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14:35 Changeset [17873] by mkommend

#3113: Added overload of IsProblemDataComptabile to SurrogateRFModel to handle the compatiblity check correctly.

14:26 Ticket #3113 (Loading new data for Random Forest Solution results in an error) created by mkommend
Steps to reproduces: 1. Create an RF Regression 2. Save the problem …
11:52 Changeset [17872] by gkronber

#3067 bugfix in AfterDeserialization hook

11:24 Changeset [17871] by gkronber

#3067 changed CrossoverProbabilityParameter to PercentValue and return parent0 when no crossover is performed.

11:08 Ticket #2996 (Exception when cloning IndexedDataRow) closed by gkronber
worksforme: I tried to reproduce this with a current version of the trunk and …
11:01 Ticket #3083 (LaTeX output for symbolic regression models is incorrect for target ...) closed by gkronber
11:01 Changeset [17870] by gkronber

#3083: merged r17755 and r17826 from trunk to stable

11:00 Ticket #2968 (Add a new formatter for symbolic expressions, which produces an infix ...) closed by gkronber
done: r17869: r17581,r17685,r17811 from trunk to stable
10:59 Changeset [17869] by gkronber

#2968: merged r17581,r17685,r17811 from trunk to stable

08:53 Ticket #3109 (RegressionSolutionLinechart shows empty DataPoints) closed by gkronber
08:53 Changeset [17868] by gkronber

#3109: merged r17856 and 17858 from trunk to stable

08:39 Changeset [17867] by gkronber

#2898: simplified code in Spline1dModel

08:19 Ticket #3054 (Calculation of Variable Impacts with LDA does not work) closed by gkronber
08:19 Changeset [17866] by gkronber

#3054: merged r17422:17423 from trunk to stable

08:16 Ticket #3089 (Explicitly fail tests on ReflectionTypeLoadExceptions and ...) closed by gkronber
08:16 Changeset [17865] by gkronber

#3089: merged r17781 from trunk to stable

08:15 Changeset [17864] by gkronber

#3027: merged r17806, r17810 from trunk to stable

08:12 Changeset [17863] by gkronber

#3079: merged r17648 from trunk to stable

08:11 Changeset [17862] by gkronber

#2985: merged r17797,r17796,r17820 from trunk to stable

07:59 Changeset [17861] by gkronber

#3112: fixed overflow because of integer cast in ChartUtil

07:57 Ticket #3112 (Overflow in calculation of axes range in partial dependence plot) created by gkronber
Models which produce a large range of outputs i.e. in the range 0 .. …


16:20 Changeset [17860] by dpiringe


  • added usage checks for imports and helper functions (the formatter only includes necessary stuff)
13:51 Changeset [17859] by mkommend

#3111: Fixed display of models in RFModelEvaluationView.


10:25 Ticket #3111 (RandomForestClassification produces a result (RF Model Evaluation) ...) created by gkronber
The list is populated with models but the models cannot be shown. …


12:57 Ticket #3110 (Zooming for IndexedDataTable with DateTime x-axis does not work correctly) created by gkronber
I was able to fix this partially with: […]


20:42 Changeset [17858] by mkommend

#3109: Corrected handling of empty data points when determining the y-axis range.

13:33 Changeset [17857] by bburlacu

#3107: Implement crude initial reinitialization concept.

00:37 Changeset [17856] by mkommend

#3109: Corrected behavior of RegressionSolutionLineChartView (Base) to handle empty data points correctly.

00:30 Ticket #3109 (RegressionSolutionLinechart shows empty DataPoints) created by mkommend
It is not necessarily the case that training or test partitions are …


17:38 Ticket #3108 (C# formatter's output for logical negations is incorrect) created by dpiringe
The CSharpSymbolicExpressionTreeStringFormatter contains a bug for …
17:29 Changeset [17855] by dpiringe


  • added a python formatter (implementation is based on the C# formatter)


18:09 Changeset [17854] by pfleck

#3107 Added a new operator hook for ALPS for adapting the reinitialization strategy.

15:53 Changeset [17853] by bburlacu

#3087: Add accidentally omitted files.

13:12 Changeset [17852] by pfleck

#3107 Created branch.

13:00 Ticket #3107 (Implement "Learning ALPS") created by pfleck
Since ALPS is capable of regularly produce new random populations in …


09:51 Changeset [17851] by gkronber

#3106 Create solution for best individual of each generation

09:06 Changeset [17850] by gkronber

#3106 fixed a few bugs and implemented method to create an expression tree


19:18 Changeset [17849] by gkronber

#3106 register event handlers in storable hook

19:12 Changeset [17848] by gkronber

#3106 initial import of code (translated from HL script)

15:39 Changeset [17847] by gkronber

#3106 renamed folder

15:39 Changeset [17846] by gkronber

#3106 created branch

15:37 Ticket #3106 (Implementation of Analytic Continued Fractions for Regression) created by gkronber
See The implementation is done …
15:20 Changeset [17845] by bburlacu

#3102: Add constructor taking original problem data and new dataset.


22:22 Changeset [17844] by bburlacu

#3087: Implement NativeInterpreter and ParameterOptimizer classes. The ParameterOptimizer offers an interface to Ceres and its options and to the variable projection optimization method. Added unit tests.


16:36 Changeset [17843] by dpiringe


  • removed property ConvertableType from all converters
  • removed the option to fixate or loosen the path of JsonItems (obsolete)
  • added a abstract formatter SymbolicRegressionSolutionFormatterBase as base formatter for ISymbolicRegressionSolution
  • unified the construction of exporter controls
  • code cleanup
12:32 Changeset [17842] by dpiringe

#3105 created branch to implement a python formatter for ISymbolicExpressionTree

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