplus project file (mempatch was still shown in project)

17:13 Ticket #2368 (Make reading/writing HL data with typecache to stream available) closed by ascheibe
done: r12727 merged r12455, r12456, r12475, r12638 into stable
17:13 Changeset [12727] by ascheibe

#2368 merged r12455, r12456, r12475, r12638 into stable

13:41 Ticket #2424 (Console in C# script base passes wrong arguments) closed by ascheibe
done: r12726 merged r12695 into stable
13:41 Changeset [12726] by ascheibe

#2424 merged r12695 into stable

13:38 Ticket #2270 (Fix event handling in RunCollectionViews) closed by ascheibe
done: r12725: merged r12173, r12458, r12077, r12599, r12613, r12112, r12116, …
13:38 Ticket #2354 (Statistical tests view throws exception before opening) closed by ascheibe
done: r12725: merged r12173, r12458, r12077, r12599, r12613, r12112, r12116, …
13:37 Changeset [12725] by ascheibe

#2270 and #2354: merged r12173, r12458, r12077, r12599, r12613, r12112, r12116, r12117, r12131, r12631, r12672, r12684, r12690, r12692 into stable

11:37 Changeset [12724] by ascheibe

#2426 updated templates for programmable problem

11:18 Ticket #2426 (Update Programmable Problem template code) created by ascheibe
Add new encodings: LLE and SymExpTreeEncoding


16:51 Changeset [12723] by abeham

#2208: removed branch

16:49 Changeset [12722] by abeham

#2208: integrated orienteering problem into trunk

16:38 Changeset [12721] by abeham


  • Added missing license headers
  • Updates copyright year
  • Renamed analyzer (us spelling)
  • Removed script
  • Implemented samples unit test
  • Changed solution view to use horizontal splitting, removed viewhosts
  • Updated instance provider to use .NET45 zip compression
  • Restructuring and reformatting
15:41 Changeset [12720] by bburlacu

#2359: Changed the impact calculators so that the quality value necessary for impacts calculation is calculated with a separate method. Refactored the CalculateImpactAndReplacementValues method to return the new quality in an out-parameter (adjusted method signature in interface accordingly). Added Evaluate method to the regression and classification pruning operators that re-evaluates the tree using the problem evaluator after pruning was performed.

14:40 Ticket #2344 (Improve Calculator) closed by mkommend
done: r12719: Merged r12091, r12096 and r12114 into stable.
14:40 Changeset [12719] by mkommend

#2344: Merged r12091, r12096 and r12114 into stable.

14:39 Ticket #2320 (Add SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding) closed by mkommend
14:39 Ticket #2276 (Create interface for Dataset class, refactor code) closed by mkommend
14:17 Ticket #2335 (Data Preprocessing Improvements) closed by mkommend
done: r12718: Merged all changes into stable.
14:16 Changeset [12718] by mkommend

#2335: Merged all changes into stable.

14:11 Ticket #2341 (Updated EPPlus to the newest version) closed by mkommend
done: r12717: Merged r12714:r12716 into stable.
14:11 Changeset [12717] by mkommend

#2341: Merged r12714:r12716 into stable.

14:09 Changeset [12716] by mkommend

#2341: Deleted only git diff file.

14:08 Changeset [12715] by mkommend

#2341: Reverse merged r12714 because one file change relates to another ticket (#2399).

14:00 Changeset [12714] by mkommend

#2341: Deleted git and svn diff files from EPPlus.

13:46 Ticket #2261 (Gradient Boosted Trees) closed by gkronber
13:45 Changeset [12713] by gkronber

#2261: deleted obsolete branch

13:45 Changeset [12712] by gkronber

#2261: deleted obsolete branch

13:44 Changeset [12711] by gkronber

#2261: merged r12700 and r12710 from trunk to stable

13:42 Changeset [12710] by gkronber

#2261: cached training and test rows in GBT for another speedup of ~1.5 (+renamed test class)

13:25 Ticket #2423 (Add regression dataset (powermeter)) closed by gkronber
done: r12709 merged r12687:12688 from trunk to stable
13:25 Changeset [12709] by gkronber

#2423: merged r12687:12688 from trunk to stable

12:12 Ticket #2025 (Improve structure for elements in the "new item" dialog.) closed by mkommend
done: r12708:Merged all changes regarding the new item dialog into stable.
12:12 Ticket #2387 (Adapt TypeSelector to changes from NewItemDialog) closed by mkommend
done: r12708: Merged all changes regarding the type selector into stable.
12:11 Changeset [12708] by mkommend

#2025:Merged all changes regarding the new item dialog into stable.
#2387: Merged all changes regarding the type selector into stable.

12:07 Changeset [12707] by mkommend

#2341: Merged all EPPlus changes into stable.

12:02 Changeset [12706] by mkommend

#2320: Merged r12422, r12423, r12424, r12480, r12481 and r12482 into stable.

11:59 Ticket #2395 (double.MaxValue cannot be parsed from string) closed by mkommend
done: r12705: Merged r12431, r12432, r12433 into stable.
11:59 Changeset [12705] by mkommend

#2395: Merged r12431, r12432, r12433 into stable.

11:55 Ticket #2386 (Poor hash function affects performance in the Parameter-less ...) closed by mkommend
done: r12704: Merged r12392 into stable.
11:54 Changeset [12704] by mkommend

#2386: Merged r12392 into stable.

11:53 Ticket #2411 (FastNonDominatedSort performance should be improved) closed by mkommend
done: r12703: Merged r12580 into stable.
11:53 Changeset [12703] by mkommend

#2411: Merged r12580 into stable.

11:51 Changeset [12702] by mkommend

#2276: Merged changes to stable.


23:11 Changeset [12701] by abeham


  • Some code cleanup in LinearLinkage and updates to the documentation
  • Fixed operator discovery in multi*operators
  • Fixed bug in MultiLLEManipulator with respect to successful offspring analysis
18:57 Changeset [12700] by gkronber

#2261: copied GBT implementation from branch to trunk

18:46 Changeset [12699] by gkronber

#2261: improved performance of evaluation for regression tree models

17:52 Ticket #2425 (StorableHooks are not called for structs) created by gkronber
16:49 Changeset [12698] by gkronber

#2261 hiding internals of GbmState

16:39 Changeset [12697] by gkronber

#2261 removed line search closure (binding y.ToArray(), and pred.ToArray())

16:11 Changeset [12696] by gkronber

#2261: killed all weights

15:40 Changeset [12695] by jkarder

#2424: fixed typo

13:11 Ticket #2424 (Console in C# script base passes wrong arguments) created by pfleck
Console.Write(string, object, object) in CSharpScriptScriptBase passes …
13:07 Changeset [12694] by abeham

#2208: merged trunk changes


22:15 Changeset [12693] by ascheibe

updated programming slides

15:59 Changeset [12692] by abeham


  • Fixed bug in RunCollectionChartAggregationView regarding null value
  • Fixed bug in RunCollectionTableView when runs were added during UpdateOfRunsInProgress
  • Added suppressUpdates to RunCollectionView and listening to UpdateOfRunsInProgress
  • Made sure that RunCollection would reset updateOfRunsInProgress to the same value as before when changing it in internal methods
15:51 Changeset [12691] by dglaser



  • Changed connection strings and certificates for local usage


  • Added compiled queries for frequently used queries
  • Integrated string queries from OptimizedHiveDao


  • Added NewHeartbeatManager.cs
  • Added NewRoundRobinTaskScheduler.cs
  • Added PerformanceLogger
  • Updated AuthoriziationManager
  • Updated NewHiveService
    • Added Regions
    • Implemented missing methods
    • Improved performance of several queries


  • Fixed a bug which caused an error when calculating the average waiting time.
15:42 Changeset [12690] by ascheibe

#2270 fixed cross-threading issues in run collection views

15:32 Changeset [12689] by dglaser

#2388: Merged trunk into HiveStatistics branch

15:17 Changeset [12688] by gkronber

#2423: added missing file (forgotten in r12687)

15:10 Changeset [12687] by gkronber

#2423 added powermeter regression dataset

14:48 Ticket #2423 (Add regression dataset (powermeter)) created by gkronber
14:16 Ticket #2409 (Dependent plugins of programmable items cannot be determined through ...) closed by ascheibe
done: r12686 merged r12616, r12621, r12644, r12673 into stable
14:16 Changeset [12686] by ascheibe

#2409 merged r12616, r12621, r12644, r12673 into stable

14:11 Ticket #2413 (Add QuickSelection to WebApp Status page and obfuscate email links) closed by ascheibe
done: r12685 merged r12583 and r12666 into stable
14:10 Changeset [12685] by ascheibe

#2413 merged r12583 and r12666 into stable

13:59 Changeset [12684] by ascheibe

#2270 statistical analysis view updates now properly when the runcollection is changed

13:26 Changeset [12683] by mkommend

#2335: Corrected accidentally merged project files (second try).

13:17 Changeset [12682] by mkommend

#2335: Corrected accidentally merged project files.

13:05 Changeset [12681] by abeham

#2366: removed branch

13:04 Changeset [12680] by abeham

#2366: integrated into trunk

13:02 Changeset [12679] by mkommend

#2274: Removed commented code from scatterplot view.

13:00 Changeset [12678] by abeham

#2366: merged trunk changes

12:55 Changeset [12677] by mkommend

#2335: Deleted DataPreprocessingImprovements branch.

12:53 Changeset [12676] by mkommend

#2335: Merged changes into trunk.

12:35 Changeset [12675] by ascheibe

#2420 added linux prebuild event to sim# project file

12:24 Ticket #1598 (The arrow key doesn't respect the currently selected item in the new ...) closed by mkommend
obsolete: This ticket is obsolete due to the changes in #2025.
11:02 Changeset [12674] by gkronber

#2359: use stable sort in pruning analyzer

10:50 Changeset [12673] by abeham

#2409: corrected check

10:39 Changeset [12672] by abeham

#2270: Removed firing of ToStringChanged together with ItemChanged or Reset, ToString never changes for run collections

10:22 Changeset [12671] by abeham

#2420: implemented review comments

10:13 Changeset [12670] by abeham

#2274: changed scaling in scatter plot

10:02 Ticket #2058 (Approximate inference for Gaussian processes) closed by gkronber
rejected: Won't be implemented in HeuristicLab
09:57 Ticket #2422 (Port lawn mower problem to new symbolic expression encoding) created by gkronber
depends on #2469
09:56 Ticket #2421 (Port artificial ant problem to new symbolic expression encoding) created by gkronber
depends on #2469
09:53 Ticket #2392 (In the correlation matrix there are no negative values for Pearson's ...) closed by gkronber
09:52 Changeset [12669] by gkronber

#2392: merged r12492 and r12641 from trunk to stable

09:51 Ticket #2369 (Support chart for relative error in the error characteristic view) closed by gkronber
done: r12668: merged r12493,r12577,r12642 from trunk to stable
09:51 Changeset [12668] by gkronber

#2369 merged r12493,r12577,r12642 from trunk to stable

09:50 Ticket #2415 (DataPreprocessing transformations cannot be persisted) closed by gkronber
done: r12667: merged r12612 from trunk to stable
09:50 Changeset [12667] by gkronber

#2415: merged r12612 from trunk to stable

09:42 Changeset [12666] by dglaser

#2413: Fixed QuickSelection ComboBox width


22:32 Ticket #2408 (Fix exception handling in Hive client) closed by ascheibe
done: Replying to mkommend: > r12579 looks good, though I don't …
22:29 Changeset [12665] by ascheibe

#2408 merged r12579 into stable

21:08 Changeset [12664] by mkommend

#2025: Corrected ctors of CreatableAttribute.

18:16 Changeset [12663] by gkronber

#2261: fix of broken Equals implementation

18:08 Ticket #2329 (Make CodeEditor available on Linux) closed by ascheibe
done: r12662 merged r12473,r12478,r12659 into stable
18:07 Changeset [12662] by ascheibe

#2329 merged r12473,r12478,r12659 into stable

17:58 Changeset [12661] by gkronber

#2261: regression tree builder should not be used from outside (made internal)

17:46 Changeset [12660] by gkronber

#2261: minor change if(!rows.Any()) return ...

17:45 Changeset [12659] by jkarder

#2329: added namespace using

17:42 Changeset [12658] by gkronber

#2261: made TreeNode immutable and prevent change of TreeNode[] tree in RegressionTreeModel
ToString() override to make debugging easier and to enable inspection in unit test

16:33 Changeset [12657] by abeham

#2420: Added Sim# as an ExtLib plugin

16:30 Ticket #2416 (VariableStoreView needs to check for invoke required) closed by jkarder
done: r12656: merged r12615 and r12634 into stable
16:30 Changeset [12656] by jkarder

#2416: merged r12615 and r12634 into stable

16:27 Ticket #2419 (ObjectDisposedException in CSharpCodeCompletionStrategy) closed by jkarder
done: r12655: merged r12646, r12653 and r12654 into stable
16:26 Changeset [12655] by jkarder

#2419: merged r12646, r12653 and r12654 into stable

16:03 Changeset [12654] by ascheibe

#2419 properly stop timer for parsing when CodeEditor is closed

15:58 Ticket #2420 (Add Sim# as simulation framework to ExtLibs) created by abeham
15:32 Changeset [12653] by jkarder

#2419: refactored CodeCompletionStrategy

15:25 Ticket #2396 (Add a symbolic expression tree formatter for C#) closed by ascheibe
done: r12652 merged r12434 and r12645 into stable
15:25 Changeset [12652] by ascheibe

#2396 merged r12434 and r12645 into stable

14:56 Changeset [12651] by abeham

#2319: removed branch

14:54 Changeset [12650] by abeham

#2319: integrated into trunk

14:40 Changeset [12649] by ascheibe

#2025 applied ReSharper suggestions to NewItemDialog

14:37 Changeset [12648] by abeham

#2319: Fixed single-point crosssover

14:35 Changeset [12647] by pfleck

Added support for multidimensional values.
Adapted sample.

14:26 Changeset [12646] by jkarder

#2419: refactored CodeCompletionStrategy and CSharpCodeCompletionStrategy

14:16 Changeset [12645] by gkronber

#2396 changed ordering of parameters for variables in the C# formater for symbolic expressions

13:54 Changeset [12644] by ascheibe

#2409 simplified IProgrammableItem discovery

13:52 Changeset [12643] by abeham


  • Added two new solution creators
  • Added swap2 neighborhood
  • Added license headers
  • Pruned usings
  • Fixed namespaces
13:49 Changeset [12642] by gkronber

#2369: reset max of x-axis in UpdateChart to make sure that the max-value is updated whenever the type of residual (squared, abs, relative) is changed.

13:41 Ticket #2419 (ObjectDisposedException in CSharpCodeCompletionStrategy) created by jkarder
It can happen (e.g. when switching views) that the code editor gets …
13:34 Changeset [12641] by gkronber

#2392: fixed all warnings by using PearsonsRCalculator instead of PearsonsRSquaredCalculator

13:34 Changeset [12640] by ascheibe

#2306 fixed Createable attribute of NK landscape

13:02 Ticket #2403 (ClearState might throw NullReferenceException in MATLAB evaluator) closed by gkronber
done: r12639: merged r12494 from trunk to stable
13:02 Changeset [12639] by gkronber

#2403 merged r12494 from trunk to stable

13:02 Changeset [12638] by ascheibe


  • created enum for distinguishing between zip and gzip
  • shrank interface of XmlParser by merging methods
13:01 Ticket #2374 (Make RegressionSolution class non-abstract) closed by gkronber
13:00 Changeset [12637] by gkronber

#2374: merged r12485 from trunk to stable

12:59 Ticket #2412 (Include the RMSE for RegressionSolutions) closed by gkronber
done: r12636: merged r12581 from trunk to stable
12:59 Changeset [12636] by gkronber

#2412 merged r12581 from trunk to stable

12:37 Changeset [12635] by gkronber

#2261: marked potential future efficiency improvements as identified through profiling

12:34 Ticket #2418 (More efficient implementation of median) created by gkronber
The current implementation of median() creates an array and uses …
12:24 Ticket #2417 (Extend interface for IDataset to allow access by column index) created by gkronber
Currently, values from the dataset can only be accessed via variable …
12:21 Changeset [12634] by jkarder

#2416: refactored invoke call

12:15 Changeset [12633] by ehopf

#2335: Merged trunk into DataPreprocessingImprovements-Branch.

11:57 Changeset [12632] by gkronber

#2261 implemented node expansion using a priority queue (and changed parameter MaxDepth to MaxSize). Moved unit tests to a separate project.

11:55 Ticket #2307 (Investigate problem with parents and ...) closed by gkronber
rejected: We discussed this and decided to close this without a fix. In …
11:05 Changeset [12631] by ascheibe

#2270 added refresh of data table combobox for the chart analysis and aggregation view

10:45 Changeset [12630] by abeham

#2367: minor change

10:42 Changeset [12629] by abeham


  • Using alglib's smatrixevd to do eigendecomposition
  • Incremented version to 3.4 as results are not exactly reproducible anymore
09:45 Ticket #2348 (Fix chart analysis view) closed by ascheibe
obsolete: Merged with #2270.
09:43 Changeset [12628] by abeham

#1985: Removed branch

09:42 Changeset [12627] by abeham

#1985: Integrated time limit run into trunk

09:23 Changeset [12626] by abeham

#1985: small change to TimeSpanHelper

09:19 Changeset [12625] by abeham


  • Merged trunk changes
  • Modified creatable attribute of timelimit run
09:14 Changeset [12624] by abeham

#1985: small change to the cancel state

08:48 Changeset [12623] by gkronber

#2261: comments

00:12 Changeset [12622] by ascheibe


  • added old ctor for backwards compatibility in CreatableAttribute
  • fixed group of MultiNomialLogitClassification
00:06 Changeset [12621] by ascheibe

#2409 added support for IProgrammableItem in Hive

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