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21:05 Changeset [6793] by ascheibe

#1233 renamed Experiment Manager Folder

20:35 Changeset [6792] by ascheibe

#1233 Hive Experiment Manager is now called Hive Job Manager

20:19 Changeset [6791] by ascheibe

#1233 implemented Experiment Manager review comments

17:05 Changeset [6790] by svonolfe

removed duplicate analyzer (#1177)

16:54 Changeset [6789] by svonolfe

Added visualization of flows to PDP view (#1177)

16:48 Changeset [6788] by svonolfe

Fixed incorrect behavior of iterativeInsertionCreator for PD problems (#1177)

16:47 Changeset [6787] by svonolfe

Fixed possible race condition in moves (#1177)

12:20 Changeset [6786] by mkommend

#1479: Integrated missing trunk changes.

12:15 Changeset [6785] by mkommend

#1579: Deleted obsolete files from trunk.

12:00 Changeset [6784] by mkommend

#1479: Integrated trunk changes.

11:38 Ticket #1647 (The VariableFrequenyAnalyzer should display the variables sorted by ...) created by mkommend
Currently the variables in the resulting data table are displayed in …
11:33 Changeset [6783] by gkronber

#1635 fixed a bug leading to incorrectly sorted row names in the variable impact view.

11:15 Changeset [6782] by mkommend

#1479: Finished configuration of TypeCoherentExpressionGrammar and improved usability of the grammar editor.

11:04 Changeset [6781] by abeham


  • renamed publish settings file
11:00 Changeset [6780] by abeham


  • restructured files
10:49 Changeset [6779] by abeham

#1619 (minor changes)

  • fixed initial sql script
  • removed unused class
  • changed config
  • updated entity model
10:48 Ticket #1646 (Implement new Crossover for GP) created by mkommend
The current crossover implementation does not consider the …
10:44 Changeset [6778] by abeham


  • Added simple Hello service for test and demonstration reasons
10:40 Ticket #1629 (Remove outdated plugins for data analysis which were kept in 3.3.4 for ...) closed by gkronber
duplicate: duplicate of #1591
09:01 Changeset [6777] by gkronber

#1552 removed first implementation for regression workbench again.

08:28 Changeset [6776] by gkronber

#1640 fixed a bug in parsing datetime values and improved code for filling dataset columns


17:36 Changeset [6775] by gkronber

#1635: fixed a crash when trying to calculate variable impacts for runs that did not collect statistics about variable frequency.

16:56 Changeset [6774] by gkronber

#1645: fixed bug related to simplification of logarithmic expressions

16:54 Ticket #1645 (Bug in simplification of logarithm expressions) created by gkronber
* log(a * b) is simplified to log(a) + log(b) * log(a / b) is …
16:33 Changeset [6773] by svonolfe

Added moves for pickup and delivery problems (#1177)

16:32 Changeset [6772] by svonolfe

Added support for multiple moves in tabu search (#1177)

16:26 Changeset [6771] by svonolfe

Corrected behavior of various operators when a solution contains more tours than vehicles (#1177)

16:13 Changeset [6770] by gkronber

#1480 added code for the interpretation of lagged variables to the IL emitting interpreter.

16:12 Changeset [6769] by gkronber

#1640 fixed a bug in the interpretation of lagged variables introduced with r6740.

15:31 Changeset [6768] by ascheibe

#1233 removed unused fields from Job

14:48 Ticket #1644 (RepetitionsCounter is not displayed in the BatchRunView) created by mkommend
Currently there is no possibility to see how many repetitions will be …
14:17 Blog: User Interface resizing problem in HeuristicLab created by ascheibe
14:15 Changeset [6767] by mkommend

#1573, #1574: Decoupled execution states of Experiment and BatchRun with the nested optimizers.

13:47 Documentation/FAQ edited by ascheibe
09:52 Changeset [6766] by gkronber

#1635 added possibility to calculate impacts over all folds for cross validation runs.

09:51 Changeset [6765] by gkronber

#1579 reduced performance threshold for AllArchitectureAlteringOperatorsTest to reduce the number of build fails on the build server.


17:06 Changeset [6764] by ascheibe


  • fixed a bug in the hive server where it kept sending PauseAll cmd's
  • pop up the slave when a user clicks the balloon tip
  • set width of jobsView columns correctly
15:07 screenshot_settings.png attached to Documentation/FAQ by ascheibe
15:06 Documentation/FAQ edited by ascheibe
15:00 Changeset [6763] by gkronber

#1592 removed problem view from ClassificationEnsembleSolutionEstimatedClassValuesView

14:08 Changeset [6762] by ascheibe

#1233 remove UpdateControl, its no longer used

14:06 Changeset [6761] by ascheibe

#1233 finished refactoring Hive Administrator UI

13:59 Changeset [6760] by epitzer

#1530 integrate changes from trunk

13:00 Changeset [6759] by svonolfe

Adapted creators to support pickup and delivery constraints (#1177)

10:43 Changeset [6758] by svonolfe

Fixed issue in Prins encoding (#1177)


19:36 Changeset [6757] by ascheibe

#1233 deleted unused files

19:29 Changeset [6756] by ascheibe

#1233 adapted Administrator UI to be more like OKB

17:38 Changeset [6755] by gkronber

#1480 implemented code to handle root symbols for the il emitting interpreter and fixed code for power symbol.

17:01 Changeset [6754] by gkronber

#1640 fixed a problem with empty trainingindizes when using cross-validation

16:00 Changeset [6753] by svonolfe

Added customer relocation manipulator (#1177)

16:00 Changeset [6752] by svonolfe

Added support for incremental evaluation to improve performance (#1177)

15:59 Changeset [6751] by svonolfe

Fixed minor bugs in VRP operators (#1177)

13:58 Changeset [6750] by mkommend

#1643: Corrected RegressionSolutionErrorCharacteristicsCurveView.

13:57 Ticket #1643 (ErrorCharacteristicsCurveView uses wrong data points) created by mkommend
Currently the ErrorCharacteristicsCurveView does not calculate the …
12:48 Changeset [6749] by mkommend

#1640: Added Storable attribute to dataset values.

09:38 Changeset [6748] by abeham


  • Made instantiating of Creatables asynchronous
  • Added progress bar to indicate that there is something going on
08:51 Ticket #1642 (Add a loading bar to the new item dialog) created by abeham
The first time the new item dialog is instantiated it discovers and …


22:13 Changeset [6747] by ascheibe

#1233 updated urls to Hive-3.3 in config files

21:48 Changeset [6746] by ascheibe

#1641 updated project references

21:27 Changeset [6745] by ascheibe

#1641 added DayView control to HeuristicLab.ExtLibs

21:15 Ticket #1641 (Add DayView control to ExtLibs) created by ascheibe
DayView ( is a Windows Forms control …
20:17 Changeset [6744] by ascheibe


  • renamed last couple of folders
  • fixed an installer bug
  • now with more license headers and less magic numbers
18:04 Changeset [6743] by ascheibe


  • fixed a bug in the Slave UI
  • finished renaming Webservice and Dao methods to be consistent with Job/Task naming
  • some cosmetic changes and project dependencies cleanups
16:19 Changeset [6742] by gkronber

#1597 improved handling of empty rows.

15:35 Changeset [6741] by gkronber

#1640 adapted IL emitting interpreter to work with previous (r6740) changes of the dataset.

13:48 Changeset [6740] by mkommend

#1597, #1609, #1640:

  • Corrected TableFileParser to handle empty rows correctly.
  • Refactored DataSet to store values in List<List> instead of a two-dimensional array.
  • Enable importing and storing string and datetime values.
  • Changed data access methods in dataset and adapted all concerning classes.
  • Changed interpreter to store the variable values for all rows during the compilation step.
13:19 Ticket #1640 (Refactor datasets to allow the storage of strings and datetimes) created by mkommend
Currently only double values can be stored in the Dataset. …
11:20 Changeset [6739] by mkommend

#1579: Readded SymbolicRegressionTournamentPruning-Analyzer to Problems.DataAnalysis.Regression-3.3 for backwards compatibility reassons.

10:49 Changeset [6738] by mkommend

#1579: Corrected CalculatePearsonsRSquaredOfConstantTest.

10:12 Changeset [6737] by epitzer

#1530 Split type and serializer tokens and include special handling for CachedTypeSerializer (this should also fix #1527)

09:11 Changeset [6736] by gkronber

#1639 used Enumerable.Orderby method to sort values instead of Array.Sort because OrderBy performs a stable sort.

09:10 Ticket #1639 (Sorting values in a column should be stable) created by gkronber
This is convenient if the rows have been sorted already previously by …
08:36 Changeset [6735] by gkronber

#1480 reduced nodesPerSecThreshold for IL-emitting interpreter performance tests to fix problems with the release build on builder.


21:54 Changeset [6734] by ascheibe

#1233 some minor improvements in the Slave UI and Administrator UI


16:25 Changeset [6733] by abeham


  • Updated the model slightly
  • Deployed the service
  • Updated the GUI to perform asynchronous calls to the service
15:34 Changeset [6732] by gkronber

#1480 added IL emitting tree interpreter for symbolic data analysis and test case. Found and fixed a bug in the existing interpreter for boolean operators OR and AND with NaN arguments. However, this means that the output of previously stored solutions changes. We Probably we should keep the incorrect behavior now and document this accordingly, as changing this would need a version increment of all data analysis plugins.


20:31 Changeset [6731] by ascheibe

#1233 updated plugin dependencies and cleaned project references

20:19 Changeset [6730] by ascheibe

#1233 added Hive Slave HL App client

12:12 Changeset [6729] by gkronber

#1594 #1637 added view caching to NamedDataAnalysisSolutionView

10:45 Changeset [6728] by gkronber

#1557 implemented parallel evaluation in analyzers using ParallelEnumerable extension methods.


17:28 Changeset [6727] by ascheibe

#1233 the last bunch of renames, hopefully

16:41 Changeset [6726] by ascheibe

#1233 forgot that file

16:38 Changeset [6725] by ascheibe

#1233 more renaming for more consistency

15:19 Changeset [6724] by svonolfe

Fixed small interface error in the PDAnalyzer (#1177)

14:37 Changeset [6723] by ascheibe

#1233 Review comments: renamed HiveEperiment to Job

13:59 Ticket #1638 (Implement unit test to create and run all additional GP samples (in ...) created by gkronber
We already have a unit test for the samples which are included in the …
13:43 Changeset [6722] by ascheibe

#1233 deleted Services.Hive.Common and DBCreator project as they are not needed anymore

13:41 Changeset [6721] by ascheibe

#1233 Review comments: renamed Job to Task

13:40 Changeset [6720] by gkronber

#1474 added (conditional) parameter hiding

11:31 Changeset [6719] by gkronber

#1474 removed range limit for MLP output

11:29 Changeset [6718] by gkronber

#1474 fixed bug in alglib that resulting in random models when using the early stopping training method for multi layer perceptrons.

10:38 Changeset [6717] by ascheibe


  • moved DTO's to Services.Hive project
  • removed Services.Hive.Common project
  • some cleanups
  • added DTO's for enums
08:54 Ticket #1637 (Content update in the DataAnalysisSolutionView clears the selected ...) created by gkronber
This is inconvenient because it is necessary to select for instance …


10:14 Changeset [6716] by svonolfe

Added biased multi operators for use with the SuccessfulOffspring analyzer (#1177)

09:57 Changeset [6715] by svonolfe

Adapted PDP view to show the flows (#1177)

09:56 Changeset [6714] by svonolfe

Fixed minor bug in permutation crossover (#1177)


17:31 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
17:22 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
17:12 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by ascheibe
16:57 Changeset [6713] by svonolfe

Fixed minor bugs (#1177)

16:26 Changeset [6712] by ascheibe


  • got db scripts up-to-date
  • renamed db related stuff back to 3.3
  • fixed a bug in the Status page that occured when the db is empty
14:57 Changeset [6711] by svonolfe

Added adaptive constraint relaxation for all VRP variants (#1177)

13:09 Documentation/Reference/VehicleRoutingProblem edited by svonolfe
13:00 Documentation/Reference/VehicleRoutingProblem edited by svonolfe
13:00 Changeset [6710] by svonolfe

Added support for pickups and deliveries (#1177)


16:33 Ticket #1636 (Weighted evaluation of data analysis models) created by gkronber
It should be possible to indicate weights for observations. Benefits: …
14:20 Changeset [6709] by gkronber

#1635: symbolic regression variable impacts can be calculated for each fold separately for cross-validation runs. Added a drop down box in the variable impact view to choose the fold. Minor change: variable impacts are rounded to 3 decimal digits.

14:18 Ticket #1635 (Symbolic regression variable impact calculation does not work for ...) created by gkronber
14:06 Changeset [6708] by gkronber

#1634 implemented command to calculate a time series of percental changes from a time series of absolute values.

14:04 Ticket #1634 (Command for data importer to calculate a time series of percental ...) created by gkronber
14:02 Changeset [6707] by gkronber

#1633: added a tooltip that displays the index of columns

14:01 Ticket #1633 (Display column index for columns in a columngroup to simplify ...) created by gkronber
13:59 Changeset [6706] by gkronber

#1623 extended Savitzky-Golay filter command to support the calculation of smoothed derivatives of time series.

13:57 Ticket #1632 (Extend Savitzky-Golay filter command to support calculation of ...) created by gkronber


01:24 DevelopersTeam edited by swagner
01:22 DevelopersTeam edited by swagner
01:14 WikiStart edited by swagner
01:01 Imprint edited by swagner
01:01 Imprint edited by swagner
00:55 Support created by swagner
00:45 Blog: HeuristicLab Blog edited by swagner
00:44 Documentation/FirstSteps edited by swagner
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19:25 Changeset [6705] by ascheibe

#1631 fixed cloning bug in ThreadSafeLog

18:25 Changeset [6704] by ascheibe

#1233 added plugin frame file to Slave HL App

17:42 Blog: Financial Analysis with HeuristicLab edited by gkronber
17:25 Blog: Financial Analysis with HeuristicLab edited by gkronber
17:24 Blog: Financial Analysis with HeuristicLab edited by gkronber
17:24 EZ IRS yield variable impacts.png attached to Blog: Financial Analysis with HeuristicLab by gkronber
17:24 EZ IRS yield 10y.png attached to Blog: Financial Analysis with HeuristicLab by gkronber
17:23 Blog: Financial Analysis with HeuristicLab created by gkronber
17:01 Changeset [6703] by ascheibe


  • really removed 3.4 folders
  • added skeleton for a Slave HL App
  • added missing license headers and AssemblyInfo frames
  • fixed merging of config files
16:03 Changeset [6702] by epitzer

#1530 flatten serialization token hierarchy and seal frequently used classes

14:30 Changeset [6701] by ascheibe

#1233 renamed folders from 3.4 to 3.3

14:05 Changeset [6700] by ascheibe

#1223 changed version in project files, AssemblyInfo and plugin files back to 3.3

12:45 Changeset [6699] by ascheibe

#1233 forgot these files in last commit

11:49 Changeset [6698] by ascheibe


  • implemented review comments
  • more cleanups
10:58 Changeset [6697] by epitzer

Remove unnecessary reference to HeuristicLab.Parameters (#1622)

10:33 Ticket #1631 (ThreadSafeLog doesn't work with LogView) created by ascheibe
The HiveEngine uses a ThreadSafeLog together with the LogView. …
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.