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17:09 Changeset [4030] by mkommend

added null checks for content in CellValidatingEvent of StringConvertibleArray and -MatrixView (ticket #968)

14:20 Changeset [4029] by mkommend

removed resource file for LaggedVariableView (ticket #1081)

11:48 Changeset [4028] by gkronber

Ported pruning operator for symbolic regression solutions from version 3.2 to version 3.3. #125


18:46 Changeset [4027] by gkronber

Moved code for calculation of covariance from the scaled MSE evaluator into a separate online evaluator. #1081

08:47 Ticket #1046 (Implement HeuristicLab.Services.Authentication prototype) closed by bfarka
08:47 Ticket #1078 (Create Docu of RoleProvider) closed by bfarka


19:45 Changeset [4026] by fruehrli

added comment for roleprovider (#1046)

17:22 Changeset [4025] by bfarka

delete unused test (#1046)

17:19 Changeset [4024] by bfarka

last bugfixes for project #1046

17:06 Changeset [4023] by gkronber

removed commented code #1081.

17:01 Changeset [4022] by gkronber

Worked on symbolic regression classes to prepare for time series prognosis plugin. #1081

17:00 Ticket #1081 (Plugin for symbolic time series prognosis with GP) created by gkronber


23:13 Changeset [4021] by bfarka
21:48 Changeset [4020] by bfarka

implemented first working authorization test!

21:34 Ticket #1079 (Create Docu of MembersipProvider) closed by jwolfing
21:30 Changeset [4019] by jwolfing

added comments of the other methods (#1079)

15:33 Ticket #1061 (FindUserByEmail FindUserByName GetAllUsers) closed by bfarka
15:32 Ticket #1080 (Implement Methods in MembershipProvider) closed by bfarka
15:29 Changeset [4018] by bfarka

all needed methods of membershipprovier are implemented and all testes are passing (#1046)

12:43 Algorithms created by mkofler
12:28 Changeset [4017] by abeham


  • Ported CrowdingDistanceAssignment operator
  • Added parameters to the alg and the main loop
    • main loop behavior is copied from the GA
11:31 Changeset [4016] by svonolfe

Fixed crash in VRP solution view (#1039)

11:23 Changeset [4015] by svonolfe

Improved VRP solution view (#1039)


22:30 Changeset [4014] by jwolfing

added new comments to methods, createUser, changePasswordQuestionAndAnswer (#1079)

22:00 Changeset [4013] by jwolfing

Add comments to following methods, initialize, changepassword (#1079)

18:36 Changeset [4012] by abeham


  • Added empty plugin for NSGA-II
14:36 Changeset [4011] by mkommend
  • refactored ViewHost and various views to use fewer nested controls
  • added UnitTests for ContentViews to ensure proper using of the ContentAttribute
  • fixed some views which could not handle null as Content

(ticket #972)

11:26 Changeset [4010] by mkommend

fixed RunCollectionVariableImpactView (ticket #1011)

03:26 Changeset [4009] by bfarka

fixed bugs in membership provider 32 out of 43 tests are now passing.. (#1046)

02:39 Ticket #1064 (HeuristicLabMembershipProviderTest - tests fail) closed by bfarka
02:38 Ticket #1055 (Implement LockUser/UnlockUser in Membership Provider) closed by bfarka
02:20 Changeset [4008] by dkahn

#1061 Extended tests for GetAllUsers() and added FindUsersByEmail() and FindUsersByName() plus unit tests.

01:48 Changeset [4007] by dkahn

#1061 Moved a paging into a dedicated method to prevent redundancy

01:03 Changeset [4006] by dkahn

#1061 Implemented GetAllUsers with unit test. Returning an ordered collection is still to be done


21:31 Changeset [4005] by jhaider

added implementation (#1080)

17:14 Changeset [4004] by bfarka

fixed min passwordlength test #1046

16:56 Changeset [4003] by bfarka

fixed unit test for password #1046

16:01 Changeset [4002] by bfarka

made struture changes in persistence classes and provider

15:07 Changeset [4001] by gkronber

Changed calculation of linear scaling parameters to a more numerically stable solution. #1074

13:50 Ticket #1077 (Check RoleProvider) closed by mholper
fixed: Rev. 4000 all RoleProviderMethods implemented, Unittest for these …
13:48 Changeset [4000] by mholper

implemented last Method HeuristicLabRoleProvider.DeleteRole and UnitTest (#1046)
--> HeuristicLabRoleProvider finished now, all HeuristicLabRoleProviderTest passed (#1077)

13:14 Changeset [3999] by mkommend

corrected project files for changeset r3997 and r3998 (ticket #1073)

12:33 Changeset [3998] by gkronber

Minor efficiency improvement in crossover for symbolic expression trees. #1073

11:59 Changeset [3997] by gkronber

Minor improvements concerning efficiency of symbolic expression tree encoding data structures and operators. #1073


17:14 Changeset [3996] by gkronber

Improved efficiency of analyzers and evaluators for regression problems. #1074

13:58 Changeset [3995] by mkommend

improved !SymbolicRegressionScaledMSEEvaluator (ticket #1074)

11:16 Changeset [3994] by mkommend

added GetEnumeratedVariableValues in dataset (ticket #1074)


11:38 Changeset [3993] by mkommend

changed symbols and grammars to be more efficient in respect to cloning, construction and deserialization (ticket #1073)


20:39 Ticket #1080 (Implement Methods in MembershipProvider) created by bfarka
public override int GetNumberOfUsersOnline() { return 0; } …
20:34 Ticket #1079 (Create Docu of MembersipProvider) created by bfarka
Create Documentation of MembershipProvider
20:32 Ticket #1078 (Create Docu of RoleProvider) created by bfarka
Document de Roleprovider
20:30 Ticket #1077 (Check RoleProvider) created by bfarka
Finish all methods of RoleProvider an all tests should pass
18:57 Changeset [3992] by cfleisch

LockUser/UnlockUser in Membership Provider implemented (#1055)

15:45 Ticket #1076 (Enhance visualization of DataTables) created by epitzer
The DataTable currently only supports visualization of line charts of …
15:42 Ticket #1075 (Analyzers disappear when changing the evaluation function for ...) created by epitzer
When changing the evaluation function in a …
14:30 Ticket #1074 (Improve efficiency of operators and data-structures for regression problems) created by gkronber
14:29 Ticket #1073 (Improve efficiency of symbolic-expression tree encoding) created by gkronber
14:26 Ticket #938 (Data types and operators for regression problems) closed by gkronber
14:12 Ticket #903 (LinearRegressionOperator doesn't work for autoregressive modeling) closed by gkronber
wontfix: Time series prognosis with linear regression has to be reimplemented …
14:11 Ticket #878 (SymbolicRegressionFunctionLibraryInjectorAttribute should be removed) closed by gkronber
fixed: Fixed in version 3.2
14:03 Ticket #1072 (Implement OptimizerRunner) created by mkommend
The OptimizerRunner should be an additional view to execute …
13:58 Ticket #1071 (GP Grammars should contain Symbols instead of strings in the internal ...) created by mkommend
13:32 Ticket #871 (Implement operators for NSGA-II multi-objective GA) closed by gkronber
duplicate: Duplicate of #1040
13:31 Ticket #820 (Hinge function symbol for symbolic regression) closed by gkronber
wontfix: Not relevant anymore.
13:30 Ticket #836 (Initial population doesn't contain all functions in combination with ...) closed by gkronber
fixed: Fixed with version 3.3
13:20 Ticket #987 (HiveEngine doesn't raise the JobFailed event if an exception occurs in ...) closed by gkronber
13:16 Ticket #772 (Text export of SVM models) closed by gkronber
fixed: Fixed in version 3.3
13:15 Ticket #1070 (Port SymbolicExpressionTree manipulation operators from 3.2 to 3.3) created by gkronber
13:15 Ticket #1069 (Port SymbolicExpressionTree crossover operators from 3.2 to 3.3) created by gkronber


18:47 Ticket #1068 (Add a new 3-opt move generator: StochasticInsertionMultiMoveGenerator) created by abeham
Sometimes you don't want to make exhaustive insertion moves, but also …
18:45 Ticket #1067 (Translocation Soft Tabu Criterion can be made even softer) created by abeham
Currently it forbids moving a number in the permutation that was just …
15:54 Changeset [3991] by svonolfe

Fixed small issues in the VRP implementation (#1039)

15:36 Ticket #1066 (Store Batchrun name and Experiment name in a Run object) created by abeham
Currently there's only Algorithm.Name.
15:28 Changeset [3990] by gkronber

Improved GlobalSymbolicExpressionGrammar regarding memory efficiency and fixed a bug in cloning. #938

15:26 Changeset [3989] by gkronber

Improved LINQ statements in SubtreeCrossover to make them more efficient. #938

15:25 Changeset [3988] by gkronber

Added caching of tree size and height values and changed postfix and prefix iteration methods in SymbolicExpressionTreeNodes. #938

15:17 Changeset [3987] by gkronber

Turned of 'Treat warnings as errors' option in the release configuration of the persistence plugin to allow release builds without compiler errors. #548

15:14 Changeset [3986] by gkronber

Moved code for the manipulation of SymbolicExpressionTrees to include the linear scaling calculation into a static method. #938

15:12 Changeset [3985] by gkronber

Fixed statements that modify the list of sub-trees of a SymbolicExpressionTreeNodes directly. #938

15:10 Changeset [3984] by gkronber

Changed implementation of extension method for the calculation of std. dev. of IEnumerable<double> to a routine which calculates the std. dev. in a single iteration over the enumerable. #938

15:08 Changeset [3983] by gkronber

Added default constructor for Defun symbol. #938

15:05 Changeset [3982] by gkronber

Fixed incorrect override of Apply(), in SymbolicRegressionEvaluator #938

15:03 Changeset [3981] by gkronber

Fixed cloning of Datasets which was changed to a broken solution with r3933. #938

15:01 Ticket #1065 (Calculation of relative Error is incorrect in ...) closed by gkronber
fixed: Fixed with r3980.
15:01 Changeset [3980] by gkronber

Fixed calculation error in operator to calculate the relative prediction error. #1065

14:32 Ticket #1065 (Calculation of relative Error is incorrect in ...) created by gkronber
14:31 Ticket #1036 (Variable impacts should be calculated as the integral of relative ...) closed by gkronber
13:46 Ticket #867 (Implement OperatorGraphVisualization based on Netron) closed by mkommend
13:42 Ticket #867 (Implement OperatorGraphVisualization based on Netron) reopened by mkommend
10:58 Changeset [3979] by mkommend

corrected DataAnalysis.Views.ResultsView to use an internal DoubleMatrix (ticket #1020)


20:00 Changeset [3978] by bfarka

fixed bug in RomveUsersFromRoles and fixed some tests (1046)

19:57 Ticket #1064 (HeuristicLabMembershipProviderTest - tests fail) created by bfarka
Output VS Fail 1) Fehler bei "Assert.AreEqual". …
19:45 Changeset [3977] by dkahn

#1061 GetAllUsers with unit test. Under construction.

18:21 Changeset [3976] by bfarka

added first service method and unittest for service
added abstract unit test for starting a service host (1046)

15:11 Changeset [3975] by mkommend

added p-values for variable impacts (ticket #1011)

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