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Version 6 (modified by ascheibe, 9 years ago) (diff)


HeuristicLab 3.3.12 - Pending

Changes to the previous release that are available in the daily build of our stable branch and will become part of the next release: Download HeuristicLab daily build binaries.

Features and Enhancements:

Ticket Modified Component Summary
#2337 9 years ### Undefined ### Fix build warnings in trunk solution
#2261 9 years Algorithms.DataAnalysis Gradient Boosted Trees
#2276 9 years Algorithms.DataAnalysis Create interface for Dataset class, refactor code
#2321 9 years Algorithms.NSGA2 NSGA2: Provide option for dominating solutions with equal quality values
#2411 9 years Algorithms.NSGA2 FastNonDominatedSort performance should be improved
#2351 9 years Analysis.Statistics.Views Kernel density estimation for histogram control
#2352 9 years Analysis.Statistics.Views Correlation matrix should only show correlations to 3 or 4 digits accuracy
#2305 9 years Analysis.Views Statistical Tests View should also work with problem variations
#2340 9 years Core.Views Copy & Paste from ItemListView
#2387 9 years Core.Views Adapt TypeSelector to changes from NewItemDialog
#2327 9 years Data Implement a generic EnumValue and a generic EnumValueView
#2335 9 years DataPreprocessing Data Preprocessing Improvements
#2319 9 years Encodings.LinearLinkageEncoding Add LinearLinkageEncoding (LLE)
#2320 9 years Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding Add SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding
#2341 9 years ExtLibs Updated EPPlus to the newest version
#2420 9 years ExtLibs Add Sim# as simulation framework to ExtLibs
#2328 9 years Hive.Client Improve handling of batchruns in Hive Job Manager
#2413 9 years Hive.Server Add QuickSelection to WebApp Status page and obfuscate email links
#2342 9 years Operators Change ReductionOperation-Parameter of the DataReducer to ValueLookupParameter
#1985 9 years Optimization Create optimizer that limits runtime of an optimizer
#2332 9 years Optimization Overhaul operators for similarity calculation and analysis
#2344 9 years Optimization Improve Calculator
#2025 9 years Optimizer Improve structure for elements in the "new item" dialog.
#2301 9 years Optimizer Improve numeric accuracy in create experiment dialog
#2366 9 years Optimizer Utilize EnumValue-Parameters in the "Create Experiment"-Dialog.
#2427 9 years Optimizer Add sample that uses linear linkage encoding
#2368 9 years Persistence Make reading/writing HL data with typecache to stream available
#2374 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis Make RegressionSolution class non-abstract
#2412 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis Include the RMSE for RegressionSolutions
#2326 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Diversity analyzers based on the genotypic and phenotypic tree similarity measures
#2359 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Improve the SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionPruningOperator
#2396 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Add a symbolic expression tree formatter for C#
#2369 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Support chart for relative error in the error characteristic view
#2423 9 years Problems.Instances Add regression dataset (powermeter)
#2306 9 years Problems.NK Integrate NK landscapes
#2208 9 years Problems.Orienteering Implement Orienteering Problem
#2400 9 years Problems.VehicleRouting Setting new penalty values in VRP instances are not respected
#2329 9 years Scripting.Views Make CodeEditor available on Linux
#2358 9 years Scripting.Views Improve performance of the VariableStoreView
#2362 9 years Tools Update SymbolicExpressionTreeNode Debugger Visualizer to .Net 4.5


Ticket Modified Component Summary
#2318 9 years ### Undefined ### Clean up copyrights and assembly infos
#2367 9 years Algorithms.CMAEvolutionStrategy Eigendecomposition fails on some computers in release builds
#2386 9 years Algorithms.ParameterlessPopulationPyramid Poor hash function affects performance in the Parameter-less Population Pyramid
#2354 9 years Analysis.Statistics.Views Statistical tests view throws exception before opening
#2348 9 years Analysis.Views Fix chart analysis view
#2401 9 years CodeEditor Add missing plugin dependency to HeuristicLab.NRefactory
#2419 9 years CodeEditor ObjectDisposedException in CSharpCodeCompletionStrategy
#2378 9 years Collections Setter for Vertex label throws exception when the label is null
#2381 9 years Common Object-graph traversal does not finish in some cases / algorithm does not stop
#2338 9 years Core.Views Missing default view for read-only collections
#2395 9 years Data double.MaxValue cannot be parsed from string
#2373 9 years Encodings.BinaryVectorEncoding Typo in RandomBinaryVectorCreator
#2322 9 years Encodings.PermutationEncoding Fix typos in PermutationEncoding class
#2365 9 years Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.Views SymbolicExpressionTreeChart: node impact colors are not preserved when saving to file
#2399 9 years General Fix new problems with HL on Linux
#2402 9 years Hive.Client Don't reschedule failing tasks
#2408 9 years Hive.Client Fix exception handling in Hive client
#2409 9 years Hive.Client Dependent plugins of programmable items cannot be determined through serialization
#2357 9 years Hive.Server DeleteObsoleteSlaves should respect the downtime foreign key
#2404 9 years Hive.Server Hive JobManager displays wrong number of finished jobs
#2346 9 years Hive.Slave Fix service install of Hive Slave
#2356 9 years Hive.Slave Fix generation of unique IDs of Hive slave
#2347 9 years MainForm.WindowsForms Make links in InfoBox clickable
#2325 9 years Optimization RunCollection doesn't register all events after cloning or deserialization
#2364 9 years Optimization The BasicProblem's Evaluator should be InstrumentedOperators
#2270 9 years Optimization.Views Fix event handling in RunCollectionViews
#2334 9 years Optimization.Views Fix export of box plots
#2339 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis Classification ensembles aren't aware of the classification positive class
#2323 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Remove obsolete diversity analyzer and similarity calculator for symbolic data analysis
#2324 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Remove obsolete diversity analyzer and similarity calculator for symbolic data analysis
#2363 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic TreeSimplifier performance gets worse the deeper a tree is nested
#2376 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Selection of function symbols from the grammar is biased
#2398 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic Pruning operators mistakenly try to calculate impacts for the program root symbol and the start symbol
#2415 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic DataPreprocessing transformations cannot be persisted
#2307 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression Investigate problem with parents and SymbolicExpressionTreeBottomUpSimilarityCalculator
#2274 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Views Cluster Visualization View cannot handle one dimensional data points
#2345 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Views The x-axis in the error-characteristic-curve view is always at least 1.0
#2392 9 years Problems.DataAnalysis.Views In the correlation matrix there are no negative values for Pearson's correlation
#2403 9 years Problems.ExternalEvaluation ClearState might throw NullReferenceException in MATLAB evaluator
#2426 9 years Problems.Programmable Update Programmable Problem template code
#2424 9 years Scripting Console in C# script base passes wrong arguments
#2343 9 years Scripting.Views Values of variables are not updated correctly in the VariableStoreView
#2416 9 years Scripting.Views VariableStoreView needs to check for invoke required
#2372 9 years Services.Authentication Fix user creation in access service admin tool


Ticket Modified Component Summary
#2397 9 years ExtLibs Move GeoIP project to ExtLibs folder
#2317 9 years General Release HeuristicLab 3.3.12
#2331 9 years General Remove outdated plugins
#2394 9 years Hive.Server Integrate Services Web App and new Hive Status Monitor into trunk