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16:24 Changeset [11448] by bburlacu

#2237: Added script to the startpage (forgot to commit changes to StartPage.cs).

14:19 Changeset [11447] by bburlacu

#2234: Added svm grid search scripts to the HeuristicLab start page.

14:17 Changeset [11446] by bburlacu

#2237: Added random forest grid search scripts to the HeuristicLab start page.

14:16 Changeset [11445] by bburlacu

#2237: Fixed cloning and storable constructor access levels

14:03 Changeset [11444] by bburlacu

#2223: Added check to prevent adding an arc when the source and the target are the same vertex.

13:58 Changeset [11443] by bburlacu

#2237: Made random forest parameters serializable (by deriving from ParameterCollection).

12:34 Changeset [11442] by pfleck

#2229 Added specific culture when parsing doubles in Cordeau solution parser.

09:51 Changeset [11441] by mkommend

#2259: Changed expected values for training R² and neg log likelihood in Gaussian Process regression unit test.

08:45 Changeset [11440] by jkarder

#2262: fixed UpdateVariable

08:38 Changeset [11439] by jkarder

#2239: fixed IsSerializable

02:35 Changeset [11438] by swagner

#2205: Worked on optimization networks


18:12 Changeset [11437] by jkarder

#2239: applied a slightly modified version of bburlacu's patch

18:11 ge-depth-first-mapper.png attached to Blog: Grammatical Evolution in HeuristicLab by gkronber
18:11 Blog: Grammatical Evolution in HeuristicLab edited by gkronber
18:06 ge-mapping-process.png attached to Blog: Grammatical Evolution in HeuristicLab by gkronber
18:05 Blog: Grammatical Evolution in HeuristicLab created by gkronber
16:59 Changeset [11436] by jkarder


  • IEnumerable<T> extension methods are supported by the variables collection
  • INamedItem variables get the item's name per default
  • variables can be renamed by pressing F2
  • variables are removed faster
  • multiple variables can be selected
  • the code editor supports scrolling while scripts are executed
16:24 Ticket #2262 (Improve the scripting environment) created by jkarder
Some improvements can be made: * IEnumerable<T> extension methods …
16:11 Ticket #2261 (Gradient Boosted Trees) created by gkronber
15:59 Ticket #2216 (Curve for the baseline is not shown in the ERC view) closed by gkronber
11:25 Changeset [11435] by mkommend

#2259: Added includeEnd paramter to ValueGenerator.GenerateSteps and removed overloads that take a Func for value transformation.

11:15 Changeset [11434] by mkommend

#2259: Changed ValueGenerator to work with decimals instead of doubles to achieve a higher accuracy and adapted all problem instance providers accordingly.

10:06 Changeset [11433] by mkommend

Updated debugger visualizer for symbolic expression trees to work with VS2013.

09:27 Changeset [11432] by pfleck


  • Fixed 2 Bugs in Cordeau parser
    • some solution files contain empty lines
    • depots are not always identified with a zero, but sometimes with their depot number
  • Improved error message in VRP unit test
08:17 Ticket #2260 (For datasets with many variables (>200) the view for variable ...) created by gkronber
updates take a long time
03:10 Changeset [11431] by swagner

#2205: Worked on optimization networks


17:39 Changeset [11430] by mkommend

#2144: Adapted interpreter evaluation test to explicitly check if both values (interpreted and expected) are double.NaN.

16:25 Changeset [11429] by pfleck


  • Implemented parsing of own solution format for Cordeau instances. (Only works for CordeauMD p-class instances yet)
  • Added CordeauMD and CordeauMDTW solution files.
16:21 Changeset [11428] by pfleck


  • The IVRPData now specifies an optional BestKnownTourVehicleAssignment property. This can be used for solutions where a specific assignment for tours to vehicles is necessary.
  • The VRPInterpreter interpret the new BestKnownTourVehicleAssignment directly as VehicleAssignment in the created PotvinEncoding.
  • Minor refactoring in (I)VRPInstanceProvider.
13:15 Changeset [11427] by bburlacu

#2234: Fixed thread synchronisation bug.

13:08 Ticket #2259 (ValueGenerator creates incorrect sequences due to the double ...) created by mkommend
Example: ValueGenerator.GeneratorSteps(0.05, 1, 0.05) produces: …
11:53 Changeset [11426] by bburlacu

#2237: Fixed thread synchronisation bug. Removed unused variables in GridSearch methods.

10:47 Changeset [11425] by gkronber

#2216 merged r11367 from trunk to stable

07:31 Changeset [11424] by abeham

#2174: fixed a casting bug and bugs regarding the parameterization of move operators

03:27 Changeset [11423] by swagner

#2205: Worked on optimization networks


11:01 Changeset [11422] by mkommend

#2255: Reverted r11417 due to broken unit tests.

08:32 Changeset [11421] by swagner

#2205: Worked on optimization networks


16:20 Changeset [11420] by pfleck


  • Changed the Content type of VRPInstanceProviderView. In the previous version the VRPInstanceProviderView is not used correctly as default View for VRPInstances and therefore the VRPImportDialog is not shown.
  • Made IVRPInstanceProvider generic for consistency and to avoid unnecessary casts.
14:40 Changeset [11419] by mkommend

#2120: Changed access modifier for Run.Parameters setter from public to private.

14:23 Ticket #2258 (Executable.Start executes it asynchronously) created by mkommend
While the name suggests that this method is executed synchronously, it …
13:36 Changeset [11418] by bburlacu

#2257: Removed offending property value which had the unfortunate side effect of caching the manipulation result (returning it unchanged in further calls).

13:35 Ticket #2257 (The Apply button in the DataPreprocessing view only applies the first ...) created by bburlacu
When applying successive manipulations to the data, only the first …
13:25 Changeset [11417] by mkommend

#2255: Unified behavior of online calculators by removing the range check from the OnlineMeanAndVarianceCalculator.

13:18 Ticket #2238 (Reduce memory footprint of GP solutions) closed by mkommend
done: r11416: Merged r11330 and r11332 into stable.
13:17 Changeset [11416] by mkommend

#2238: Merged r11330 and r11332 into stable.

13:14 Ticket #2242 (Datatypes Queue and Queue<> are not serializable) closed by mkommend
done: r11415: Merged r11353 into stable.
13:14 Changeset [11415] by mkommend

#2242: Merged r11353 into stable.

13:13 Ticket #2246 (DataPreprocessing loses the selected input variables while restoring ...) closed by mkommend
done: r11414: Merged r11382 into stable.
13:13 Changeset [11414] by mkommend

#2246: Merged r11382 into stable.

10:47 Changeset [11413] by pfleck

#2208 Fixed VNS-OP sample instance.


20:40 Ticket #2256 (Scripting and Programmable Operator do not work on systems with new ...) created by ascheibe
I have Windows 8.1 with only .NET 4/4.5/4.5.1 installed. When …


02:20 Changeset [11412] by swagner

#2205: Worked on optimization networks


13:59 Changeset [11411] by mkommend

#2253: Added default value for trueProbability and missing XML parameter comment in RandomBinaryVectorCreator.

13:40 Changeset [11410] by mkommend

#2253: Added true probability parameter to RandomBinaryVectorCreator.

03:30 Changeset [11409] by swagner

#2205: Worked on optimization networks


15:51 Ticket #2255 (MeanVarianceCalculator should not perform range checks of the added values) created by mkommend
The OnlineMeanAndVarianceCalculator checks if the added values are in …
15:45 Ticket #2253 (BinaryVectorCreator should have a probability property) created by mkommend
Currently the probability for true in the binary vector creator is set …


11:01 Ticket #2252 (Tree nodes for symbolic expression trees are derived from Item) closed by gkronber
10:20 Changeset [11408] by mkommend

#1997: Added GrowingRandomSamplesEvaluator to island GA for data analysis.

10:19 Changeset [11407] by mkommend

#2175: Added nested tree size evaluator and simplification operator.

02:14 Changeset [11406] by swagner

#2205: Worked on basic infrastructure for optimization networks


18:56 Ticket #2252 (Tree nodes for symbolic expression trees are derived from Item) created by gkronber
In a GP runs we construct and dispose millions of tree nodes so they …
17:39 Changeset [11405] by abeham

#2174: Made single-objective programmable problem compatible with scatter search

17:37 Ticket #2251 (TSPImprover should use InversionManipulator's Apply method) created by abeham
The TSPImprover reimplements an invert functionality (with a rather …
17:16 Changeset [11404] by abeham

#2250: fixed the obvious bug

17:15 Ticket #2250 (Scatter search doesn't run without path relinkers) created by abeham
It should however be possible, but the ExecutePathRelinkingParameter
15:02 Changeset [11403] by bburlacu

#2245: The Shuffle method needs a bool parameter to be passed from the view (checkbox whether to shuffle with ranges or not). I combined the three methods into just one method void Shuffle(bool shuffleRangesSeparately).

13:27 Changeset [11402] by abeham

#2174: cleaned up API a little

02:32 Changeset [11401] by swagner

#2205: Worked on basic infrastructure for optimization networks


17:15 Changeset [11400] by abeham

#2174: Added multi-objective programmable problem

16:38 Changeset [11399] by abeham

#2174: fixed bug in particle creator/updater wiring

12:39 Changeset [11398] by abeham


  • Structured code into regions
  • Added shaking operators for the different encodings
  • Added particle and swarm operators for realvectors
  • Fixed bug in view
09:18 Changeset [11397] by abeham


  • Renamed methods from e.g. Configuration.AddReal to Configuration.AddRealVector
  • Introduced the variable store into the single-objective problem definition script
  • Created a base class for problem definitions that are derived from in code
  • Created a view for problem definition scripts that also includes the variable store
    • It looks like a C# script view, but unfortunately, the content types are not compatible


18:30 Changeset [11396] by abeham


  • Added analyzer operator that will call into the analyze function
  • Added helper class for creating a parameter vector
  • Added parameters to the interfaces and improved wiring
18:04 Ticket #2249 (BestScopeSolutionAnalyzer chains previous best solutions in the scope) created by abeham
If the "BestSolution" is placed in the same scope that the analyzer …
02:12 EvoSoft/2014 created by swagner
00:17 Changeset [11395] by abeham

#2174: fixed parameterization of strategy vector operators


23:54 Changeset [11394] by abeham

#2248: added missing parameters

23:53 Ticket #2248 (Add missing parameters for strategy vector operators) created by abeham
The strategy parameter itself is missing from the interfaces.
22:57 Changeset [11393] by abeham

#2174: enabled possibility to set different problem definitions than just scripted ones

17:02 Changeset [11392] by bburlacu

#2164: Corrected Difference method. The way the differing nodes were collected was wrong.

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