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15:34 Changeset [7702] by sforsten

#1812: title "Histogram" in "Symbolic Expression Tree Lengths" chart has been renamed to "Tree Length Histogram"

15:33 Changeset [7701] by sforsten


  • deleted toggle of series
14:32 Changeset [7700] by sforsten


  • added toggle of series
  • changed existing MouseDown event to MouseDoubleClick
  • renamed "Mean Model" to "Baseline". For consistence some variable names also have been renamed
10:56 Ticket #1812 (Change title of the Symbolic Expression Tree Length charts) created by sforsten
Rename of title "Values" in "Symbolic Expression Tree Length" chart to …
10:33 Ticket #1811 (MouseOver in Error Characteristics Curve) created by sforsten
If the cursor is over the legend of the chart, it shall change into a …
09:43 Changeset [7699] by abeham

#1775: Added UniformSomePositionsManipulator and minor changes

09:29 Changeset [7698] by sforsten


  • ProblemInstanceProvider are sorted now
  • the return values of ValueGenerator have been changed to !IEnumerable
  • changes have been applied to classes which are using the ValueGenerator
  • change of the cast in ProblemInstanceProviderViewGeneric and !importButton.Enable is set now in SetEnabledStateOfControls
08:24 Changeset [7697] by gkronber

#1810 added handlers for norm() function in latex exporter

08:20 Changeset [7696] by gkronber

#1810 implemented a number of additional special functions from alglib

00:32 Changeset [7695] by gkronber

#1810 merged patch to add square and square root function symbols by mkommend

00:29 Ticket #1810 (Implement additional symbols for symbolic data analysis) created by gkronber


23:44 Changeset [7694] by gkronber

#1808 updated serialization code for neural network ensembles to work with alglib 3.5.0

20:36 Changeset [7693] by ascheibe

#1809 don't throw an exception if the user settings contain an unencrypted password

20:07 Changeset [7692] by ascheibe

#1648 adapted to changes of r7690

19:59 Changeset [7691] by ascheibe

#1809 fixed capitalization of string

19:52 Changeset [7690] by ascheibe

#1809 added password encryption/decryption for Clients.Common

19:45 Ticket #1809 (The client password should be stored encrypted) created by ascheibe
18:44 Changeset [7689] by svonolfe

Added 2Opt* Move (#1177)

17:50 Changeset [7688] by ascheibe

#1174 fixed displaying of execution time

16:52 Changeset [7687] by sforsten


  • all references have been set to CopyLocal "false"
16:45 Changeset [7686] by abeham

#1775: Updated integer vector encoding

  • Added advanced bounds to all operators
  • Added new operators
  • Changed DiscreteCrossover to work with >= 2 parents
16:36 Changeset [7685] by sforsten


  • changed namespace of files in Problem.Instances.Classification
  • added description to iris and mammography problem instances
15:56 Changeset [7684] by sforsten


  • deleted RegressionProblemView
  • deleted of the import button in the DataAnalysisProblemView
  • small changes in the views of the Problems.Instances.Views project
13:53 Changeset [7683] by sforsten


  • added abstract ProblemInstanceProviderView
  • changes !IProblemInstanceConsumer and !IProblemInstanceExporter interfaces
  • deleted unnecessary files
10:55 Changeset [7682] by sforsten


  • added Problem.Instances.Classification project
  • added classification problem instances
  • added a class Transformer to Problem.Instances
00:29 Changeset [7681] by abeham

#1775: added branch of plugin and new operators

00:25 Changeset [7680] by abeham

#1775 created branch


23:44 Changeset [7679] by abeham

#1614: updated SlackMinimizationSolutionCreator

23:10 Changeset [7678] by mkommend

#1788: added new online calculators.

22:48 Changeset [7677] by mkommend

#1788: Implemente new symbolic regression evaluators.

16:26 Changeset [7676] by spimming


  • Fixed typos
  • Removed debug printout
  • Show HL icon in Dialog
11:25 Changeset [7675] by mkommend

#1808: updated trunk to use new alglib release.

10:55 Changeset [7674] by mkommend

#1808: updated extlib solution - added new alglib release projects.

10:51 Changeset [7673] by mkommend

#1808: Added new alglib release 3.5.0 to the external libraries.

10:21 Changeset [7672] by mkommend

#1788: Prepared symbolic regression evaluators to apply linear scaling and moved to separate folder.

10:17 Changeset [7671] by mkommend

#1722: Minor configurations changes in variable condition symbol

09:16 Ticket #1808 (Update alglib sources to 3.5.0) created by gkronber


17:15 Ticket #1807 (Data Analysis Service) created by spimming
Implement a data analysis service where a standardized analysis is …


17:22 Changeset [7670] by spimming

#1680: Show progress view while restoring Azure Subscriptions

15:47 Changeset [7669] by spimming

#1680: merged changes from trunk into branch

14:38 Changeset [7668] by spimming


  • restore subscription data on cloud manager startup
  • correct idxs for parsing subscription string


16:58 Changeset [7667] by sforsten


  • updated the Plugin.cs.frame files
  • added other real world problem instances
  • put some methods from TrentMcConaghyInstanceProvider to the super class ResourceRegressionInstanceProvider
16:13 Changeset [7666] by sforsten


  • deleted obsolete project Problems.Instances.Regression.Views
  • added TrentMcConaghy and Various problem instances (zip file from TrentMcConaghy is rather big)
13:31 Changeset [7665] by sforsten


  • minor bug fixes in several views
10:05 Changeset [7664] by sforsten


  • added Keijzer, Korns, Vladislavleva und Nguyen regression problem instances
  • changes have been made in the ProblemView. Some parts have been replaced with views from Problems.Instances.Views


20:59 Changeset [7663] by spimming

#1680: encrypt/decrypt azure subscription data

14:11 Changeset [7662] by gkronber

#1806 improved memory usage of ChangeNodeTypeManipulation and ReplaceBranchManipulation by replacing the linq statements

10:58 Changeset [7661] by spimming

#1680: Show error dialog (from PluginInfrastructure) instead of message box on exception


13:32 Changeset [7660] by mkommend

#1806: corrected minor bugs in symbolic expression grammar base regarding ADFs.

11:18 Changeset [7659] by mkommend

#1782: abeham changed the properties of the data to embedded resources.

11:03 Changeset [7658] by mkommend

#1691: Corrected GetHashCode in TypeEqualityComparer and updated operator discovery in TSP.

01:06 Changeset [7657] by mkommend

#1722: Corrected builder test settings.


18:05 Changeset [7656] by mkommend

#1806: improved memory usage of symbolic expression tree encoding

16:08 Changeset [7655] by spimming


  • User setting to store azure subscriptions
  • Method to get subscription as string for user settings
  • Methods to persist and restore subscriptions from user config
16:02 Changeset [7654] by mkommend

#1806: Added cloning of cached length and depth in SymbolicExpressionTreeNode.

14:43 Ticket #1806 (ReplaceBranchManipulator and ChangeNodeTypeManipulator create a large ...) created by gkronber
With a mutation rate of 20% and OSGP the largest part of memory in a …
13:23 Changeset [7653] by gkronber

#1801: fixed bug in MATLAB formatter for subtraction operators

13:14 Ticket #1805 (Estimation limits of data analysis solutions are not accessible) created by gkronber
12:17 AddonsDailyBuilds edited by ascheibe
11:13 Changeset [7652] by mkommend

#1804: improved responsiveness of DataImporter during scroll operations.

11:03 Ticket #1804 (Datagrid update of cells is slow on scrolling) created by mkommend


15:42 Changeset [7651] by ascheibe

#1648 added reset password and update user operations to the ui

15:02 Changeset [7650] by abeham

#1800: renamed project file to include version, added reference from tests to this project

14:14 Changeset [7649] by abeham

#1782: removed copy local flag from references in extlibs, modified plugin infrastructure reference to ziplib to also not copy local and instead set build action to copy always

14:12 Documentation/Howto/Implement a Basic Algorithm edited by ascheibe
14:05 Documentation/Howto/Implement a Basic Algorithm edited by ascheibe
14:02 Documentation/Howto/Implement a Basic Algorithm edited by ascheibe
13:59 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewPluginUsingVS edited by ascheibe
13:53 Documentation/Howto/Implement a Basic Algorithm edited by ascheibe
13:50 RandomAlg.hl attached to Documentation/Howto/Implement a Basic Algorithm by ascheibe
13:50 RandomAlgorithm.cs attached to Documentation/Howto/Implement a Basic Algorithm by ascheibe
13:49 results.PNG attached to Documentation/Howto/Implement a Basic Algorithm by ascheibe
13:49 randomAlgorithm.PNG attached to Documentation/Howto/Implement a Basic Algorithm by ascheibe
13:49 parameters.PNG attached to Documentation/Howto/Implement a Basic Algorithm by ascheibe
13:49 filenew.PNG attached to Documentation/Howto/Implement a Basic Algorithm by ascheibe
13:49 Documentation/Howto/Implement a Basic Algorithm edited by ascheibe
13:48 Documentation/Howto/Implement a Basic Algorithm created by ascheibe
13:36 Changeset [7648] by mkommend

#1782: Corrected project references for Problems.Instances.

13:30 Changeset [7647] by mkommend

#1782: Corrected CordeauGQAP instances.

13:16 Changeset [7646] by mkommend

#1782: Corrected remaining project references.

13:03 Changeset [7645] by mkommend

#1782: Set project references to CopyLocal = false for Problems.Instances.*

11:14 Changeset [7644] by ascheibe

#1803 fixed bug where Randomizers stopped execution of algorithms

11:12 Ticket #1803 (Randomizers stop execution of algorithms) created by ascheibe
The NormalRandomizer and UniformRandomizer return null in the …
09:35 Changeset [7643] by abeham

#1782: trying to fix ziplib references (no idea why it fails on the build server)

09:10 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewPluginUsingVS edited by gkronber
more description about assembly version attributes (diff)
09:07 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewPluginUsingVS edited by gkronber
removed unnecessary screenshot of plugin code (diff)


19:13 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewPluginUsingVS edited by ascheibe
19:03 Changeset [7642] by mkommend

#1782: Corrected assembly references to ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib in Problems.Instances.*.

18:47 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewPluginUsingVS edited by ascheibe
18:17 plugin.png attached to Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewPluginUsingVS by ascheibe
18:17 output_path.png attached to Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewPluginUsingVS by ascheibe
18:16 Documentation/DevelopmentCenter/CreateNewPluginUsingVS created by ascheibe
17:26 Changeset [7641] by sforsten


  • HeuristicOptimizationView has been integrated in ProblemView and was deleted afterwards.
  • the icons for the load and the info button have been changed
  • QuadraticAssignmentProblem now also loads name and description of problem instance
  • A unused OpenFileDialog has been removed in QuadraticAssignmentProblemView
14:01 Changeset [7640] by ascheibe

#1648 fixed a small okb compatibility problem

13:39 Changeset [7639] by ascheibe

#1648 added ui for assigning users to groups

11:06 Changeset [7638] by sforsten

#1782: Modified instance providers QAPLIB, ElloumiCTAP, CordeauGQAP to use a zip archive instead of individual embedded files

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