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23:54 Changeset [4188] by abeham


  • Started adding problem wizard
23:07 Changeset [4187] by abeham


  • Worked on Algorithm Template
20:41 Ticket #1140 (The FunctionTreeGrammar in the SymbolicRegressionProblem is not cloned) closed by gkronber
17:40 Changeset [4186] by svonolfe

Added some Potvin operators (RBX, SBX, LSM) (#1039)

14:49 Ticket #1140 (The FunctionTreeGrammar in the SymbolicRegressionProblem is not cloned) created by mkommend
A proof can be easily reproduced. Create two …
12:02 Ticket #548 (Review new persistence framework) closed by epitzer
12:00 Ticket #1139 (Human-readable XML output) created by epitzer
The generated XML is quite hard to parse for humans.
11:51 Ticket #1138 (Improve saving and loading speed) created by epitzer
Loading and saving is still relatively slow.
11:35 Ticket #1024 (Add multinormal test function) closed by epitzer
11:34 Ticket #603 (Migrate to new persistence framework) closed by epitzer
11:32 Changeset [4185] by svonolfe

Improved VRP visualization (#1039)

11:32 Ticket #1136 (Saving of a file is slower with each save operation) closed by epitzer
10:20 Changeset [4184] by svonolfe

Adapted VRP analyzer (#1039)

10:06 Changeset [4183] by svonolfe

Added the MultiVRPCrossover and MultiVRPManipulator operators (#1039)

10:02 Ticket #1137 (Primitive type wrappers should override Equals and GetHashCode) closed by svonolfe
wontfix: mkommend pointed out that overwriting the Equals and GetHashCode …
09:58 Changeset [4182] by abeham


  • Changed target framework back to 4.0 for wizards
03:22 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/DeveloperGuidelines edited by swagner
02:36 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/DeveloperGuidelinesSourceExample edited by swagner
01:23 DevelopersTeam edited by swagner
01:19 DevelopersTeam edited by swagner
01:16 WikiStart edited by swagner
01:14 WikiStart edited by swagner
01:10 Changeset [4181] by abeham


  • Improved algorithm wizard design
01:04 DevelopersTeam edited by swagner
00:17 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/AdditionalMaterial edited by swagner
00:11 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/AdditionalMaterial edited by swagner
00:04 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/AdditionalMaterial edited by swagner


22:43 Documentation/FirstSteps edited by swagner
21:49 Changeset [4180] by abeham


  • Deleted suo file
18:08 Changeset [4179] by svonolfe

Refactored VRP based on the code review (#1039)

15:34 Changeset [4178] by mkommend

adapted the ColumnsVisibilityDialog and corrected copy and past support in the StringConvertibleMatrixView (ticket #1134)

13:29 Changeset [4177] by svonolfe

Refactored VRP in preparation for the code review (#1039)

12:03 Download edited by swagner
Corrected daily build download link (diff)
12:00 Download edited by swagner
Corrected daily build download link (diff)
11:57 Download edited by swagner
Corrected daily build download link (diff)


00:28 Changeset [4176] by abeham


  • Updated installer
  • Updated View template
  • Added Algorithm template (untested)


16:59 Changeset [4175] by epitzer

Properly copy serializers when initializing global configuration. (#1136)

16:18 Ticket #1137 (Primitive type wrappers should override Equals and GetHashCode) created by svonolfe
When two wrappers like IntValues with the same primitive value are …
16:08 Changeset [4174] by svonolfe

Refactored VRP, added some Potvin operators (WIP) (#1039)

15:31 Changeset [4173] by cneumuel
  • reorganized HiveExperiment code
  • disabled snapshot-functionality... this needs more refactoring serverside
  • added short documentation which explains how to use hive
  • some minor changes
14:41 Ticket #1136 (Saving of a file is slower with each save operation) created by mkommend
When a file is saved over and over again the serialization of the file …
13:50 Changeset [4172] by mkofler

Added HL logo as PNG with white background and resolution 345x80px for developer wiki page

09:55 Changeset [4171] by cneumuel

corrected all AssemblyInfo.frame (removed BuildDate and changed PluginVersion to ""). Also deleted unused HL.Hive.Server.Scheduler and obsolete HL.Hive.Engine

09:20 Changeset [4170] by cneumuel

refactoring of Result-Polling of HiveExperiment, polling is now much faster and code is cleaner (1092#)

08:42 Download edited by gkronber
Added entry to download daily builds (diff)


15:46 Ticket #1135 (Improve BubbleChartView and BoxplotView) created by mkommend
- The axis labels should have a tooltip to show the full text of …
15:42 Ticket #1134 (Correct bugs of StringConvertibleMatrixView) created by mkommend
- improve the show/hide columns dialog - row & column headers are not …
15:18 Ticket #1133 (The ViewHost shows a cached View instead of the default View) created by mkommend
This occurs when selecting another item that can be displayed with the …
14:31 Changeset [4169] by mkofler

Added HL logo in different sizes plus SVG source files

14:06 Changeset [4168] by abeham


  • Fixed a bug in the clone method
13:40 Changeset [4167] by abeham


  • Added item attribute to CrowdedTournamentSelector
11:19 Changeset [4166] by gkronber

Added MSE evaluator for multi-objective symb reg problems. #1118

11:18 Changeset [4165] by gkronber

Added storable attribute to CrowdedTournamentSelector. #1040

10:54 Changeset [4164] by mkommend

Added persistence of Constraints to RunCollection (ticket #1124).

10:18 Changeset [4163] by mkommend

Corrected RunCollectionView to update the color of cloned Runs (ticket #1125).

10:16 Changeset [4162] by mkommend

correct RunCollectionConstraintCollectionView to displayed cloned constraints correctly (ticket #1131)

10:13 Changeset [4161] by mkommend

added cloning of the color property of a Run (ticket #1125)

10:08 Changeset [4160] by mkommend

corrected cloning of Constraint base class (ticket #1129)

09:28 Changeset [4159] by cneumuel

added sql-scripts for hive-database


19:17 Ticket #1132 (The ViewHost sometimes overrides the status of a view (readonly, locked)) closed by mkommend
fixed: corrected the creation of new views r4158
19:16 Changeset [4158] by mkommend

corrected the creation of new views (ticket #1132)

19:14 Ticket #1132 (The ViewHost sometimes overrides the status of a view (readonly, locked)) created by mkommend
This happens if a view is initally shown and changes its status in the …
18:06 Changeset [4157] by mkommend

fixed cloning of RunCollectionConstraints (ticket #1131)

18:00 Changeset [4156] by mkommend

Persisted the color of a run (ticket #1125)

17:57 Changeset [4155] by mkommend

corrected comment in Constraint.Clone (ticket #1129)

17:56 Ticket #1131 (Cloning of a RunCollectionConstraint throws an ArgumentNullException) created by mkommend
17:34 Changeset [4154] by svonolfe

Further improved the VRP design (#1039)

17:24 Ticket #1130 (NullReferenceException occurs in RunCollectionConstraintViews) closed by swagner
fixed: Looks good, thanks.
17:11 Changeset [4153] by mkommend

chained storable ctors for constraints (ticket #1129)

16:55 Changeset [4152] by mkommend

corrected null handling of constraint views (ticket #1130)

16:50 Ticket #1130 (NullReferenceException occurs in RunCollectionConstraintViews) created by mkommend
16:38 Ticket #1129 (Correct persistence of constraints) created by mkommend
16:12 Changeset [4151] by svonolfe

Adapted VRP view (#1039)

16:11 Changeset [4150] by svonolfe

Refactored VRP, added Potvin encoding (WIP) (#1039)

15:30 Ticket #1128 (Upgrade tools solution to VS2010) closed by abeham
fixed: r4149 * upgraded tools solution and configmerger project
15:30 Changeset [4149] by abeham


  • upgraded tools solution and configmerger project
15:29 Ticket #1128 (Upgrade tools solution to VS2010) created by abeham
15:26 Changeset [4148] by abeham


  • renamed folders
15:25 Changeset [4147] by abeham


  • Renamed folders
15:22 Changeset [4146] by abeham


  • Added View Wizard, Wizards GAC installer, and view template
  • Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't
15:13 Changeset [4145] by cneumuel

worked on "request snapshot" feature (#1115)

14:34 Changeset [4144] by cneumuel

improved HiveExperiment GUI (HL3.3 look&feel, RunCollectionView, JobItem.ToString) (#1115)

14:21 Changeset [4143] by gkronber

Fixed calculation of p-values for variable impacts (the calculation procedure was implemented incorrectly because in r4121). #1011

11:25 Changeset [4142] by gkronber

Added export to file functionality for the DataTableView. #1127

10:59 WikiStart edited by mkofler
Resolved display bug in IE (diff)
10:57 Ticket #1127 (Export functionality for charts) created by gkronber
It should be possible to export a chart to a file. It's possible to …
10:44 Changeset [4141] by cneumuel

merged with changes from Hive-3.2

03:51 WikiStart edited by swagner
Changed https links to http links (diff)


17:20 Changeset [4140] by kgrading

#828 added various improvements to the plugin cache manager, the execution engine, the transaction handling on the serverside and the server console

17:05 Ticket #1126 (Code review HeuristicLab.Problems.VehicleRouting) created by abeham
Before the VRP shall be released a code review should be done.
17:02 Ticket #1085 (The VRP problem should provide a default problem instance upon creation) closed by svonolfe
15:23 Changeset [4139] by cneumuel

HiveExperiment now flats the optimizer-tree (supports batch runs and sub-experiments)

15:21 Ticket #968 (Enhance StringConvertibleViews) closed by mkommend
15:20 Ticket #1021 (Refactor locking / disabling of views in HL 3.3) closed by mkommend
fixed: The described changes triggered a build increment of …
15:18 Ticket #996 (Implement constraints for datatypes) closed by mkommend
15:18 Ticket #970 (Implement new RunCollectionViews) closed by mkommend
fixed: Future development and bug fixes must be specified in a single ticket.
15:15 Ticket #1082 (Partial evaluation of training samples) closed by mkommend
15:14 Ticket #1020 (Refactor views for DataAnalysisSolutions) closed by mkommend
15:14 Ticket #1010 (View for simplification of symbolic regression solutions) closed by mkommend
15:12 Ticket #1125 (The color of runs is not saved) created by mkommend
15:11 Ticket #1124 (RunCollections do not save their specified constraints) created by mkommend
15:10 Ticket #1123 (Increment the build number of the mainform plugin) created by mkommend
This is necessary because the access modifiers have been changed after …
15:07 Ticket #1090 (Problems replace the operators collection after deserialization) closed by mkommend
fixed: Reviewed the changes by abeham and everything seems to work.
14:51 Changeset [4138] by svonolfe

The VRP problem now provides a random problem instance upon creation (#1085)

13:42 Changeset [4137] by cneumuel

use no transactions in read-only service calls to avoid dead-locks (#1092)

12:41 Changeset [4136] by cneumuel

finally fixed logging for hive (#1092)

11:18 Changeset [4135] by cneumuel

added HeuristicLab.Hive.Tracing (#1092)

11:16 Ticket #1122 (Exception when assigning some grammars to the FunctionTreeGrammar parameter) created by abeham
The GlobalSymbolicExpressionGrammar and …
09:43 Changeset [4134] by gkronber

Added a project dependency for ExternalEvaluation plugin #1090.


17:27 Changeset [4133] by cneumuel
  • Made HiveExperiment storable, so that a running HiveExperiment can be disconnected, stored and later resumed. (#1115)
  • Added Log to each JobItem (#1115)
17:23 Ticket #1108 (The serialization format of CompactNumberArray2StringSerializer is not ...) closed by gkronber
fixed: Tested by loading the artificial ant demo engine.
17:03 Changeset [4132] by epitzer

make optimized version of CompactNumberArray2StringSerializer compatible with released version (#1138, #1108)

15:27 Changeset [4131] by gkronber

Fixed bug in WeightedParentsQualityVarianceComparator. #1082

15:26 Changeset [4130] by gkronber

set svn:ignore properties #1041

15:22 Changeset [4129] by gkronber

Deleted plugin file. #1041

15:21 Changeset [4128] by gkronber

Implemented multi-objective version of symbolic regression problem. #1118

13:38 Ticket #1121 (The jitter factor is not updated correctly when changing the axis ...) created by mkommend


20:29 ChangeLog edited by abeham
added release dates to the changelog (diff)
20:19 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/AdditionalMaterial edited by abeham
Added a book I just ordered and a blog which led me to the book, as … (diff)
18:13 Changeset [4127] by gkronber

Added correlation coefficient evaluator for symbolic regression problems. #1117

18:11 Changeset [4126] by gkronber

Added check in correlation coefficient calculation to prevent division by zero. #1116

18:08 Changeset [4125] by gkronber

Made variable frequency analyzer more efficient and removed subtraction of base line (variable impacts are now in the range 0..1 instead of -1 .. 1) #1011

18:04 Changeset [4124] by gkronber

Improved variable impact view. #1011

15:53 Ticket #1012 (Operators and algorithm for linear regression) closed by gkronber
15:46 Ticket #1097 (Evolutionary feature selection problem) closed by gkronber
15:45 Ticket #1014 (View for symbolic expression grammars to customize the list of allowed ...) closed by gkronber
15:42 Ticket #1016 (ChangeNodeType mutation operator for GP trees uses function symbols ...) closed by gkronber
15:38 Ticket #535 (GP one-point crossover operator creates individuals larger than max size) closed by gkronber
invalid: Cannot be reproduced in the current version because one-point …
15:35 Ticket #881 (StablePearsonCorrelationCoefficientCalculator sometimes returns NaN values.) closed by gkronber
worksforme: Problem cannot be reproduced in the current version 3.3.0.
15:34 Ticket #859 (PTC2 initialization operator fails if it is used with restrictive ...) closed by gkronber
15:24 Ticket #1120 (Symbolic expression tree crossover operators swap parent operators ...) closed by gkronber
15:24 Changeset [4123] by gkronber

Fixed #1120.

15:23 Ticket #1120 (Symbolic expression tree crossover operators swap parent operators ...) created by gkronber
The relative semantic difference of the female (recieving) and male …


17:17 Ticket #1119 (Box-Cox transformation for data-analysis) created by gkronber
To transform non-normal distributed variables into normally …
16:54 Ticket #1118 (Multi-objective symbolic regression problem) created by gkronber
Support MO optimization for symbolic regression problems. The two …
16:52 Ticket #1117 (Evaluation of symbolic regression solutions based on the correlation ...) created by gkronber
Maximizing the Pearson's correlation coefficient r² is equivalent to …
16:29 Ticket #1116 (Values calculated by OnlinePearsonRSquaredEvaluator do not match the ...) closed by gkronber
fixed: Fixed with r4122.
16:29 Changeset [4122] by gkronber

Fixed #1116

16:12 Ticket #1116 (Values calculated by OnlinePearsonRSquaredEvaluator do not match the ...) created by gkronber


13:56 Changeset [4121] by cneumuel

Stabilization of Hive, Improvement HiveExperiment GUI (#1115)


16:58 Changeset [4120] by cneumuel

further improvement and stabilisation of HiveExperiment (#1115)


17:48 Changeset [4119] by cneumuel

HiveExperiment is now able to send IOptimizers of an Experiment and receive the calculated result (#1115)


19:54 Changeset [4118] by abeham


  • Fixed problem plugins reloading their operators on deserialization in following problems (forgot on them in the first commit)
    • SupportVectorRegressionProblem
    • SymbolicTimeSeriesPrognosisProblem
  • Fixed a bug in the FeatureSelectionProblem introduced in r4098
  • Fixed the issues mentioned in the code review of mkommend
18:57 Changeset [4117] by abeham


  • Added views plugin for variable symbol to set the variable names
  • Beautified interface in the channel views (images in buttons)
  • fixed a bug in the tree interpreter regarding missing variables
  • Added missing frame file for ExternalEvaluation.Views plugin
  • Fixed build of ProtoGen in the solution file
18:36 Changeset [4116] by cneumuel

worked on HiveExperiment (#1115)

17:05 Changeset [4115] by mkommend

Added correct handling of adding and removing runs in experiments and batch runs (ticket #1111).

15:49 Ticket #1111 (Experiments and Batchruns do not extract runs of newly added optimizers) reopened by mkommend
Added runs must also be removed from an experiment, if the optimizer …
15:47 Ticket #972 (Enhance ViewHost and adapt MainForm) closed by mkommend
fixed: The main development on the ViewHost and the MainForm is finished. …
14:40 Changeset [4114] by gkronber

set svn:ignore properties. #1081

14:38 Changeset [4113] by gkronber

Added plugin for time series prognosis. #1081

14:36 Changeset [4112] by gkronber

Fixed some bugs in multi-variate regression classes. #1089

14:20 Changeset [4111] by cneumuel

added experiment plugins (#1115)

14:19 Ticket #1115 (Implement HiveExperiment) created by cneumuel
Should be able to distribute collections of IOptimizer objects to the …
12:35 Ticket #1114 (Simple PRNG that is more memory-efficient than Mersenne-Twister) created by gkronber
For the case when many PRNG objects have to be allocated and the …
12:32 Ticket #744 (Squared input variables in linear models) closed by gkronber
wontfix: It would be better to implement a generalized least squares approach …
11:50 ChangeLog edited by swagner
11:29 Ticket #1111 (Experiments and Batchruns do not extract runs of newly added optimizers) closed by mkommend
fixed: Added runs of optimzers to the result collection r4110.
11:28 Changeset [4110] by mkommend

added runs of optimzers to the result collection (ticket #1111)

11:09 Ticket #1113 (Enable user to choose which parameters are stored in a run) created by mkommend
11:03 Ticket #1112 (Dragging of multiple items) created by mkommend
Although it is possible to select multiple items only the last …
11:02 Ticket #1111 (Experiments and Batchruns do not extract runs of newly added optimizers) created by mkommend
If an already finished optimizer is added to an experiment its runs do …
09:56 Ticket #879 (Calculation of Theil's inequality coefficient U2 should be based on ...) closed by gkronber
invalid: Actually after consulting the original sources this is not necessary.
09:53 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/VSCodeSnippets edited by abeham
fixed text regarding snippets (diff)
09:52 VSCodeSnippets created by abeham
VSCodeSnippets? → …
09:40 Changeset [4109] by gkronber

Use MSE instead of RMSE in feature selection for linear regression to make the results comparable with all other data analysis results. #1097

00:08 Ticket #1110 (SolutionMessageBuilder does not clone converter list) closed by abeham
fixed: r4108 * Added clone method
00:07 Ticket #1033 (Unchecking a converter can lead to unexpected behavior) closed by abeham
fixed: r4108 * Changed collection to list * Rebuilding dispatcher after …
00:07 Changeset [4108] by abeham


  • Changed collection to list
  • Rebuilding dispatcher after every change to the list


  • Added clone method
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