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23:43 Changeset [13995] by bburlacu

#2597: Improved drag & drop support for all charts. Added configuration option to adjust the number of columns in the view. Fixed bug where attempting to set row & column style would result in an exception. Fixed boundaries of the vertical annotation line in the GradientChart.

23:40 Changeset [13994] by bburlacu

#2597: Merged trunk changes.

23:11 Ticket #2625 (Improve symbolic simplifier to allow simplification using approximations) created by gkronber
E.g. 1/(1+e) ~ 1 - e for |e| < 0.03
23:02 Ticket #2624 (Improve symbolic simplifier for expressions) created by gkronber
Related to #2609. Where it was observed that "I'm surprised that it is …
22:49 Changeset [13993] by gkronber

#2604: minor changes in time series models and fix build fail

22:29 Changeset [13992] by gkronber

#2604: set default target variable to string.Empty in AfterDeserialization hook for regression and classification models and changed a few ctor calls to correctly pass the target variable

19:15 Ticket #2623 (Exception when dropping a new problem data onto the simplifier view ...) created by gkronber
It is possible to drop ProblemData objects onto regression solutions …
10:34 Changeset [13991] by bwerth

#1087 removed unused function

10:11 Changeset [13990] by bwerth

#2592 reimplemented Indicators

09:58 Changeset [13989] by bwerth

#1087 removed unused usings

09:47 Changeset [13988] by bwerth

#1087 moved project bugfixes


20:22 Ticket #2622 (Handle missing values (i.e. NaN) correctly when training GBT models) created by gkronber
Right now GBT training only uses comparison operators and assumes that …
20:12 Changeset [13987] by gkronber

#2595: fixed build fail (added plugin dependency to the wrong plugin)

20:09 Ticket #2617 (Local search seems to perform differently for single-objective test ...) closed by gkronber
worksforme: Thanks for testing this and for preparing the demo problem implementation.
19:56 Changeset [13986] by gkronber

#2595: added two new variants for variable impact calculation (shuffle and Gaussian noise)

19:45 Changeset [13985] by gkronber

#2595: two small fixes in RegressionSolutionVariableImpactsCalculator

19:24 Changeset [13984] by gkronber

#2243: added javascript method to allow repainting the formula when we change the model (relevant when using the mathjax view together with the simplifier).


17:02 Changeset [13983] by mkommend

#2614: Set default name for schedule and made class sealed.

15:23 Changeset [13982] by thasling

made minor changes

14:46 Ticket #2590 (RegressionEnsembles should support weighting of the estimated values) closed by gkronber
14:46 Ticket #2611 (Add SARCOS (inverse dynamics) as a real world regression problem instance) closed by gkronber
14:46 Ticket #2071 (Refactor TableFileParser) closed by gkronber
14:46 Ticket #2589 (Possibility to prevent resizing of ValueTypeArrays) closed by gkronber
14:38 Changeset [13981] by gkronber

#2591: merged r13438 (#2541), r13721, r13724, r13784, r13891 from trunk to stable

14:05 Changeset [13980] by gkronber

#1795: merged r13978 from trunk to stable

14:03 Changeset [13979] by gkronber

#2589: merged r13695 from trunk to stable

13:56 Changeset [13978] by gkronber

#1795: removed MCTS symb reg as algorithm in GBM to cut the dependency between GBM and MCTS symb reg (MCTS symb reg not ready for release yet)

09:08 Changeset [13977] by gkronber

#1795: merged r13646,13653,13655,13699,13703,13707,13889,13898,13917 from trunk to stable

09:02 Changeset [13976] by gkronber

#2590 merged r13697:13698, r13700:13702, r13704:13705, r13711, r13715 from trunk to stable

08:22 Changeset [13975] by gkronber

#2541: deleted implementation for studentT process
Implementation is not stable enough yet
Functionality has not been very useful so far.

08:15 Changeset [13974] by gkronber

#2071: merged r13411,r13413,r13414,r13415,r13419,r13440,r13441,r13442,r13445,r13447,r13525,r13526,r13529,r13584,r13901,r13925 from trunk to stable

07:54 Changeset [13973] by gkronber

#2611: merged r13890 from trunk to stable


20:24 Changeset [13972] by thasling

improved log
made changes in data structure

19:23 Changeset [13971] by thasling

increased message size to 20MB
made changes in some interfaces

17:53 Changeset [13970] by thasling

made minor changes

17:25 Changeset [13969] by thasling

implemented migration strategies
log in HL now also logs exceptions of peers

14:59 Changeset [13968] by bburlacu

#2288: Update project file.

14:58 Changeset [13967] by bburlacu

#2288: Provide binaries of the external libraries upon which this branch depends.

11:48 Changeset [13966] by thasling

made minor change

10:47 Changeset [13965] by thasling

made minor changes

09:14 Changeset [13964] by pfleck

#2527 Removed some commented out code.


16:13 Changeset [13963] by gkronber

#2618: added graphviz output for the variable network instances

14:09 Changeset [13962] by pkuelzer

#2558 cloning constructor to public

14:06 Changeset [13961] by gkronber

#745: minor change to compile with current trunk

13:24 Changeset [13960] by gkronber

#2615 debugging and changes preparing for different migration strategies

11:24 Ticket #2621 (ClearState is not called when a window is closed) created by gkronber
-> check


22:23 Changeset [13959] by thasling

it works

18:00 Changeset [13958] by mkommend

#2620: Made data points in the regression solution scatter plot semi-transparent per default.

17:59 Ticket #2620 (RegressionSolution Scatterplots should use semi-transparent data points) created by mkommend
When working with larger datasets (> 10k rows) the scatter plot is not …
17:21 Changeset [13957] by thasling

implemented mechanism to check wheter recieved packages are from the same problem instance or not
added several config parameters to P2PMigrationAnalyzer
added new enum for migration strategies

15:28 Changeset [13956] by thasling

finally fixed bug concerning message send to the wrong peers
also made communicationRate and messageCacheCapacity as paramters
integration in P2PMigrationAnalyzer still TBD

14:26 Ticket #2565 (AlgorithmView clears the ViewType of the ProblemViewHost leaving the ...) closed by mkommend
14:21 Changeset [13955] by mkommend

#2565: Merged r13560 into stable.

14:19 Ticket #2599 (DateManipulation throws a GDI exception) closed by mkommend
done: r13954: Merged r13796 into stable.
14:18 Changeset [13954] by mkommend

#2599: Merged r13796 into stable.

14:15 Ticket #2602 (Enumerable extensions for generating k-combinations of elements from a ...) closed by mkommend
done: r13953: Merged r13802, r13899 into stable.
14:15 Changeset [13953] by mkommend

#2602: Merged r13802, r13899 into stable.

14:13 Ticket #2571 (Create a RandomSearchAlgorithm) closed by mkommend
done: r13952: Merged r13580, r13581, r13677, r13679, r13680, r13863 into stable.
14:12 Changeset [13952] by mkommend

#2571: Merged r13580, r13581, r13677, r13679, r13680, r13863 into stable.

14:02 Ticket #2542 (Estimated values view should also show predictive variance for each ...) closed by mkommend
done: r13951: Merged r13439 and r13592 into stable.
14:02 Changeset [13951] by mkommend

#2542: Merged r13439 and r13592 into stable.

13:59 Ticket #2572 (SymbolicRegressionSolutionsAnalyzer should also add training and test ...) closed by mkommend
done: r13950: Merged r13582 and r13660 into stable.
13:59 Changeset [13950] by mkommend

#2572: Merged r13582 and r13660 into stable.

13:57 Ticket #2593 (Add method to convert a Dataset into a Modifiable dataset and ...) closed by mkommend
done: r13949: Merged r13760 and r13761 into stable.
13:56 Changeset [13949] by mkommend

#2593: Merged r13760 and r13761 into stable.

10:36 Changeset [13948] by pfleck


  • Merged recent trunk changes.
  • Adapted VariablesUsedForPrediction property for RegressionSolutionTargetResponseGradientView.
  • Fixed a reference (.dll to project ref).
01:27 Changeset [13947] by thasling
00:50 Changeset [13946] by thasling

Fixed bug with reading queues
made all lock-objects static

00:24 Changeset [13945] by thasling

fixed major bug in PeerNetworkMessageHandler, because one queue was missing for the sending queues


23:26 Changeset [13944] by bburlacu

#1772: Fix bug in fragment length calculator leading to exception when we try to compute the average out of an empty sequence of fragment lengths.

17:03 Changeset [13943] by thasling

implemented lock for timers, because if elapsed-method takes longer than the timer to elapse again, the method is called by another thread conccurently

14:26 Changeset [13942] by mkommend

#2595: Corrected tooltip on the variable impacts button and disabled the button when the content is locked.

13:33 Changeset [13941] by mkommend


  • Base classes for data analysis, classification, and regression models
  • Added target variable to classification and regression models
  • Switched parameter order in data analysis solutions (model, problemdata)
12:53 Changeset [13940] by gkronber


  • added scatterplot of R² values over lambda instead of line chart,
  • normalized coefficient values in coefficient path chart
  • changed parameter lambda to LogLambda


17:45 Changeset [13939] by gkronber

#2618: added regression benchmark instances (random functions) and first implementation of synthetic benchmark instances for variable networks

15:28 Changeset [13938] by mkommend


  • Refactored and separated the different feature correlation calculations.
  • Added a checkbox to ignore missing values in the calculation.
15:25 Ticket #2619 (FeatureCorrelation should have an option to ignore missing values) created by mkommend
If just one value of a feature is missing, no correlation will be …


17:05 Ticket #2618 (Create benchmark problem instances for variable network modeling) created by gkronber
09:08 Ticket #2617 (Local search seems to perform differently for single-objective test ...) created by gkronber
Reproduce: 1. Run local search or simulated annealing with 10-dim …


21:23 Changeset [13937] by thasling

implemented ConcurrentQueue
made minor changes in Dispose-methods

15:03 Changeset [13936] by bwerth

#1087 added more functions (IHR1-4, IHR6, CIGTAB, ELLI)

14:00 Changeset [13935] by mkommend

#2616: Added default value for min, max and most common value operations for data preprocessing.


12:13 Changeset [13934] by mkommend

#2616: Added checks in percentile calculation when no valid values are present.

12:11 Ticket #2616 (DataPreprocessing StatisticsView throws an exception for columns ...) created by mkommend
The percentile calculation does not check if there are any values present.


12:08 Changeset [13933] by mkommend

#2243: Deleted old MathJax version from extlibs, adapted displayModelFrame.html and tex exporter to work with new MathJax version.

10:00 Changeset [13932] by mkommend

#2243: Added MathJax-2.6.1 to ExtLibs.


09:01 Changeset [13931] by gkronber

#745: copy local -> false

09:00 Changeset [13930] by gkronber

#745: added parameter lambda to support calculation of a solution for a specific lambda value (instead of the full path)


22:14 Changeset [13929] by gkronber

#745: fixed copying of license file and added evaluation of all models along the path on the test set

16:38 Changeset [13928] by gkronber

#745: first version of elastic-net alg that runs in HL

16:07 Changeset [13927] by gkronber

#745: import of first implementation of elastic-net LR

15:33 Changeset [13926] by gkronber

#745: created a folder for feature branch (glmnet)

14:50 Changeset [13925] by gkronber

#2071: TableFileParser: check if it is possible to seek in file before trying to access position (=> reduce number of exceptions)

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