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23:33 Changeset [7378] by ascheibe

#1174 fixed icons of algorithm view

18:02 Changeset [7377] by ascheibe

#1648 fixed an icon

17:56 Changeset [7376] by ascheibe

#1174 added the access service user selection control to the algorithm view of the administrator

17:51 Changeset [7375] by ascheibe

#1648 switched user controls to a CheckedItemListView

17:45 Changeset [7374] by spimming


  • Methods to create a deployment added
  • Download blob block from public blob container
  • Constants for deployment and storage api version added
17:33 Changeset [7373] by abeham

#1614: Worked on GQAP

17:04 Changeset [7372] by bburlacu

#1763: Intermediate commit with work done on the SymbolicExpressionTreeChart view (proxy right click events to nodes, methods for changing the weight/value of variable/constant nodes).

15:15 Changeset [7371] by spimming


  • start diagnostic monitor only when a connection string is specified
  • constants file added
13:59 Changeset [7370] by ascheibe

#1722 added a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+H) for the Hive Job Manager

13:41 Ticket #1764 (The Hive Status page should show which resources are allowed to ...) created by ascheibe
Also "Available cores" should only count cores which are currently …
10:29 Changeset [7369] by abeham

#1759: Added processor architecture detection


21:33 Changeset [7368] by ascheibe

#1648 added first version of an access client, access items and views for displaying them

17:21 Changeset [7367] by ascheibe


  • updated frame files
  • added a lightweight user dto for non-admin users
  • added access service roles
  • some more minor changes
17:06 Changeset [7366] by spimming


  • Constants for deployments added
  • worker for creating a deployment added
  • create hosted service
17:04 Changeset [7365] by bburlacu

#1763: Added HeuristicLab.Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.Views project to branch/solution, added missing file, updated folder structure.

16:56 Changeset [7364] by abeham


  • added ICrossover interface
16:55 Changeset [7363] by abeham


  • worked on GQAP
14:58 Changeset [7362] by spimming


  • Check if password is valid for pfx file
  • progress bar is now marquee style
  • control flow refactored
13:09 Changeset [7361] by bburlacu

#1763: Updated project references, added build and solution files.

13:09 Documentation/Howto/Setup OKB Server edited by ascheibe
13:04 Changeset [7360] by ascheibe

#1174 the administration and run creation service now verify that the user has the appropriate roles

12:41 Changeset [7359] by bburlacu

#1763: Branch for the SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeSimplifier

12:32 Ticket #1763 (Support changing of constants and variable weights in the simplifier ...) created by bburlacu
The SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeSimplifier should offer users …
12:00 Changeset [7358] by ascheibe


  • added a service locator for access services
  • fixed role verifier interface
11:51 Changeset [7357] by spimming


  • removed unnecessary invoke-calls
  • moved method call to disable controls out of the worker
10:59 Changeset [7356] by ascheibe

#1648 changed output dir so that assemblies can be easily referenced by OKB

10:36 Changeset [7355] by ascheibe


  • added a role verifier for checking if the current user has a certain role
  • updated year in license headers and frame files
09:41 Changeset [7354] by spimming


  • Methods to create hosted services added
  • Method to add a certificate to a hosted service
  • update bindinglist from worker
02:34 Changeset [7353] by swagner

Fixed PluginInfrastructure unit tests as all plugins and products have been deleted in the deployment DB due to compatibility issues (automatic update from HL 3.3.5 to HL 3.3.6 fails). (#1722)


23:56 Changeset [7352] by abeham


  • Added simple command file to execute FxCop rules from HeuristicLab.FxCop.dll on all HeuristicLab.*.dll files in the bin directory
23:54 Changeset [7351] by abeham


  • fixed some problems that were identified with the first existing FxCop rules (duplicate storable hook in ExternalEvaluationProblem, multiple wrong names)
  • generally renamed AttachEventHandlers to RegisterEventHandlers to be consistent
  • fixed some backwards compatible regions to use the format from the snippet and the comment
23:28 Changeset [7350] by abeham


  • Changed storable hook name rule to correctly distinguish between BeforeSerialization and AfterDeserialization hooks
  • Added a new rule that checks if more than one storable hook is defined in a class
21:48 Changeset [7349] by ascheibe

#1174 some minor changes:

  • set the database location to the default location of SQL Server 2008R2 in the Create OKB script
  • added the certificate key of my machine to the client app.config
  • added OKB roles
19:05 Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers edited by bburlacu
19:04 Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers edited by bburlacu
19:03 Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers edited by bburlacu
18:57 83lyxpreview1.png attached to Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers by bburlacu
18:56 77lyxpreview1.png attached to Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers by bburlacu
18:55 73lyxpreview1.png attached to Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers by bburlacu
18:55 72lyxpreview1.png attached to Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers by bburlacu
18:53 71lyxpreview1.png attached to Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers by bburlacu
18:48 Documentation/Reference/Genetic Programming Crossovers created by bburlacu
16:23 Changeset [7348] by bburlacu

#1682: Updated license information, removed redundant inheritance from ISymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionCrossover, deleted misplaced files.

16:18 Changeset [7347] by sforsten


  • Bug fix in ItemCollectionView: Content events are deregistered in Dispose method
  • Bug fix in ItemCollectionView: Item events are deregistered in OnContentChanged method
  • small changes in RegressionSolutionView
16:06 Changeset [7346] by bburlacu

#1682: Removed unnecessary files.

15:23 Changeset [7345] by abeham


  • added first version of GRASP+PR algorithm
15:18 Changeset [7344] by bburlacu

#1682: New branch format: removed unnecessary files, merged remaining.

15:14 Documentation/Howto/Setup OKB Server created by ascheibe
14:32 Changeset [7343] by bburlacu

#1682: Switched to new branch format for ProbabilisticFunctionalCrossover and friends.

14:21 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
13:00 Ticket #1762 (Move Hive Progress Control to MainForm.WindowsForms) created by ascheibe
Move the Hive Progress Control from Clients.Hive.Views.Progress to …
12:51 Changeset [7342] by ascheibe

#1761 added a delay when switching to the tab page on which an item is dragged on

11:14 Ticket #1761 (Add a delay to the DragOverTabControl) created by ascheibe
When dragging an item over a tab page header there should be a delay …
11:11 Changeset [7341] by ascheibe

#1722 switched the tab control in the Hive Job Manager to a DragOverTabControl

00:23 Ticket #1760 (Processing time of optimizers increases when optimizers are executed ...) created by swagner
When executing a batch run which contains an optimizer with a rather …


23:45 Changeset [7340] by abeham

#1759: added project to include FxCop rules for HeuristicLab 3.3

23:43 Ticket #1759 (Add FxCop rules to HeuristicLab) created by abeham
There's a tutorial on the …
18:24 Changeset [7339] by spimming


  • List-Operations added to Interface and AzureProvider
  • AddCertificate- and AddAzureService-Dialog added
17:56 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/ReviewGuidelines edited by swagner
17:06 Changeset [7338] by sforsten

#1758: first version to change the data set in a model has been implemented

17:04 Changeset [7337] by sforsten

#1752: some methods were added to Dataset to easier obtain string and Datetime values

17:02 Changeset [7336] by sforsten


  • bug fixed in RegressionBenchmark
  • adapted trainings partitions of some benchmark problems
16:59 Changeset [7335] by bburlacu

#1756: Also removed the InsertEmptyPoints call from inside the ToggleSeriesData method.

15:42 Changeset [7334] by ascheibe

#1174 added StaticItemImage property to the OKB Item, Algorithm and Problem

15:23 Changeset [7333] by bburlacu

#1756: Fixed series color for empty points.

15:11 Changeset [7332] by ascheibe

#1174 adapted frame filenames to new naming scheme

14:57 Changeset [7331] by ascheibe


  • switched to new build style for branches and improved config merging
  • updated year in license headers and assembly infos
  • updated version in plugin files and assembly infos
13:32 Changeset [7330] by sforsten

#1758: create branch for 'Change Dataset of RegressionModel'

13:29 Ticket #1758 (Change Dataset of RegressionModel) created by sforsten
A new button will be added in the RegressionSolutionView to import a …
10:01 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/ReviewGuidelines edited by abeham
added points from swagner (diff)


14:47 Ticket #1757 (Hive slave tray icon loses connection after recovering from sleep) created by abeham
When recovering the operating system (Windows 7) from sleep, the tray …
00:59 Changeset [7329] by ascheibe

#1745 added a random number generator creator for subscopes to make island ga runs reproducible


21:33 Changeset [7328] by sforsten

#1669: corrected mistake while generating the dataset

01:47 EvoSoft/2012 edited by swagner


18:16 Changeset [7327] by bburlacu

#1756: Fixed speed issue in RegressionSolutionLineChartView. The problem was an unnecessary call to the InsertEmptyPoints procedure. The MSDN website ( specifies the context in which this method is useful: when the data points have no Y value. In our case however there are no such points, so by removed the calls the performance becomes similar to the scatter plot (which also does not insert empty points).

16:06 Ticket #1756 (Line chart is slow for large regression problems) created by bburlacu
When the problem data contains a large number of rows (20000-50000), …
16:01 Changeset [7326] by spimming


  • New model classes
  • New service operation methods added
  • License information added
14:21 Changeset [7325] by ascheibe

#1745 added result storing operations for the reducer

13:45 Changeset [7324] by spimming


  • Methods to add and remove Subscription in CloudManagerClient
  • AddSubscriptionDialog integrated
  • OnContentChanged implemented
00:13 Changeset [7323] by ascheibe

#1745 added multiple reduction operations


22:03 Ticket #1755 (Plugin manager may describe a missing dependency as a dependency cycle) created by abeham
To reproduce: 1. Download HeuristicLab 3.3.6 1. Extract it and …
19:31 Changeset [7322] by ascheibe


  • disabled parallel solution creation and evaluation because of the hive engine
  • improved parameter lookup in reduction operators
  • added ReductionTypes
18:37 Changeset [7321] by epitzer

#1696: Tweak appearance of VRP visualization

17:14 Changeset [7320] by ascheibe

#1744 fixed a bug in the job scheduler for hive engine tasks


17:47 Changeset [7319] by abeham

#1614: worked on GQAP (added operators, assignment view)

17:44 Changeset [7318] by abeham

#1754: Added copy & paste support for StringConvertibleArrayView similar to StringConvertibleMatrixView

17:14 Changeset [7317] by spimming


  • Use IItemLists for data
  • Show CloudResourceView in HiveCloudManagerView
16:55 Ticket #1754 (Copy & Paste support for StringConvertibleArrayView) created by abeham
It would be nice to be able to copy a column or a row from Excel into …
15:07 Changeset [7316] by svonolfe

Added Picture generator (#1696)

13:05 Changeset [7315] by epitzer

#1696: Add VRP depot excentricity metrics

13:03 Changeset [7314] by epitzer

#1696: Update ALGLIB references

10:34 Changeset [7313] by abeham

#1722: changed year in license snippet

09:19 Changeset [7312] by abeham

#1614: added views project

09:16 Changeset [7311] by abeham


  • updated GQAP


23:27 Changeset [7310] by ascheibe


  • moved island analyzer to islands
  • fixed bug which lead to bad performance compared to the original island GA
17:36 Changeset [7309] by sforsten

#1752: -data set is exported exactly in the way it is stored in the Dataset class

17:34 Changeset [7308] by sforsten

#1669: added a dialog to select benchmark problems

17:32 Changeset [7307] by sforsten

-adjusted some benchmark problems from Keijzer

17:25 Ticket #1753 (Move GanttChart control from Clients.Hive.Views to ...) created by ascheibe
17:13 Ticket #1752 (Export Dataset to CSV) created by sforsten
A new button in DataAnalysisProblemView will export the problem data …
17:11 Ticket #1751 (Tasks overview doesn't get refreshed when refreshing the job) created by ascheibe
17:04 Changeset [7306] by gkronber

#1750 added results for the support vector regression.

17:03 Ticket #1750 (Support vector regression and classification algorithms should provide ...) created by gkronber
Currently only the solution is returned as result.
17:01 Changeset [7305] by gkronber

#1746 removed constants in alleles considered by the SymbolicDataAnalysisAlleleFrequencyAnalyzer.

16:56 Changeset [7304] by gkronber

#1738 changed tooltip for data rows in the DataTableView

15:23 Changeset [7303] by bburlacu

#1682: Override of the CanChangeName property, added friendly names for the crossover operators.

13:18 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/BestPractices edited by abeham
13:16 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/DeveloperGuidelines edited by abeham
added information on .resx files (diff)
13:03 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/ReviewGuidelines created by abeham
first version of the review guidelines
13:03 Changeset [7302] by mkommend

#1746: Added solution for constant optimization.

12:48 Changeset [7301] by mkommend

#1746: Branched working copy version of the symbolic regression plugin.

12:45 Changeset [7300] by mkommend

#1746: Renamed branch to ConstantOptimization.


22:59 Ticket #1749 (Wrong time lag settings cause exception) created by swinkler
Setting the minimum time offset to 0 and the maximum time offset to …
17:53 Features/Genetic Programming edited by swagner
17:33 ChangeLog edited by swagner
16:14 Changeset [7299] by spimming


  • Azure management utils initial version added
  • View for cloud resources
15:48 Changeset [7298] by sforsten

-merged r7284:7296 from trunk into regression benchmark branch
-removed all unchanged projects and adjusted the output path for remaining projects to "..\..\..\..\trunk\sources\bin\"

15:17 Changeset [7297] by abeham

#1748: Added option to display row as StepLine

14:33 Ticket #1748 (Add StepLine chart to DataRowChartType) created by abeham
14:03 Ticket #1747 (Implement scrolling with the mouse wheel for the OperatorGraphVisualization) created by ascheibe
It would be nice to be able to scroll in the OperatorGraphView with …
13:56 Changeset [7296] by ascheibe

#1745 fixed migrations counting

11:42 Changeset [7295] by gkronber

#1733 updated alglib sources to version 3.4.0 of alglib and updated project and plugin references

11:42 Changeset [7294] by gkronber

#1733 updated alglib sources to version 3.4.0 of alglib and updated project and plugin references

11:33 Changeset [7293] by gkronber

#1746: added binary of AutoDiff library for symbolic differentiation and an improved version of the constant optimizer from the trunk.

11:29 Changeset [7292] by gkronber

#1746 created a folder for the constant optimizer

11:28 Ticket #1746 (Reevaluate and improve constant optimizer) created by gkronber
11:13 Changeset [7291] by epitzer

#1696: Remove creatable attribute from ScatterPlot.


19:13 Changeset [7290] by gkronber

#1669 merged r7209:7283 from trunk into regression benchmark branch

19:01 Changeset [7289] by ascheibe

#1745 readded migrations counter

03:12 Changeset [7288] by ascheibe

#1745 added first version of a parallel island ga and reducing operators

03:10 Ticket #1745 (Calculate islands of the Island GA in parallel) created by ascheibe


02:07 Changeset [7287] by ascheibe


  • added the new Hive engine. The engine can now be executed in the Hive. If child tasks are created it pauses and is transfered back to the server. If the child tasks are finished it is sent back to a slave.
  • changed the server so that it reschedules paused parent tasks if their childs are finished as well as tasks where FinishWhenChildJobsFinished is set to false
01:24 Changeset [7286] by swagner

Updated HeuristicLab tutorial slides

00:15 WikiStart edited by swagner
00:03 Documentation/FirstSteps edited by swagner


21:41 Changeset [7285] by ascheibe


  • added interface for the hive engine so that the parent task can be set which is needed for creating child tasks on the slave
  • fixed uploading of the configuration file when executed on the slave
20:45 Changeset [7284] by ascheibe

#1744 added branch for the HiveEngine which can be executed in the Hive

20:41 Ticket #1744 (Implement a Hive engine which can be executed in the Hive) created by ascheibe
It should be possible to send algorithms which use the Hive engine to …
14:07 Features/Genetic Programming edited by gkronber
fixed links (diff)
14:04 Features/Genetic Programming edited by gkronber
fixed links (diff)
04:22 Ticket #1743 (Updating HeuristicLab 3.3.5 to HeuristicLab 3.3.6 with the update ...) created by swagner
03:37 Changeset [7283] by swagner

Increased maxStringContentLength in deployment services (#1742)

03:20 Ticket #1742 (Increase maxStringContentLength in deployment services) created by swagner
The license file of the HeuristicLab.DayView plugin contains more …
02:59 Ticket #1741 (Release HeuristicLab 3.3.7) created by swagner
Release steps: Trunk: 1. Update samples 1. Increment plugin …
01:53 Changeset [7282] by swagner

Updated HeuristicLab tutorial slides

00:32 Documentation/AboutHeuristicLab edited by swagner
00:28 Documentation/FirstSteps edited by swagner
00:26 Support edited by swagner
00:26 Support edited by swagner
00:21 UsersTutorials edited by swagner
00:19 WikiStart edited by swagner
00:13 Features/Genetic Programming edited by swagner


17:06 Changeset [7281] by spimming


  • Subscription DTO
  • View for subscription items
  • Dialog to add new azure subscription
  • General view for cloud resources
16:25 Changeset [7280] by mkommend

#1722: Corrected AfterDeserializationHook in SymbolicExpressionTreeLengthAnalyzer.

14:15 Changeset [7279] by ascheibe

#1722 deleted old Hive branches

12:13 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
12:11 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
11:54 Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization edited by ascheibe
11:49 Changeset [7278] by spimming

#1680: Hive cloud manager initial commit

11:48 Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization edited by ascheibe
11:30 JobConfiguration.png attached to Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization by ascheibe
11:30 HiveExperiment.png attached to Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization by ascheibe
11:29 Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization edited by ascheibe
11:13 Changeset [7277] by gkronber

#1692 fixed parameter type in cloning constructor to fix the build fail.

10:55 Changeset [7276] by svonolfe

Improved incremental evaluation (#1177)

03:12 Changeset [7275] by swagner

Fixed exception that was thrown when changing the name of a benchmark algorithm by pressing F2 in the ExperimentTreeView (#1740)

03:03 Changeset [7274] by swagner

Added context menu items to expand or collapse all tree nodes in the ExperimentTreeView (#1726)

02:47 Ticket #1740 (Changing the name of a benchmark algorithm by pressing F2 in the ...) created by swagner
01:22 Changeset [7273] by swagner

Implemented PercentArray and PercentMatrix (#1692)

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