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18:23 Changeset [8970] by gkronber

#1917: formatting

17:21 Changeset [8969] by mkommend

#1917: Corrected event registration for problem changes in CrossValidation.

15:04 Ticket #1989 (NormalDistributedCutPointsThresholdCalculator ignores ...) created by gkronber
When solving classification problems it is possible to assign …
12:55 Changeset [8968] by mkommend

#1988: Corrected configuration of the problem instance provider view in ProblemView which lead to a problem in the cross validation.

12:51 Changeset [8967] by ascheibe

#1673 added backwards compatibility region for AlgorithmName

12:27 Changeset [8966] by mkommend

#1917: Reversed changes in OnlineMeanAndVarianceCalculator as this must be first discussed with gkronber and should be tracked in a separate ticket.

12:19 Changeset [8965] by mkommend

#1917: Added missing event registration in AfterDeserialization of CrossValidation and clean up code if a problem changes in the crossvalidation. Additionally, I removed explicit calls to OnReset in the Load methods of IDataAnalysisProblems the reset event is automatically fired when the problem data is changed.

12:11 Changeset [8964] by ascheibe

#1986 fixed calling the shutdown command from a windows service

11:49 Changeset [8963] by mkommend

#1920: Corrected problem in RegressionSolutionErrorCharacteristicsCurveView regarding calculating the constant model.

11:16 Changeset [8962] by mkommend

#1673: Added space in view caption between the optimizer name and the view name. Renamed AlgorithmName in RunCollection to OptimizerName as suggested by ascheibe.

11:03 Changeset [8961] by abeham

#1985: added ability to edit snapshot times (changed representation to a list of timespan instead of a list of double)

10:50 Changeset [8960] by mkommend

#1763: Removed scaling in SymbolicRegressionSolutionImpactValuesCalculator as this does does not have any effect as long as the impact is calculated on the basis of the R².

10:33 Changeset [8959] by ascheibe

#1986 deleted SlaveShutdown branch

10:06 Ticket #1987 (In the CrossValidationView the value for the samples end field is not ...) closed by gkronber
duplicate: Duplicate of #1917
10:04 Ticket #1988 (In the CrossValidationView it is not possible to change the algorithm ...) created by gkronber
There is a problem with the view caching. Steps to reproduce: 1. …
10:02 Changeset [8958] by fschoepp


  • Added a administrator web interface for job management
  • Fixed Hive Client (PluginValidator) to find the assemblies within the right directories
  • Reorganized controller classes (Folders HL, Interfaces, Azure)
  • You may now successfully schedule and run jobs with the web ui.
10:00 Ticket #1987 (In the CrossValidationView the value for the samples end field is not ...) created by gkronber
09:57 Changeset [8957] by ascheibe

#1986 merged SlaveShutdown branch back into trunk

01:59 Changeset [8956] by abeham


  • Removed .resx file
  • Fixed bugs


22:12 Changeset [8955] by abeham

#1985: Added optimizer and view

20:09 Changeset [8954] by ascheibe

#1986 merged trunk into SlaveShutdown branch

19:57 Changeset [8953] by ascheibe

#1986 added the ui components for shutting down slaves

13:35 Changeset [8952] by mkommend

#1976: Performance improvements in AutoDiff library.

13:06 Changeset [8951] by ascheibe

#1986 reverted changes to hive client config

12:49 Changeset [8950] by mkommend

#1763: Forgot to update the corresponding project file in r8947.

12:43 Changeset [8949] by ascheibe

#1986 added slave command for shutting down a computer

12:37 Changeset [8948] by mkommend

#1890: Reverted accidental conversion of HeuristicLab.sln from visual studio 2010 to 2012.

12:33 Changeset [8947] by mkommend

#1763: Deleted obsolete tree node change dialog.

11:02 Changeset [8946] by mkommend

#1763: Merged remaining changes from the TreeSimplifier branch in the trunk and refactored impact values calculators.


16:03 Changeset [8945] by ascheibe

#1986 made the necessary changes on the server for shutting down slaves

15:41 Changeset [8944] by ascheibe

#1986 create branch

15:37 Ticket #1986 (Hive should be able to shutdown slaves) created by ascheibe
14:49 Changeset [8943] by abeham

#1985: created branch for including runtime limited optimizer

14:45 Ticket #1985 (Create optimizer that limits runtime of an optimizer) created by abeham
Similar to the role of a Batchrun as an optimizer that executes …
13:19 Changeset [8942] by mkommend

#1763: Merged changes from TreeSimplifier branch to Encodings.symbolicExpressionTreeEncoding.Views.

13:18 Changeset [8941] by sforsten

A general implementation of most main components of LCS is done with an own encoding.
At the moment you can just watch the LCS generating a number of solutions and selecting the match and action set in the debug engine.

12:51 Changeset [8940] by mkommend

#1081: Added EstimationLimits to ISymbolicTimeSeriesPrognosisModel.

11:12 Changeset [8939] by ascheibe


  • added more aggressive locking so that the views don't read run collections that get modified in the meantime
  • start downloading of tasks after the job has been uploaded completely
  • fixed exceptions that got thrown when waiting for the threads that upload the tasks
10:02 Ticket #1984 (TabuMaker throws an exception if TabuTenure is less than or equal to 0) created by jkarder
If the TabuTenure is less than or equal to 0, the operator tries to …


16:26 Changeset [8938] by mkommend

##1976: Removed obsolete code in SymbolicRegressionConstantOptimizationEvaluator.

16:10 Changeset [8937] by mkommend

#1763: Merged recent trunk changes into the branch.

15:20 Changeset [8936] by mkommend

#1865: Correcting updating of variable names in VariableSymbol.

15:03 Changeset [8935] by bburlacu

#1763: Bugfixes and refactoring as suggested in the comments above.

11:36 Ticket #1983 (Simulated Annealing in combination with the test functions can lead to ...) created by mkommend
The problem can be reproduces by executing the attached algorithm a …


18:56 Changeset [8934] by jkarder

#1926: refactored arguments


14:04 Changeset [8933] by gkronber

#1902 corrected handling of length-parameter arrays in ARD functions and prevented stacking of mask covariance functions to make sure that the length-parameter and the enumerable of selected column indexes are equally long.

13:24 Changeset [8932] by gkronber

#1902 fixed handling of columnIndices and inverseLength in ARD covariance functions.

13:05 Changeset [8931] by gkronber

#1902: fixed incorrect handling of dimension masking in CovarianceLinear (and checked all other covariance functions)

12:58 Changeset [8930] by ascheibe

#1673 set name of RunCollection in the BenchmarkAlgorithm

12:57 Changeset [8929] by gkronber

#1902: moved covariance and mean functions to folders

12:35 Changeset [8928] by bburlacu

#1890: Removed license information from FastRandom.cs because this file has a separate license.

12:33 Changeset [8927] by bburlacu

#1890: Reverted change in HeuristicLab.Optimization.Views-3.3.csproj as it was wrongly including a resx file.

12:19 Changeset [8926] by bburlacu

#1890: Reverted changes for HeuristicLab.Algorithms.RAPGA/3.3/DuplicatesSelector.cs.

12:13 Changeset [8925] by bburlacu

#1890: Reverted erroneous commit for RunCollectionDataTableView.cs and RunCollectionDataTableView.Designer.cs.

12:04 Changeset [8924] by bburlacu

#1890: Added License Information to files that didn't include it.

10:32 Ticket #1206 (Create base class for the optimization classes and their views) closed by mkommend
duplicate: You are right the remaining issues described in this ticket should be …
09:30 Changeset [8923] by abeham

#1982: Updated log4net to 1.2.11

08:55 Ticket #1982 (Update log4net to 1.2.11) created by abeham
1.2.11 adds support for .NET 4.0
07:59 Ticket #1409 (An exception is thrown when modifying the collected values of a ...) closed by abeham
worksforme: Not reproducible anymore
07:56 Ticket #1491 (Improve copy and paste between StringConvertibleMatrix and -Array) closed by abeham
duplicate: This was fixed in #1754


16:29 Changeset [8922] by mkommend

#1953: Refactored GetDistance method in VRPProblemInstace.

15:11 Changeset [8921] by gkronber

#1925 fixed robustness of NormalDistributionCutPointsThresholdCalculator. Now it always returns at least negative infinity and the most frequent class.

12:27 Changeset [8920] by sluengo
12:27 Changeset [8919] by sluengo
11:08 Changeset [8918] by gkronber

created a branch for extensions specific to GP for financial time series


20:59 Changeset [8917] by gkronber

#1925 used symbolic solution from MATLAB for calculation of cut points. Fixed numerical problem with calculation of NormalCDF by calculating / approximated the logarithm of the normal CDF.

14:30 Changeset [8916] by bburlacu

#1763: Added HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Classification.Views and HeuristicLab.Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.Regression.Views to the branch. Removed prune button, minor functionality improvements.


16:47 Changeset [8915] by mkommend

#1763: merged changes from trunk into the tree simplifier branch.

14:08 Changeset [8914] by ascheibe


  • fixed nasty permission exception: refresh automatically can only be activated after the job is actually uploaded to the server
  • fixed setting refresh automatically correctly when switching between jobs


18:30 Changeset [8913] by gkronber

#1925: made corrections as suggested by abeham in the code review. In particular hopefully corrected the calculation of the CDF.

14:53 Changeset [8912] by abeham


  • Added a tooltip to the ProblemInstanceProviderView
  • Used tooltip to display a description of the selected instance
  • Made public member consumer private
11:21 Changeset [8911] by abeham

#1329: (Hopefully) fixed a problem with ziplib reference

11:19 Changeset [8910] by abeham


  • Corrected best known solutions in new taillard and microarray instances
  • Improved computation of an average fitness in the QAP
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