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16:00 Changeset [17044] by mkommend

#2883: Initialized Lazy object in GBTModelSurrogate.

14:16 Changeset [17043] by mkommend

#2883: Removed outdated comment in GBTModel.

14:03 Changeset [17042] by mkommend

#2952: Added solution, adapted project and build events.

13:47 Changeset [17041] by mkommend

#2952: Created branch with HL.Algorithms.DataAnalysis branched.

12:19 Changeset [17040] by dpiringe


  • removed reference in HeuristicLab 3.3.sln to previous deleted project HeuristicLab.DefinitionLanguage
12:16 Changeset [17039] by dpiringe


  • removed a blank line in InspectCommand.cs
  • removed BuildCommand.cs and project HeuristicLab.DefinitionLanguage, because it was only a test
  • removed reference BuildCommand in ApplicationCommand
11:31 Changeset [17038] by mkommend

#2435: Deleted branch.

11:27 Changeset [17037] by mkommend

#2435: Merged branch into trunk.

11:22 Changeset [17036] by mkommend

#2435: Changed rng in ALGLIB to have a separate instance per thread.

08:13 Changeset [17035] by gkronber

#2925: merged r17007:17033 from trunk to branch


23:14 Changeset [17034] by mkommend

#2435: Updated branch with most recent trunk changes.

18:00 Changeset [17033] by mkommend

#2883: Adapted unit test for GBTs.

17:56 Changeset [17032] by mkommend

#2883: Adapted comment in ModelCreation enum.

17:43 Changeset [17031] by mkommend

#2883: Deleted branch for GBT Model storage.

17:36 Changeset [17030] by mkommend

#2883: Merged all changesets into trunk.


17:00 Changeset [17029] by mkommend

#2520: Updated Attic Version of FLA, MetaOpt, and BioBoost addon.


14:01 Changeset [17028] by gkronber

#2915: fixed a bug with AQ in the SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeILEmittingInterpreter.


15:38 Changeset [17027] by dpiringe


  • renamed HeuristicLab.DynamicAssemblyTestApp to HeuristicLab.ConsoleApplications on folder/solution level
  • changed references from HeuristicLab.DynamicAssemblyTestApp to HeuristicLab.ConsoleApplications in HeuristicLab-3.3.csproj
15:03 Changeset [17026] by dpiringe


  • renamed HeuristicLab.DynamicAssemblyTestApp to HeuristicLab.ConsoleApplications
    • incl. Namespace and plugin name
  • renamed InspectApplication to ConsoleInspector
13:28 Changeset [17025] by dpiringe


  • added base attribute CLIBaseAttribute for CLI attributes, which contains the property Description
  • changed inheritance from Attribute to CLIBaseAttribute for types: CommandAttribute, OptionAttribute and ValueAttribute
  • added comment in RunnerHost
09:50 Changeset [17024] by mkommend

#2520: Adapted unit test for loading samples.


23:34 Changeset [17023] by mkommend

#2520: Added forgotten plugin dependency to HEAL.Attic in HL.Optimizer plugin file.

23:17 Changeset [17022] by mkommend

#2520: Changed samples to attic format and adapted startpage to load the samples with attic without the creation of temporary files.

23:15 Changeset [17021] by mkommend

#2520: Adapted all unit tests to use attic instead of the xml persistence. This affects all sample unit tests, the test resources, script unit tests and some general unit tests.

23:03 Changeset [17020] by mkommend

#2520: Adapted storable properties from SymbolicExpressionGrammarBase to use new temporary fields and populate the real data fields in the after deserialization hook.

16:59 Changeset [17019] by abeham

#2520: fixed unit test to check for duplicate GUIDs (includes NonDiscoverable types)

16:46 Ticket #3008 (Search and Replace in Data Preprocessing is inverted) closed by pfleck
done: r17018: merged r16982 to stable
16:45 Changeset [17018] by pfleck

#3008: merged r16982 to stable

16:13 Changeset [17017] by abeham

#2520: removed branch

16:04 Changeset [17016] by abeham

#2875: Adapted the Test command scripts to use VS2017

16:02 Changeset [17015] by abeham

#2520: fixed bug in the clipboard when it contains objects not of type IStorableContent

14:44 Ticket #3013 (DataPreprocessing should not be Storable) created by pfleck
Storing a DataPreprocessing Session is currently not fully implemented …
10:29 Changeset [17014] by jkarder

#2520: Update HEAL.Attic to version 1.1.0


10:40 Changeset [17013] by dpiringe


  • some changes in CLIApplication.cs to reduce unnecessary allocation of string objects
  • renamed AppTest to ConsoleOptimizer and fixed race condition
  • replaced enum RunnerJob with class RunnerMessage for more control of saved data
  • changed usage of BinaryFormatter with HEAL.Attic, following types are now Storable:
    • ConsoleOptimizer
    • InspectApplication
    • ApplicationBase
    • ApplicationRunner
    • AssemblyInfo
    • Runner
    • UniPath
    • RunnerMessage
  • switched QuietMode from ApplicationRunner to IRunner
  • DockerRunnerHost can now automatically build docker images for linux and windows containers (also identifies which container type is active) -> removes the condition to have the image preinstalled
    • to achieve this, there are two new folders DockerLinuxBuild and DockerWindowsBuild included in build output, which include Dockerfiles to build images for linux and windows container
  • added NuGet package System.CodeDom to project HeuristicLab.Scripting-3.3
  • added method Send(RunnerMessage) to IRunnerHost and transferred methods Pause and Resume to IRunner
  • added internal reference of RunnerHost in Runner
  • added abstract method SendMessage(RunnerMessage) in RunnerHost which gets called from method Send(RunnerMessage)
  • because of a Google.Protobuf "bug", RunnerMessages cannot get serialized/deserialized directly on stream -> workaround with a byte array, which gets written and read
    • additionally, the length of the array gets sent first (length as integer -> 4 bytes)
    • static method in RunnerMessage to read a message from a stream
    • the method SendMessage(RunnerMessage) in RunnerHost implements this functionality


18:35 Ticket #3012 (ROC view shows 'transposed' curve for discriminant functions which ...) created by gkronber
16:06 Changeset [17012] by pfleck

#2707 adapred paths

15:55 Changeset [17011] by pfleck

#2707 Adapted to HEAL.Attic changes

15:47 Changeset [17010] by pfleck

#2707 Merged trunk into branch

13:40 Changeset [17009] by abeham

#3010: Added batch methods for checking multiple items at once for CheckedItemList and CheckedItemCollection

13:21 Ticket #3011 (Unhandled Exceptions on the Optimizer's ui-thread causes HL to crash) created by pfleck
Unhandled exception within the Optimizer's ui-thread (e.g. any event …
12:25 Changeset [17008] by abeham

#2949: Disable autosizing when there is only one column and use width of list view as size of column. In addition no update occurs on ToStringChanged when there is only one column (most common case)

10:43 Changeset [17007] by abeham

#2949: Remove resize event arising in selected index changed (very costly when many items are selected in a large list)

09:15 Ticket #3010 (Checked item views are slow when a lot of items are checked at once) created by abeham
For instance, when selecting many input variables in the ProblemData …


23:35 Ticket #3009 (Node impacts are wrong when estimation limits are hit) created by abeham
The tree simplifier shows node impacts as the difference in R2 when …
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