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18:26 Changeset [8572] by spimming

#1894: FibonacciHeap implementation added

16:34 Changeset [8571] by mkommend


  • Rewrote type checks for type discovery of plugin infrastructure
  • Extracted common functionality of ApplicationManagers in another class.
  • Added unit tests for the newly implemented methods*
  • Updated test lists to include the new unit tests
16:16 Changeset [8570] by ascheibe

#1886 fixed a small bug

13:10 Changeset [8569] by ascheibe

#1886 added functionality so that calculated values can be stored in the results of the runs

11:53 Changeset [8568] by gkronber

#1927 removed plugin reference to HeuristicLab.Collections as it is only required by the compiler

11:47 Changeset [8567] by gkronber

#1927 added plugin references to HeuristicLab.Common and HeuristicLab.Collections

11:32 Changeset [8566] by gkronber

#1927 implemented check to deactivate input variables that are constant in the training partition in the CSV problem instance providers for regression, classification and clustering.

11:29 Ticket #1927 (The CSV problem instance provider should automatically disable input ...) created by gkronber
11:25 Changeset [8565] by gkronber

#1902 implemented RQard covariance function.

11:24 Changeset [8564] by gkronber


  • added an extension to calculate the range of IEnumerable<double>
  • increased the buffer size for the heuristic determination of separator characters in the table file parser (to make it work with files that have more than 1024 bytes in the second line).
10:34 Changeset [8563] by jkarder


  • created argument handling infrastructure
  • added StartArgument
10:15 Ticket #1926 (Add support for command line arguments) created by jkarder
There should be a way to pass and handle command line arguments in …
09:50 Changeset [8562] by gkronber

#1902 implemented LinearARD and MaternIso covariance functions.


16:33 Changeset [8561] by bburlacu

#1661: Fixed bug in storable constructor call in the SymbolicExpressionTreeLengthAnalyzer.

16:18 Changeset [8560] by gkronber

#1890: fixed a bug in the InstantiateAllCreatables unit test. Only a part of all assemblies has been by the unit test up to now as the assembly loading statement has been missing.

(also updated the project reference for alglib to version 3.6.0)

16:16 Changeset [8559] by gkronber

#1292: removed the default constructor for FeatureCorrelation as it simply runs into a NullReferenceException (the default ctor is not used anywhere and is senseless).

This fixes the unit test fail for the meta-optimization branch on the builder.

16:04 Changeset [8558] by ascheibe

#1886 runs can now be opened in the statistical tabular view

15:26 Changeset [8557] by bburlacu

#1772: Introduced base class and interface for tracing operators. Introduced SymbolicExpressionTreeNodeComparer interface to be implemented by node matching operators. Fixed bug in the TracingSymbolicExpressionTreeManipulator where nodes modified by the Full- and OnePoint tree shakers were not correctly detected. The SymbolicExpressionTreeNodeSimilarityComparer is now injected in the tracing genetic operators as a parameter.

15:09 Changeset [8556] by bburlacu

#1772: Modified genealogy graph chart and view to reflect changes in the class hierarchy.

14:58 Changeset [8555] by bburlacu

#1772: Introduced more specific graph class for symbolic expression problems.

13:27 Changeset [8554] by mkommend


  • Corrected class names and class values caching in ClassificationProblemData
  • Removed caching of classification penalties
  • Corrected AccuracyMaximizationThresholdCalculator (retrieving of penalties was switched)
  • Added asserts for the achieved accuracy to the classification sample unit test


22:32 Changeset [8553] by abeham

#1890: Updated best known qualities of missing QAPLIB solutions


14:15 Changeset [8552] by mkommend

#1919: Corrected event handling regarding changing of thresholds in DiscriminantClassificationSolutions.

14:02 Changeset [8551] by mkommend

#1919: Adapted forgotten evaluator to r8550.

13:52 Changeset [8550] by mkommend

#1919: Changed threshold calculation methods to instance instead of static methods.

13:47 Changeset [8549] by abeham

#1924: Divided penalty by the number of evaluated fitness cases

12:18 Ticket #1925 (IndexOutOfRangeException in SetClassDistributionCutPointThresholds) created by abeham
Probably a corner case that doesn't occur to often, but can lead to an …
12:13 Changeset [8548] by abeham

#1924: Added evaluator that calculates the penalty-weighted accuracy score

10:40 Changeset [8547] by mkommend

#1890: Added more meaningful assert message in 'InstatiateAllCreateables' unit test.


16:24 Changeset [8546] by spimming


  • fast binary heap added
  • 4-ary binary heap added
  • FibonacciHeap initial commit
16:09 Changeset [8545] by fschoepp


  • Controller is now capable of gathering Hive Jobs
  • Hive Jobs will be mapped to independent Job-Class (shared between Controller and Frontend)
  • HiveScenarioManager is capable of gathering Hive Jobs + their results
  • Job Results will be mapped to string properties
  • Frontend renders all Results after opening the job details
  • Misc: Frontend now passes User-object to Controller so that it is able to connect to the Hive Service (hardcoded values removed)
16:08 Changeset [8544] by jkarder

#1853: ValueView now uses the TypeSelectorDialog instead of the ObjectSelectorDialog

12:12 Ticket #1924 (Evaluator for classification problems that considers classification ...) created by abeham
According to mkommend, the penalties are currently only accounted for …
11:56 Changeset [8543] by mkommend

#1292: Removed the feature correlation from the data analysis problem data as the implemenation is not yet finished and otherwise it could lead to persistence breaks.

11:47 Changeset [8542] by mkommend

#1292: Integrated correlation analysis of datasets in the trunk.

11:25 Changeset [8541] by spimming

#1894: renamed heap implementations

11:20 Changeset [8540] by spimming

#1894: fixed assignment issue in BinaryHeap


18:18 Changeset [8539] by spimming


  • Dijkstra version with no decrease key
  • used wrong index in BinHeap implementation
  • implement interface in BinaryHeap
16:53 Changeset [8538] by mkommend

#1292: Merged trunk changes in preparation of the branch reintegration.

16:43 Changeset [8537] by mkommend

#1292: Improved drawing of feature correlation view.

10:36 Changeset [8536] by mkommend

#1923: Reverse merged r8531 (changes in application managers) as this introduced errors in the type discovery.

09:22 Changeset [8535] by jkarder


  • enhanced combinations count calculation
  • restructured code
  • minor code improvements
  • added license information


16:13 Changeset [8534] by sforsten


  • merged r8508:8533 from trunk into branch
  • AverageThresholdCalculator and MedianThresholdCalculator can now handle multi class classification
  • changed combo boxes in ClassificationEnsembleSolutionView to drop down list
16:09 Ticket #1880 (Provide Qualities Histogram during algorithm runs) closed by mkommend
duplicate: An analyzer with the described behavior was already implemented in #1465.
15:50 Ticket #1858 (DeleteColumnGroupCommand should support multiple ColumnGroups) closed by mkommend
15:48 Ticket #1639 (Sorting values in a column should be stable) closed by mkommend
15:47 Ticket #1633 (Display column index for columns in a columngroup to simplify ...) closed by mkommend
15:08 Ticket #1923 (CheckTypeCompatibility does not check constraints on generic type ...) created by mkommend
The CheckTypeCompatibility in all ApplicationManagers could be …
15:04 Changeset [8533] by sforsten

#1920: corrected typo

14:59 Changeset [8532] by mkommend

#1820: Refactored and corrected data importer save as problem data functionality and corrected project references.

13:11 Changeset [8531] by mkommend

#1919: Refactored calculation of thresholds for SymbolicDiscriminantFunctionClassficationModels and removed the automatic recalculation of thresholds during solution creation.

11:48 Changeset [8530] by abeham

#1922: Used the culture's defined list separator in CSV export

11:46 Ticket #1922 (Improve CSV export) created by abeham
The CSV export should use the system defined list separator and not …
11:44 Ticket #1921 (Problem exporting a data analysis problem as csv) closed by abeham
worksforme: could not reproduce this in the latest trunk version


17:59 Changeset [8529] by sforsten


  • BackgroundWorker is now reused in FeatureCorrelation
  • renamed some variables
  • ComboBoxes are now DropDownLists
  • FeatureCorrelation doesn't calculate the elements in the constructor anymore
  • small changes in the views
16:55 Changeset [8528] by mkommend

#1920: Changed CreateSolution method in all DataAnalysisModels to transform the handed IProblemData to the correct type.

16:37 Changeset [8527] by spimming


  • introduced heap interface
  • various heap implementation used as priority queues
  • very simple logger added
  • various versions of Astar algorithm
13:44 Changeset [8526] by mkommend

#1292: Corrected build configurations in DatasetCorrelation branch.

12:18 Changeset [8525] by mkommend

#1292: Added bin directory and resharper files to list of SVN excluded files.

10:39 Changeset [8524] by jkarder


  • added problem instance selection to CreateExperimentDialog
  • adopted experiment creation
  • minor code improvements


13:54 Ticket #1921 (Problem exporting a data analysis problem as csv) created by abeham
When exporting a data analysis problem as CSV, the whole line is …


17:55 Changeset [8523] by abeham

#1913: added classification penalty into fitness function and gradient

15:05 Changeset [8522] by ascheibe

#1886 added relative error and possibility to add fitted line to charts

11:21 Changeset [8521] by ascheibe

#1886 added gradient to statistical tabular view


19:14 Changeset [8520] by spimming


  • extended datasource interface to get routing graph for a specific vehicle type
  • use ICostCalculator to calculate edge weights
  • moved common enums in own file
  • removed method to estimate cost from graph; use ICostCalculator
17:26 Changeset [8519] by jkarder


  • fixed project references
  • fixed threading
16:33 Changeset [8518] by jkarder

#1853: fixed resource references

16:21 Changeset [8517] by jkarder


  • created branch for ParameterConfigurationEncoding
  • added CreateExperimentDialog that uses the extracted encoding
11:46 Changeset [8516] by spimming


  • solution restructured
  • removed obsolete and outdated parts


16:20 Changeset [8515] by ascheibe

#1886 fixed cloning and resetting of the scatter plot helper

15:53 Changeset [8514] by spimming

#1894: experimented with different settings in cost and heuristic function

14:10 Changeset [8513] by sforsten

#1758: merged r8023:8509 from trunk to branch to make it useable again

13:40 Changeset [8512] by spimming

#1894: tweaking of max edge speeds and heuristic cost function

13:32 Changeset [8511] by ascheibe

#1886 added an option so that the scatter plot helper can now also produce data tables

13:27 Changeset [8510] by sforsten

#1776: added AUC to ClassificationEnsembleSolutionAccuracyToCoveredSamples

11:05 Ticket #1920 (Models of an Ensemble may get a different problem data if loaded) created by sforsten
The AfterDeserialization method in *EnsembleSolution give the …
10:23 Ticket #1919 (Classification ensemble cannot be loaded if no samples are in training) created by sforsten
If an classification ensemble is created and the problem data is …
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