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#1457 Analysis All charts showing generations or iterations should start with 0
#1466 PluginInfrastructure Check if correct version of .NET framework is installed on startup
#1325 Problems.DataAnalysis Create VariableCondition symbol for GP
#1486 Operators.Views.OperatorGraphVisualization Decouple OperatorGraphVisualizationInfo from the associated view classes
#1348 PluginInfrastructure DefaultApplicationManager may crash in RegisterLoadedAssembly
#1172 Problems.DataAnalysis Detach data-analysis problem and standard algorithms from the heuristic-optimization specific interfaces
#1112 General Dragging of multiple items
#1377 Parameters Enable hiding of parameters
#1432 PluginInfrastructure Explicitly prevent discovery of specific types
#1364 Selection Implement NoSameMatesSelection operator
#852 Algorithms.ParticleSwarmOptimization Implement Particle Swarm Optimization
#1330 Problems.QuadraticAssignment Implement Quadratic Assignment Problem (QAP)
#1425 Algorithms.VariableNeighborhoodSearch Implement VNS
#1187 Clients.Common Implement plugin for common client-side operations related to HeuristicLab services
#1321 Algorithms.DataAnalysis Implement possibility to apply SVM training on classification problems
#1418 Problems.DataAnalysis Improve structure of data analysis specific classes
#1416 Core.Views Move description from textbox to icon in NamedItemView
#1118 ZZZ OBSOLETE: Problems.DataAnalysis.Regression Multi-objective symbolic regression problem
#1453 Problems.DataAnalysis OnlineEvaluators must not throw exceptions due to performance reasons
#1454 PluginInfrastructure PluginInfrastructure should be able to discover types implementing multiple interfaces
#1431 PluginInfrastructure Possibility to setup a plugin environment in code
#1442 Persistence Primitive type Tuple should be serializable
#1049 Parameters Provide a default instance when creating a new ValueParameter
#1313 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Provide a new default view for symbolic regression solutions
#1414 ZZZ OBSOLETE: Problems.DataAnalysis.Classification Provide linear error evaluator
#1229 Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Refactor grammars of SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding in order to reduce memory footprint
#1451 Optimization.Views ResultCollections should only show the value of the selected result in the details viewhost
#1298 Clients.Common Single sign-on for Hive
#1392 Analysis Successful offspring analysis should be added
#1227 ZZZ OBSOLETE: Problems.DataAnalysis.Regression Support for symbolic simplification of logarithm, exponential, conditionals, and boolean operators
#1410 MainForm.WindowsForms The ViewHost context menu should take into account if there are multiple monitors present
#1459 Problems.ExternalEvaluation.GP TypeCoherentExpressionGrammar is not available for external evaluation
#1455 Problems.DataAnalysis.Views View for clustering solutions
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