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23:31 Ticket #1831 (SymbolicExpressionTreeGrammar is locked when algorithm is paused and reset) created by abeham
Open sample, view grammar, run sample, pause and prepare it. The …
17:42 Changeset [7739] by gkronber

#1823 set complexity analyzer for symbolic data analysis solutions to disabled by default

17:40 Changeset [7738] by gkronber

#1722 added an additional ctor for RegerssionEnsembleSolution to simplify code.

16:59 Changeset [7737] by epitzer

#1722 add missing Hits property in cloning constructor and clean up code

14:56 Changeset [7736] by sforsten

#1830: the length of lists and dictionaries is set in the constructor

13:48 Changeset [7735] by sforsten


  • set the size of the cache in the constructor of RegressionSolution
  • don't convert the IEnumerable in CalculateResults to arrays anymore
13:44 Ticket #1830 (Improve Memory Allocation for DataAnalysis Problems and Solutions) created by sforsten
Improving the memory allocation, especially for huge datasets.
13:35 Changeset [7734] by gkronber

#1823 Implemented analyzers to collect Pareto-best solutions on validation and fitness calculation partitions for regression and classification.

10:57 Changeset [7733] by gkronber

#1790 added statement to reset the grammar readonly state when the grammar is initialized (on algorithm prepare)

09:37 Ticket #1829 (The DataTableVisualPropertiesDialog throws an Exception for DataTables ...) created by gkronber


16:39 Changeset [7732] by sforsten

#1825: new columns are now inserted next to the selected one. If no column is selected, the new column is inserted at the end

16:38 Changeset [7731] by sforsten

#1818: The previous solution didn't work out.
Similar to the StringConvertibleMatrixView the ColumnGroupView now only updates the row headers which are displayed.

14:29 Ticket #1828 (Add a temperature analyzer to simulated annealing) created by abeham
11:56 Changeset [7730] by sforsten

#1818: the updating of the row headers is now done in the event CellFormatting of the DataGridView, which increases the performance

09:14 Changeset [7729] by sforsten


  • bugfix the method GetEstimatedValues of DiscriminantClassificationWeightCalculator returns real values and not class values
  • changed arguments of method DiscriminantAggregateEstimatedClassValues of DiscriminantClassificationWeightCalculator
  • added two calculators


22:51 Ticket #1827 (Deleting the last job in a HiveJob doesn't update the details view) created by abeham
The details view still shows the job as if it was not deleted.


13:13 Ticket #1826 (Code editor throws exceptions in some cases related to intellisense) created by abeham
When adding a new programmable operator and viewing the code, …


21:56 Changeset [7728] by ascheibe

#1722 display statelog in the correct order and show slave id in tooltip

18:42 Changeset [7727] by jkarder


  • added custom improvement operator (ScatterSearchImprovementOperator)
  • added parameters and adjusted types
  • replaced improvement operators with placeholders
  • changed access levels
11:39 Ticket #1825 (New Column Command should insert the new column next to the selected one) created by mkommend
Currently new columns are added at the end of the column group and …
00:08 Ticket #1824 (Allow to select multiple criteria for the x-axis in the ...) created by abeham
I want to view box plots of my runs by problem and algorithm at the …


18:09 Changeset [7726] by gkronber


  • added analyzer that calculates the complexity of symbolic data analysis trees (weighted symbols)
  • added analyzer that collects the Pareto-optimal solutions regarding complexity and accuracy
18:08 Ticket #1823 (Symbolic data analysis analyzer that collects the Pareto-optimal ...) created by gkronber
18:06 Changeset [7725] by gkronber

#1822 fixed cloning bug in ItemDictionary

17:55 Ticket #1822 (Cloning bug in ItemDictionary) created by gkronber
16:42 Changeset [7724] by jkarder


  • added analyzer
  • added parameters and adjusted parameter types
  • corrected ReferenceSetUpdateMethod
  • changed access levels
14:53 Ticket #1821 (Improve View for the VariableCondition Symbol) created by mkommend
Currently it is not possible to configure the allowed variables for …
12:45 Ticket #1820 (Create Regression and Classificaton problems from the DataImporter) created by mkommend
It should be possible to save data importer files directly as …
12:43 Ticket #1819 (Dialog to set the separator and culture (number and date format) when ...) created by mkommend
DateTimes are not always parsed correctly when importing datasets. …
11:23 Changeset [7723] by ascheibe

#1722 minor improvement of the messages the hive server logs

10:49 Ticket #1818 (ColumnGroupView refreshes very slowly) created by mkommend
A refresh of the ColumnGroupView takes too long and this makes the …
10:42 Changeset [7722] by jkarder

#1331: Scatter Search initial commit


20:59 Blog: HeuristicLab YouTube Channel edited by ascheibe
20:55 Blog: HeuristicLab YouTube Channel created by ascheibe
07:37 Changeset [7721] by gkronber

#1817 added parameter to symbolic data analysis validation analyzers to determine the percentage of best solutions that should be evaluated on the validation set


13:49 Changeset [7720] by ascheibe

#1331 added Scatter Search branch


13:33 Ticket #1817 (Validation analyzers should have a parameter for the number of ...) created by gkronber
Currently all solutions of the population are evaluated on the …


15:00 Documentation/FirstSteps edited by ascheibe
14:57 Documentation/AboutHeuristicLab edited by ascheibe
14:40 UsersTutorials edited by ascheibe
added video section (diff)
13:16 Ticket #1816 (EnsembleRegressionSolution results are not recalculated when the ...) closed by gkronber
13:02 Ticket #1816 (EnsembleRegressionSolution results are not recalculated when the ...) created by gkronber
03:03 Changeset [7719] by swagner

Added HeuristicLab video tutorial "Experiment Design and Analysis"

02:02 Changeset [7718] by swagner

Updated HeuristicLab video tutorial "How to Execute Algorithms"

01:03 Changeset [7717] by swagner

Corrected file extension

01:02 Changeset [7716] by swagner

Renamed files

00:17 Documentation/Howto/Use Hive Engine edited by swagner
00:17 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveSlave edited by swagner
00:16 Documentation/Howto/SetupHiveServer edited by swagner
00:16 Documentation/Howto/UseHiveForOptimization edited by swagner
00:15 Documentation/Howto/OptimizeAnyLogicModels edited by swagner
00:14 Documentation/Howto/OptimizeExternalApplications edited by swagner
00:13 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/Develop Services edited by swagner
00:12 Documentation/Howto/DefineCustomProblems edited by swagner
00:11 Documentation/Howto/Implement a Basic Algorithm edited by swagner
00:10 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewPluginUsingVS edited by swagner
00:09 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewPluginUsingVS edited by swagner


23:54 Changeset [7715] by abeham

#1775: fixed operator to respect bounds

23:53 FacebookTest created by swagner
19:22 Documentation/Howto/Implement Genetic Programming Problems edited by gkronber
restructuring (diff)
19:07 Changeset [7714] by abeham

Added video on usability

18:58 Documentation/Howto/Implement Genetic Programming Problems edited by gkronber
added images (diff)
18:52 lawn_mower.png attached to Documentation/Howto/Implement Genetic Programming Problems by gkronber
18:28 lawn mower solution view.png attached to Documentation/Howto/Implement Genetic Programming Problems by gkronber
18:28 lawn mower program view.png attached to Documentation/Howto/Implement Genetic Programming Problems by gkronber
18:28 lawn mower problem parameters.png attached to Documentation/Howto/Implement Genetic Programming Problems by gkronber
18:18 Documentation/Howto/Implement Genetic Programming Problems created by gkronber
first import of how-to for implementation of GP problems
16:25 Changeset [7713] by ascheibe

Added "How to create Custom Algorithms" video

11:20 Changeset [7712] by abeham

Added HeuristicLab Tour video

10:59 Changeset [7711] by swagner

Added HeuristicLab video tutorial "How to Execute Algorithms"


23:21 Ticket #1815 (Grammar view shows incorrect checkboxes for the enabled state of ...) created by gkronber
19:20 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewViews edited by mkommend
19:19 StringConvertibleValueView.cs attached to Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewViews by mkommend
attached source code to howto views
19:18 StringConvertibleValueView.png attached to Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewViews by mkommend
added image to howto views
19:17 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewViews edited by mkommend
improved howto views (diff)
15:14 Changeset [7710] by swagner

Updated HL tutorial slides

12:57 Changeset [7709] by spimming


  • changed design according to review
  • disabled blinking of errorProvider
11:54 Changeset [7708] by gkronber

#1810 fixed bug in tree interpreter for psi function, extended IL emitting interpreter to handle the new special functions.

10:28 Changeset [7707] by gkronber

#1810 fixed issues with newly added symbols to fix unit tests


17:21 Changeset [7706] by abeham

#1695: fixed bug in parameter collection

13:20 Changeset [7705] by epitzer

#1813 change default value to smaller one to give steep curve in the beginning

12:52 Changeset [7704] by epitzer

#1813 add generalized exponential distribution with additional base parameter
adapt documentation of previous exponential distribution operator

12:45 Ticket #1814 (ValueAnalyzer cannot be used to analyze values inside global scope) created by epitzer
The ValueAnalyzer assumes the analysis of several values in …
11:15 Ticket #1813 (ExponentialDiscreteDoubleModifier uses implicit distribution shape) created by epitzer
The current implementation of the …
08:14 Changeset [7703] by abeham

#331: updated architecture diagram


15:34 Changeset [7702] by sforsten

#1812: title "Histogram" in "Symbolic Expression Tree Lengths" chart has been renamed to "Tree Length Histogram"

15:33 Changeset [7701] by sforsten


  • deleted toggle of series
14:32 Changeset [7700] by sforsten


  • added toggle of series
  • changed existing MouseDown event to MouseDoubleClick
  • renamed "Mean Model" to "Baseline". For consistence some variable names also have been renamed
10:56 Ticket #1812 (Change title of the Symbolic Expression Tree Length charts) created by sforsten
Rename of title "Values" in "Symbolic Expression Tree Length" chart to …
10:33 Ticket #1811 (MouseOver in Error Characteristics Curve) created by sforsten
If the cursor is over the legend of the chart, it shall change into a …
09:43 Changeset [7699] by abeham

#1775: Added UniformSomePositionsManipulator and minor changes

09:29 Changeset [7698] by sforsten


  • ProblemInstanceProvider are sorted now
  • the return values of ValueGenerator have been changed to !IEnumerable
  • changes have been applied to classes which are using the ValueGenerator
  • change of the cast in ProblemInstanceProviderViewGeneric and !importButton.Enable is set now in SetEnabledStateOfControls
08:24 Changeset [7697] by gkronber

#1810 added handlers for norm() function in latex exporter

08:20 Changeset [7696] by gkronber

#1810 implemented a number of additional special functions from alglib

00:32 Changeset [7695] by gkronber

#1810 merged patch to add square and square root function symbols by mkommend

00:29 Ticket #1810 (Implement additional symbols for symbolic data analysis) created by gkronber
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.