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19:47 Changeset [9749] by ascheibe


  • added documentation for chart analysis view
  • some ui improvements
14:53 Changeset [9748] by mkommend

#2082: Correctes spelling of MATLAB in all names and descriptions.

14:50 Changeset [9747] by mkommend

#2082: Changed path variable in the Scilab plugin Load method to avoid problems when MATLAB and Scilab are both installed.

14:42 Ticket #1970 (Alternative variable impacts analyzers for symbolic regression) closed by mkommend
rejected: r9746: Deleted variable impact analyzer branch.
14:41 Changeset [9746] by mkommend

#1970: Deleted variable impact analyzer branch.

13:10 Changeset [9745] by gkronber

#1508 refactoring: removed smurf-naming.

12:51 Changeset [9744] by gkronber

#1508 refactoring: removed unused classes, unified calculation of profits and signals, implemented profit-evaluator.

11:50 Changeset [9743] by gkronber

#1508 updated classes in trading branch to work with current trunk version of HL.

11:24 Changeset [9742] by ascheibe

#2031 added a rich text box dialog for displaying formatted help texts

11:04 Changeset [9741] by gkronber

#1591: removed ALGLIB-3.6.0, Problems.VehicleRouting-3.3, and Problems.VehicleRouting.Views-3.3

10:31 Changeset [9740] by gkronber

#1483: removed parameterless constructor from DataRow and added a check for IsNullOrEmpty.

09:56 Changeset [9739] by bburlacu

#2021: Added separate SymbolicExpressionTreeLinearCompiler. Updated the SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeLinearInterpreter:

  • moved constants evaluation outside of loop
  • simplified code
  • renamed EvaluateFast method to Evaluate and made it static.


20:23 Ticket #1731 (American English should be used in all texts shown in HL) closed by gkronber
rejected: Not a ticket.
20:23 Ticket #1599 (Allow to resize the combobox in the experiment analysis views) closed by gkronber
duplicate: This has already been implemented in #2048
20:16 Ticket #1311 (Icons on start page are resizable on Windows XP) closed by gkronber
20:15 Ticket #1089 (Plugin for multi-variate data analysis problems) closed by gkronber
rejected: Not a goal to provide this functionality in HL.
20:12 Ticket #331 (API documentation) closed by gkronber
obsolete: This is too unspecific to be a ticket. As some changes have been made …
19:52 Ticket #1102 (Enable starting multiple optimizers of an experiment in parallel) closed by gkronber
19:51 Ticket #1069 (Port SymbolicExpressionTree crossover operators from 3.2 to 3.3) closed by gkronber
19:51 Ticket #1067 (Translocation Soft Tabu Criterion can be made even softer) closed by gkronber
19:48 Ticket #1051 (Add min and max value of the TestFunction's 2D graphical display) closed by gkronber
19:48 Ticket #1059 (Do not allow infinitely small views.) closed by gkronber
19:43 Ticket #2072 (TableFileParser is very slow for CSV files with many columns) closed by gkronber
19:19 Ticket #1929 (Variablecondition symbol should use relative thresholds) closed by gkronber
rejected: Rejected because this is rather difficult to implement in the current …
19:18 Ticket #1907 (Setting the generic type parameter in the create parameter dialog ...) closed by gkronber
15:59 Changeset [9738] by bburlacu

#2021: Created separate LinearInstruction class for the linear interpreter. Added properties folder and strong name key.

15:12 Ticket #2075 (ValueTypeArrays should provide element names similar to row names for ...) closed by mkommend
done: r9737: Integrated the performed changes in the stable branch.
15:12 Changeset [9737] by mkommend

#2075: Integrated the performed changes in the stable branch.

14:16 Ticket #1961 (CMAES algorithm implementation) closed by abeham
done: r9736: Merged CMA-ES into stable branch
14:14 Changeset [9736] by abeham

#1961: Merged CMA-ES into stable branch


18:49 Ticket #1873 (Improve the Legends of the DataTableView) closed by gkronber
rejected: It has been decided that this feature is not necessary.
18:39 Ticket #1702 (Optimizer can crash when closing the StarterForm while the update ...) closed by gkronber
rejected: Related to #1038.
18:34 Ticket #1563 (ProgrammableOperator plugin does not load correctly on WinXP machines) closed by gkronber
18:31 Ticket #1422 (Deep zoom for BubbleChart) closed by gkronber
18:30 Ticket #1417 (Add visual indication of tabs originating from the same view) closed by gkronber
18:30 Ticket #1412 (Provide a separate application for result analysis) closed by gkronber
18:28 Ticket #1334 (Explore binary serialization as an alternative to serialize Hive jobs) closed by gkronber
rejected: It has been decided in the architects circle to reject this ticket.
18:24 Ticket #1196 (Implement user management service) closed by gkronber
obsolete: This ticket can be closed as the functionality has been implemented.
18:23 Ticket #1111 (Experiments and Batchruns do not extract runs of newly added optimizers) closed by gkronber
obsolete: We decided to close this ticket.
15:31 Changeset [9735] by bburlacu

#2021: Forgot to add tests subproject to the solution.

15:10 Changeset [9734] by bburlacu

#2021: Updated license year, fixed interpreter name (SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeLinearInterpreter) and updated description. Replaced tabs with spaces in Instruction.cs.

14:55 Changeset [9733] by bburlacu

#2021: Fixed wrong method invocation in SymbolicDataAnalysisExpressionTreeILEmittingInterpreter.cs.

14:50 Changeset [9732] by bburlacu

#2021: Merged trunk changes for HeuristicLab.Encodings.SymbolicExpressionTreeEncoding and HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic. Replaced prefix iteration of nodes in the linear interpretation with breadth iteration for simplified logic and extra performance. Reversed unnecessary changes to other projects.

12:36 Changeset [9731] by ascheibe

#1886 cleaned up references

12:05 Changeset [9730] by ascheibe

#1886 added a library that calculates convex hulls


13:15 Changeset [9729] by ascheibe

#1886 fixed serialization bug in solution caching

13:06 Changeset [9728] by ascheibe

#1886 worked on solution caching


08:58 Documentation/Reference/GPDL edited by gkronber
08:50 Documentation/Reference/GPDL edited by gkronber
08:48 Changeset [9727] by gkronber

#2026 attributes for NT- and T-symbols are optional (incorrectly translated from Coco-2 yesterday)

08:33 Documentation/Reference/GPDL edited by gkronber
00:54 Changeset [9726] by gkronber

#2026 removed unused methods

00:52 Changeset [9725] by gkronber

#2026 re-enabled code generation from within HL and added missing file.

00:36 Documentation/Reference/GPDL edited by gkronber
00:34 Documentation/Reference/GPDL edited by gkronber
00:32 Documentation/Reference/GPDL edited by gkronber
00:31 Changeset [9724] by gkronber

#2026 changed ATG to Coco/R syntax and use Coco/R (C#) to generate scanner and parser for GPDL


15:45 Changeset [9723] by ascheibe

#1886 worked on solution caching

13:26 Ticket #2085 (InvalidOperationException when refreshing in the Hive Job Manager) closed by ascheibe
done: r9722 merged r9710 into stable branch
13:25 Changeset [9722] by ascheibe

#2085 merged r9710 into stable branch

12:42 Changeset [9721] by ascheibe

#2031 added unit tests for the Kruskal Wallis test

10:30 Changeset [9720] by ascheibe

#1961 fixed output path of project

09:43 AddonsDailyBuilds edited by ascheibe
added PMO MA (diff)
09:35 MA PMO.pdf attached to AddonsDailyBuilds by ascheibe
09:02 Changeset [9719] by abeham

#1961: Removed plugin dependency

08:59 Ticket #2086 (Priorities for unit tests) created by abeham
When going from VS2010 to VS2012 the previously available test lists …


21:43 Changeset [9718] by abeham

#1961: Integrated branch into trunk

16:00 Changeset [9717] by ascheibe

#2031 ported changes from the boxplot view from r9435 to the sample size influence view

13:51 Changeset [9716] by mkommend

#2081: Deleted branch for HL path data types.

13:38 Changeset [9715] by mkommend

#2082: Updated external evaluation scientific branch to use the new HL data types.

13:35 Changeset [9714] by mkommend

#2081: Integrated new HL path data types from the branch.

13:32 Changeset [9713] by ascheibe


  • made operations in ChartAnalysisView asynchronous
  • renamed views to go along with the other RunCollection views
11:05 Changeset [9712] by ascheibe

#2031 removed deprecated view

00:24 Changeset [9711] by ascheibe

#1886 started working on a solution cache


19:49 Changeset [9710] by ascheibe

#2085 fixed InvalidOperationException in Hive Job Manager

19:16 Ticket #2085 (InvalidOperationException when refreshing in the Hive Job Manager) created by ascheibe
HeuristicLab version: InvalidOperationException: …
15:32 Changeset [9709] by abeham

#1961: implemented reviewer comments

14:04 Changeset [9708] by mkommend

#1837: Merged trunk changes into sliding window gp branch.

13:51 Changeset [9707] by mkommend

#1837: Adapted sliding window analyzer to reevaluate all individuals if the sliding window gets moved.

11:11 Ticket #2040 (Refreshing the Hive Job Manager changes the sorting of jobs) closed by ascheibe
duplicate: This was fixed in #2064


16:33 Changeset [9706] by ascheibe


  • added exponential fitting
  • added logarithmic fitting
  • refactored fitting code
  • updated license headers
14:28 Changeset [9705] by mkommend

#2081: Removed the code for clearing the properties of the filesystemwatcher in the TextFileView as this could lead to exceptions.

14:09 Changeset [9704] by mkommend

#2081: Merged trunk changes into path datatypes branch.


15:06 AdditionalMaterial edited by mkommend
Added GECCO presentation to the additional material page (diff)
15:01 Changeset [9703] by mkommend

added gecco 2013 symreg presentation on constant optimization

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