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20:18 Changeset [5532] by gkronber

#1418 copied symbol classes into Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic plugin.

18:35 Changeset [5531] by ascheibe

#1233 fixed reading memory and cpu speed

17:52 Changeset [5530] by gkronber

#1418 added static method to calculate mean and variance of a double enumerable.

17:49 Changeset [5529] by gkronber

#1418 Removed grammar specific members from ISymbolicExpressionTreeNode interface.

17:40 Changeset [5528] by mkommend

#1418: Updated ArtificialAntProblem.

17:37 Changeset [5527] by cneumuel


  • removed caching of ChannelFactory as this leeds to session timeouts (factory needs to be disposed properly)
17:35 Changeset [5526] by cneumuel


  • fixed handling of StateLog in DataLayer
  • extended unit tests
  • changed style of service calls to OKB-like style (using delegates)
  • added possibility that parent jobs can be finished immediately when child jobs are finished
16:59 Changeset [5525] by ascheibe

#1233 worked on administration gui

16:33 Changeset [5524] by gkronber

#1325 Implemented MATLAB formatter rule for variable conditions and integrated handling of variable condition symbols into variable frequency analyzer and symbolic classification problem.

15:55 Changeset [5523] by gkronber

#1419 removed warnings in plugin infrastructure.

00:46 Changeset [5522] by cneumuel


  • implemented population diversity analysis
00:03 Changeset [5521] by mkommend

#1418: Corrected wiring of artificial ant problem.


11:15 Changeset [5520] by gkronber

#1423 Fixed problem with progress reporting and stored quality values in a datatable.


15:34 Changeset [5519] by mkommend

#1418: Fixed all compilation errors and reformatted some files.

15:00 Changeset [5518] by gkronber

#1423: added main project for automatic deployment

14:50 Changeset [5517] by mkommend

#1418: Fixed compilation errors in Problems.ArtificalAnt.

14:49 Changeset [5516] by gkronber

Added files for implementation of Levenberg-Marquardt optimization algorithm.

14:40 Changeset [5515] by gkronber

Created branch for implementation of gradient descent algorithms #1423.

14:37 Ticket #1423 (Gradient descent algorithms for HL (already implemented in alglib)) created by gkronber
13:22 UsersSamples edited by gkronber
13:22 UsersSamples edited by gkronber
13:19 UsersSamples edited by gkronber
12:56 UsersSamples edited by gkronber
added descriptions for GP samples (diff)
12:39 UsersSamples edited by gkronber
added boolean functions GP samples (diff)
11:32 Changeset [5514] by mkommend

#1418: Fixed compilation errors in Problems.DataAnalysis.*.

11:12 Ticket #1422 (Deep zoom for BubbleChart) created by cneumuel
It is not possible to zoom into a BubbleChart very deeply if the …
10:55 Ticket #1421 (Change of StringValue in ItemCollection View does not react on Enter) created by vdorfer
Bug can be reproduced by: - Add a new StringValue to the …
10:55 Changeset [5513] by mkommend

#1418: Adapted views to new symbolic expression tree encoding.

10:38 Ticket #1420 (Renaming of column names (and row names) of a DoubleMatrix is reset ...) created by vdorfer
In the NSGA-II a DoubleMatrix represents the resulting pareto front. …


15:16 Changeset [5512] by ascheibe

#1233 worked on administration gui

14:47 Changeset [5511] by cneumuel


  • added StateLog to log state transitions of hive jobs
  • added permissions to hive experiments (in data access layer, no UI for that yet)
  • extended unit tests
13:51 Changeset [5510] by gkronber

#1418 Fixed compiler errors in symbolic expression tree encoding

13:22 Changeset [5509] by mkommend

#1418: Made evaluators and problems generic to create the parameters correctly.

12:22 Changeset [5508] by mkommend

#1418: corrected IDataAnalysisSolution.

12:16 Changeset [5507] by mkommend

#1418: Commited remaining changes regarding OnlineEvaluators and solutions.

12:07 Changeset [5506] by mkommend

#1418: removed unnecessary directory.

12:04 Changeset [5505] by mkommend

#1418: worked on single and multi objective evaluators.

11:34 UsersSamples edited by gkronber
added download link (diff)
11:29 WorkbenchesHL3 edited by gkronber
moved GP examples to UsersSamples page (diff)
11:09 UsersSamples edited by gkronber
restructuring (diff)
11:04 UsersSamples edited by gkronber
added separator lines (diff)
11:03 UsersSamples edited by gkronber
restructuring (diff)
10:48 WorkbenchesHL3 edited by gkronber
10:45 NSGA-II created by gkronber
added very short description
10:43 ObsoletePages edited by gkronber
10:43 ObsoletePages created by gkronber
Added list of obsolete pages
10:43 RevisionNecessary edited by gkronber
added pages that need to be revised (diff)
10:34 SGP_SantaFe.hl attached to Documentation/Reference/Artificial Ant Problem by gkronber
10:31 RevisionNecessary created by gkronber
created page
10:27 Documentation/Reference/Genetic Algorithm edited by gkronber
corrected link (diff)
10:27 SA edited by gkronber
corrected link (diff)
10:26 TS edited by gkronber
corrected link (diff)
10:25 Documentation/Reference/OSGA edited by gkronber
corrected link (diff)
10:25 SASEGASA edited by gkronber
corrected link (diff)
10:25 LocalSearch edited by gkronber
corrected link (diff)
10:24 Documentation/Reference/Traveling Salesman Problem edited by gkronber
corrected link (diff)
10:24 Documentation/Reference/Knapsack Problem edited by gkronber
corrected link (diff)
10:24 Symbolic Regression Problem edited by gkronber
corrected link (diff)
10:23 Single Objective Test Function edited by gkronber
corrected link (diff)
10:23 Analyzer edited by gkronber
corrected link (diff)
10:23 Documentation/FirstSteps edited by gkronber
fixed link (diff)
10:21 Symbolic Classification Problem created by gkronber
Created page with simple description.
10:19 Documentation/FirstSteps edited by gkronber
Added NSGA-II and symbolic classification (diff)
10:13 Documentation/Reference/Artificial Ant Problem edited by gkronber
corrected link (diff)
10:12 Documentation/Reference/Evolution Strategy edited by gkronber
corrected link (diff)
10:11 UsersSamples edited by gkronber
Changed page description (diff)
09:49 Documentation/FAQ edited by gkronber
minor changes (diff)
09:48 Documentation/FAQ edited by gkronber
Added description of data-analysis import file format (diff)
03:24 Changeset [5504] by swagner

Worked on OKB (#1174)

03:02 Changeset [5503] by swagner

Worked on OKB (#1174)

03:01 Changeset [5502] by swagner

Worked on OKB (#1174)

01:19 Changeset [5501] by mkommend

#1418: Corrected namespaces and added symbolic classification specific evaluators.

00:59 Changeset [5500] by mkommend

#1418: Added all single objective symbolic regression analyzers.


19:01 Changeset [5499] by gkronber

#1418 changes in symbolic expression tree encoding.

16:56 Changeset [5498] by mkommend

#1418 - Added Single- and MultiObjectiveSymbolicDataAnalysisEvaluators.

16:36 Changeset [5497] by mkommend

#1418 - Removed remaining files from deleted projects.

16:30 Changeset [5496] by mkommend

#1418 - Merged DataAnalysis.Regression and Classification into DataAnalysis.

16:04 Changeset [5495] by mkommend

#1418 - Created interfaces in DataAnalysis.Symbolic.

15:00 Changeset [5494] by mkommend

#1418 - Refactored Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTree

14:58 Changeset [5493] by svonolfe

Added success-dependant execution of the operators for the VRP (#1392)

14:50 Changeset [5492] by svonolfe

Implemented various changes as proposed by vdorfer and swinkler (#1392)

  • Collecting the successful values now works when elites are enabled
  • The initial iteration (0) is not collected
  • The DataTable now has a Name
13:44 Changeset [5491] by gkronber

#1418 updated project file.

13:42 Changeset [5490] by gkronber

#1418 Minor adoptions in generic interfaces for data analysis

12:50 Changeset [5489] by epitzer

Add new keywords to avoid warnings during compilation (#1419)

12:14 Changeset [5488] by mkommend

Added interfaces for Regression 3.4 (ticket #1418).

12:12 Changeset [5487] by mkommend

Added interfaces for Classification 3.4 (ticket #1418).

12:10 Changeset [5486] by mkommend

Updated interfaces of DataAnalysis 3.4 (ticket #1418).

11:06 Changeset [5485] by mkommend

Removed warnings from Netron.Diagramming.Core (ticket #1419).

11:05 Ticket #1419 (All warnings should be removed from the trunk solution) created by mkommend
10:52 Changeset [5484] by mkommend

Prepared 3.4 project stubs for refactoring and added interfaces in Problems.DataAnalysis 3.4 (ticket #1418).

09:32 Changeset [5483] by mkommend

Corrected access modifiers of the storable and cloning ctor in VariableCondition (ticket #1325).

04:59 Changeset [5482] by swagner

Worked on OKB (#1174)

03:36 Changeset [5481] by swagner

Worked on OKB (#1174)

03:35 Changeset [5480] by swagner

Worked on OKB (#1174)

03:31 Changeset [5479] by swagner

Worked on OKB (#1174)

03:20 Changeset [5478] by swagner

Worked on OKB (#1174)


18:45 Changeset [5477] by gkronber

#1418 added projects to solution file, updated files.txt and svn:ignore properties.

18:41 Changeset [5476] by mkommend

Added DataAnalysis.Views 3.4 (ticket #1418).

18:36 Changeset [5475] by mkommend

Added Algorithm.DataAnalysis 3.4 (ticket #1418).

18:31 Changeset [5474] by gkronber

#1418 Created empty projects for data analysis problem classes (version 3.4)

18:22 Changeset [5473] by mkommend

Added SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding, -Views, ArtificialAnt and -Views 3.4 plugins (ticket #1418).

17:58 Changeset [5472] by ascheibe


  • some gui additions
  • fix method name casing
17:15 Changeset [5471] by gkronber

#1418 created branch for data analysis refactoring

17:15 Ticket #1418 (Improve structure of data analysis specific classes) created by gkronber
15:18 Changeset [5470] by ascheibe

#1233 remove generated files

15:16 Changeset [5469] by ascheibe

#1233 don't kill appdomain before it is finished starting

14:31 Changeset [5468] by gkronber

#1315 Added support for variable condition symbol to LaTeX exporter.

14:30 Changeset [5467] by gkronber

#1325: Merged r5060 from branch into trunk.

13:49 Changeset [5466] by mkommend

Updated all views with TabControls to use the DragOverTabControl (ticket #1058).

13:36 Changeset [5465] by gkronber

#1227 implemented test cases and transformation rules for root and power symbols.

12:01 Changeset [5464] by mkommend

Corrected DragOverTabControl (ticket #1058).

11:52 Changeset [5463] by mkommend

Reorganized Mainform.WindowsForms plugin and added DragOverTabControl (ticket #1058).

11:18 Ticket #1008 (StringConvertibleMatrix and -Array should have events for rows and ...) closed by mkommend
obsolete: This ticket is obsolete as the changes suggested have been implemented …
11:01 Changeset [5462] by mkommend

Corrected positition of context menu in ViewHost to support multiple monitors (ticket #1410).

10:34 Changeset [5461] by gkronber

#1227 implemented transformations in simplifier to successfully run current set of test cases.

09:14 Changeset [5460] by gkronber

#1227 Added test method for simplifier axioms.

03:16 Changeset [5459] by swagner

Worked on OKB (#1174)


18:23 Changeset [5458] by cneumuel


  • removed GetConfigurationFile from service -> configuration is now submitted as a plugin with one file (the configuration file)
  • resource ids are now checked before uploading a hive experiment, only valid resource names are accepted
  • added SharpZipLib License to ConsoleClient project, so dependecies are satisfied
16:59 Changeset [5457] by ascheibe


  • Added HiveCalendar Plugin Project
  • Started working on Administration UI Sketch
15:13 Ticket #1417 (Add visual indication of tabs originating from the same view) created by mkommend
14:46 Ticket #1416 (Move description from textbox to icon in NamedItemView) created by cneumuel
Instead of the textbox which takes up a whole line, put an icon right …
14:25 Ticket #1415 (Implement LocalSelection) created by mkommend
Implement a local selection operator to enable more detailed analysis …
14:24 Ticket #1414 (Provide linear error evaluator) created by mkommend
This evaluator should act in the same way as the HL2 classification …
12:21 Ticket #1413 (Remove bugs in BubbleChartView) created by mkommend
Corrected bugs: * Some points jump to the borders if the jitter …
10:58 Ticket #1149 (The zoomed run collection bubble chart omits points when jitter is used) closed by mkommend
invalid: This ticket is rather outdated and will be closed. New defects must be …
10:57 Ticket #1121 (The jitter factor is not updated correctly when changing the axis ...) closed by mkommend
invalid: This ticket is rather outdated and will be closed. New defects must be …
10:53 Ticket #1412 (Provide a separate application for result analysis) created by mkommend
10:48 Ticket #1411 (Add total evaluated nodes as a result) created by mkommend
This can be either done by counting the number of evaluated nodes in …


15:40 Changeset [5456] by gkronber

#1227 deleted branch for symbolic simplifier implementation.

15:27 Changeset [5455] by gkronber

#1227 Merged changesets r4878 and r4880 from branch into trunk.


12:30 AdditionalMaterial edited by gkronber
added dataset for time series modeling demo (diff)
12:28 Changeset [5454] by gkronber

added time series dataset

12:23 AdditionalMaterial edited by gkronber
added dataset for symbolic regression demo (diff)
12:16 Changeset [5453] by gkronber

added demo file for hl tutorial

12:15 Changeset [5452] by gkronber

added folder for eurocast hl tutorial


16:49 Changeset [5451] by ascheibe


  • added Sleep cmd
  • adapted gui for new cmds
11:44 Changeset [5450] by ascheibe


  • added Pause/Stop/Abort mechanisms to the slave
  • added Pause to Jobs
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