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17:07 Changeset [12068] by bburlacu

#2326: Fixed mistakes and wired similarity calculators directly into the problem and correctly initialized the properties of the phenotypic similarity calculator.

16:21 Changeset [12067] by mkommend

#2339: Fixed positive class value during ensemble solution creation.

16:20 Ticket #2339 (Classification ensembles aren't aware of the classification positive class) created by ehopf
A created classification ensemble should use the positive class …
16:02 Ticket #2333 (The SingleObjectivePopulationDiversityAnalyzer should have a parameter ...) closed by mkommend
duplicate: The changes described in this ticket will be implemented in #2332.
15:05 Changeset [12066] by ascheibe


  • updated hive installer docu
  • deleted API Documentation
  • deleted Operators folder
  • deleted ppt files
14:46 Ticket #2305 (Statistical Tests View should also work with problem variations) closed by ascheibe
invalid: This ticket is invalid as the problem name/type and the problem …
13:40 Download edited by jkarder
13:38 WikiStart edited by jkarder
13:36 HL Download 3.3.11.png attached to Pictures by jkarder
updated .net version to 4.5
13:35 Changeset [12065] by jkarder

#2317: updated hl download images

11:37 WikiStart edited by jkarder


18:15 Changeset [12064] by mkommend

#2326: Fixed namespaces, cloning and serialization in diversity analyzer.

18:01 Changeset [12063] by ehopf

#2335: Added code to keep the user defined positive class in the generated problem data of a classification problem. (Defect 2 fix)

17:30 Changeset [12062] by ehopf

#2335: Merged r12059 into branch

17:11 Ticket #2338 (Missing default view for read-only collections) created by abeham
The MainFormManager cannot show read-only collections using …
17:07 Changeset [12061] by gkronber

#2283: removed bin and obj folders

16:52 Changeset [12060] by mkommend

#2337: Fixed build warning in job shop scheduling problem.

16:47 Changeset [12059] by mkommend

#2337: Removed obsolete method from preprocessing data.

16:47 Changeset [12058] by ehopf

#2335: Changed the logic of the ProblemDataCreator to avoid the access of a column that was deleted by the user before. Fixes Defect 1.

16:45 Changeset [12057] by mkommend

#2337: Corrected build warning in ParameterlessPopulationPyramid.

16:44 Ticket #2337 (Fix build warnings in trunk solution) created by mkommend
Currently the building the trunk solution results in fours warnings …
16:19 Changeset [12056] by ehopf

#2335: Created a solution file and adjusted the project settings of the DataPreprocessing Branch

15:51 Ticket #2336 (Improve handling of multi-selections for updates of view in ...) created by gkronber
15:29 Changeset [12055] by bburlacu

#2326: Implemented a workaround for the case in which both sequences have zero variance, and decided to return a similarity value of 1.

14:51 Changeset [12054] by ehopf

#2335: Branched HeuristicLab.DataPreprocessing.Views to implement the improvements

14:47 Changeset [12053] by ehopf

#2335: moved the HL.DataPreprocessing project to the appropriate subfolder

14:44 Changeset [12052] by ehopf

#2335: created the HL.DataPreprocessing project subfolder in the DataPreprocessing branch

14:01 Changeset [12051] by ehopf

#2335: Branched HL.DataPreprocessing to implement improvements

13:34 Ticket #2335 (Data Preprocessing Improvements) created by ehopf
Various data preprocessing improvements especially for data sets with …


22:08 Changeset [12050] by aballeit

#2283: first MCTS algorithmus concept

21:51 Ticket #2334 (Fix export of box plots) created by ascheibe
When exporting box plots, the dialog shows 2 chart areas of which one …


15:55 Changeset [12049] by bburlacu

#2326: Addressed the issues found by the reviewer.

13:23 Ticket #2333 (The SingleObjectivePopulationDiversityAnalyzer should have a parameter ...) created by bburlacu
Currently the result name is derived from the name of the actual …


16:19 Ticket #2332 (Overhaul operators for similarity calculation and analysis) created by ascheibe
* Quality and maximization parameters are not needed in …
16:04 Changeset [12048] by pfleck


  • Changed default values of ALPS-GA.
  • OldestAverageYoungesAgeAnalyzer only writes the datatable to the results instead of all values.
15:56 Changeset [12047] by ascheibe

#2317 added slides for basic alg/problem to Programming HL tutorial

14:16 Changeset [12046] by pfleck

#2269 Added an OldestAverageYoungestAgeAnalyzer.

11:52 Changeset [12045] by pfleck

#2269 Added a parameter in the MatingPoolCreator which controls the percentage of individuals used from the layers below.

11:45 Changeset [12044] by mkommend

#2321: Renamed parameter and parameter name to DominateOnEqualQualities.


22:41 Changeset [12043] by ascheibe

#2317 worked on programming slides

20:32 Ticket #2331 (Remove outdated plugins) created by ascheibe
* HeuristicLab.Problems.ExternalEvaluation.GP-3.4 * …
20:24 Ticket #2322 (Fix typos in PermutationEncoding class) closed by ascheibe
done: r12042: merged r12015 into stable
20:23 Changeset [12042] by ascheibe

#2322 merged r12015 into stable

20:19 Ticket #2330 (Cleanup trunk documentation folder) created by ascheibe
There seems to be some stuff that is not up to date and should be …
19:59 Ticket #2329 (Make CodeEditor available on Linux) created by ascheibe
This is currently not possible due to the use of WPF. Because …
18:01 Ticket #2324 (Remove obsolete diversity analyzer and similarity calculator for ...) closed by mkommend
16:12 Changeset [12041] by ascheibe

#2328 improved handling of batchruns in Hive

16:10 Ticket #2328 (Improve handling of batchruns in Hive Job Manager) created by ascheibe
13:20 Changeset [12040] by pfleck

Introduced a parameter to adjust the range of layers used for creating a mating pool.

12:52 Changeset [12039] by pfleck

Per-layer parameter can be used to define all multiple layers.
If less values are specified in the array the last value is used for all subsequent layers.
I.e. when the array has the length 1, all layers use that same one value.
From a usability point of view, this behavior may has to be discussed more in detail.

10:14 Changeset [12038] by pfleck

#2269 Merged r12037 from trunk into ALPS.

10:06 Changeset [12037] by pfleck

#2327 Implemented EnumValue and EnumValueView.

09:49 Ticket #2327 (Implement a generic EnumValue and a generic EnumValueView) created by pfleck
Creating an Enum involves the creation of the enum-type itself, a …


17:24 Changeset [12036] by pfleck


  • Used Left/RightSelector instead of First/LastSubScopesProcessor
  • Used the LayerUniformSubScopesProcessor for reseeding and opening new layer to take usage of the per-layer parameterization.
  • Added LayerSorter because layers are sorted wrong after MergingReducer.
  • Removed obsolete LastSubScopeCloner.
15:39 Changeset [12035] by pfleck


  • Added LayerUniformSubScopesProcessor which introduces an intermediate ExecutionContext which translates array-based parameters to single-value parameters.
  • Updated ALPS-OperatorGraph to make usage of the new LayerUniformSubScopesProcessor.
  • Added a temporary operator for calculating number of selected sub scopes because presetting the value during operator parameterization does not work for the new intermediate context.

Note: the change of the PopulationSizeParameter still causes an error when creating a new layer. This will be fixed soon.

11:45 Changeset [12034] by mkommend

#2321: Added option for treatment of solutions with equal quality values in NSGA-II.

11:39 Changeset [12033] by mkommend

#2321: Branched whole trunk for NSGA-II changes.

11:02 Changeset [12032] by bburlacu

#2276: Extended functionality of ModifiableDataset with three new methods: AddVariable, RemoveVariable and ChangeVariableValue.

10:54 Changeset [12031] by bburlacu

#2276: Merged trunk changes.

08:53 Ticket #2323 (Remove obsolete diversity analyzer and similarity calculator for ...) closed by bburlacu
duplicate: It seems that this ticket was created by accident, as a duplicate of #2324.
08:49 BioBoostWSED edited by gkronber
room info (diff)


21:18 Changeset [12030] by bburlacu

#2326: Added PreBuildEvent.cmd and fixed error.

20:25 Changeset [12029] by bburlacu

#2326: Implemented analyzers

16:29 Changeset [12028] by bburlacu

#2326: Branched HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic, initial commit.

16:13 Ticket #2326 (Diversity analyzers based on the genotypic and phenotypic tree ...) created by bburlacu
The SingleObjectivePopulationDiversityAnalyzer cannot be configured …
16:06 Changeset [12027] by gkronber

#2283: comment regarding the last commit

16:04 Changeset [12026] by gkronber

#2283: fix in generic function approximation grammar policy (constant alpha value of 0.01)

16:04 Changeset [12025] by gkronber

#2283: unit test cases for symbolic regression

16:03 Changeset [12024] by gkronber

#2283: changed handling of inverse expressions in transformation of expressions to canonical form

16:02 Changeset [12023] by gkronber

#2283: setter for ComparisonFactorLowerBound in OSGP

15:54 Changeset [12022] by mkommend

#2325: Registered run events after cloning and deserialization in RunCollection.

15:53 Ticket #2325 (RunCollection doesn't register all events after cloning or deserialization) created by mkommend
The registration of the run.results and run.parameters changed events …
09:11 Ticket #2318 (Clean up copyrights and assembly infos) closed by ascheibe
done: r12021: merged r12016 into stable
09:09 Changeset [12021] by ascheibe

#2318 merged r12016 into stable


22:07 Changeset [12020] by bburlacu

#2324: Merged r12019 into stable.

21:43 Changeset [12019] by bburlacu

#2324: Removed the two obsolete files from the trunk.

20:14 Changeset [12018] by pfleck


  • merged trunk after 3.3.11 release
  • updated copyright and plugin version in ALPS plugin
  • removed old ALPS samples based on an userdefined alg
18:19 Ticket #2324 (Remove obsolete diversity analyzer and similarity calculator for ...) created by bburlacu
Two classes used for diversity calculation in symbolic data analysis …
18:19 Ticket #2323 (Remove obsolete diversity analyzer and similarity calculator for ...) created by bburlacu
Two classes used for diversity calculation in symbolic data analysis …
16:52 Changeset [12017] by bburlacu


  • Added missing cloning constructors to the phenotypic and bottom-up similarity analyzers
  • Added missing cloning of private members in the PhenotypicSimilarityCalculator cloning constructor
  • Merged trunk changes into the SymbolicExpressionTreeBottomUpSimilarityCalculator
  • Minor layout fixes to the SymbolicDataAnalysisGenealogyGraphView
16:20 BioBoostWSED edited by gkronber
16:17 BioBoostWSED edited by gkronber
16:17 Changeset [12016] by ascheibe

#2318 cleaned up assembly infos

16:15 BioBoostWSED created by gkronber
16:03 Changeset [12015] by ascheibe

#2322 fixed typos in PermutationEncoding

15:40 Ticket #2322 (Fix typos in PermutationEncoding class) created by ascheibe
* Line 100: "Permuration" instead of "Permutation" * Line 210: …
15:11 Ticket #2321 (NSGA2: Provide option for dominating solutions with equal quality values) created by mkommend
In the default implementation of the NSGA-II solutions with equal …
14:53 Ticket #2320 (Add SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding) created by mkommend
Similar to the other encoding class a SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding …
14:39 Ticket #2319 (Add LinearLinkageEncoding (LLE)) created by abeham
LLE is a better suited encoding for grouping problems than a simple …
09:14 Changeset [12014] by gkronber

#2283: worked on transformation of arithmetic expressions to canonical form


23:48 Research edited by abeham


20:42 Ticket #2318 (Clean up copyrights and assembly infos) created by ascheibe
The assembly infos in the P3 plugin and the copyright in the data …
20:36 Features edited by ascheibe
20:30 Blog: HeuristicLab 3.3.11 "Beach Bar" Release edited by ascheibe
20:00 Blog: HeuristicLab 3.3.11 "Beach Bar" Release created by ascheibe
19:48 Ticket #2212 (Release HeuristicLab 3.3.11) closed by ascheibe
19:38 Milestone HeuristicLab 3.3.11 completed
== HeuristicLab 3.3.11 "Beach Bar" - February 13th, 2015 == * …
19:34 ChangeLog edited by ascheibe
19:32 ChangeLogPending edited by ascheibe
19:28 Download edited by ascheibe
19:25 Download edited by ascheibe
19:21 HeuristicLab attached to Download by ascheibe
19:11 Changeset [12013] by ascheibe

#2212 added new download logo

18:55 Changeset [12012] by ascheibe

#2212 merged r12008, r12009, r12010 back into trunk

18:34 Changeset [12011] by ascheibe

#2212 created tag for 3.3.11

17:59 Changeset [12010] by ascheibe

#2212 updated samples

17:44 Changeset [12009] by ascheibe

#2212 updated copyright year

17:30 Changeset [12008] by ascheibe

#2212 incremented plugin versions

17:09 Ticket #2290 (Fix project files and update Mono prepare script) closed by ascheibe
done: r12007 merged r11723, r11724, r11829, r11830, r11831, r11833, r11992
17:09 Changeset [12007] by ascheibe

#2290 merged r11723, r11724, r11829, r11830, r11831, r11833, r11992 into stable

15:15 Ticket #2314 (Duplicate default views for evaluation cache) closed by abeham
done: r12006: merged to stable
15:14 Changeset [12006] by abeham

#2314: merged to stable

15:03 Ticket #2174 (Add programmable optimization problem) closed by abeham
done: r12005: merged revisions r11961, r11963, r11967, r11970, r11971, …
15:01 Ticket #2282 (Implement PPP for HeuristicLab) closed by abeham
done: r12005: merged revisions r11961, r11963, r11967, r11970, r11971, …
15:00 Changeset [12005] by abeham

#2174, #2282: merged revisions r11961,r11963,r11967,r11970,r11971,r11982,r11984,r11998,r12001,r12002,r12003,r12004,r11939,r11945,r11956,r11958,r11959,r11960,r11983,r11987,r11988,r11990,r11993,r11994,r11996,r11999,r12000 to stable

14:46 Changeset [12004] by abeham

#2174: Added non-discoverable attribute to the outdated problems

14:27 Ticket #2317 (Release HeuristicLab 3.3.12) created by ascheibe
Codename: * Madrid New Features: * New features: * …
14:08 Changeset [12003] by ascheibe

#2174 moved old external evaluation projects to outdated plugin folder

13:21 Changeset [12002] by abeham


  • Reopened maximization parameter in ExternalEvaluationProblem
  • Added hidden flag to maximization parameter in multi-objective programmable problem
13:18 Ticket #2316 (Make Comparator and OffspringSelector configurable in OSGA) created by ascheibe
12:57 Changeset [12001] by mkommend

#2174: Adapted script template for programmable problem (single-objective).

12:55 Changeset [12000] by mkommend

#2282: Adapted analyze method to respect the maximization flag.

12:29 Changeset [11999] by mkommend

#2282: Fixed evaluation tracker.

12:18 Changeset [11998] by mkommend

#2174: Fixed Maximization handling and plugin dependencies.

11:59 Changeset [11997] by bburlacu

#2269: Removed obsolete diversity analyzer and added the new bottom-up and phenotype diversity analyzers (and similarity calculators)


21:49 Changeset [11996] by mkommend

#2282: Fixed maximization flag and solution creators for binary problems.

20:41 Ticket #2315 (Add scroll bars to GraphVisualizationInfoView) closed by ascheibe
done: r11995 merged r11991 into stable
20:41 Changeset [11995] by ascheibe

#2315 merged r11991 into stable

20:34 Changeset [11994] by mkommend

#2282: Moved old one-max plugins into outdated plugins folder.

20:23 Changeset [11993] by ascheibe

#2282 fixed output path and prebuild events

20:22 Changeset [11992] by ascheibe

#2290 added missing linux prebuild commands to code editor project

17:57 Changeset [11991] by jkarder

#2315: fixed scroll bar bug

17:55 Ticket #2315 (Add scroll bars to GraphVisualizationInfoView) created by jkarder
The scroll bars are not shown since r9181. This should be fixed.
16:32 Changeset [11990] by mkommend

#2282: Added best known quality parameter to single-objective basic problem and new one-max problem.

15:59 Changeset [11989] by abeham

#2314: fixed project reference

15:52 Ticket #2314 (Duplicate default views for evaluation cache) created by abeham
The plugin references the old assembly
15:45 Changeset [11988] by abeham


  • Fixed plugin dependencies
15:39 Changeset [11987] by abeham


  • Renamed BinaryVectorProblem to BinaryProblem
  • Removed IBinaryVectorProblem interface
  • Derived BinaryProblem from SingleObjectiveBasicProblem
  • Changed bool[] datatype to BinaryVector
15:31 Ticket #2313 (The bottom-up tree tree mapping sometimes maps too many nodes) closed by jkarder
done: r11986: merged r11978 into stable
15:31 Changeset [11986] by jkarder

#2313: merged r11978 into stable

15:21 Ticket #2312 (Fix svn:ignore properties in ExtLibs) closed by jkarder
done: r11985: merged r11955 into stable
15:21 Changeset [11985] by jkarder

#2312: merged r11955 into stable

15:03 Changeset [11984] by mkommend

#2174: Added best scope solution analyzer to single-objective programmable problem.

14:28 Changeset [11983] by mkommend

#2282: Adapted unit test for P3 to x64 processor architecture.

14:08 Changeset [11982] by mkommend

#2174: Reregistered solution creator changed event in basic problem.


20:11 Changeset [11981] by gkronber

#2283: cleanup and included HeuristicLab.dlls to create a self-contained branch

13:06 Changeset [11980] by gkronber

#2283: commit before cleanup after EuroCAST

12:39 Changeset [11979] by bburlacu

#1772: Improve performance of the TraceCalculator by marking visited trace nodes to avoid duplicate effort.

11:32 Changeset [11978] by bburlacu


  • Order nodes in the first tree by decreasing depth when doing the mapping (after the two trees have already been compacted into a directed acyclic graph and the isomorphic subtrees have already been identified).
  • Update unit test with the test case that helped identify this bug
  • Minor changes: rename Label method to GetLabel and make it static, update year in license header
11:22 Ticket #2313 (The bottom-up tree tree mapping sometimes maps too many nodes) created by bburlacu
Sometimes a subtree from the first subtree is mapped to an isomorphic …
03:01 Changeset [11977] by gkronber

#2283 commit for 'realistic' (same settings for ant and symbreg) experiment

02:22 Changeset [11976] by gkronber

#2283 worked on seq search for ant


09:57 Changeset [11975] by pfleck

#2269 merged trunk

02:05 Changeset [11974] by gkronber

#2283: eurocast experiments

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