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23:27 Changeset [6024] by cneumuel


  • improved the way AlgorithmExecutor handles cancellation
23:26 Changeset [6023] by cneumuel


  • added missing files
18:45 Ticket #1487 (Add a serializer for objects of type System.Drawing.Font) created by abeham
18:43 Ticket #1285 (Write a batch file for compiling without VS2010) closed by abeham
18:36 Changeset [6022] by abeham


  • Updated branch with changes from the trunk
  • Updated Font2XmlSerializer according to Erik's suggestions
17:33 Changeset [6021] by gkronber

#1348: added ContainsKey check and throw ArgumentException with a more descriptive error message.

17:33 Changeset [6020] by abeham


  • Fixed some bugs
  • Fixed out-of-sync issue in DataRowVisualPropertiesControl
  • Added border in histogram (white for very dark colors)
  • Added serializer for System.Drawing.Font
  • Added option to choose the font of the title as well as the axis of the chart
17:08 Ticket #1486 (Decouple OperatorGraphVisualizationInfo from the associated view classes) created by mkommend
This is necessary as Hive 3.4 transports every needed assembly to the …
16:10 Ticket #1485 (Research publishing (and updating) tools integrated in VS2010) created by gkronber
16:01 Ticket #1484 (Crossover probability for evolutionary algorithms) created by mkommend
15:01 Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization edited by cneumuel
14:59 Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization edited by cneumuel
14:57 Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization created by cneumuel
12:07 Changeset [6019] by mkommend

#1049: Corrected bug in TypeSelector.


18:22 Changeset [6018] by cneumuel


  • support for maximization problems
  • made base level algorithms stoppable
  • optimization for multiple goals possible (AverageQuality, AverageDeviation, AverageEvaluatedSolutions)
  • lots of fixes
11:03 Changeset [6017] by cneumuel


  • fixed import of existing algorithm
  • moved operators in subfolders
  • extended tests for SymbolicExpressionGrammar


11:48 Changeset [6016] by abeham


  • added sorting of series to move them back and forth
    • the implementation currently is quite memory intensive in that all data rows are cloned, the collection is cleared and then they're readded in the correct order. Since the underlying collection is a collection and not a list I don't have the possibilities to insert them.
  • fixed histogram configuration
  • added a crude check if there are incompatibilities with bars


23:32 Changeset [6015] by abeham


  • forgot to change the min/max fixed setting for all axis
23:30 Changeset [6014] by abeham


  • added option to set fixed minimum and maximum for all four possible axis
  • added an icon to the properties context menu entry
    • added dependency from ChartControlsExtensions to Common.Resources
19:33 Changeset [6013] by abeham


  • removed AggregatedHistogramHistoryView
  • removed Histogram and HistogramHistory data structures
  • removed HistogramView and HistogramHistoryView, but left the HistogramControl
  • adapted the QualityDistributionAnalyzer to create a DataTable instead
  • added a StoreHistory parameter
  • adapted the temporary test project
19:27 Ticket #1483 (The default constructor for DataRow should not be public) created by abeham
The view accesses all series in the chart by the name of the DataRow. …
18:41 Changeset [6012] by abeham


  • fine tuned UI for setting data(table|row) visual properties
  • added control for the data table visual properties
  • added a few more visual properties
14:54 Changeset [6011] by abeham


  • updated branch with changes from trunk
  • fixed some bugs
  • introduced secondary x-axis option


21:59 Ticket #1482 (Remove button in ValueParameterView should be disabled when viewing a ...) created by abeham
I think the ValueParameterView should disable the remove button for …
00:18 Changeset [6010] by abeham


  • worked on histogram integration
    • Added control to display DataRowVisualProperties
    • Added a dialog to select the DataRowVisualProperties of different series
    • Added a Properties menu item to the context menu and an option to show or hide this item (default is hide)


16:02 Changeset [6009] by gkronber

#1472 implemented a check in PTC2 operator, fixed bugs in SymbolicExpressionGrammarBase and made some small changes in both classes to prevent numeric overflow exceptions.

15:26 Ticket #1481 (Visual view for clustering solutions displaying cluster centers and ...) created by gkronber
This is essentially a scatter plot with different marker colors (or …
15:22 Ticket #1480 (Reevaluate IL emitting for symbolic data analysis solutions) created by gkronber
Could be beneficial for larger datasets. Additionally it could be …
15:20 Ticket #1479 (Allow editing of symbolic expression tree grammars) created by gkronber
15:19 Ticket #1478 (Functionality for optimization of constants in symbolic data analysis ...) created by gkronber
For instance a 'Optimize Constants' button in the interactive …
15:17 Ticket #1477 (Additional problem instances for artificial ant problem) created by gkronber
14:49 Ticket #1476 (Move operators for symbolic expression tree encoding) created by gkronber
14:43 Ticket #1475 (Wrapper for multinomial logit regression implemented in alglib) created by gkronber
14:42 Ticket #1474 (Wrapper for neural network ensembles implemented in alglib) created by gkronber
14:41 Ticket #1473 (Wrapper for random forest algorithm implemented in alglib) created by gkronber
00:32 Changeset [6008] by ascheibe


  • increase timeout when sending (for sending large jobs/lot's of plugins)
  • handle failed GetPluginDatas() properly
00:04 Ticket #1472 (StackOverflowException when SymbolicExpressionGrammar is configured wrong) created by cneumuel
When a symbolic regression problem with a …


20:19 Changeset [6007] by abeham


  • Fixed column width in histogram by introducing 0 columns
13:43 Changeset [6006] by cneumuel


  • changed relationship between Job and HiveExperiment. There is no more HiveExperiment.RootJobId, instead there is Job.HiveExperimentId.
  • One HiveExperiment can now have multiple Experiments.
  • TreeView supports multiple root nodes
  • HiveEngine creates a HiveExperiment for each set of jobs, so jobs cannot be without an parent experiment anymore (no more loose jobs)
  • updated ExperimentManager binaries
09:55 Changeset [6005] by cneumuel


  • fixed bug in matching plugin versions


20:57 Changeset [6004] by ascheibe


  • fix pause/stop bug when serializing big experiments
  • use proper newlines
  • use GetPlugin(..) instead of GetPlugins()
19:06 Changeset [6003] by gkronber

#1455 fixed bug in estimated values view for clustering solutions and added a view for kMeans clustering models showing the cluster centers.

18:41 Changeset [6002] by gkronber

#790 Fixed minor issues in LDA, LR, SVC and SVR to make sure everything works correctly in presence of NaN and infinity values.

17:51 Ticket #1471 (Functionality for preprocessing of large datasets as preparation for ...) created by gkronber
15:34 Changeset [6001] by cneumuel


  • renamed AssemblyInfo.frame to AssemblyInfo.cs.frame
15:32 Changeset [6000] by cneumuel


  • added GetPlugin service method
  • fixed minor issues with double plugins in database
  • worked on HiveEngine
  • fixed wrong role name for Hive User
  • fixed bug in group assignment of slaves


07:25 Changeset [5999] by abeham


  • Changed sorting of alleles in AlleleFrequencyCollectionView
03:07 Changeset [5998] by swagner

Corrected tab indexes and tab stops in StringConvertibleValueView (#1460)

01:58 Changeset [5997] by swagner

Restructured code and adapted layout of framework version error dialog (#1466)


22:38 Ticket #1470 (AlleleFrequencyCollectionView should show alleles in lexicographic order) created by abeham
Currently the allele frequncy columns in the chart are ordered by …
19:59 Changeset [5996] by abeham


  • implemented QAPAlleleFrequencyAnalyzer and QAPPopulationDiversityAnalyzer
19:34 Ticket #1469 (Implement analyzers for the quadratic assignment problem) created by abeham
14:48 Changeset [5995] by abeham


  • Changed HistogramHistory to derive from CheckedItemList<T> instead of ItemCollection<T>
  • Changed AggregatedHistogramHistoryView to aggregate only checked entries
00:15 Changeset [5994] by abeham


  • Added movie view for HistogramHistory
  • Added QualityDistributionAnalyzer for analyzing the development of the quality distributions in a population
  • Added AggregatedHistogramHistoryView for displaying a histogram of the accumulated data in a history


21:41 Changeset [5993] by gkronber

#1418 fixed issues in interactive simplifier views for regression and classification solutions regarding automatic folding of nodes without impact on the solution quality and problems with ADFs.

16:58 Changeset [5992] by dkahn

#1198 cleaned up subdirectory - removed obsolete code

16:54 Changeset [5991] by cfleisch

#1198 Added service references to web.config

16:23 Changeset [5990] by dkahn

#1198 Store username also in session may be fetched by identity or session now

16:17 Changeset [5989] by dkahn
16:04 Changeset [5988] by dkahn

#1198 restoring membership provider and removing Query references.

16:02 Changeset [5987] by gkronber

#1418 improved memory usage of symbolic data analysis expression tree interpreter.

15:32 Changeset [5986] by dkahn

#1198 fixed web config

15:31 Changeset [5985] by bfarka

added dependencies for junit #1441

11:40 Changeset [5984] by gkronber

#1466 implemented check for .NET version 4.0 (full profile) and a warning dialog with the download URL.

10:08 Changeset [5983] by mkommend

#1418: Added after deserialization hook to SymbolicExpressionSymbolFrequencyAnalyzer for newly added parameter.

01:03 Changeset [5982] by bfarka

added ServiceDependicies for all 4 services #1441


23:36 Download edited by swinkler
Updated download page (diff)
22:23 Changeset [5981] by bfarka

adding initial project structure #1441

22:10 Changeset [5980] by bfarka

creating new branch for the OKBJavaConnector #1441

22:08 Changeset [5979] by bfarka

renaming project for wshttpbinding #r1441

19:57 Changeset [5978] by abeham

changed .Net4 to .NET4

18:15 Ticket #1468 (ResultsParameter of the QualityAnalyzer has a wrong generic datatype) created by abeham
The QualityAnalyzer.ResultsParameter is a …
15:01 Changeset [5977] by msammer

#1446 added user-controls RunCollectionDetail, RunCollectionTable and class RunCollectionData for showing the run-results

14:06 Changeset [5976] by mkommend

#1413: Corrected bugs regarding automatic coloring and axis value changes in RunCollectionBubbleChart. Additionally removed feature to drag runs because it was useless.

10:31 Changeset [5975] by mkommend

#1313: Updated view names to use spaces instead of !camelCasing.

10:10 Ticket #1467 (Allele frequency analyzer for symbolic data analysis expression trees) created by gkronber
10:02 Changeset [5974] by dkahn

#1198 cleaning up previously added generated files and sandbox specific content

10:00 Changeset [5973] by dkahn

#1198 cleaning up previously added generated files and sandbox specific content

08:47 Changeset [5972] by gkronber

#1429 fixed icon of splash screen

08:00 Ticket #1466 (Check if correct version of .NET framework is installed on startup) created by gkronber
07:49 Changeset [5971] by gkronber

#1418 added a parameter to the symbol frequency analyzer in symbolic expression tree encoding which indicates if the frequencies of symbols with the same name but different number of subtrees should be aggregated.


18:37 Changeset [5970] by abeham


  • Separated HistogramView into a view and a control
  • Added the HistogramControl to ChartControlsExtensions (not yet userfriendly)
13:00 AdditionalMaterial edited by gkronber
fixed url (diff)
13:00 Changeset [5969] by gkronber

moved files for HL tutorial

12:59 Changeset [5968] by gkronber

created a folder for files of gkronber

12:59 Changeset [5967] by gkronber

improved named for mammography dataset

12:59 AdditionalMaterial edited by gkronber
added additional material for HL tutorial at GECCO (diff)
12:58 Changeset [5966] by gkronber

added classification data set for HL tutorial

12:55 Changeset [5965] by gkronber

added poly-10 benchmark data set

12:54 Changeset [5964] by gkronber

added folder for gecco additional material

11:15 Changeset [5963] by mkommend

#1453: Added error state assert in OnlineCalculatorPerformanceTest.

10:45 Changeset [5962] by mkommend

#1418: Fixed OnlineNormalizedMeanSquaredErrorCalculator and added results description in RegressionSolution.

01:01 Changeset [5961] by abeham


  • Worked on the histogram view


21:29 Changeset [5960] by abeham


  • Removing the PSO branch
21:26 Changeset [5959] by abeham


  • Created branch for implementing a histogram view
21:12 Ticket #1465 (Visualize histogram data) created by abeham
I would like to visualize data distributions in a histogram, as well …
17:45 Changeset [5958] by cneumuel


  • initial port of HiveEngine
17:24 Changeset [5957] by cfischer

#1364 revised NSM based on review feedback from mkommend:

  • use linq to select min/max quality for use range option
  • use range option is now enabled by default
  • added event handler to throw exception in case CopySelected is set to false (NSM itself ignores this flag and works like this flag is true)
  • changed behavior of max attempts: execute the inner selector up to max attempts times to find different parents and fill the remaining positions only afterwards
  • some variable name refactoring
  • changed type of inner selector to ISingleObjectiveSelector
  • changed parameter types for the three NSM parameters to FixedValueParameter
  • added AfterDeserializationHook to enable opening and executing of optimizers with old NSM implementations
16:30 Changeset [5956] by mkommend

#1464: Corrected behavior of ViewHost and SymbolicExpressionTreeChart.

16:29 Ticket #1464 (An exception is thrown if the ViewHost is smaller than 0 (width or height).) created by mkommend
The reason behind this is that some views do not handle width or …
15:37 Changeset [5955] by cneumuel


  • seperated ExperimentMangerClient (OKB-Style, contains business logic) and HiveExperiment (mainly only contains information)
  • fixed redundant cloning methods in dtos
  • added simple statistics in HiveExperiment which the user can see before downloading an experiment
  • added db-delete cascade for slaves and statelogs - now slaves can be safely deleted
12:42 Changeset [5954] by mkommend

#1462: Added algorithms and problems folder to HeuristicLab.Optimization.

11:44 Changeset [5953] by abeham


  • Added IStorableContent interface
11:19 Ticket #1463 (Improve wiring code of SingleObjectiveTestFunctionProblem) created by mkommend
The wiring code in the SingleObjectiveTestFunctionProblem is …
10:19 Changeset [5952] by mkommend

#1453: Added UnitTest for OnlineCalculators to enable performance monitoring.

10:00 Changeset [5951] by abeham


  • Fixed wiring code, some intermediate algorithm classes were missing the base call so that several events did not get registered


22:49 Changeset [5950] by abeham


  • Added three solution files that were not included in the tarball, but are available on the website
22:30 Changeset [5949] by abeham


  • some remaining problems with benchmark data, two instances had quality values and solutions that did not go together
21:36 Changeset [5948] by abeham


  • fixed an oversight in the last commit
21:22 Changeset [5947] by abeham


  • simplified parser
  • correctly reading first matrix as weights (accessed by index of permutation) and second matrix as distances (accessed by value of permutation)
19:21 Changeset [5946] by abeham

Added download buttons as psd files

19:17 WikiStart edited by abeham
Linked to current version specific changelog (diff)
19:14 WikiStart edited by abeham
Added some links below the download button here (diff)
19:12 Download edited by abeham
Added download button here (diff)
19:06 WikiStart edited by abeham
changed image (diff)
19:05 HL-Download-Link.png attached to Pictures by abeham
18:59 WikiStart edited by abeham
Changed link from direct download to download page (diff)
18:45 WikiStart edited by abeham
18:42 WikiStart edited by abeham
Added fancy download button (diff)
18:09 Changeset [5945] by mkommend

#1453: Stopped iterating over the enumerables in the static calculate method in OnlineCalculators.

16:07 Changeset [5944] by mkommend

#1418: Added unit tests for the Problems.DataAnalysis-3.4 project.

15:48 Changeset [5943] by mkommend

#1453: Updated directory name of OnlineCalculators.

15:38 Changeset [5942] by mkommend

#1453: Renamed IOnlineEvaluator to IOnlineCalculator

10:38 Changeset [5941] by mkofler

#852: Set the default inertia value to 1 for consistency reasons.

10:23 Changeset [5940] by cneumuel


  • updated hive binaries
09:53 Ticket #1462 (The selected MoveEvaluator of a SingleObjectiveTestFunction is not ...) created by swinkler
This problem occurs when using Tabu Search, e.g.
01:12 Changeset [5939] by abeham


  • fixed missing AssemblyInfo.cs
01:01 Changeset [5938] by abeham


  • Added HeuristicLab.Problems.QuadraticAssignment.Tests-3.3 project to solution
  • Fixed assembly name in HeuristicLab.Analysis.Tests-3.3
  • Added another test case to the MDS tests
  • Referenced the two QAP plugins in the tests project
  • Removed plugin dependency in HeuristicLab.Problems.QuadraticAssignment.Views to HeuristicLab.Optimization as the unit test complained about it
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.