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16:29 Changeset [8922] by mkommend

#1953: Refactored GetDistance method in VRPProblemInstace.

15:11 Changeset [8921] by gkronber

#1925 fixed robustness of NormalDistributionCutPointsThresholdCalculator. Now it always returns at least negative infinity and the most frequent class.

12:27 Changeset [8920] by sluengo
12:27 Changeset [8919] by sluengo
11:08 Changeset [8918] by gkronber

created a branch for extensions specific to GP for financial time series


20:59 Changeset [8917] by gkronber

#1925 used symbolic solution from MATLAB for calculation of cut points. Fixed numerical problem with calculation of NormalCDF by calculating / approximated the logarithm of the normal CDF.

14:30 Changeset [8916] by bburlacu

#1763: Added HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification.Views and HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression.Views to the branch. Removed prune button, minor functionality improvements.


16:47 Changeset [8915] by mkommend

#1763: merged changes from trunk into the tree simplifier branch.

14:08 Changeset [8914] by ascheibe


  • fixed nasty permission exception: refresh automatically can only be activated after the job is actually uploaded to the server
  • fixed setting refresh automatically correctly when switching between jobs


18:30 Changeset [8913] by gkronber

#1925: made corrections as suggested by abeham in the code review. In particular hopefully corrected the calculation of the CDF.

14:53 Changeset [8912] by abeham


  • Added a tooltip to the ProblemInstanceProviderView
  • Used tooltip to display a description of the selected instance
  • Made public member consumer private
11:21 Changeset [8911] by abeham

#1329: (Hopefully) fixed a problem with ziplib reference

11:19 Changeset [8910] by abeham


  • Corrected best known solutions in new taillard and microarray instances
  • Improved computation of an average fitness in the QAP


16:00 Changeset [8909] by abeham

#1841: Added further QAP instances from Z. Drezner, E. Taillard, and S. Rahmann

15:57 Changeset [8908] by abeham

#1941: Abbreviated first names as in the other datasets

13:08 Changeset [8907] by ascheibe

#1892 added configuration dialog for the scatter plot

11:18 Changeset [8906] by svonolfe

Adapted VRP test to changes of r8905 (#1981)

10:29 Changeset [8905] by svonolfe

Adapted VRP implementation to changes of r8904 - instance consuming (#1981)

09:56 Changeset [8904] by mkommend

#1981: Removed the contravariance of the generic parameter in the IProblemInstanceConsumer.

09:55 Ticket #1981 (The wrong ProblemInstanceProviderView is chosen for ...) created by mkommend
Therefore the import and export buttons are not visible for …
09:54 Changeset [8903] by sforsten


  • added two additional classification instances as suggested by abeham
  • fixed a bug in UCIInstanceProvider
09:15 Changeset [8902] by sforsten

#1941: fixed CreateGpSymbolicClassificationSampleTest and therefore also RunGpSymbolicClassificationSampleTest


14:19 Changeset [8901] by mkommend

#1970: Configured variable impacts branch, readded analyzers and added utility files (build.cmd,etc.).

14:01 Ticket #1980 (Implementing Learning Classifier Systems) created by sforsten
Implementing Learning Classifier Systems, at least one Michigan and …
13:51 Changeset [8900] by sforsten


  • renamed Keijzer 1-3
  • corrected training and test partition of Keijzer 9 and 10
  • changed interval for some variables in Korn 7, 9, 15 to avoid infinity and NaN values
13:44 Changeset [8899] by jkarder

#1331: fixed cloning ctor

13:43 Changeset [8898] by mkommend

#1970: Added plugin for symbolic regression to variable impact branch.

13:41 Changeset [8897] by mkommend

#1970: Added plugin for symbolic data analysis to variable impacts branch.

13:38 Changeset [8896] by mkommend

#1970: Added new folder for the variable impact branch.

13:38 Ticket #1979 (Some Regression Problem Instances are not correct) created by sforsten
Some of the regression problem instances don't work at all (Korn 7, 9, …
13:36 Changeset [8895] by mkommend

#1970: Removed variable impact analyzers from the trunk as the developed will be continued in a branch.

13:32 Changeset [8894] by jkarder


  • improved path relinking and improvement operators for the VehicleRouting problem
  • recreated SS VRP sample
  • corrected SS VRP sample test
13:29 Changeset [8893] by mkommend

#1976: Added median value to the datatable containing the constant optimization improvments.

10:57 Changeset [8892] by sforsten

#1942: delete obsolete branch

10:47 Changeset [8891] by jkarder


  • recreated RAPGA JSSP sample
  • corrected RAPGA JSSP sample test
10:29 Changeset [8890] by mkommend

#1890: Removed timeseries modeling branch.

09:26 Changeset [8889] by sforsten

#1941: IUCIDataDescriptor to add more information about the datasets to the data, to distinguish between different version, as suggested by abeham

08:59 Changeset [8888] by abeham


  • Fixed failed test case (mutation is now working)
  • Removed TestRandom and used the one in the Tests namespace
  • Corrected namespaces


22:57 Changeset [8887] by abeham


  • Moved decoders and evaluators from encoding to problem
  • Removed unnecessary state variables in operators
  • Introduced parameters in interfaces and added wiring code
  • Removed ConcreteScheduleManipulator as it does not perform any manipulation
  • Made ErrorPolicy and ForcingStrategy configurable and added views for them
  • Renamed the SchedulingEvaluationAlgorithm and also converted the AlgorithmOperator to a SingleSuccessorOperator
  • Fixed Plugin- and AssemblyFileVersion
  • Added missing license headers
01:46 Changeset [8886] by abeham


  • Removed unnecessary DueDates parameter
  • Changed ValueParameter to FixedValueParameter for Jobs and Resources
  • Made Job and Task INotifyPropertyChanged
  • Added a JobView and TaskView


10:14 Ticket #1746 (Reevaluate and improve constant optimizer) closed by mkommend
obsolete: Further development of the constant optimization is tracked in #1962.


16:43 Changeset [8885] by sforsten


  • implemented changes suggested by mkommend in comment:15:ticket:1942 except the first remark
  • TimeSeriesPrognosisInstanceProvider has been adapted to work similar to other DataAnalysisInstanceProvider, also views have been created for it
16:15 Changeset [8884] by ascheibe

#1950 reverted changes of r8848 as this doesn't make any sense

14:47 Changeset [8883] by abeham


  • Added backwards compatibility regions
  • Added lost AfterDeserialization hook in SymbolicClassificationMultiObjectiveValidationBestSolutionAnalyzer
13:31 Changeset [8882] by abeham


  • Added JSSPData class to problem instances
  • Added problem instance provider for some ORLIB JSSP instances (abz, ft, la01-20)
  • Adapted JSSP to load and export jssp problems
  • Adapted JSSP problem view to derive from ProblemView
  • Added static methods to MakespanEvaluator and MeanTardinessEvaluator
  • Fixed a bug in PRVUniformOnePositionManipulator
12:17 Changeset [8881] by sforsten

#1292: renamed some controls

12:10 Changeset [8880] by sforsten

#1292: implemented changes suggested by mkommend in comment:49:ticket:1292

01:05 Documentation/AboutHeuristicLab edited by jkarder


19:29 Changeset [8879] by gkronber

#1967 implemented possible benchmark instances for covariance evolution

16:50 Changeset [8878] by mkommend

#1942: Fixed compiler error in CSV import functionality.

16:28 Changeset [8877] by mkommend

#1942: Reintegrated branch for CSV import.

15:08 Changeset [8876] by mkommend

#1890: Removed not used private class.

14:31 Changeset [8875] by mkommend

#1942: Merged trunk changes into branch.

13:44 Changeset [8874] by mkommend

#1292: Minor code cleanup in feature correlation classes.

10:19 Changeset [8873] by gkronber

#1967 worked on GPR evolution


17:40 Changeset [8872] by abeham

#1043: Added repetitions counting to optimizer/experiment list view as well

12:53 Changeset [8871] by ascheibe


  • fixed a bug where runs were downloaded multiple times
  • fixed a bug where "Refresh automatically" wasn't disabled when the job was finished
  • added a locker around the code that integrates downloaded optimizers as in rare cases collections were modified by multiple threads which lead to an exception


17:44 Changeset [8870] by sforsten


  • corrected displaying of the Text of StringConvertibleMatrixVisibilityDialog and its subclasses
  • corrected sorting of EnhancedStringConvertibleMatrixView
14:54 Changeset [8869] by ascheibe

#1950 fixed multiple EndpointNotFoundExceptions in the HiveJobManager

12:59 Changeset [8868] by sforsten


  • TextAnnotations are now placed in an easier way
  • Y axis doesn't start at zero any more
01:26 Download edited by swagner
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