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Version 9 (modified by ascheibe, 6 years ago) (diff)


HeuristicLab 3.3.14 - Pending

Changes to the previous release that are available in the daily build of our stable branch and will become part of the next release: Download HeuristicLab daily build binaries.

Features and Enhancements:

Ticket Modified Component Summary
#2639 6 years ### Undefined ### Fix build warnings in trunk solution
#2571 6 years Algorithms Create a RandomSearchAlgorithm
#2527 6 years Algorithms.ALPS Implement ALPS with Offspring Selection
#1795 6 years Algorithms.DataAnalysis Gradient boosting meta-learner for regression and classification
#2591 6 years Algorithms.DataAnalysis Evaluation of GaussianProcessModels should be faster
#2612 6 years Algorithms.DataAnalysis Regression tree models should support evaluation even when some of the variables are missing or contain missing values
#2627 6 years Algorithms.DataAnalysis Non-linear regression based on a given model structure
#2542 6 years Algorithms.DataAnalysis.Views Estimated values view should also show predictive variance for each point especially for Gaussian processes
#2597 6 years Algorithms.DataAnalysis.Views Gradient chart view for regression solutions
#2602 6 years Common Enumerable extensions for generating k-combinations of elements from a collection
#2626 6 years Common Make it possible to exclude fields from object graph traversal explicitly.
#2628 6 years Common Population variance should be available as enumerable extension
#2569 7 years Core.Views View for ParameterizedItem
#2589 6 years Data Possibility to prevent resizing of ValueTypeArrays
#2637 6 years Data Conversions from ValueTypeArray/Matrix to standard arrays
#2610 6 years Data.Views TimeSpanValue Parse
#2559 6 years DataPreprocessing Decouple DataPreprocessing from SymbolicDataAnalysis
#2545 7 years Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding It should be allowed to create the SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding in the GUI
#2504 6 years ExtLibs Transport plugin for SharpDX external library
#2586 6 years Hive.Server.DataAccess Reduce HIVE load on downloading jobs
#1235 6 years MainForm.WindowsForms Context menu to close tabs/views
#2566 6 years Operators Improve collecting (Before|After)ExecutionOperators in Run
#2281 6 years Optimization New parameter type for storing results
#2060 7 years Optimization.Views Hitting the Enter-key in the experiment dialog closes the dialog
#2494 7 years Optimizer NewItem-Dialog should consider Categories in search results
#2567 6 years Optimizer HeuristicLab Applications do not respect their previous location and size
#2587 6 years Optimizer CreateExperimentDialog should show parameter descriptions
#2580 6 years PluginInfrastructure Command line argument handling is too restrictive
#2641 6 years Problems.BinPacking Bin Packing Trunk Integration
#2417 7 years Problems.DataAnalysis Extend interface for IDataset to allow access by column index
#2536 6 years Problems.DataAnalysis Dataset should implement IStringConvertibleMatrix explicitly
#2590 6 years Problems.DataAnalysis RegressionEnsembles should support weighting of the estimated values
#2593 6 years Problems.DataAnalysis Add method to convert a Dataset into a Modifiable dataset and possibility to replace columns
#2595 6 years Problems.DataAnalysis VariableImpactsCalculator for RegressionSolutions
#2604 6 years Problems.DataAnalysis Retrieve variables used for prediction in data analysis solutions/models
#2619 6 years Problems.DataAnalysis FeatureCorrelation should have an option to ignore missing values
#2572 6 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression SymbolicRegressionSolutionsAnalyzer should also add training and test R² values to the scope so that they can be read by other analyzers
#2584 6 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression ConstantOptimization should be configurable to ignore variable weights
#2620 6 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Views RegressionSolution Scatterplots should use semi-transparent data points
#2071 6 years Problems.Instances Refactor TableFileParser
#2611 6 years Problems.Instances Add SARCOS (inverse dynamics) as a real world regression problem instance
#2618 6 years Problems.Instances Create benchmark problem instances for variable network modeling
#2221 7 years Problems.ProbabilisticTravelingSalesman Implement the probabilistic traveling salesman problem
#2579 6 years Problems.Programmable.Views Changing Name of a ProgrammableProblem does not change caption in view
#1087 6 years Problems.TestFunctions Implement multiobjective test functions
#2546 7 years Services.OKB OKB run should return the algorithm id
#2549 6 years Services.OKB.DataAccess Optimize OKB Query Service
#2594 5 years Visualization.ChartControlsExtensions Better axis scaling in scatter plot and related charts


Ticket Modified Component Summary
#2563 6 years CodeEditor Exceptions thrown during code folding/completion are not handled
#2575 6 years Collections ObservableList's AddRange enumerates multiple times
#2544 7 years Core ScopeList clones list items twice
#2600 6 years Core Incorrect set method of directed graph arc label property causes NullReferenceException
#2535 7 years Data.Views TextBox in StringConvertibleValueView is truncated
#2568 7 years Data.Views UpdateRow/ColumnHeaders in StringConvertibleMatrixView should be public
#2599 6 years DataPreprocessing DateManipulation throws a GDI exception
#2616 6 years DataPreprocessing DataPreprocessing StatisticsView throws an exception for columns without any values
#2393 6 years DataPreprocessing.Views DataCompleteness chart is slow
#2570 7 years Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding SymbolicExpressionTree GetLength and GetDepth could return wrong results
#2643 6 years Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Subtree crossover can fail when tree size is larger than maximum tree size
#2644 6 years ExtLibs Upgrade Sim# to 3.0.9
#2534 6 years General Build.cmd does not work with Visual Studio 2015-only installations
#2539 7 years General MergeConfigs.cmd does not work correctly
#2562 6 years Hive.Server Fix problem with tasks that get paused
#2578 7 years MainForm MainForm throws NullReferenceException when default ctor is used
#2596 6 years Optimization ExecutionTimeTerminator cloning error
#2565 6 years Optimization.Views AlgorithmView clears the ViewType of the ProblemViewHost leaving the Viewhost in an invalid state
#2530 7 years Optimizer CreateExperimentDialog Error (EnumValue + FixedValueParameter)
#2585 6 years Optimizer Create experiment dialog throws an exception if more than one instance provider does not have any data descriptors
#2603 6 years Optimizer Unnecessary use of EventWaitHandle in CreateExperimentDialog
#2642 6 years Problems.BinPacking Bin packing fails tests
#2543 7 years Problems.DataAnalysis ClassNames cannot be changed for loaded and cloned ClassificationProblemData
#2574 7 years Problems.DataAnalysis ClassificationPerformanceMeasures throw exceptions if only one class is present
#2598 6 years Problems.DataAnalysis ProblemData cannot be changed for DataAnalysisProblems
#2601 6 years Problems.DataAnalysis ClassificationPerformanceMeasures are not recalculated when the data changes
#2576 6 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic VariableCondition symbol is deserialized incorrectly
#2609 6 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Cannot apply constant optimization on simplified trees
#2243 6 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Views JavaScript error when showing symbolic models in mathematical notation (MathJax)
#2525 7 years Problems.ExternalEvaluation Some types are missing a StorableClassAttribute
#2551 7 years Problems.ExternalEvaluation Encoding cannot be set through API for the ExternalEvaluationProblem
#2557 6 years Problems.ExternalEvaluation Cached objects are troublesome for object graph traversal
#2614 6 years Problems.Scheduling Name of Job Shop Scheduling Solution is not set (GUI lockup)
#2532 7 years Problems.VehicleRouting PotvinPDExchangeSingleMoveGenerator throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException


Ticket Modified Component Summary
#2526 6 years General Release HeuristicLab 3.3.14
#2538 6 years General Delete outdated plugins