15:37 Changeset [16338] by chaider

#2968 Added references to projects and added build events.

14:49 Changeset [16337] by chaider

#2968 Added HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic

14:44 Changeset [16336] by chaider

#2968 created new branch

13:25 Ticket #2968 (Add a new formatter for symbolic expressions, which produces an infix ...) created by chaider
Representation of coefficients of the mathematical representation for …


14:12 Changeset [16335] by gkronber

#2929 changed criterion for updating the solution to testScore < bestTestScore

09:51 Changeset [16334] by bburlacu

#2958: Add support for sqrt in the interpreter and update dlls .


10:32 Changeset [16333] by bburlacu

#2958: Native interpreter dlls: statically link against the visual C++ runtime


22:21 Changeset [16332] by gkronber

#2915: merged r16241:16309 (current HEAD) from HL trunk to branch

14:49 Ticket #2967 (Ctrl+Z removes all code in C# scripts) created by abeham
Create a new script and press Ctrl+Z. Expected: Nothing happens. …


10:54 Changeset [16331] by chaider

#2966: Changed Evaluate method (changed intervals parameter to optional)

10:20 Changeset [16330] by chaider

#2966: Implemented review comments and added IsCompatible method.

08:21 Changeset [16329] by gkronber

#2925: made several extensions in relation to blood glucose prediction

  • added sqr function,
  • added outputs for latent variables (linechart and model),
  • added optimization of initial values for latent variables (for each episode separately)
  • TODO: test with CVODES (so far only our own integration scheme has been tested)


17:16 Changeset [16328] by mkommend

#2966: Reordered methods in interval interpreter, added IStatefulItem interface, sealed class.

17:06 Changeset [16327] by mkommend

#2966: Changed bounds to auto property in Interval and corrected typo in comment.

17:00 Changeset [16326] by mkommend

#2966: Corrected namespace of intervals.

15:37 Changeset [16325] by pfleck


  • Added CancelationTokens for the Save and Serialize methods.
  • Fixed a potential temp-file-leak when replacing the old file with the new one after serialization.
15:23 Changeset [16324] by chaider

#2966: Added test class to solution.

15:19 Changeset [16323] by chaider

#2966: Added Interval class and Interpreter class.

15:03 Changeset [16322] by chaider

#2966: Added references to projects and added build events.

14:45 Changeset [16321] by pfleck

#2965 branched trunk

14:36 Changeset [16320] by chaider

#2966: Created Branch with problems data analysis and problems data analysis symbolic.

14:28 Ticket #2966 (Implement Intervals and according calculation rules) created by mkommend
This ticket collects the changes for the implementation of intervals …
14:02 Changeset [16319] by pfleck

#2845 merged latest trunk changes


15:17 Changeset [16318] by pfleck

#2845 Add optional stop and cancel handler to the Show helpers. Replaced the AddProgressTo... and RemoveProgressFrom... methods with the existing Show and Hide methods.

12:37 Changeset [16317] by pfleck

#2845 Combined separate Show methods into single one with enum parameter specifying the ProgressMode. Renamed Continuous and Marquee to Determinate and Indeterminate.


18:30 Changeset [16316] by gkronber

#2929: fixed program crash (searchVar must be zero!)

18:17 Changeset [16315] by gkronber

#2929: worked on display of results, converting PGE expressions to HL Solutions.

15:15 Ticket #2965 (Cancelable Save (to File) Command) created by pfleck
After the improvements in #2845, we should make the "Save …
15:02 Changeset [16314] by pfleck

#2845 Moved the entire progress API to the Progress class and made the progress API within the MainForm internal.

10:27 Changeset [16313] by chaider


  • Updated value visualization of simplifier tooltip
  • Added VariableRanges field to dataset
  • Added overloads for GetSymbolicExressionTreeIntervals


16:01 Changeset [16312] by pfleck

#2845 Adapted new Hive-Project-Management and RegressionSolutionVariableImpactsView to Progress updates.

15:26 Changeset [16311] by pfleck

#2845 Merged trunk changes into branch (15406-15681, 15683-16308)

14:53 Changeset [16310] by bwerth

#2943 worked on MOBasicProblem and MOAnalyzers

14:10 Changeset [16309] by gkronber

#2964: updated MathJax version to most recent version (2.7.5).

14:03 Ticket #2964 ('Mathematical representation' does not work) created by gkronber
We got a bug report on the mailing list that the view for mathematical …
13:52 Changeset [16308] by pfleck

#2845 reverted the last merge (r16307) because some revisions were missing

11:54 Changeset [16307] by pfleck

#2845 Merged trunk changes before source move into branch

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