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19:44 Changeset [7144] by ascheibe

#1672 stop result polling before deleting a job

19:41 Changeset [7143] by bburlacu

#1661: Refactored some bits in the SymbolicExpressionTreeLengthAnalyzer. It now works with GA and it mostly works with OSGA, short of an interesting bug that I couldn't yet track down.

The bug occurs in the following situation:

  • Using OSGA with the SymbolicExpressionTreeLengthAnalyzer turned on
  • Everything works until the user wants to see the graphical histogram
  • During the update of the bar chart/histogram, at some point the chart throws an overflow exception (possible overflow by zero or related). The exception is followed by a long stack trace involving WinForms and the Graphics system.
  • The user can click continue and run again (if the histogram is not displayed then everything is fine)
19:21 Changeset [7142] by ascheibe

#1672 implemented reviewing comments

18:33 Changeset [7141] by epitzer

#1696 correct output paths and add VRP analysis project

18:13 Changeset [7140] by mkommend

#1686: Improved display of divisions in the latex formatter.

18:04 Changeset [7139] by epitzer

#1701 Catch SecurityExceptions while accessing fields during object graph traversal.

18:03 Ticket #1701 (Object traversal hitting security sensitive fields can crash while ...) created by epitzer
17:33 Changeset [7138] by sforsten

-Iris benchmark has been corrected and data set will ordered randomly
-Benchmarks of Trent McConaghy have been corrected
-Descriptions have been added (Mammography and Iris)
-Bug fix in ClassificationRealWorldBenchmark

17:14 Changeset [7137] by ascheibe

#1215 renamed ServiceLocator to HiveServiceLocator

17:07 Changeset [7136] by mkommend

#1686: Corrected the usage of parenthesis in the latex formatter.

16:57 Ticket #1700 (Make the number of used cores on the slave configurable) created by ascheibe
If someone wants to add his computer to the Hive to calculate jobs, it …
16:52 Ticket #1699 (Partial Job Downloading) created by ascheibe
Check if it is possible to download and display "empty" tasks and …
14:30 Changeset [7135] by ascheibe

#1672 some fixes for the slave tray ui:

  • removed some more magic numbers
  • fixed reconnecting to windows service when it was stopped
  • added more time for stopping/starting windows service so that no exception is thrown because of a timeout
13:53 Changeset [7134] by mkommend

#1698: Implemented IStorableContent in all ProblemDatas.

13:40 Ticket #1698 (ProblemData should be saveable) created by mkommend
13:27 Changeset [7133] by abeham


  • Added missing configurations to Clients.Hive-3.3 project
12:49 Changeset [7132] by ascheibe


  • fixed name of slave windows service

reviewing comments:

  • reduced MaxParallelDownloads to 2 to not completely overload cpus
  • renamed ServiceLocator to HiveServiceLocator
12:32 Ticket #1697 (Show state in the icon of a HiveJob) created by abeham
Currently in JobManager all jobs show the yellow database icon. I …
10:56 Changeset [7131] by ascheibe

#1672 try to stop the slave service before uninstalling it

10:50 Changeset [7130] by mkommend

#1624: Disabled add button and corrected drag & drop behavior in RunCollectionContentConstraintView.


20:17 Changeset [7129] by gkronber

#1081 worked on multi-variate time series prognosis

18:03 Changeset [7128] by epitzer

#1696 Integrate fitness landscape analysis plugins from Heureka! repository.

17:52 Ticket #1696 (Integrate Fitness Landscape Analysis) created by epitzer
Move fitness landscape analysis plugins to this repository and prepare …
17:03 Changeset [7127] by sforsten

-Spatial co-evolution benchmark has been added
-Benchmarks of Trent McConaghy have been added
-2 Classification benchmarks have been added (Mammography and Iris dataset)
-Training and test set include now all samples from the dataset
-Load button and combo box are now disabled when the algorithm is running

16:53 Changeset [7126] by bburlacu

#1661: Modified the DataTableView to take the IsVisibleInLegend property into account for all chart types. Added default value for the IsVisibleInLegend property in the storable constructor (the property is true by default, identical to the old behavior).

16:45 Changeset [7125] by ascheibe


  • removed magic numbers for upload retries
  • speed up job downloading by placing deserializing/downloading semaphores correctly
  • increased max. number of parallel downloads/deserializations
  • added more status messages when downloading to make it more clear what's actually happening
  • renamed some variables
15:02 Changeset [7124] by bburlacu

#1661: Improved naming of variables and replaced literals with constants. Added new IsVisibleInLegend visual property for data rows.

14:53 Ticket #1695 (Include only the name of operators in a run) created by abeham
When a run gets created the results are included as well as the …
13:28 Changeset [7123] by abeham


  • removed an unnecessary line
10:58 Changeset [7122] by mkommend

#1621: Renamed ResponseFunctionView and changed ordering of variable sliders (using the natural string comparer).

10:47 Changeset [7121] by bburlacu

#1682: Forgot to commit changes to the ISymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionCrossover interface, required for the MultiSymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionCrossover operator.

08:22 Changeset [7120] by gkronber

#1081 implemented multi-variate symbolic expression tree interpreter for time series prognosis.


23:41 Changeset [7119] by bburlacu

#1682: Implemented the MultiSymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeCrossover

16:24 AddonsDailyBuilds edited by gkronber
16:22 Changeset [7118] by gkronber

#1329: fixed typo in plugin dependency

16:18 AddonsDailyBuilds edited by gkronber
16:18 AddonsDailyBuilds edited by gkronber
added link for scheduling problem plugins (diff)
16:12 Changeset [7117] by gkronber

##1329: removed project HeuristicLab, removed a few references but I'm sure there are many unnecessary references left over, added plugin dependencies

15:53 Changeset [7116] by gkronber

#1329: added a solution file, added missing overrides for GetHashCode(), removed tautological if-conditions, adapted prebuildevent script and added the build script


01:01 Changeset [7115] by ascheibe


  • speed up download of tasks by avoiding unnecessary service calls
  • display download progress correctly


13:22 Changeset [7114] by mkommend

#1329: Adapted scheduling branch to new repository layout.

12:40 Changeset [7113] by ascheibe

#1631 implemented review comments for ThreadSafeLog

10:55 AddonsDailyBuilds edited by ascheibe
09:09 Changeset [7112] by mkommend

#1694: Corrected CrossValidation to make the SupportVectorPerformance unit test pass.


17:33 Changeset [7111] by mkommend

#1689: Corrected ApplicationManagers by introducing a new parameter in the GetTypes method.

17:20 Changeset [7110] by bburlacu

#1693: Submitted another variant of the context-aware crossover, called the DeterministicBestCrossover. This one selects a random node and inserts it into the best position in the other parent.

17:15 Changeset [7109] by bburlacu

#1693: Implemented the context-aware crossover.

16:53 Changeset [7108] by mkommend

#1654: Added performance improvements for Full- and GrowTreeCreator.

13:49 Changeset [7107] by mkommend

#1694: Corrected bugs in CrossValidation.

13:49 Ticket #1694 (Correct bugs in CrossValidation) created by mkommend
* SamplesStart and SamplesEnd cannot be changed * TrainingPartition …
10:11 Ticket #1693 (Context-aware crossover) created by bburlacu
Given a randomly selected subtree from one parent, context-aware …


17:23 Changeset [7106] by bburlacu

#1683: Implemented the SemanticSimilarityCrossover.

17:21 Changeset [7105] by bburlacu

#1682: Implemented the ProbabilisticFunctionalCrossover.

16:19 Changeset [7104] by ascheibe

#1672 fixed graphical glitches and corrected tab order in the job manager

15:27 Changeset [7103] by ascheibe

#1672 cleaned up namespaces of the jobmanager

12:30 Changeset [7102] by mkommend

#1579: Changed relative paths of debugger visualizer.


22:17 Changeset [7101] by ascheibe


  • renamed plugin files
  • switched to a trunk-style PreBuildEvent.cmd
20:05 Changeset [7100] by gkronber

#1081 worked on multi-variate time series prognosis

19:52 Changeset [7099] by gkronber

#1081: merged old changesets r6802, r6807:6808, r6811, r6974, r7058 from the trunk into the TimeSeries branch to bring it to version r7096.

18:29 Changeset [7098] by gkronber

#1081 created a branch for the development of time series prognosis features.

18:26 Changeset [7097] by gkronber

#1081: reverse merged r6802, r6807-6808, r6811, r6974, r7058 to prepare for the 3.3.6 release

17:04 Changeset [7096] by sforsten

#1669: Poly-10 benchmark has been added and two small bug fixes.

16:32 Ticket #1692 (PercentArray and PercentMatrix data types similar to DoubleArray and ...) created by gkronber
14:58 Changeset [7095] by sforsten

#1669: Input variables of Korn functions have been adjusted according to the description.

13:58 Ticket #1691 (Default operators can not be specified in the problem) created by mkommend
It is not possible to specify in the operators list of the problem, …
13:16 Changeset [7094] by ascheibe

#1215 fixed project references for MetaOpt test project

12:43 Download edited by ascheibe
12:31 AddonsDailyBuilds edited by gkronber
11:41 AddonsDailyBuilds edited by ascheibe
11:39 AddonsDailyBuilds edited by ascheibe
11:37 Download edited by ascheibe
11:35 AddonsDailyBuilds created by ascheibe
11:21 Download edited by ascheibe
added link to branches daily builds page (diff)
11:13 Changeset [7093] by gkronber

#1579 set svn:ignore properties

10:14 Changeset [7092] by abeham


  • Clearing the graphics with white color solves the text rendering problem
10:11 Changeset [7091] by ascheibe

#1653 changed slave app postbuild event to be the same as in the HeuristicLab project


18:58 Changeset [7090] by gkronber

#1177 changed output paths for remaining targets (x86|x64|Any CPU (x) Debug|Release)

17:18 Changeset [7089] by bburlacu

#1682: Fixed a bug affecting the new crossovers

16:58 Changeset [7088] by svonolfe

Refactored solution (#1177)

16:30 Changeset [7087] by abeham


  • Changed Build.cmd to default build Release instead of Debug
14:50 Changeset [7086] by bburlacu

#1682: Added crossover discovery code.

13:47 Changeset [7085] by sforsten

#1669: branch has been merged with the trunk in revision 7081 and methods in RegressionBenchmark have been renamed.

11:09 Changeset [7084] by epitzer

#1579 Add missing build configurations

11:02 Changeset [7083] by mkommend

#1479: Removed already integrated branch GP.GrammarEditor.

10:47 Changeset [7082] by epitzer

#1690 updated PSO test results

previous expected values held the current best instead of best quality

10:27 Changeset [7081] by sforsten

#1669: typos have been corrected

10:03 Changeset [7080] by svonolfe

Fixed issue in move operators that could lead to infeasible solutions (#1177)


22:40 Changeset [7079] by mkommend

#1654: Added caching in SymbolicExpressionGrammarBase and changed depth limit for FullTreeCreator unit test.


22:00 Changeset [7078] by ascheibe

#1672 added missing invoke


17:24 Changeset [7077] by gkronber

#1480 added a message for the NotSupportedException thrown in the SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeILEmittingInterpreter stating which symbolic is not supported.

15:25 Changeset [7076] by mkommend

#1654: Corrected tree creators for symbolic expression encoding.

11:41 Changeset [7075] by bburlacu

#1682: Updated crossovers

11:13 Changeset [7074] by abeham


  • checked if old ActualName was mapped and set the same map on the new parameter
10:56 Changeset [7073] by epitzer

#1690 rename ParticleSwarmUpdater's BestQuality to SwarmBestQuality to avoid a name clash with Analyzers

10:55 Ticket #1690 (BestQuality in PSO equals CurrentBestQuality) created by epitzer
The value of BestQuality during a PSO run can become worse and …


18:26 Changeset [7072] by bburlacu

#1682: New versions of crossover (work-in-progress).

18:19 Changeset [7071] by mkommend

#1479: Added lagged variable as allowed child for power symbols in the first subtree.

17:05 Changeset [7070] by ascheibe

#1652 made the note that you have to restart the optimizer more visible in the MainFormTypeSelectionDialog

17:04 Changeset [7069] by mkommend

#1689: Corrected type discovery and adapted MainFormManager to work correctly.

16:26 Changeset [7068] by ascheibe


  • added a default job name
  • added check that a job name is set before upload
15:48 Changeset [7067] by ascheibe


  • allow drag and drop only for new jobs
  • prepare optimizers on drag and drop
14:49 Changeset [7066] by mkommend

#1689: Filtered generic type definitions if only instantiable types should be discovered.

14:39 Changeset [7065] by abeham


  • Improved the performance of the RunCollectionView when working with larger number of runs
14:32 Ticket #1689 (ApplicationManager should not try to create instances of a generic type) created by mkommend
Currently the ApplicationManager tries to create instances of …
13:19 Changeset [7064] by ascheibe

#1653 changed path to MergeConfigs.cmd in slave solution

12:00 Changeset [7063] by abeham


  • fixed the build
11:49 Changeset [7062] by abeham


  • Removed MergeConfigs.cmd from project, added to solution items
  • Added quotes to path
11:37 Changeset [7061] by mkommend

#1579: Lowered threshold for the SubtreeCrossoverTest to 2000 crossovers per second.

11:34 Changeset [7060] by abeham


  • Changed config merging behavior to always merge from the original HeuristicLab app.config file in order to not break the local build when changes to the config files occur
  • Added an interactive mode detection to the MergeConfigs.cmd to allow execution from the explorer
  • Changed app.config in HeuristicLab.Tracing-3.3.csproj to not copy to output directory
  • Changed app.config in HeuristicLab-3.3.csproj to always copy to output directory
10:39 Ticket #1688 (Views are not resized correctly with font size settings of 125% or higher) created by ascheibe
See tickets #1582 and #1652 for the history of this problem.


19:39 Changeset [7059] by ascheibe


  • Permissions can now be deleted
  • fixed overlay icons for permissions
  • fixed overlay icons in job list
18:12 Changeset [7058] by gkronber

#1081: added unit tests for directional symmetry and Theil's U and multi-step forecasts

17:58 Changeset [7057] by mkommend

#1579: Removed test method attribute from CodingConventionsUnitTest.

16:49 Changeset [7056] by ascheibe


  • disabled drag and drop for Hive Jobs
  • fixed adding and deleting of Hive Tasks
  • show Statelog after a Job is downloaded
14:52 Changeset [7055] by mkommend

#1653: Forgot to set CopyLocal = true for WinForms.Docking in HeuristicLab.Tests.

13:34 Changeset [7054] by mkommend

#1654: Corrected multi mutation operators for GP and fixed SymbolicExpressionMultiTreeView.

10:42 Changeset [7053] by mkommend

#1654: Corrected TreeCreator unit tests.

09:55 Changeset [7052] by mkommend

#1654: Changed discovery in multi operators as the discovery by specifying a plugin description does not work in the LightWeightApplicationManager and therefore the classes were not useable in unit tests.

09:34 Changeset [7051] by mkommend

#1579: Removed unused variable from StatisticsCalculatorsTest.

09:29 Changeset [7050] by mkommend

#1653: Set CopyLocal back to true for HeuristicLab.Tests as this project is not built to the common bin directory.

09:21 Changeset [7049] by mkommend

#1612: Corrected ctor access modifier for ConstantRegressionSolution.

00:06 Changeset [7048] by ascheibe


  • removed duplicate events
  • got rid of compiler warnings


21:27 Changeset [7047] by ascheibe


  • use transactions for status page
  • removed speed up charts because they are only working with user statistics
18:32 Changeset [7046] by ascheibe

#1672 added Hive and Benchmarking project dependencies to HeuristicLab-3.3 project

18:13 Changeset [7045] by ascheibe

#1672 switch more service calls to IsolationLevel=ReadUncommitted transactions to prevent db deadlocks

16:52 Changeset [7044] by sforsten

#1669: real world problems have been added

16:21 Changeset [7043] by mkommend

#1612: Created mean model for RegressionSolutionErrorCharacteristicsCurveView.

15:26 Changeset [7042] by abeham


  • Readded the ExperimentView from r6425 and renamed it to ExperimentListView
  • Tested it briefly
15:17 Ticket #1687 (Add an experiment list view as alternative to the tree view) created by abeham
The tree view does not support multi drag and drop, which is why I …
14:56 Changeset [7041] by abeham


  • Added else branch for resetting parameters when loading instances without solution file
14:54 Changeset [7040] by abeham


  • Fixed permutation view and changed label
  • Fixed problem in the RTS operator when all moves are tabu (the original code continues when all moves are tabu, so this is also the case here)
  • Changed the Analyzer parameter type in RTS, a FixedValueParameter is not appropriate for operator parameters
14:29 Changeset [7039] by abeham


  • Removed unused !SilverLight2 configuration in ProtocolBuffers
  • Changed CopyLocal to false for references in HeuristicLab.Tests
14:23 Changeset [7038] by mkommend

#1686: Improved LatexFormatter for SymbolicExpressions.

14:22 Ticket #1686 (Improve LatexFormatter for SymbolicExpressions) created by mkommend
* Remove \left( and \right) parenthesis * Escape underscore …
13:34 Changeset [7037] by mkommend

#1654: Implemented MultiSymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeCreator.

13:30 Changeset [7036] by bburlacu

#1683: Added SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionSemanticSimilarityCrossover operator

13:29 Changeset [7035] by bburlacu

#1682: Added base class SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionCrossover for data analysis crossovers (crossovers that also perform evaluation for computing distance metrics). Made adjustments to other classes to accommodate the new crossovers (some methods became more general and were moved), changes affect CutPoint.cs, SubtreeCrossover.cs, SymbolicExpressionTreeNode.cs and others.

13:20 Changeset [7034] by bburlacu

#1654: Fixed bug in the RampedHalfAndHalfTreeCreator

11:00 Changeset [7033] by abeham

#1579: changed build script to not clean by default and use Rebuild instead of Build

09:58 Changeset [7032] by ascheibe

#1672 reverted change that exceptions are thrown in the job manager

09:53 Changeset [7031] by sforsten

#1669: A few mistakes have been corrected. All benchmark problems now generate problem data without throwing an error.

08:09 Changeset [7030] by abeham

#1621: removed .resx reference in .csproj file

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