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13:31 Changeset [8251] by spimming


  • Change hive server from service configuration file
  • Created service configuration settings for server address and certificate
  • Added HeuristicLab.Clients.Hive-3.3 project to solution
11:46 Changeset [8250] by jkarder

#1886: added BestIndividualSchemataAnalyzer

11:44 Changeset [8249] by bburlacu

#1772: Fixed small bug (correct counting of node ranks) in the SymbolicExpressionTreeGenealogyAnalyzer. Fixed node tool tips in the GenealogyGraphChart.

11:24 Changeset [8248] by bburlacu

#1772: Separated instance-specific attributes of graph node objects from the generic genealogy graph, into metadata objects kept by the specific graph class which corresponds to the specific problem instance (so for instance the SymbolicExpressionTreeGenealogyGraph will keep info about node ranks and qualities etc because that info is specific to symbolic data analysis problems).

09:59 Changeset [8247] by jkarder

#1886: removed unnecessary pattern matching in CalculateBrokenInheritanceOccurrences method

01:31 Ticket #1743 (Updating HeuristicLab 3.3.5 to HeuristicLab 3.3.6 with the update ...) closed by swagner
01:26 Ticket #1891 (Redesign update service) created by swagner
It turned out that the update service of HeuristicLab 3.3.x has some …
00:38 Changeset [8246] by swagner

Updated version number and added missing files in Files.txt (#1741)


23:14 Ticket #1890 (Code maintenance and minor changes) created by swagner
Use this ticket for minor changes and maintenance purposes that do not …
23:13 Ticket #1889 (Release HeuristicLab 3.3.8) created by swagner
New Features: * Mono Support * RAPGA * Scatter Search * JSSP …
18:10 Changeset [8245] by gkronber

#1784 adapted value ranges for Korns benchmark instances to prevent generating NaN target values

18:06 Changeset [8244] by spimming


  • added signing certificates
  • added status pages
17:46 Changeset [8243] by spimming

#1888: added pre-build event to project properties

17:39 Changeset [8242] by spimming


  • slave worker role initial commit
  • start client communication service optionally
  • make slave client communication interchangeable ('PipeCom', 'TraceCom')
17:30 Changeset [8241] by gkronber

#1784 adapted notes about function set for Vladislavleva instances

17:25 Changeset [8240] by gkronber

#1784 adapted Vladislavleva instances

16:55 Changeset [8239] by jkarder

#1886: added BeforeMutatorOperator to update the trace map accordingly before mutation

16:55 Changeset [8238] by gkronber

#1784 adapted Keijzer instances

16:21 Changeset [8237] by ascheibe

#1886 added ranks list to nodes in graph

16:01 Changeset [8236] by bburlacu

#1772: Refactored code in the GenealogyGraphChart and the SymbolicExpressionTreeGenealogyAnalyzer. Used gradient from HeuristicLab.Common to color the graph nodes.

15:27 Changeset [8235] by spimming

#1888: hive server web role initial commit

15:21 Changeset [8234] by ascheibe

#1886 updated graph from evolutionary tracking branch

15:16 Changeset [8233] by svonolfe

Added tabu search VRP sample (#1741)

15:02 Changeset [8232] by spimming

#1888: scripts for sql azure db adapted

14:53 Changeset [8231] by svonolfe

Updated description of PDP manipulator (#1177)

14:14 Changeset [8230] by ascheibe

#1886 fixed a bug

14:11 Changeset [8229] by ascheibe

#1886 worked on an analyzer for the best found solution

13:28 Changeset [8228] by spimming

#1888: initial version for optimization as a service branch

13:22 Changeset [8227] by jkarder


  • added BrokenInheritanceWildcardAnalyzer
  • separated analyzers and data structure creators
  • fixed CalculateBrokenInheritanceOccurrences method
13:06 Ticket #1888 (Optimization-as-a-Service) created by spimming
11:29 Changeset [8226] by gkronber

#1784 renumbered files for Keijzer instances

11:11 Changeset [8225] by gkronber

#1784: Adapted Korns instances.

09:44 Changeset [8224] by gkronber

#1784: fixed uniform sampling. Adapted Nguyen instances.

08:41 Changeset [8223] by mkommend

#1722: Corrected plugin dependencies in HeuristicLab.Problems.Instances.Views.

08:29 Changeset [8222] by mkommend

#1722: Changed output path of HeuristicLab.Tests to .\bin for all configurations so that the test lists work correctly.


23:54 Changeset [8221] by abeham

#1396: fixed loading errors when switching from coordinates to distance matrix evaluation

23:29 Changeset [8220] by abeham

#1760: fixed a bug

21:14 Changeset [8219] by bburlacu

#1265: Group.cs: Replaced primitive list with a linked list as it better fits the requirements (random insertion of primitives in the beginning or middle of the list) and gives better performance.

20:13 Changeset [8218] by ascheibe

#1886 added an analyzer for calculating all subtours of the best solution

19:14 Changeset [8217] by ascheibe

#1886 added more analyzers

18:00 Changeset [8216] by jkarder


  • added SchemaAnalyzer
  • added BrokenInteritanceSchemaAnalyzer
17:09 Changeset [8215] by bburlacu

#1265: Introduced a hash for primitives in order to improve lookup performance (Contains method).

16:23 Changeset [8214] by gkronber

#1847: bug fixes and improvements discussed with andreas

16:12 Changeset [8213] by bburlacu

#1772: Performance improvements for the GenealogyGraph. Minor refactoring to VisualGenealogyGraphArc and VisualGenealogyGraphNode classes. Added new functionality to the SymbolicExpressionTreeFragmentsAnalyzer, minor refactoring in the other two analyzers. Refactored View code. Updated project references and plugin dependencies and added HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic to the branch.

13:09 Changeset [8212] by mkommend

#1760: Changed object graph traversal to use a hashset of objects for excluding specific members.

12:41 Changeset [8211] by mkommend

#1782: Changed name of CSV providers and updated tooltip for import and export buttons.

11:03 Changeset [8210] by mkommend

#1782: Corrected problem instances links to new GP benchmark page.

08:11 Changeset [8209] by mkommend

#1722: Added necessary plugin dependency in HL.Problems.Instances.VehicleRouting.Views to HL.Mainform.WindowsForms.


22:38 Changeset [8208] by abeham

#1396: Show error dialog when incompatible evaluator is used

17:36 Changeset [8207] by gkronber

#1847: fixed some bugs

16:46 Changeset [8206] by gkronber

#1847: merged r8084:8205 from trunk into GP move operators branch

16:22 Changeset [8205] by gkronber

#1741 updated samples for the upcoming release

15:57 Changeset [8204] by ascheibe

#1809 removed unnecessary catch block

15:50 Changeset [8203] by gkronber

#1682: minor improvements for semantic crossovers

15:06 Changeset [8202] by mkommend

#1722: Corrected output path of Problems.Instances.VehicleRouting.

14:58 Changeset [8201] by sforsten

#1782: removed duplication of exception message, when giving the exception to the ErrorDialog

14:55 Changeset [8200] by gkronber

#1887 fixed exception message

14:53 Changeset [8199] by mkommend

#1784: Renamed CSV instance providers and corrected tooltips.

14:50 Changeset [8198] by sforsten

#1782: added try catch block again, but the MessageBox has been changed to an ErrorDialog

14:39 Changeset [8197] by sforsten

#1782: removed unnecessary try catch block in ProblemInstanceProviderViewGeneric when loading a problem instance

14:21 Changeset [8196] by sforsten


  • removed loadButton
  • a new problem instance is loaded as soon as it is selected in the combobox
14:13 Changeset [8195] by sforsten

#1722: changed method name in test

13:58 Changeset [8194] by abeham


  • Replaced in BatchRun the four boolean action flags with an enum
  • Caught InvalidOperationException when changing the state of the nested optimizer, which usually occurs in a race-condition
13:54 Changeset [8193] by gkronber

#1887 fixed a problem in plugin loading which occurs if one of the assemblies shipped with HeuristicLab is already installed in the GAC of the machine.

13:41 Changeset [8192] by sforsten


  • renamed CanSave to CanExportData and SaveData to ExportData
  • added the same functionality for importing problem instance as we implemented for exporting
  • some special changes had to be made in Problems.Instances.VehicleRouting
13:29 Changeset [8191] by jkarder

#1886: added BuildingBlockAnalyzer

13:07 Changeset [8190] by mkommend

#1783: Corrected tool tips in optimizer views and last errors in batchrun execution state handling.

00:46 Changeset [8189] by ascheibe

#1783 improved handling of inner optimizers in batch runs


23:45 Changeset [8188] by abeham

#1851: Removed calls to Application.DoEvents()

23:31 Changeset [8187] by abeham

#1762: Moved the ProgressView to the folder Controls instead of Views.

23:12 Changeset [8186] by ascheibe

#1762 fixed activation/deactivation of progress view

18:13 Changeset [8185] by abeham

#1775: Moved strategy parameter vectors to separate folder

18:08 Changeset [8184] by abeham


  • Updated documentation and error messages
  • Added an extra base class to unify the implementation of the round methods
17:16 Changeset [8183] by abeham


  • Added IStorableContent to HungarianAlgorithm, LinearAssignmentProblem, and LAPAssignment (it was only storable, because the result is storable)
  • Added separate AfterDeserialization hook and renamed AttachEventHandlers to RegisterEventHandlers
  • Added cloning of rowNames and columnNames in LAPAssignment
  • Changed the default instance of the LinearAssignmentProblem
16:43 Changeset [8182] by sforsten

#1782: removed unnecessary plugin dependency

16:39 Changeset [8181] by abeham

#1762: Fixed progressView creation

16:07 Changeset [8180] by sforsten


  • added CanSave property to IProblemInstanceProvider to know if it can save its data
  • ProblemInstanceConsumerViewGeneric only shows the export button if an IProblemInstanceExporter is available and the selected SelectedProvider has the CanSave property set to true
  • added a default implementation for CanSave and SaveData to ProblemInstanceProvider, so classes which inherit from it, don't have to implement it.
  • Classes in Problems.Instances.DataAnalysis which implemented the IProblemInstanceProvider now inherit from the class ProblemInstanceProvider, so some code is obsolete now and had been deleted
15:40 Changeset [8179] by gkronber

#1851: minor code improvements in CreateExperimentDialog

13:16 Changeset [8178] by gkronber

#1887 throwing a more informative exception when loading a plugin fails because it's assemblies are not loaded.

13:05 Changeset [8177] by sforsten

#1776: minor changes

12:51 Ticket #1887 (Show more descriptive error message for exceptions while loading plugins) created by gkronber
10:38 Changeset [8176] by mkommend

#1708: Small change in ResidualHistogram.

10:13 Changeset [8175] by mkommend

#1810: Corrected event registration for grammar configuration and updated samples.

10:04 Changeset [8174] by sforsten

#1720: added some small memory allocation improvements. The caches are initialized with the correct size, so no reallocation for the caches is necessary.

09:31 Changeset [8173] by sforsten

#1708: The data structure relativeFrequencies is now obsolete and some other changes should make it more readable.


14:36 Changeset [8172] by gkronber

#1797: adapted return type of ConstrainedValueParameter properties in FLA branch.

13:04 Changeset [8171] by jkarder

#1331: forgot to add custom interface (ISimilarityBasedOperator) to mark operators that conduct similarity calculation


18:09 Changeset [8170] by gkronber

#1878: added synchronization to all event handlers for optimizer events in the Experiment

17:43 Changeset [8169] by gkronber

#1823 moved parameters up into the base classes of ParetoBestSolutionAnalyzers

17:12 Changeset [8168] by gkronber

#1823: removed the ComplexityAnalyzer

17:05 Changeset [8167] by gkronber

#1720 reused evaluationCache from base classes in EnsembleSolutions

01:03 Changeset [8166] by abeham

#1762: fixed error detected in unit test


23:12 Changeset [8165] by abeham

#1762: Some changes to progress handling, see the ticket for more details

16:40 Changeset [8164] by ascheibe

#1863 fixed typo

15:44 Changeset [8163] by mkommend

#1876: * Removed unnecassary index positions during grammar configuration.

  • Removed unnecessary ref keyword in Interpreter for lawn mower programs.
  • Postponed firing of events in lawn mower Problem after configuration is completed.
15:10 Changeset [8162] by jkarder

#1886: fixed PreBuildEvent.cmd

14:59 Changeset [8161] by jkarder

#1886: initial commit

13:15 Ticket #1886 (Implement measures for analyzing algorithm behavior) created by ascheibe
13:07 Changeset [8160] by ascheibe

#1762 removed unnecessary SetEnabledStateOfControls calls

12:58 Changeset [8159] by ascheibe

#1762 removed blind disabling of controls

11:15 Changeset [8158] by ascheibe

#1174 fixed a small bug in the okb experiment upload view

10:02 Changeset [8157] by ascheibe

#1877 fixed metaopt for ParameterVisibilityTest


18:49 Changeset [8156] by ascheibe

#1762 Removed IProgressReporter and changed the Hive Job Manager accordingly.

17:43 Ticket #1787 (Set the parallel engine as default for new EngineAlgorithms) closed by gkronber
rejected: This issue was discussed in the architects meeting and it was decided …
17:39 Changeset [8155] by gkronber

#1875 set the ExecutionState to stopped only after all results have been generated. This mitigates the problem of the race condition in CrossValidation even though the underlying problem is not actually solved.

16:40 Changeset [8154] by mkommend


  • Added parameter visibility test to the basic test list.
  • Changed parameter visibility test to use interfaces instead of classes for object discovery.
16:25 Changeset [8153] by gkronber

#1720 implemented estimated class values caching in ClassificationEnsembleSolution

16:15 Changeset [8152] by gkronber

#1720 added estimated values caching to RegressionEnsembleSolution

15:55 Changeset [8151] by gkronber

#1720: preparation for estimated values caching in regression ensemble solution

15:14 Changeset [8150] by mkommend

#1884: Corrected special case in executime calculation of the Batchrun if the inner optimizer is prepared.

14:57 Changeset [8149] by mkommend

#1884: Adapted measuring the execution time of BatchRuns to behave in a similar way as it is the case of the Experiment.

13:10 Changeset [8148] by mkommend

#1885: Corrected SubroutineCreator to adapt the grammar according to the new ADF.

13:05 Changeset [8147] by gkronber

added additional material for ECML

13:03 AdditionalMaterial/ECML-PKDD edited by gkronber
12:55 AdditionalMaterial/ECML-PKDD edited by gkronber
12:54 grammar.png attached to AdditionalMaterial/ECML-PKDD by gkronber
12:53 AdditionalMaterial/ECML-PKDD edited by gkronber
12:45 model_math.png attached to AdditionalMaterial/ECML-PKDD by gkronber
12:45 AdditionalMaterial/ECML-PKDD edited by gkronber
12:43 AdditionalMaterial/ECML-PKDD edited by gkronber
12:43 AdditionalMaterial/ECML-PKDD edited by gkronber
12:40 simplifiedmodel.png attached to AdditionalMaterial/ECML-PKDD by gkronber
12:39 relevantvariables_small.png attached to AdditionalMaterial/ECML-PKDD by gkronber
12:39 screenshots.png attached to AdditionalMaterial/ECML-PKDD by gkronber
12:39 simplification.png attached to AdditionalMaterial/ECML-PKDD by gkronber
12:36 AdditionalMaterial/ECML-PKDD edited by gkronber
text (diff)
12:20 Changeset [8146] by ascheibe

#1762 fixed unit test

12:00 Changeset [8145] by ascheibe

#1762 implemented review comments:

  • removed self disposing. The progress view now reacts if a progress is set and Finish() is now called on the progress object and not the view.
  • Moved Cancel event from ProgressView to Progress
  • throw ArgumentNullException if the parent view is null
11:24 AdditionalMaterial/ECML-PKDD edited by gkronber
structure (diff)
11:04 AdditionalMaterial edited by gkronber
added entry for ECML-PKDD demo (diff)
11:03 AdditionalMaterial/ECML-PKDD created by gkronber
created page for ECML
10:47 AdditionalMaterial edited by gkronber
resorted entries to put recent additions at the top of the page (diff)
09:46 Changeset [8144] by jkarder

#1648: fixed DeleteUserGroup service method

09:28 Changeset [8143] by ascheibe

#1648 fixed displaying of client configuration


23:10 Changeset [8142] by jkarder

#1648: fixed Control.Enabled state handling

20:17 Changeset [8141] by jkarder

#1648: fixed Control.Enabled state handling

17:35 Changeset [8140] by ascheibe

#1722 fixed compiler warning

17:34 Changeset [8139] by mkommend

#1722: Renamed indizes to indices in the whole trunk solution.

17:24 Changeset [8138] by ascheibe

#1174 fixed compiler warnings

17:19 Changeset [8137] by mkommend

#1722: Added problem setter in IDataAnalsisAlgorithm.

17:16 Changeset [8136] by mkommend

#1878: Forgot to initialize lock object.

16:58 Changeset [8135] by ascheibe

#1762 fixed activation of controls after displaying the progress is finished

16:53 Changeset [8134] by jkarder

#1648: the client configuration's hash now gets calculated and collected

14:03 Changeset [8133] by mkommend

#1877: Corrected cloning in MetaOpt.

11:46 Ticket #1885 (Exception in SubroutineDeleter) created by gkronber
To reproduce use 'RunGpLawnMowerSampleTest'. An exception is thrown …
11:41 Changeset [8132] by gkronber

#1876 added keys for signing of the LawnMower plugin. Added a unit test for the lawn mower problem.

11:33 Changeset [8131] by gkronber

#1876: added support for ADF to lawn mower problem... unfortunately found a bug in architecture manipulating operators or in the grammars.


15:55 Changeset [8130] by gkronber

#1823 added AfterDeserialization hook to add the new analyzers when loading old problems.

15:49 Changeset [8129] by mkommend

#1878: Added lock statement in Experiment.optimizer_Stopped to avoid a race condition.

15:41 Changeset [8128] by mkommend

#1869: Readded ToEnumerable extension method.

15:36 Changeset [8127] by mkommend

#1788: Changed formatting.

15:29 Changeset [8126] by gkronber

#1823 fixed a bug in the Pareto-best solution analyzers for symbolic data analysis. Fixed a minor bug in the calculation of classification thresholds, made a sneaky change in SymbolicExpressionTree

15:15 Changeset [8125] by mkommend

#1799: Corrected behavior in DataAnalysisSolutionView when the visibility of the details is changed.

14:58 Changeset [8124] by gkronber

#1722 'Hungarian Algorithm'

14:17 Changeset [8123] by gkronber

#1810 added a unit test to check the evaluation of newly added special functions and fixed a bugs in the interpreters.

13:35 Changeset [8122] by gkronber

#1801 extended MATLAB formatter for recently added special functions

13:32 Ticket #1884 (ExecutionTime of Batchruns is wrong if it contains experiments) created by mkommend
The execution time of BatchRuns is calculated depending on the time …
13:14 Ticket #1883 (The visibility and naming-convention of IParameterizedItems should be ...) created by gkronber
Related to #1797. Almost all plug-ins contain implementations of …
13:12 Changeset [8121] by gkronber

#1797 added an interface IConstrainedValueParameter, added a test case to check the name, visibility and type of the parameter-property for constrainedValueParameters, corrected all properties in IParameterizedItems

13:07 Changeset [8120] by ascheibe

#1827 implemented review comments

12:59 Ticket #1882 (Hive client view doesn't show all runs of a batch run) created by sforsten
If a Hive job is created with a batch run and "Distribute child tasks" …
12:28 Changeset [8119] by svonolfe

Updated VNS sample (#1881)

12:27 Changeset [8118] by svonolfe

Disabled local analyzers by default in the improvement operators (#1881)

10:53 Changeset [8117] by ascheibe

#1174 removed RunCollection as content from the OKBExperimentUploadView as this led to an InvalidCastException

10:40 Changeset [8116] by mkommend

#1081: Branched HL.DataAnalysis to add AR models.

09:53 Changeset [8115] by svonolfe

Made tour text box in VRPSolutionView readonly (#1177)

09:15 Changeset [8114] by mkommend

#1081: Corrected scaling behavior of symbolic time series models.

08:27 Changeset [8113] by gkronber

#1788 changed symbolic regression evaluators to bound estimated values after scaling instead of before.

00:31 Changeset [8112] by abeham

#1722: Created a default QAP instance when creating a new Robust Taboo Search

00:27 Changeset [8111] by abeham

#1762: Improved code a little


21:24 Changeset [8110] by gkronber

#1773 switched back to the tree view as default for symbolic data analysis models instead of the math notation view.

20:16 Changeset [8109] by jkarder

#1722: fixed creation and parsing of the resource string in the Hive Job Manager

17:59 Ticket #1881 (VariableNeighborhoodSearch doesn't react to disabled analyzers) created by abeham
Analyzers in a VNS are executed even when all of them are unchecked. …
17:21 Changeset [8108] by abeham


  • Removed ToEnumerable extension method (I agree with gkronber and it's just one occurrence)
  • Reset rowNumber to 0 when rebuilding the combined data table
  • Some minor changes (moved ctor below variable/property declaration, replaced some obvious variable types with var)
17:02 Changeset [8107] by jkarder


  • implemented filtering according to the legend items
  • added zoom support
16:02 Changeset [8106] by mkommend

#1722: Corrected behavior of SymbolicExpressionGrammarEditorView.

15:55 Changeset [8105] by sforsten

#1811: tool tip has been implemented as suggested by mkommend

15:05 Changeset [8104] by sforsten


  • Removed ALL_SERIES constant
  • Reordered methods
  • CalculateResiduals returns now all residuals instead of a dictionary
  • reduced number of parameters for methods were possible
14:31 Changeset [8103] by sforsten

#1821: made changes according to mkommend's comments

14:06 Changeset [8102] by sforsten

#1811: added tool tip to explain that a model can be opened by double-clicking

13:11 Changeset [8101] by sforsten


  • added two calculators to test purposes
  • ClassificationEnsembleSolutionEstimatedClassValuesView shows the current average confidence of the correct and wrong classified samples
  • some calculators have been excluded from the project, so only relevant calculators are shown
10:16 Changeset [8100] by mkommend

#1811: Removed unnecessary code in ErrorCharacteristicsCurveViews.

09:48 Changeset [8099] by mkommend

#1821: Minor changes in VariableCondition and the according view.

09:34 Changeset [8098] by mkommend

#1708: Minor modifications in residual histogram` view.


20:02 Changeset [8097] by abeham

#1800: Added $WCREV$ substitution string to version in Plugin.cs.frame

19:58 Changeset [8096] by abeham

#1722: Added some missing dependencies to the "HeuristicLab-3.3" project (Clients, OKB, LawnMower)

19:25 Changeset [8095] by abeham


  • Changed to not display instance providers that do not contain data descriptors
  • Added some default values when checking an int/double parameter (made some rough guesses on what reasonable variations could be like based on the given value)
  • Set TopMost property to false
18:04 Changeset [8094] by abeham

#1855: Added plugin-dependency

17:57 Changeset [8093] by abeham


  • Added possibility to name row and column in matrix (to have more interpretable results)
  • Added a "standard" assignment problem
13:56 Changeset [8092] by abeham

#1856: Added unit test for lower bound, made it more obvious that last element is not left out


00:21 Changeset [8091] by ascheibe

#1877 fixed NullReferenceExceptions in MetaOpt detected by TestCloningAllDeepCloneables


16:35 Changeset [8090] by jkarder

#1751: fixed event handling

12:22 Blog: Symbolic Regression Benchmark Functions edited by gkronber
12:21 Blog: Symbolic Regression Benchmark Functions edited by gkronber
12:19 Ticket #1880 (Provide Qualities Histogram during algorithm runs) created by mkommend
In a similar way as for symbolic expression tree length a analyzer …
12:14 Changeset [8089] by jkarder

#1859: disabled btnPermissionsSave while AccessClient refreshes

11:33 regression problem instances.png attached to Blog: Symbolic Regression Benchmark Functions by gkronber
11:32 Blog: Symbolic Regression Benchmark Functions created by gkronber
11:25 Changeset [8088] by mkommend

#1879: Corrected ToString unit test.

11:24 Ticket #1879 (ToString Unit Test stops after first exception) created by mkommend
This is quite cumbersome as the unit tests must be executed several …
11:15 Changeset [8087] by mkommend

#1877: Corrected plugin dependencies and ToString methods in MetaOpt.

11:11 Changeset [8086] by jkarder


  • synced branch with trunk
  • added custom interface (ISimilarityBasedOperator) to mark operators that conduct similarity calculation
  • similarity calculators are now parameterized by the algorithm
  • deleted SolutionPool2TierUpdateMethod
  • deleted KnapsackMultipleGuidesPathRelinker
  • moved IImprovementOperator, IPathRelinker and ISimilarityCalculator to HeuristicLab.Optimization
  • added parameter descriptions
  • fixed plugin references
  • fixed count of EvaluatedSolutions
  • fixed check for duplicate solutions
  • minor code improvements
10:06 Ticket #1878 (Executing optimizers in experiments concurrently can lead to ...) created by gkronber
A race condition can occur in the optimizer_Stopped event handler in …
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