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17:19 Changeset [17815] by gkronber

#2898: fix header

17:10 Ticket #2789 (Feature exploration of MathNet.Numerics) closed by gkronber
invalid: Obsolete. r17814: delete branch.
17:09 Changeset [17814] by gkronber

#2789: delete branch

15:46 Changeset [17813] by gkronber

#2898: delete branch

15:45 Changeset [17812] by gkronber

#2898: copied implementation from branch to trunk.

15:39 Changeset [17811] by gkronber

#2968: integer powers are included directly in the expression instead of the list of coefficients.

14:59 Ticket #2499 (BioBoost (logistic network planning) trunk integration) closed by gkronber


09:58 Changeset [17810] by gkronber

#3027: add StorableType attribute

09:49 Ticket #3088 (HeuristicLab crashes if Hive Job Manager is opened while samples page ...) closed by gkronber
done: r17809: merged r17782 from trunk to stable
09:49 Changeset [17809] by gkronber

#3088: merged r17782 from trunk to stable

09:47 Changeset [17808] by gkronber

#3038: merged r17341 and r17539 from trunk to stable

09:42 Changeset [17807] by gkronber

#3027: deleted branch (has been merged)

09:40 Changeset [17806] by gkronber

#3027 merged branch to trunk

09:31 Changeset [17805] by gkronber

#3075 Use the same noise levels and calculation as in our experiments for the IEEE TeC paper. Reordered instances by name first and noise level second. Removed number of samples from the name.

09:04 Changeset [17804] by gkronber

#3075 start Name of CVS instance provider with a space to make sure it is ordered first.


10:12 Ticket #3093 (Simulated annealing does not create temperature variable for the algorithm) created by gkronber
Simulated annealing assigns a value to a LookupParameter called …
10:07 Ticket #3092 (Local search methods throw exceptions with BasicProblems) created by gkronber
Reproduce: 1. Create New Local Search 1. Create New One Max Problem …


16:11 Ticket #2971 (Intervals for RegressionProblemData/SymbolicRegressionSolution) closed by mkommend


17:02 Changeset [17803] by mkommend

#2971: Merged r17579, r17580, r17583, r17584, r17754 into stable.


13:22 Changeset [17802] by gkronber

#3073 merged r17801 from trunk to branch

13:16 Changeset [17801] by gkronber

#3084 updated interpreters to always invalidate their cached dataset when the cached dataset is a ModifiableDataset (as in the PDP)

12:49 Changeset [17800] by gkronber

#3073: fixed bug in derivation of power function

11:32 Changeset [17799] by gkronber

#3017 removed code analysis on build for project TestFunctions.MultiObjective because it leads to build errors

08:59 Changeset [17798] by gkronber

#3073 merged r17797 from trunk to branch

08:48 Changeset [17797] by gkronber

#2985: removed all usages of IsAlmost from TreeSimplifier (+ minor rearrangement of operands in unit test to match the actual output).

08:43 Changeset [17796] by gkronber

#2985 add unit test cases to reproduce the problem


18:50 Ticket #3091 (y-axis label is not updated when sliders are moved in partial ...) created by gkronber


14:33 Changeset [17795] by chaider

#3076 Removec MultiObjectiveConstraintAnalyzer

14:26 Changeset [17794] by chaider

#3076 Removed SplittingEvaluator and MultiObjectiveConstraintAnalyzer


11:43 Changeset [17793] by mkommend

#3073: Merged trunk changes into the branch.

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