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17:27 Ticket #1873 (Improve the Legends of the DataTableView) created by mkommend
It should be customizable which DataRows are shown in the …
10:58 Changeset [8009] by svonolfe

Adapted to changes in IProblem interface (#1610)

10:57 Changeset [8008] by mkommend

#1722: Added size properties for range data types.

10:52 Changeset [8007] by svonolfe

Merged changes from trunk into branch (#1177)

10:46 Changeset [8006] by svonolfe

Derived VRP from Problem base class (#1177)

10:28 Changeset [8005] by epitzer

#1696 derive NK Landscape from SingleObjectiveHeuristicOptimizationProblem

09:53 Changeset [8004] by mkommend

#1864: Corrected deserialization of the operator collection.

09:51 AddonsDailyBuilds edited by ascheibe
removed VRP daily build (diff)
09:37 Changeset [8003] by ascheibe

#1177 adapted VRP branch to changes of r7999

09:32 Changeset [8002] by ascheibe

#1696 adapted FLA to changes of r7999

09:12 Changeset [8001] by ascheibe

#1174 adapted OKB to changes of r7999


19:08 Changeset [8000] by jkarder


  • added support to pan with the middle mouse button
  • removed pan button
17:38 Ticket #1872 (Exception handling in large experiments should be improved) created by gkronber
When executing large experiments where some of the contained …
17:14 Changeset [7999] by ascheibe


  • switched IOperators collection to IItems
  • adapted algorithms and problems
  • added AfterDeserialization hooks for problem, external evaluation problem and user-defined problem
15:35 Changeset [7998] by mkommend

#1081: Corrected time series interpreter and updated visualizations.

13:20 Changeset [7997] by bburlacu

#1772: New analyzer: SymbolicExpressionTreeRelativeLengthAnalyzer. Rewrote the SymbolicExpressionTreeFragmentsAnalyzer, added generic wrapper to wrap HL objects as items.

09:09 Changeset [7996] by mkommend

#1871: Improved performance of ProportionalSelector.

09:01 Changeset [7995] by mkommend

#1871: Added quality checks in all SingleObjectiveSelectors.


16:30 Changeset [7994] by sforsten

#1867: corrected some mistakes

15:48 Changeset [7993] by sforsten

#1633: ToolTip is now only shown in the column header

15:13 Changeset [7992] by sforsten

#1858: Multiple ColumnGroups can be deleted at once and are inserted correctly if the command is undone.

14:27 Changeset [7991] by mkommend

#1081: Updated estimation limits correctly in TimeSeriesPrognosisProblem.

14:07 Ticket #1871 (Selectors should check for double.Nan and infinity qualities) created by mkommend
Currently all selectors assume that only valid quality values are …
12:55 Changeset [7990] by sforsten


  • improved scrolling for the scatter plot
  • label of the axes are getting formatted
10:31 Changeset [7989] by mkommend

#1081: Improved performance of time series prognosis.

09:27 Changeset [7988] by sforsten


  • the training and test partition for Spatial co-evolution problem instance has been corrected
08:50 Changeset [7987] by abeham

#1870: fixed clipboard pasting in StringConvertibleMatrixView

08:30 Changeset [7986] by mkommend

#1869: Cleared combo box items if selected data table changes.

01:47 Changeset [7985] by abeham

#1851: Allow to specify each value of numeric parameters explicitly as well as provide a dialog for generating the values

01:27 Changeset [7984] by abeham


  • Added a check to remove the last newline only when there's actually a newline at the end
  • Improved speed of StringConvertibleMatrixView with respect to paste operations that would extend the number of rows and columns
01:22 Ticket #1870 (StringConvertibleArrayView does not fully paste all values) created by abeham
Also I noticed that StringConvertibleMatrixView can be slow when …


16:09 Changeset [7983] by epitzer

#1826 catch exceptions from sharp develop code completion

14:29 Changeset [7982] by ascheibe


  • always update the client information
  • allow a normal user to change the FullName and E-Mail
12:14 Changeset [7981] by mkommend

#1869: Forgot to add extension methods ToEnumerable.

11:39 Changeset [7980] by mkommend

#1869: Added RunCollectionDataTableView.

11:33 Changeset [7979] by mkommend

#1869: Corrected introduced bug in DataTableView concerning adding of DataRows.

09:03 Changeset [7978] by mkommend

#1869: Removed unused references in HL.Analysis.Views.

09:02 Changeset [7977] by mkommend

#1869: Added methods to handle collection of data rows in DataTableView.

09:00 Ticket #1869 (Display multiple DataTables in one view) created by mkommend
It would be beneficial if we had the possibility to compare data …


19:15 Changeset [7976] by gkronber

#1851: fixed a bug which had the effect that the problem instance was not set correctly for each variant

18:26 Changeset [7975] by gkronber

#1851: fixed cross-thread exception related to the backgroundworker for creating experiments.


20:33 Changeset [7974] by abeham


  • fixed problem with choices that are not INamedItem
  • fixed a bug in the enumeration of choice parameters
  • improved UI feedback


09:33 Ticket #1868 (Exception occors when creating an experiment and trying to vary a ...) closed by abeham
duplicate: Thanks for reporting this issue I will look into it! Nevertheless, let …
01:36 Ticket #1868 (Exception occors when creating an experiment and trying to vary a ...) created by swinkler
To reproduce this open a new SVM, e.g., create experiment, and click …


15:52 Changeset [7973] by ascheibe

#1174 small ui improvement when the client isn't registered

10:17 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewViews edited by ascheibe
10:07 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewViews edited by ascheibe
10:07 autoscalemode.PNG attached to Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewViews by ascheibe
10:07 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewViews edited by ascheibe
09:46 Changeset [7972] by gkronber

#1722 added static methods in OnePointShaker and SymbolicDataAnalysisAlleleFrequencyAnalyzer

09:44 Changeset [7971] by epitzer

#1800 add missing plug-in dependency

04:29 Changeset [7970] by abeham

#1614: restructured architecture to allow for different evaluator with different penalty strategies

02:03 Download edited by swagner


17:32 Documentation/FAQ edited by ascheibe
16:53 Changeset [7969] by gkronber

#1292: Added HoeffdingsDependenceCalculator to calculate the non-parametric Hoeffding's dependency. Ideally it should be possible to show either Pearson's R², Spearman's rank correlation, or Hoeffding's dependency in the heat-map.

16:39 Changeset [7968] by sforsten


  • Delete command for columns and for rows has been added, which have less data than a specified threshold
  • threshold can be set in a view
12:41 Changeset [7967] by jkarder


  • removed assignment to Font property in HeuristicLab.MainForm.WindowsForms.DockForm
  • changed AutoScaleMode to be inherited from HeuristicLab.MainForm.WindowsForms.MainForm for all user interface classes
12:01 Changeset [7966] by epitzer

#1800 extract debug engine views into their own plug-in

10:50 Changeset [7965] by sforsten

#1784: CSV files that contain columns with non-numeric data can be imported again.

10:37 Changeset [7964] by bburlacu

#1866: Fixed small omission in the full tree creator.

10:25 Ticket #1867 (Add Command which deletes Rows or Columns with insufficient data) created by sforsten
Similar to a feature from HL 2.5, the DataImporter shall be able to …
10:20 Changeset [7963] by sforsten

#1784: prepare remaining branch to work with Problems.Instances.DataAnalysis

10:10 Ticket #1752 (Export Dataset to CSV) closed by mkommend
obsolete: This ticket is obsolete as the required changes were tracked in #1784.
10:09 Changeset [7962] by sforsten

#1669: delete obsolete branch

10:05 Ticket #1669 (Create demo and benchmark problems for regression tasks) closed by sforsten
obsolete: The ticket is obsolete, because the benchmark problems have been …
10:02 Changeset [7961] by bburlacu

#1866: Fixed bug where initial frequencies of grammar symbols were not taken into account by the tree creators.

10:01 Ticket #1866 (Initial frequencies not taken into account by full-, and grow tree ...) created by bburlacu
When selecting random symbols for creating new trees, the initial …
09:27 Ticket #1825 (New Column Command should insert the new column next to the selected one) closed by mkommend
09:27 Ticket #1818 (ColumnGroupView refreshes very slowly) closed by mkommend
09:20 Ticket #1865 (VariableView and VariableConditionView shall show all variables) created by sforsten
In SymbolicExpressionTreeGrammar for the symbols 'Variable' and …
09:03 Changeset [7960] by sforsten


  • changed references in Problems.Instances.Views to project references
  • set CopyLocal to False for all references
09:01 Changeset [7959] by svonolfe

Fixed assembly references (#1177)

08:34 Changeset [7958] by svonolfe

Merged changes from trunk into branch (#1177)

04:08 Changeset [7957] by abeham


  • Used a TreeView instead of a ListView to display the instances
  • Fixed the bug regarding algorithms without a defined problem
  • Improved the UI speed
  • Added a warning sign if the number of variations is greater than 1000
  • Stated for every parameter if it was an int, double, or bool parameter
  • The .resx contains the warning icon for the error provider and should not be removed


21:50 Changeset [7956] by sforsten

#1782: improvements from mkommend's comment have been applied

17:53 Changeset [7955] by gkronber

#1722 removed unused file.

16:48 Changeset [7954] by jkarder


  • added EvaluatedSolutions parameter
  • SingleObjectiveTestFunctionImprovementOperator now retrieves the bounds from the scope tree
  • SingleObjectiveTestFunctionProblem now assigns the bounds to the similarity calculator
16:27 Changeset [7953] by spimming


  • added file dialog to select csv problem file
  • wizard page to select target variable
  • plugin dependencies updated
14:57 Changeset [7952] by jkarder

#1648: added method to refresh a RefreshableView manually

14:48 Changeset [7951] by jkarder


  • added permission management support
  • extended administartion user interface
  • minor code improvements
14:14 Changeset [7950] by jkarder


  • added ResourcePermission data transfer object
  • added resource permission management service methods
  • added authorization service method for resource administration
  • HiveService now uses AccessService infrastructure
09:01 Documentation/Howto/Implement Genetic Programming Problems edited by gkronber
more description about the problem (diff)


16:01 Ticket #1864 (Problems should provide more than operators to algorithms) created by ascheibe
Currently IProblem provides a collection of IOperators which an …


19:09 Ticket #1527 (Types returned by persistence do not include types from `System.Type` ...) closed by abeham
obsolete: This feature is not needed anymore.
16:46 Changeset [7949] by mkommend

#1863: Corrected plugin dependency in HL.Clients.Hive.Administrator.

16:41 Changeset [7948] by mkommend

#1863: excluded HL.MathJax from the dependency unit test and corrected some plugin dependencies.

16:29 Changeset [7947] by mkommend

#1863: Updated plugin dependencies unit test to test external libraries.

16:27 Ticket #1863 (Plugin dependencies for external libraries are not tested) created by mkommend
Currently the plugin dependencies for external libraries are not …
14:08 Changeset [7946] by ascheibe

#1648 fixed client group update method

12:48 Changeset [7945] by ascheibe

#1648 fixed updating of client information

09:43 Ticket #1862 (The zoom interval in the ScatterPlot is not set correctly) created by mkommend
Sometimes it is not possible to zoom into the ScatterPlot due to a too …


16:51 Changeset [7944] by spimming


  • new wizard page to choose what to do with generated experiments
  • exclude some experiments from generation for faster debug cycles
15:07 Ticket #298 (Adapt HeuristicLab to run on top of Mono 2.0) closed by ascheibe
obsolete: I'm closing this ticket because the branch doesn't exist anymore and …
15:04 Ticket #1861 (Port HeuristicLab to Mono) created by ascheibe
Enclosed to this ticket is a file containing 83 patches which make …
14:50 Changeset [7943] by ascheibe

#1722 added missing plugin dependency of DataAnalysis on LibSVM (needed for Hive)

12:42 Changeset [7942] by ascheibe

#1648 improved user information dialog

10:36 Changeset [7941] by ascheibe

#1174 adapted OKB to changes in the Access Service (r7936)

08:39 Changeset [7940] by abeham

#1614: fixed a dependency

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