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21:46 Changeset [8818] by jkarder


  • added OpenArgument
  • refactored argument handling infrastructure
13:45 Ticket #1974 (The RunCollectionDataTable view should not pick a table initially) created by abeham
With a large enough experiment it takes too long to load and the …
10:57 Changeset [8817] by fschoepp


  • Added a parser for independent scenarios (using the model of the optimization backend)
  • Optimization scenario sample can be found in mappings folder of the web project.
  • Added IScenarioMapper interface which provides functionality to map from the optimization data model to a backend model (e.g. Heuristic Lab data model)
  • Implementations of IScenarioMapper have to be provided as C# code (strings) which will be compiled by using a CSharpCodeProvider. Once compiled, the implementations of the IScenarioMapper are being cached within the platform for further usage.
  • Fixed a bug in web template DecimalMatrix (using i instead of j)
  • Added missing thumprint of localhost certificate to the optimization web project (ServiceConfiguration.Local.cscfg / ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg)
  • Test project now provides following test cases: Mapping types using IronPython and mapping types using Otis
10:16 Changeset [8816] by ascheibe

#1937 fixed version comparison of Mono runtimes


15:57 Changeset [8815] by svonolfe

Improved best insertion heuristic (#1955)

15:19 Changeset [8814] by sforsten


  • improved performance of confidence calculation
  • fixed bug in median confidence calculation
  • fixed bug in average confidence calculation
  • confidence calculation is now easier for training and test
  • removed obsolete view ClassificationEnsembleSolutionConfidenceAccuracyDependence
14:56 Changeset [8813] by svonolfe

Added earliest due time and nearest destination dispatching (#1955)

13:07 Changeset [8812] by svonolfe

Improved threading of evaluator (#1955)

09:44 Changeset [8811] by sforsten



15:37 Changeset [8810] by svonolfe

Fixed plugin file (#1955)

15:35 Changeset [8809] by svonolfe

Fixed references and plugin file (#1955)

15:17 Changeset [8808] by svonolfe

Added symbolic tree dispatching and metaoptimization (#1955)

13:35 Changeset [8807] by svonolfe

Fixed threading issues (#1955)

13:06 Changeset [8806] by ascheibe

#1890 added System.Drawing references so that HL compiles with Visual Studio 2012

12:50 Ticket #1973 (Support more than 256 variables in linear regression models) created by swinkler
Linear regression crashes if more than 256 input features are to be …
12:23 Ticket #1972 (The TypeSelector dialog takes too long to show) created by abeham
When creating a new user-defined algorithm and adding a …
10:38 Ticket #1971 (Adding and removing multiple items in the ItemCollectionView<T> takes ...) created by sforsten
Similar to ticket #1963, it takes to long to add and remove multiple …
09:35 Changeset [8805] by mkommend

#1968: Added initialization code for the RNG in the ALGLIB sources.

09:23 Changeset [8804] by ascheibe

#1937 Improved Bash prebuild event script


15:34 Changeset [8803] by mkommend

#1968: Added [ThreadStatic] to the RNG of ALGLIB and removed lock from random forest algorithm.

14:22 Changeset [8802] by mkommend

#1915: Corrected multiple event registration in ClassificationProblemData.

14:04 Changeset [8801] by mkommend

#1081: Changed project reference to an assembly reference in Problems.DataAnalysis.Symbolic.TimeSeriesPrognosis and updated build dependencies in the solution file.

12:50 Changeset [8800] by ascheibe

#1329 changed references in scheduling projects to project references

10:28 Changeset [8799] by mkommend

#1081: Corrected time series projects (copy local, output path).


17:48 Changeset [8798] by mkommend

#1081: Reintegrated time series modeling branch into trunk.

17:17 Changeset [8797] by ascheibe

#1886 added a comparison factor parameter to the crossover analyzer so that it can be defined what a successful crossover is

16:20 Changeset [8796] by mkommend

#1970: Corrected visibility of storable ctor in SymbolicRegressionVariableImpactAnalyzer.

16:12 Changeset [8795] by svonolfe

Fixed parsing of double values (#1955)

16:09 Changeset [8794] by mkommend

#1970: Added storable ctor to symbolic regression variable impacts analyzer.

15:53 Changeset [8793] by swinkler

#1970: Added first implementation of variables impact analysis (replacement with mean).

14:04 Changeset [8792] by svonolfe

Improved performance when small time steps are used (#1955)

13:51 DevelopersTeam edited by abeham
added johannes, removed dead link (diff)
13:43 Ticket #1970 (Alternative variable impacts analyzers for symbolic regression) created by swinkler
Currently, we support calculation of variable impacts by calculating …
13:40 Changeset [8791] by svonolfe

Fixed order generation (#1955)

13:37 Changeset [8790] by abeham

#1969: Made sure max is exclusive and always a feasible value (a multiple of step + min)

11:36 Changeset [8789] by mkommend

#1081: Merged trunk changes into timeseries branch.

11:26 Changeset [8788] by ascheibe

#1329 signed Scheduling Problem View project

10:55 Changeset [8787] by svonolfe

improved priority rule (#1955)

10:44 Changeset [8786] by mkommend

#1968: Added seed and m parameter to random forest modeling.

10:43 Changeset [8785] by jkarder

#1329: corrected RAPGA JSSP sample test

10:39 Ticket #1969 (UniformOnePositionManipulator should not include the upper bound) created by abeham
09:13 Ticket #1968 (The number of used variable per tree should be configurable in random ...) created by mkommend
Another problem is that currently the random seed cannot be specified …
09:10 Changeset [8784] by svonolfe

modified dial-a-ride evaluation (#1955)


16:30 Changeset [8783] by svonolfe

modified fitness function of dial a ride (#1955)

16:30 Changeset [8782] by svonolfe

modified fitness function of dial a ride

15:49 Changeset [8781] by abeham

#1941: added missing platforms in Problems.Instances.DataAnalysis.Views

14:31 Changeset [8780] by ascheibe

#1329 added RAPGA JSSP sample

13:10 Changeset [8779] by svonolfe

Improved coordination between optimization and simulation thread (#1955)

12:10 Changeset [8778] by ascheibe

#1890 fixed a NullReferenceException when serializing a calculator that has not been assigned a formula

12:02 Changeset [8777] by svonolfe

Added priority dispatching metaoptimization (#1955)

12:01 Changeset [8776] by svonolfe

Improved interaction of simulation and optimization thread (#1955)

11:45 Changeset [8775] by ascheibe

#1331 added Scatter Search sample

11:24 Changeset [8774] by ascheibe

#1331 fixed parameters of the random number generator so that the seed can be set

10:54 Changeset [8773] by svonolfe

Fixed possible race condition (#1955)


16:55 Changeset [8772] by ascheibe

#1329 another fix for the prebuild events for Mono (missed the Encoding)

16:15 Changeset [8771] by gkronber

#1902: fixed a bug in the noise covariance function

16:15 Changeset [8770] by mkommend

#1081: Corrected plugin.cs.frame for symbolic time series prognosis views.

15:32 Changeset [8769] by ascheibe

#1329 fixed prebuild events so that they work with Mono

14:32 Changeset [8768] by mkommend

#1081: Corrected plugin dependencies.

14:20 Changeset [8767] by mkommend

#1081: Merged remaining changes from the trunk.

14:06 Changeset [8766] by mkommend

#1081: Reintegrated trunk updates in timeseries branch.

13:56 Changeset [8765] by mkommend

#1081: Fixed minor bugs in time series prognosis views.

12:01 Changeset [8764] by mkommend

#1081: Removed wrong MA models from timeseries prognosis branch.


20:09 Changeset [8763] by svonolfe

made solution evaluation method virtual (#1953)

16:11 Changeset [8762] by mkommend

#1081: Fixed serialization and corrected AR(n) modeling.

14:24 Changeset [8761] by abeham

#1955: fixed project

14:24 Changeset [8760] by abeham

#1955: Updated priority rule

11:52 Changeset [8759] by gkronber

#1329: renamed AssemblyInfo.frame -> AssemblyInfo.cs.frame

11:44 Changeset [8758] by gkronber

#1329: deleted unnecessarily copied files

11:42 Changeset [8757] by gkronber

#1329 integrated Scheduling branch into trunk

11:33 Changeset [8756] by mkommend

#1890: Removed virtual property call in ResulCollectionView ctor to set ReadOnly=true;

10:58 Changeset [8755] by gkronber

#1967 renamed branch folder

10:57 Changeset [8754] by gkronber

#1967 svn:ignore properties

10:57 Changeset [8753] by gkronber

#1967 initial import of Gaussian process evolution plugin

10:52 Changeset [8752] by gkronber

#1967 moved incorrectly created folder

10:51 Ticket #1967 (Evolution of mean and covariance functions for Gaussian processes using GP) created by gkronber
10:49 Changeset [8751] by gkronber

initial import of Gaussian process evolution plugin


17:57 Changeset [8750] by mkommend

#1081: Extracted prognosis results into separate class and added a view for them.

17:43 Changeset [8749] by jkarder

#1926: made generic type parameter in ICommandLineArgument<T> invariant

17:13 Changeset [8748] by jkarder


16:04 Changeset [8747] by abeham


  • Added priority dispatching (random strategy)
  • Fixed vehicle's current order
14:49 Changeset [8746] by ascheibe

#1331 fixed a small bug in the Prepare method of ScatterSearch

13:27 Changeset [8745] by mkommend

#1915: Overlooked a minor bug in the classification problem data regarding the copy constructor.

12:36 Changeset [8744] by epitzer

Improve Information Analyzer #1696

  • Configurable discretized or full quantile analysis
  • Configurable shape size
  • Include peak information values and deltas in results
12:02 Changeset [8743] by mkommend

#1081: Readded ErrorCharacteristicsView for time series prognosis solutions.

11:58 Changeset [8742] by mkommend

#1081: Merged trunk changes and fixed compilation errors due to the merge.


17:08 Changeset [8741] by gkronber

#1890: updated solution configurations

17:06 Changeset [8740] by gkronber

#1902: removed assertion for test R² in GPR unit test as we are testing on a benchmark problem where the test set is randomly created.

16:19 Changeset [8739] by ascheibe

#1886 removed static method calls to similarity calculators

15:42 Changeset [8738] by mkommend

#1673: Added new property AlgorithmName to the RunCollection and synced the property with the name of the surrounding IOptimizer. The AlgorithmName is used by the RunCollectionViews as prefix for its caption if it was set.

14:16 Changeset [8737] by jhelm

#1966: Initial commit for binPacking branch.

13:50 Ticket #1966 (Implement BinPacking problem) created by jhelm
13:02 Changeset [8736] by gkronber

#1962: fixed bug in the view that caused a unit test fail.

12:59 Changeset [8735] by gkronber

#1890: added rounding to 3 digits for variable impacts. as it is not useful to show all digits.

12:58 Changeset [8734] by gkronber

#1890: fixed a bug in the ValueGenerator for data analysis benchmark instances

12:56 Changeset [8733] by gkronber

#1902: added a unit test to create and run a GPR sample

12:01 Changeset [8732] by gkronber


  • added caching for variances of GaussianProcessRegressionSolution.
  • changed hyperparameter initializers to generate initial values for hyperparameters in a larger range.
11:44 Changeset [8731] by mkommend

#1890: Added svn_ignore for .user and .suo files in some directories.

11:43 Changeset [8730] by gkronber

#1962: disabled optimized button if the model contains non-differentiable functions. Added support for exact differentiation for additional function symbols (sin, cos, tan, square, norm, erf)

11:43 Changeset [8729] by mkommend

#1292: Moved FeatureCorrelation specific classes from Problems.DataAnalysis to Problems.DataAnalysis.Views.

11:28 Changeset [8728] by mkommend

#1292: Corrected SpearmansRankCalculator.

11:25 Changeset [8727] by mkommend

#1965: Used EstimationLimits to avoid NaN evaluations in simplifiers.

11:21 Ticket #1965 (Simplifier folds all nodes automatically if NaN occurs during the ...) created by mkommend
The simplifier should also use the LimitToRange methods with the …
09:38 Changeset [8726] by mkommend

#1043: Removed the possibility to edit the name of optimizers in the ExperimentTreeView by pressing F2.


17:13 Changeset [8725] by epitzer

improve information analysis #1696

  • fixed a bug in quality delta filtering
  • report finer-grained results
  • add total entropy
  • add peak values to results
12:07 Changeset [8724] by mkommend

#1964: Corrected creation of ensemble solutions.

11:38 Changeset [8723] by mkommend

#1964: Added new results to symbolic classification and regression solutions. Additionally, the way results are calculated was refactored and unified.

11:36 Ticket #1964 (Symbolic Regression and Classification Solutions do not indicate if ...) created by mkommend
A new result showing the number of evaluations which hit the …
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